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Description writers Mike Spofford and Wes Hodkiewicz analyze all the latest news on the Green Bay Packers.
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Mike and Wes recap Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ conference call about the draft and his future (:30), and they share the anecdotes they’ve heard on seventh-round picks Vernon Scott (9:30) and Jonathan Garvin (12:21).
Mike and Wes discuss the favorite stories they’ve heard from the former coaches of Packers draft picks Kamal Martin (1:57), Jon Runyan Jr. (6:18), Simon Stepaniak (12:22) and Jake Hanson (16:25).
Mike and Wes dive into the Packers’ 2020 schedule, talking about their first impressions (:33), a tough stretch following the Week 5 bye (4:30), the challenge of going to the West Coast on a short week (7:09), the home-heavy finish (14:43), and the number of primetime games (14:43).
Mike and Wes answer some questions about the Packers’ roster, including which free agent will have the biggest impact (1:21), the most intriguing position competition (4:32), young players expected to make strides (10:15, 14:48), and an unexpected 2020 storyline (19:54).
Mike and Wes share their answers to questions about the Packers’ 2020 draft, including which pick will have the biggest rookie impact (1:57), what’s the largest draft regret (5:45), and who will have the greatest influence on the Packers winning another Super Bowl in the Aaron Rodgers era (12:20).
Mike and Wes discuss more of RB A.J. Dillon's background as the Packers' second-round draft pick (:34) and review the draft classes of Green Bay's NFC North foes - Minnesota (4:58), Detroit (9:15) and Chicago (14:00).
Mike and Wes review the Packers' third-day draft picks, including LB Kamal Martin (1:23), the three offensive linemen taken in the sixth round (5:33), and the two seventh-round choices (11:43). They also examine where the Packers' roster stands at some key positions (15:01).
Mike and Wes review the Packers' first three picks in the NFL Draft, starting with the selection of QB Jordan Love (2:37) in the first round and continuing with Day 2 selections, RB A.J. Dillon (9:58) and Josiah Deguara (14:25).
In their final pre-draft preview show, Mike and Wes discuss decisions that might face the Packers on draft night, such as whether to pick or trade at No. 30 overall (1:40), which top inside LB would be the best pick if available (5:56), whether an offensive or defensive lineman is the higher priority (9:15), when the Packers might draft a WR (12:20), and how many total picks they'll make (17:25).
Mike and Wes finish their pre-draft review of the Packers' roster by looking at the inside linebackers (1:31), outside linebackers (8:54), defensive backs (10:54) and the draft's potential impact on special teams (17:26).
Mike and Wes continue their pre-draft review of the Packers' roster by examining both the offensive (:31) and defensive lines (9:26) and some top prospects for both position groups (5:09, 15:08).
Mike and Wes share some brief thoughts on the passing of a Packers legend.
Mike and Wes continue their preview of the upcoming draft by looking at the Packers' wide receivers (1:00) and tight ends (11:53) and some top prospects at each position.
Mike and Wes return to begin their pre-draft look at the Packers' roster, starting with the QB (1:17) and RB (7:42) positions. They also discuss some top backfield prospects (11:50) and local QB hopeful James Morgan (14:54).
Mike, Wes and Larry discuss the varied options the Packers might have at wide receiver in the upcoming draft (:37) and how they might attack shoring up the run defense (6:59), noting a couple of defensive line prospects who will attract attention (10:56).
Mike, Wes and Larry review the first couple days of the NFL Scouting Combine from Indy, including the biggest takeaways from GM Brian Gutekunst's and Head Coach Matt LaFleur's comments, potential additions at WR and RB (7:58), and a couple of intriguing back stories of unheralded prospects (14:11).
Mike and Wes preview their annual trip to the NFL Scouting Combine by discussing several of GM Brian Gutekunst's comments to reporters last Friday (2:33), including pending free-agent decisions (12:40) and the youth on the current roster (18:23).
Mike and Wes wrap up the season discussing GM Brian Gutekunst's final press conference, including the importance of DL Kenny Clark (6:16), the gap between the Packers and 49ers (9:00), and upcoming decisions on pending free agents (17:52).
Mike and Wes preview the upcoming Super Bowl between the 49ers and Chiefs, discussing San Francisco's run game against Kansas City's defense (3:21), the top tight ends in the league in Travis Kelce and George Kittle (8:21), and the coaching storylines involving Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan (14:06).
Mike and Wes discuss Head Coach Matt LaFleur's season-ending press conference, including his thoughts on the team's opportunities to improve (4:19), the evolution of the offense (7:01), his self-reflections (9:10), and the potential new obstacles the Packers may encounter that they didn't this past year (12:51).
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Darryle Yeater

you guys are awesome! Go Pack Go

Jul 30th
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Ryan Helgerson

uhhhhhhhhh what?

Apr 14th

Ryan Helgerson

missed you guys!

Feb 11th
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