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Author: Jay Bowers aka PaleoJay

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A weekly, quick podcast that features tips about the paleo, ancestral, or barbarian template type of lifestyle. Sometimes politics as well- a succinct summation by your own PaleoJay!
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I try to keep you all updated as to what I learn along this paleo journey.  Sometimes, as in anything increased experience and research results in slight changes on the path.  This doesn’t mean the path itself is invalid; it simply means that constant attention reveals small changes may be desirable.  For instance, now in the grocery checkout aisles (where at LAST I am no longer required to wear a stupid, ineffective mask!) I see the dumb women’s magazines touting ‘KETO DIET’!  instead of  Paleo, or Atkins, or Low Fat, or Vegan  Run Wild diets.  I think Paleo was rejected as a term, since most women think of themselves as Progressives.  But whatever: the term makes the most descriptive sense for the proper diet of HUMANS!A ketogenic diet is fine, with NO carbs and LOTS of fat, and ample protein.  But it is so extreme, it is clinical, really.  If I was diabetic, or had epilepsy, I would certainly go that route!  But for most of us?  Nope.  Paleo, or a total Carnivore diet fills the bill the best.  Including organ meats, which almost no one eats now, although our paleolithic ancestors not only included those meats, but positively prized them.  They ate nose-to-tail, and so should we!If you do eat grains, you should seek out real sour dough breads and nut-based crackers- and keep them in small amounts only.  Your carbs should be kept quite low, which should be obvious since the deplorable state of modern health is defined by obesity- caused by HUGE consumption (by historical standards) of carbs and sugars!  But, enough of that- this is meant to address exercise.  For many years, my exercise life has consisted of long sorts of workouts, and then long rests.  1 and 1/2 hour workouts, two or three times per week, very intense.  Of course, I also had a very active, physical job and life outside of the gym.Now, though, I have begun a different approach.  One that is not only less exhausting and actually kind of something to dread- but is actually quite pleasant, and more effective!  Hard to believe, but sometimes easier is better.Every single day, unless it is unavoidable, I get up and do a stretching workout.  I do it in front of the television, and that is the only time I watch TV throughout the day.  So, I really look forward to it!  I watch news, and then switch to a movie via Amazon Prime or some such. (I have dropped Netflix- it has become the standard of progressive politics brain washing and political correctness.)  I suggest you drop it too!I’ve talked of this before, but doing Virtual Resistance types of exercise, putting your musculature through a full range of motion with each limb.  Here is a demonstration: type of workout, if you do it faithfully, is more than enough to keep you fit for your whole life!  Really.  I always start with that.Then, I go to the floor, and stretch.  In every way that I can- yoga like, not like yoga, and simply pushing my body and spine to stay supple and flexible!  It’s really not complicated.  Experiment!Sometimes I end up with straight legged situps and pushups in high numbers, and often with isometrics holds with either a strap or my Exergenie from the 1960’s!  (They still sell the Exergenie, but it is expensive now.  A nylon straps works almost as well…)Then, having watched about an hour’s worth of a movie and business news, I head to the shower.  I’m not tired- just invigorated and informed and entertained!My day begins then with breakfast (a pale
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EZ Paleo


If you’ve been following the paleo diet and lifestyle for any length of time, you know that there are certain things that are taken as irrefutable gospel:Never eat grains because of gluten and gliaden, also too much (bad- fake) salt and all of the preservatives and glycogen that is sprayed on conventional wheat and other grains.Never eat beans which are legumes.Go really really low carb!Eat more vegetables than anything else, with a little fruit.Now, I’m here to say that, over time, most folks, with experimentation, determine that some of these caveats can be sidestepped, and a degree of normalcy can enter your diet,  while still maintaining your health.  Sour dough bread- real sour dough bread, can be a lifesaver here!  Since it is leavened by a real sour dough culture, and is ideally also made up from ancient, non-hybridized and unsprayed heritage grains- it is far, far lower in gluten and gliadin, and so will not make your intestine permeable.There are a few bakeries around here that make such loaves; my favorite is rye, with sprouted ry sprouts within it- each loaf has over 3/4 pound of fermented rye sprouts within it!  Dark, heavy, and nutrient rich- just my type of bread!  Bottom line: most real sour dough breads will not irritate your gut, and are quite healthy overall.  Just keep them to the minimum, to keep down the carbs!So there you go- bread is back on the table paleo child!  Now about beans: Beans are really not that bad.  They do have some anti-nutrients: lectins, phytic acid, and saponins; all of which are problematic.  Also, beans are not that nutritious, overall…But still, if you eat them only occasionally, in small amounts and properly prepared (soaked)- I think they are fine.  In small amounts.  Beans are small beans, really.The low carb thing has gotten really huge, mainly because (I think) because KETO has gotten really huge, being featured on those Women’s weight watcher types of fake health magazines & web pages.  ‘Eat lots of fat and lose weight!!’ types of headlines.  In paleo, it really is not that big of a deal.  The SAD American diet is way too high in carbs (everything is wrapped in bread, with bread on the side, and french fries and more bread and bread pudding for dessert along with potato chips and soda pop and beer and pizza).But a paleo diet, with a heft portion of meat, a salad, and maybe a baked potato?  No problem.  Eat hearty- eggs, meat, fish, poultry and pork- organ meats and sardines preferred!  VERY nutrient rich.  And as to eating TONS of veggies- I used to do that.  I would drink a giant smoothie, based on green veggies, citrus and berries, kefir as liquid, and then eat a normal paleo type of diet.  Big salads too, every day-But then, I got a kidney stone from the oxalates in hefty portions of spinach and beet greens and other ‘greens’.  Kidney stones are not fun, or good! Very painful.  I also got other aches and pains from oxalates, which are loaded into green veggies like spinach.  These oxalates are anti- nutrients big time, from supposedly beneficial veggies!  Oxalates are chemical warfare against mammals, who eat the veggies who only want to be left alone.So, like beans, keep green veggies on the menu; definitely- but only occasionally, and on the side.  Spinach and other ‘greens’ in particular can be quite toxic!  Stick with broccoli and other brassicas, and be like me- only drink a small smoothie now, like a cup, not 16 ounces!  So there you have it. The paleo diet is way less hard than it used to be, since you can have bread, (of the right type,
In returning to an approximation of the paleolithic world in modern times, of course the first thing is to eat and otherwise conduct ourselves in accordance with our evolutionary heritage.  Move naturally, and often to build our bodies as did our ancestors for millennia, sleep according to our circadian rhythms, and live in a rural, natural environment, as unaffected by big cities and big government as possible.  But now, there is another step you can take, my paleo fellow tribesperson: buy crypto currencies!  These are currencies that run counter to fiat, or national currencies, like the U.S. Dollar.  You probably only have heard of one- Bitcoin.There are many others, but they all are similar, and you only need to know a few things.  (They are complex, but just because you don’t understand computers doesn’t mean you can’t use one!)Crypto refers to all modern private currencies, of which Bitcoin was the first and is the most prominent.  It is mathematically engineered to be impossible to manipulate, like government currencies are, by nowadays simply printing more and more, devaluating all of the existing dollars already printed (and saved!), and thus diluting their actual value due to inflation.  In other words, when the government decides to have yet another huge giveaway program, (like these upcoming checks going out to each and every family, and then child in the U.S.), they don’t have the money for it- not at all!  They just print billions and trillions more!!And so, any money you have saved in the bank, or in your IRA, or in your pension, or buried in a can in your back yard- is automatically worth way less, right away.  It’s basically a huge tax that you can’t see, but confiscates more and more of your dollar’s worth over time.  It’s why if you look at home prices from say, 10 years ago, every house seems so cheap compared to today.  Or, prices of cars, or groceries, or anything.  Inflation, the invisible tax.  Ever since ancient Rome, devaluing the currency has been the way to steal wealth from the people so the government can spend more and more.  For instance, by the end of the Roman republic, a gold coin only contained 1/100th percentage of gold!  Originally, it was all gold.  Of course, eventually everyone knew it, and the scheme collapsed, and money became worthless.  Just like in Weimar Germany- it took wheelbarrow loads of inflated money to buy a loaf of bread! And, as it is in present South Africa today, along with Zimbabwe- the government money is perceived to be worthless, and it is.But now, we actually have an alternative to government manipulated money.Bitcoin.  It is a private money, set up to be impossible to inflate.  Governments cannot manipulate it; it is a currency of the people, controlled by no individual or group- it is set up to be totally honest- Bitcoin is worth what people who own it and the market overall decide it is worth.  The actual value never changes from any outside forces.But there is more.  Once you own it, you don’t have to plan for its value to decline over time, as with every single other currency on the planet!  It may go up, and then down; but rest assured that, long term, it will inevitably go up.Think what a game changer this is!  Forever, all throughout civilized history, money has gone down in value, over time.  Always.  My parent’s first house in 1953, where they raised 5 children, cost $10,000.  Their next house, which was in 1962, was much bigger, but only $42,000.  They raised all eight of their children from then on there.  Now, on that same house, my mother is charged 20,000 per year just
It’s really rather simple, becoming or staying fit and healthy: consistency!  Not herculean efforts that leave you drained done sporadically, or plugging away, jogging and walking for endless distances.  Neither is natural, or desirable.The best strategy to life, as well as strength, health, and fitness is to just do things daily, or nearly so.  A simple list will do, really.Go to bed early.  Sleep 8 hours, or moreExercise first thing!  In front of the TV is best, stimulating your mind along with your body.  Virtual exercise, generating resistance within your own muscles as you move each limb is the foundation (see Perfectly Paleo Exercise).  These are also called Tiger Moves, since it is similar to how cats exercise themselves.  Then stretch a lot, on the floor- come up with a routine than covers your whole body- it should feel great, not painful at all, and energize rather than deplete you.  Do targeted strength work two times per week.  Pushups, pull-ups, dips, ring work, squats, kettlebell swings, etc.  Total time should be about 30 minutes or less.  You should be tired, but not exhausted.  Listen to podcasts or music here!  I like it in the early afternoon.Eat breakfast.  A big one is best, with eggs, sausage, a smoothie and coffee with cream.  (I have my first cup during my workout).  That is the bulk of your fitness work, every day.  It is all lumped into the morning, so you really do need to get your sleep, and be ready to get up early!  Once you have gotten up and worked out, showered, fueled your body properly, and then made a lunch to eat at work that is paleo/carnivorish approved, with meat and veggies, a little fruit- usually leftovers from supper the night before, why your work is all done!  Now, you go to work, and work seems easy, because all that you really needed to do for your health and wellness is accomplished.  You go serenely about your day, knowing your health and wellness are all taken care of.  You should feel relaxed and happy, because you are fulfilling your own needs first, and freeing yourself for the needs and wants of others!And this is key, because helping others, either through our work, or through our church activities, or our hobbies such as music, art, or outdoor projects is really the purpose of our lives.  Reading is huge, and best done in the when fresh, and nighttime binge watching of Netflix or Amazon Prime is a horrible time-suck.  Only watch movies and such-like in the mornings, as you exercise!This will keep you addicted to exercise better than anything!  The evenings are for reading, making and eating supper, preparing next days lunch, conversing with family, and relaxing by taking a walk in the woods.After that, I find playing and singing music is best for me, along with YouTubes about ‘how to do’ certain things, along with history and politics.The best part about this prescription?  It’s daily, it’s sustainable, and it is FUN.  You are living like a real human, attending to your own needs yourself, and not flailing about seeking fake pleasures, eating awful fast foods and wasting your life on reality TV and situation comedy shows, and ultimately feeling empty and going to medical clinics to find out why you are so sick, and falling into the pit of drugs and despair that most Americans today are in.Each day, you will awaken with at strong sense of purpose; driven by your own quest of health to also seek the health of your family, community, and ultimately our state and nation!  If we are healthy within ourselves, only then can we actively and effectively help others.
If you are one of those people who run to the clinic to see a doctor for any little ailment, or just to get endless check ups to make sure you are all right; well, you are doing it all wrong my friend!  No offense, but medical interventions are usually the cause of more harm than good.Iatrogenesis is the term that defines this: it means death by doctor.  This means that the treatment or examination you undergo causes harm.  Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine from 2500 years ago in Greece, had as his fundamental tenet to early healers to first, do no harm!  In modern times, this prime directive has been discarded…Death by doctor is now the third leading cause of death!  Now, does this make you want to visit your doctor more often?  I certainly hope not: I would advise you to live as people used to live until around the 1970’s in the US at least.  Back in the 50’s and 60’s, when I grew up, we only went to the doctor if we were gravely injured or on our deathbed from a real sickness.  Doctors could do things like set broken bones, or remove a ruptured appendix, or take a bullet out of your body.  They were like human bodywork mechanics, similar to their car repair similar types of workers.  Nothing fancy, they just tried to get the job done.Now though?  Doctors and hospitals, which throughout time were places to avoid as much as possible, are now depicted as places to go to become and remain healthy.  We are all urged endlessly to go in, get examined (even if we feel great), and to search for ways to be ‘improved’ by medical interventions: drugs and surgeries; endless drugs and surgeries!It is never mentioned that drugs, and surgeries- all have side effects.  Endless side effects, that are often far worse than the imagined ‘conditions’ we are told we have!  It has reached the point where, if you go in to get ‘checked out’, based upon only your age, say: they will prescribe all kinds of drugs to you!  (With all kinds of side effects that treat your supposed ‘conditions’ that the doctor has found within you.You have to ask yourself this- do humans need drugs and surgeries to survive?  If this were true, we would have died out long ago- our grandparents never had this stuff done to them, and they lived long and happy lives, generally.  Childbirth was very dangerous in the old days, for both mother and child, and that has been largely solved.  Mainly by early discoveries of sanitation like washing hands between autopsies and deliveries, things like that…But overall, our health since the 1970’s or so has steadily worsened.  The medical recommendations of low fat, high carb and sugar along with limited red meat has resulted in epidemics of heart disease and cancer, along with a skyrocketing of diabetes!This is largely because we now have a health care system that is government regulated, and financed as well via employer insurance along with Medicare and Medicaid. Because we the public perceive that now we no longer have to pay for it- why, we will go to the doctor all the time!  It’s free, after all.  So, the health care costs go up and up and up, far beyond what a normal person could really pay-  but we don’t care.  It’s “free”!  We agree to any shot or procedure, and surgery or bodily mutilation and especially to free drugs.  Drugs that mess with our minds and bodies beyond what anyone could have ever imagined just  a few decades ago…All of this has even become political- the Leftist Democrat party of Big Government running  everything has destroyed our collective health in a huge way, and now recommend massive injecti
I am 69 years old.  I mention this because it explains where I am at, and I want to discuss how priorities change over the years.  Not completely, but what is most important to you at age 20 or so is not the same as what you value most at age 40, 50, 60, or even (gulp) 70!Some things do stay the same, at least if you have chosen your priorities wisely.  Health and fitness were always important to me, although organized sports never were.  I was into cross country and track in high school, and music was also important.  I was a skinny kid, and so weight lifting, and then body building became important in my college days.  Good nutrition became paramount then, since you can’t build up from bad food.  I loved how good I felt!I was never motivated by money, for good or ill.  I don’t say it’s good or bad, but for me money just wasn’t ‘it’.  Not my raison detre, or reason for being.  I loved reading and literature, philosophy, music and only desired to earn money by honest physical labor.  Most of my peers back in the 1970’s were into business, and earning as much as possible, and how was far more important than why!Fast forward to now; I hope you’re not bored.  I’m going to make a point, rest assured pilgrim…I still train pretty much daily.  But now, my goal is not so much to be bigger and stronger (through the 50’s that was kind of a constant), but to be healthy.  VERY healthy- bulletproof really!  Not just me, but my tribe and family- healthy and fit, mentally and physically- thriving in every way.  Spiritually, mentally, physically: (just like in the Wizard of Oz), when the munchkins are determining whether or not the witch is truly dead!At 69, I want myself, and all about me, to be immune.  Safe from all disease, all frailties of aging, and above all free from captivity to the medical clinic paradigm of disease treatment!  I want to remain free of disease, aches and pains, and mainly free from the medications, operations, and many other plagues of modern medicine!  And I am increasingly convinced that medical treatments themselves are some of the most horrific aspects of modern life and aging!My mother’s brother, Uncle Bob, just celebrated his 99th birthday last week.  He celebrated by playing in his band, and dancing with his daughter and grand daughters.  He only went to the doctor once in his life, when he enlisted in the army during WW2.  No vaccines ever, and he can do anything that I can do today- he posed for his latest family photo (he has 12 children), sitting cross-legged in front of them all!  This is my role model.  (My mom is 95, and independent at home), while Aunt Janie is 98 in a few weeks, and takes no prescription drugs at all.  I believe Uncle Bob should be the role model for us all.So Uncle Bob and his siblings are winners in life.  Bulletproof!  And that is where I am heading as well, and I hope you too will follow along.  My workouts now are brief, yet intense.  I workout in the early mornings in front of the TV (as I often say), and that keeps me completely faithful.  Who would miss a workout when that is the only time I allow myself to watch movies and news?  At least one half of my morning workout is stretching, since as you age that becomes ever more important.  But it also includes sit ups, virtual resistance flexing, rebounding, self-resisted exercises and isometrics, and pushups.I have a rural property, (by design), and my mornings are usually taken up with yard work, snow plowing, mowing, gardening, cutting wood, and all the other satisfying yet demanding physical work of country liv
Ben Patrick, the Knees Over Toes Guy is a force to be reckoned with!  I have found, lo over these many years of seeking and discovering fitness and health, that certain pivotal figures tend to pop up as you go.  Frank Zane, body builder of the 60’s and 70’s along with Arnold Swarzzenegger inspired me early on.  Loren Cordain of early paleo, then Robb Wolf helped to guide me after that, along with others, into a focus on true health and nutrition.  Chris Kresser  is always a guiding light of health, and Mark Sisson has some points of light he has pointed out over the years.  And John Peterson was a revelation in terms of exercise, although he is now retired from the scene somewhere…But young Ben Patrick comes along, and appears to have done everything wrong in his youth, trying to play basketball only to ruin his knees and athletic aspirations young, by following conventional medical advice advocating always keeping your knees over your toes when exercising!  This, as has been said for decades upon decades, is the only way to protect your knees, shins, hips, and feet from damage.Au contraire mon frère!  Sounds like Bart Simpson, doesn’t it?  As young Ben followed this prescription, he progressively destroyed his knees, and got surgery after surgery for his pains.Finally, since he is the type of young guy who does not give up, he started experimenting on his own body, consciously and deliberately figuring out on his own (with the help of strength coach Charles Polinquin who I remember reading back in the day) how to strengthen all the muscles around the knee, and down through the hips to the feet!  It worked!Following his own methods, Ben added over 2 feet to his vertical jump (his passion is basketball), but more importantly totally bulletproofed his knees, hips, shins and feet to absorb all the shocks of athletics and the stress of aging as well.He rebuilt his 66 year old mother’s legs as well, and he documents her on videos too!  And the best part of all is that, watching him on youtube, he reveals all of his exercises and progressions online, showing how you too can duplicate his results.Given all of his information, I have been inspired to add in his exercises within my own daily workouts.  I have no knee pain, or indeed any pains at all, but I want to make sure that I never do- besides which, his exercises cover areas of the body in ways that are sure to avoid injury as opposed to big compound exercises like squats and deadlifts that, while strengthening overall, do not specialize safely on some muscle groups that are crucial.You can go to failure on things like weighted leg raises (he uses a monkey foot device that holds a dumbbell to your foot) and curls, and won’t be injured as you would doing exercise to failure on squats or deadlifts.  Completely safe!Also, his split squat progressions and his very crucial tibialis exercise can totally protect, strengthen, and bullet proof you from foot to hip.  And so, I have revamped my weekly workouts to include them all, in one form or another.In my early morning, I make coffee (pour over in a simple Miata coffee maker), and then go barefoot in shorts into my living room.  I stretch, and do virtual resistance exercises, manually resisted ones, and isometrics.  I spend about an hour, as I watch a movie or news on television, and wind up pleasantly exhausted and all stretched out!  I often finish then with high volume pushups and straight legged situps.  I have thus stimulated my entire body from feet to neck.But, usually 3 times per week, sometimes only 2, I go down to my basement dungeon and do gymnastic
Buy Bitcoin or DIE!

Buy Bitcoin or DIE!


Now, you know I am using a bit of hyperbole here, right?  You won’t necessarily die- but you will definitely regret not doing so, and I mean really, really, really regret it!Remember prices in the 1950’s or 60’s, when gasoline was 19 cents or so, and candy bars were a nickel?  And prices of everything else were similarly minuscule compared to today?  If you don’t actually remember it, like I do, you can certainly look it up, or talk to someone who does.  Or even remember prices from 10 or 20 years ago.  That is inflation, and it is both insidious, and ruinous.We have all been forced to invest aggressively our whole adult lives, at least those of us who are paying attention, and have an IQ above 85 or so.  Ironically, most of us in Western civilization are not really all that interested in investing, in studying the stock market constantly and spending our lives in such a manner.  In fact, very few are- most of us have families, and interests apart from growing and maintaining wealth, and wish that we didn’t have to spend so much time monitoring our investments, simply to maintain the purchasing power of whatever little we have!We shouldn’t have to.  If the money we earned and saved simply stayed the same in purchasing power, if our IRA money would still cover the cost of gasoline at .19 a gallon, and other prices likewise stayed the same- why, there would be no problem.  Our investments would not need to increase endlessly, year after year after year, since inflation would not happen!The Romans had a fiat currency, just as we do.  Because of big government (think Roman Empire rather than the early Republic), the emperors, the Bidens and other Democrats of that day (the elites) pushed inflation by continually spending more and more money.  Money they did not have, just as today.They spent this money on Welfare (the dole then), and Circuses and gladiatorial events (the Netflix of today), and of course mainly on enriching themselves, (the elite).  Back then, money could not simply be printed like today, with no gold backing it, since money was actual coins.  So, they put less and less precious gold into the coins, until they were at last less than 1% gold!Of course, the people were not so stupid as to fall for this, and they would ‘bite’ the coins to ascertain the percentage of gold, and eventually the coins of Rome were almost worthless.  This is precisely where we are today!  The stock market is roaring, since the Democrats under Biden, (the new patrician class as opposed to the working middle class or small landholders, just as in Roman times) have been sending endless checks to everyone to not work.  To be bribed into becoming serfs, people supported by the government on the Dole of our times, who take no responsibility for themselves, their families, or their own communities.“Take this money (little as it is), and you don’t have to work!  Good Democrat in the making!”Soon, after all of this (worthless) printing of endless, really almost totally fake money, extreme inflation will assert itself, as it always does, and always has done!  And your money will become ever more worthless, day by day, and then hour by hour!  Investments can no longer save you!  Bitcoin can save you, pilgrim!  GBTC is a mutual fund that can hold bitcoin for you, if you don’t want to deal with the real thing.  Get it for your IRA.  You can also just go to, and buy crypto currencies (not JUST Bitcoin- I like Bitcoin
It’s strange: as paleo people, we believe that our diet evolved along with us, making us what we are.  For instance, there has never, ever, been a vegetarian or vegan tribe or culture. Humans have always eaten animal products, some more than others, but ALL rely on the amazing nutrition in animal derived foods.  Eating animals and products taken from animals made us what we are- you can’t take animals out of our evolution and arrive at modern humans.This is widely accepted amongst those who believe in an ancestral diet and lifestyle.  But, though most of us see ourselves as grounded in science in our beliefs, many of us at the same time deny the truth, or meaning of religion in our lives!  We denigrate the idea of a god, or of any universal laws outside of man’s own laws.  Many believe that science has displaced the idea of God, gods, or even religion itself.But just because there has never been a culture that didn’t eat animals- there has never been a culture without religion.  Never.  Even the Neanderthals had burials of their dead, with flowers heaped on the departed.  There is something deep within us that requires us to believe in a spiritual world, a place beyond the mortal sphere in which we reside today.  And so it has always been!To live without a notion of a spiritual realm, a place of higher goodness and ultimate laws and reason, is akin to eating processed foods developed in the past 50 years or so, and thinking that we now know better than nature itself, and can replace wild game, vegetables, fruits and nuts with chemically made ‘Beyond Burgers’ and do just as well, health wise.  This is completely delusional!  To live on fast food, processed grains and vegetable seed oils is disastrous for our physical health and well-being, and is a fast track to auto-immune diseases and even mental health.  We all know this as followers of various renditions of the Paleo Diet, and we all experience first hand the amazing benefits of red meat, seafood, pastured dairy and fermented vegetables.  The Paleo Diet is nothing short of life changing!But what about religion?  Aren’t we beyond that now, since after all we know there are no supernatural beings on Mt. Olympus, and doesn’t Heaven seem, well, unscientific?  Well, only if you also believe that eating natural animal products and seafood is ‘unscientific’, and that a low fat, soy based diet of lab grown food-like substances slathered in chemically extracted seed oils is the epitome of true science and all-knowing enlightenment…  We evolved eating and living a certain way- in Nature, in a circadian cycle with the sun of light and darkness, sleep and waking.  Ancestral types of foodstuffs,  cooked by fire and thus made bio-available with maximum nutrients.  In tribes of similar humans, working together for survival, and with good health as pretty much a birthright.  The tribe had a center though, it always did, and that center was religion.  It is as much a part of us as our need for protein and fat- we need a higher plane to relate to, something above and beyond our daily lives.  This was true all over the world- whether one god or many, whether Socrates’ daemon (literally a ‘divine something’) that warned him of right and wrong, or the many Hindu gods or those of the Egyptians or Babylonians.   It’s true, there are always some who do not believe in a particular god or gods, but there is always something that is worshipped.  Always.  Just because, right now, certain groups (Communists spring to mind) that vehemently deny and denigrate any sort of religion- this only confirms that the Shoes will fix your feet! Like a suspension bridge, your feet are a complex array of interlocking muscles and tendons, workingDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
With all the scare tactics circulated by the mainstream media, you would think that the coronavirus from China was the new Black Death!  It’s not, not even close.  Young children can catch it, but they barely get sick.  It can kill older people, but here is a secret:  unless you are already sick, sick as most Americans are with diabesity and all the attendant ills that come along with it- it is a very small threat to you as well!  In other words, if you are someone who is a paleo person, someone with a good diet (no processed foods, no grains, limited carbs and sugars, regular exercise and good sleep)- you are really at very little risk, despite your age.I am 68.   I am very healthy, and exercise with Perfectly Paleo Exercise methods daily.  My diet is excellent, and I have a vital family and tribe that I connect and deal with daily, both in my rural neighborhood and via my family through telephone, text, and frequent visits.  I did have my church community, but the liberal government of my state and the country as well has banned church services!  (The Pilgrims must be spinning in their brown and black graves).  This one point should be enough to clue in anyone that the Leftists are out to ban anything that is positive (church), and encourage the extremely damaging and awful negatives (rioting, burning, and looting).  This is a sad, sad time in the US.I have been trying to keep going with my spiritual life, by posting on my YouTube site  Rather than singing and playing in my small country church that I attend, I instead posted hymns and Christian songs on line.  This was good, but there is nothing like actually having real fellowship as we are meant to do in church!My Methodist church is closed by the church bureaucracy, which gives our own pastor no say in the matter!  We even have a large, grassy field adjoining our church, where we could easily meet and praise the Lord without fear of contamination, but even this is forbade us.  I guess even the Church superstructure can be bad, as so many of those individuals are, unfortunately, infected with the liberal mentality and indoctrination of so much of our country.But- back to my topic.  If you live well, and are healthy, as you can easily be by following the dictates of living a natural life, eating real foods and living an ancestral sort of life- why then, you are at very little danger from the corona virus, or any other virus for that matter.  Even the Black Death!  Actually no- not the black death. Now, that was a real scourge, kind of what they are trying to make this Chinese flu out to be.  A plague where you died hours after you were infected, hideously and painfully.  Now THAT is a virus to fear!The coronavirus is kind of government mandated joke, nowadays.  The Democrats need to feed the fear- they need the chaos- their goal is simply, just like the fake Russian collusion lie, to unseat Trump!  That’s it, really.  They want to secure their swamp like privileged life, paid for by our taxes.They have lied, for so long and so often, that they really don’t realize their own duplicity any more- “The end justifies the means” is all they know.  Relativism.  “All is equal”.  The utter bankruptcy of an empty philosophy, where power is all, and might makes right.  Communism.Don’t be fooled.  Following the tradition of ancient Greece, and echoed by ancient Rome, the USA is the greatest, most inspired country and governmental ideals in all of history.  The Founding Fathers, who are currently being graffitied and despoiled in the form of their words and their statues, were true visionaries and geniuses!  True to Western, ance
The Scamdemic!

The Scamdemic!

2020-07-1613:22’d like to have a blog and podcast devoted strictly to paleo health.  But, nowadays, our health is so tied to the politics all about us, that another part of my name, PaleoJay, is being brought to the fore- Paleo Politics, meaning an old fashioned type of political opinion.  The idea that Western civilization is the highest form of life, and is indeed what is meant by ‘civilization’ itself.  And that isolationism and strong border control, strict law and order, and the notion of a true meritocracy and absolute fairness to all under the law are necessary and desirable in every way.With that in mind, and in order to preserve my freedom to choose both a paleo way of living, exercising and eating, I need to address those glaring items that are threatening my political ideas.  Big Government, Leftist/Communist/Socialist ideas, Globalism, and the race industry are all terrible things threatening us now.  The coronavirus, while real, is simply being used as a tool of control by many in government (at least the embedded Swamp portion).  Fear and misplaced, self-hating suicidal altruism are being used to destroy our very civilization, especially among the young.Our young, meaning those 35 and under especially, but this also includes much older, sheltered people, in particular college educated/indoctrinated women, are especially susceptible to being controlled by evil forces.  I used to think the Democrat party in the US was a viable alternative, back in the 1960’s, and it kind of was.  They really hid their toxic agenda well back then, and did so indeed up until the past 10 years or so.  And now, in 2020, the Democrats have revealed that they are, indeed, simply EVIL.  They want to to: Placate BLM by giving “reparations” to people based simply on race, for crimes they never suffered under in their livesGive advantages in schooling test scores, welfare payments, hiring- and to make crime the new black entitlement.  Blacks are to be given free reign to burn, loot, and destroy, with no consequences!The constant mantra is that blacks (or POCs, or whatever else is the term of the moment) are under constant threat of racism, even if unconscious, and that explains everything about their extreme dysfunction as a people, their extreme violence, and their hatred of everything about our wonderful civilization!  No other explanation is possible, is it??Well, yes, there is one obvious, glaring explanation for the incredible, unvarying failure to thrive of black people as a whole, both in the advantageous environment of the US, where every other group does very well indeed.  Differences in average IQ explain everything, very simply and demonstrably.In Africa, the average IQ is 67, with a range of up to 89.  This explains African cities and way of life.  An IQ of 70 or less is mentally retarded. 85, the average score for an American black, is considered ‘low average’.  It is also the sweet spot for criminal activity- just smart enough to get into real trouble!Whites of European descent average 100.  So, the spread being 90 to 109 being average, we come up with Western civilization as we know it, or at least as we knew it.  East Asians average is somewhat higher, with av average of 105.  The higher the IQ, the less propensity towards committing crime, particularly violent crime.  Blacks commit far, far more crime than any other ethnic group!  F
Oh, so PaleoJay is racist?No.  A race realist, perhaps.  Races do differ, just as do different breeds of dogs.  But, that is just common sense, or at least it used to be.Currently, we are embroiled in an endless war of ethnicities warring endlessly, sparring for dominance.  It is so stupid really, overall.  We should all be treated equally, totally and completely, under the law!!We live in the USA after all, a complete meritocracy, where excellence is rewarded, and crime is punished.  Does anyone argue this??Unfortunately, this is yes, this is the disgusting case: crime is now unpunished, and merit is not rewarded.  The rule of law has been displaced: NOW- only race matters.  But let’s look at statistics- the real numbers that reveal the truth: Blacks commit the vast majority of crimes, particularly violent crimes!  This is indisputable, and supported by vast amounts of data.  Blacks commit the vast majority of crimes, particularly violent crimes!!Victims Matter!Well, given that fact, is there any wonder where “prejudice” comes from??  Is it not the obvious fact that if you see a black person, there is a huge amount of data that supports the fact that they will commit violence and crime?It’s not prejudice.  It’s simple fact:  A black person is just more likely to commit a violent crime against you than any other type of human!  It it a sad thing to report, but it is simply that: sad.  Nonetheless true.There is no need for any white, or Asian person to feel even faintly guilty.  There are only facts here that we need to confront.  Here is information from Aaron Bandler of Daily Wire.com1. Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.The left’s rebuttal is that that 84 percent of white homicide victims are killed by other whites, but The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley points out that the white crime rate is “much lower than the black rate.”2. According to Riley, “Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do.”Blacks committed 52 percent of homicides between 1980 and 2008, despite composing just 13 percent of the population. Across the same timeframe, whites committed 45 percent of homicides while composing 77% of the population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.Here are some more statistics from the FBI:In 2013, the FBI has black criminals carrying out 38 per cent of murders, compared to 31.1 per cent for whites. The offender’s race was “unknown” in 29.1 per cent of cases.What about violent crime more generally? FBI arrest rates are one way into this. Over the last three years of data – 2011 to 2013 – 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black.3. Black crime is even more prevalent in the country’s largest cities and counties.Heather Mac Donald writes in her book The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe that in Chicago, IL, blacks committed 76 percent of all homicides, despite composing 35 percent of the city’s population. Blacks also accounted for 78 percent of all juveni
 Let’s talk today about the notion of home.  I notice that nowadays, when people talk about where they live, the inevitably talk about resale value, and even decorate and landscape and add improvements mainly with this in mind- RESALE value, as if what they sell their place for someday is far more important than actually making it more and more into their home- the place where they intend to stay, and where their family and friends, and indeed all the things that make them themselves is nothing more than future dollars!This mercenary outlook is mainly prevalent in the cities and suburbs of the United States, and is a wrong-headed, perverse way of looking at things.  You should strive to make your true home your ancestral home- the axis of your being and that of your children.  If you don’t live in such a place, the first order of being is to find one.  Don’t live somewhere when you are young just because you find a job there, and then repeatedly move around chasing jobs, until you wind up finally cashing out, and moving to some retirement hot spot where it is hot and lots of other old people live without real roots.  This, my friend, is ‘drinking the Kool Aid’, and you are spinning your wheels, accomplishing nothing that is real.Your forever home is hopefully a place you researched about and found yourself!  Possibly you were born there, or near to there, but probably not.  I moved when I was in my late 20’s to a place I knew about, but to which I had no ties at all.  I had researched, chosen this place as ideal, and then moved there from a large city hundreds of miles distant.  I knew what I wanted, I found the ideal location to raise my future family and plant our roots deeply, and then I moved.  The idea of ‘resale value’ never, ever, once crossed my mind- and it still doesn’t!  Who really cares?  Really, I want a wonderful area that fits me and my genotype, and that is rural and stable, crime free and is a virtual ethnostate of people who are like myself.  Sorry it that offends some people, but it is what the human species has sought and fought for all throughout our evolution and history.Where and in what manner you live determines more than just your economic well being!  Your someplace should be where you live your entire life, not just your working years.  It should be an ideal home from your youth to your old age!  A place with a fair amount of land, with room for a garden or two, animals if you want, lots of birds and other wildlife, and tons of privacy!  You shouldn’t even really want a different climate or landscape when you are older and retired.  If you do, why then you chose a forever home that was wrong for you.  Think about it: what do you really, really desire for your home place?  If it is dry and warm year round, why then you should choose one now, not in 30 years or so!If you live a paleo type of ancestral lifestyle, eating, living, exercising and moving in accordance to our genetic type over the years, why then you should not have the physical debilities so prevalent in our urban types of existence.  Autoimmune diseases will pass you by, leaving you hale and hearty to enjoy your later years as much, or more than those of your younger years.I know in my own case this is quite true.  I am now 68, and moved to my small acreage over 40 years ago.  Nothing has changed over the years, except I have gradually improved my house and grounds, and even added to my acreage when it became available!  (Land is key).  My child and grandchildren are in the area, and none of us plan to ever move, at least very far.This is the anc
All is Maintenance!

All is Maintenance!


When we think of important virtues in life, we think of things like goodness and honesty.  Very general concepts indeed- helpful as far as they go, but so general as to be largely meaning almost anything at all if you think of it.I think what most of us struggle to understand is simply that life, overall, is about maintenance.If you make a promise, or resolve to do something, that is one thing.  But it is the maintaining of that resolve, or promise, that really makes it happen, and solidifies it into reality.  The ongoing effort is all important, not just the spur of the moment feeling and idea that launched it.  Ongoing maintenance, whether in relationships, keeping up familial obligations, caring for youngsters for many years as they mature, of in caring for our elders- this is where the ‘rubber meets the road’, where we actually achieve what we set out originally to do.  Build a house, or a road- well, even to do such things takes a certain amount of resolve, or maintenance, since it takes a long period of time to do either.  If one lives solely in the moment, with no real thought for tomorrow- why then, you have thrown maintenance out the window!  But let’s say you have a house, a road; perhaps a vehicle and a tractor- maintenance is now what is key.  Not general ideas like ‘goodness’ or ‘the right thing’- simple maintenance- the daily, ongoing resolve to keep things running well, to lubricate, to protect and keep viable what is built- this is all important!  The maintenance of the family, the town, and the government itself- all of these need endless maintenance, effort, and attention.  Our jobs, our relationships with neighbors and family- all are subjects of endless maintenance.  It is the bedrock of Western Civilization itself.Back when our ancestors left warm the warm climes of Africa to go northwards into the harsh lands, they had to learn to plan, to accumulate foodstuffs to carry them through the hard days of winter.  This took the development of abstract thinking, or future-thinking.  The plenty of today’s summer day would not continue endlessly, as it did back in Africa, where one day was like the next, forever.  To live in the moment there was usually enough.  Planning, or maintenance of any sort of future provisioning was unnecessary, and so never happened.  Europeans developed the skills of abstract, or future oriented thinking, and relied on those skills to survive in harsh winter lands.  Eventually, since these Europeans adapted to their hard environments very well, their endless planning and maintenance of what they built served them very well indeed!What they built is now what is Western Civilization- actually- Civilization itself!  It is all about building, and then endlessly maintaining that civilization.Interestingly, in African Zulu- there is no word for maintenance.  Or for ‘precision’, or for ‘the future’!  ‘Now’ is the same as any other time, or space.  This is a land of no maintenance, or really by definition, of any sort of technology at all.And we can easily see the state of Africa today, what results from such a lack!So, incorporate maintenance into your life!  It’s a very paleolithic, ancestral concept, once you understand it well.  Each and every day is not just new and different- no, it is a time to rediscover, to reawaken and renew what you have been working on for your whole life.A new day- well, do your daily exercises!  Strengthen and reinvigorate your body and mind by going through your Perfectly Paleo Exercise routine.  Then,
It turns out that actual knowledge is now Politically Incorrect!  Sad but true.  I remember back in the 1960’s (yes, I am old enough- 68- to remember those days well), when to be liberal, a college student say, wearing flowers and patched jeans, meant that protests were about free speech!  While no hippy, I recognized the intellectual honesty and freedom of that notion of freedom of speech, and I concurred completely.  They talked about the Vietnam war at the time, which Lyndon Johnson had escalated greatly, and which was politically unwinnable.  The leftist hippies were right- get us out of Vietnam.Equal rights for minorities was another cause of the left, and also for very many on the right.  Those on the right were the same ones (Republicans) that had freed the slaves- they just wanted total equality, or justice.  The Democrats wanted them free so they could buy their votes- Johnson famously did this by starting his “Great Society”, which just means Welfare.  And so, for this reason and this reason alone, blacks started voting for Democrats, which were the very party of the Klu Klux Clan, and the party of the south carpetbaggers that pushed segregation and Jim Crow for so many years.  And so it started: the Leftist Democrats moved further and further leftwards, until they started to call for banning free speech, since to tell the truth was now called ‘Hate Speech’.  And equality for all now started to mean equality of outcome, which simply meant that everyone should have equal money and possessions, irregardless of ability, IQ, or work ethic.  And, in 1965, Democrat Ted Kennedy introduced the Hart Cellar act, which reversed the immigration standards of the US which had been in place since 1920 to keep our country predominantly white European, as had been envisioned from the start by our Founding Fathers.  Once again, this was not done out of a sense of justice; no, not at all, it was signed by President Johnson with the intent, once again to buy votes.  This time, by importing low IQ, non -European people of low skills, who would be dependent on the government dole, and so would once again vote overwhelmingly Democrat, to insure the endless flow of Welfare benefits.And so, gradually the Democrats have simply become Socialists/Communists, since despite their protests- the terms are largely synonymous!  Lenin himself used them interchangeably, although Hitler, who was a bit more to the right since he didn’t want to completely nationalize all industries, always pointed out the slight difference.  Despite what you might have learned or not been taught about history, Hitler was a monster, certainly- but Lenin and his protege, Stalin, were far worse in sheer number of murders!Fast forward to today, and the Left, the Democrats in the US, and their like parties in Western Europe, are all about:Banning Free Speech, if it doesn’t follow the politically correct party lineImporting as many low IQ voters as possible, to ensure staying in power, and also to follow the Leftist/Communist agenda to destroy national cohesivenessIt is not hard to see where all of this has led:  Our large city public schools are largely destroyed, inundated with low IQ ‘diversity’ and endless violence.  The big cities themselves are now bastions of corruption and graft.  Whites have been forced, for the safety of their children, to leave the cities their forebears built for them.Democrats run virtually every large city.  Very, very badly.  But, they are in charge, which is all they have ever really cared about!
Wulf and the Son of Man

Wulf and the Son of Man


Pure truth- and a song!
The Plague

The Plague


A plague had entered the land.  Thousands were dying, and thousands upon thousands more would follow, unless it could be stopped.  The wise doctors struggled to find a cure, but for now the only thing that would slow the wild spreading of the disease was for people to stay apart, to not allow the spreading of the virulent virus that rushed from person to person, spreading quick and sure death!But by staying at home, and apart, commerce perforce ended within the country, and the specter of hunger and privation haunted the previously prosperous nation.  But the determined leader of the land, a man with swirling hair of red-gold, put together a decree that would give money, and therefore bread and safety to every resident that were forbidden to work for the overall good of the land.  The wise men and women of the Senate concurred, putting their stamp of approval on the wonderful idea.But there was another group of people, a group that tried to govern the people not by supporting their president, but by attempting to steal as much power as they could and then obstructing anything positive that they could that the leader decreed.  It was not that this other group, called the House, had anything constructive to offer; no, their only aim was destruction, and the halting of positive efforts to save their own nation.  They were led by a woman of a greenish skin tone, who only wanted power above all.  Power and money were her gods, chiefly power, since money follows power when used without wisdom and to help others.She gained the power, and used it to insist that to help the people of the land, the president had to sign away his own soul onto useless and evil plans- plans that would not only bankrupt the entire nation and give it into the hands of the evil green woman and her tools.  Only if the president agreed to pay people who would not work, and to pay endless amounts of money to use to (supposedly) change the entire world’s temperature in 100 years would the green one allow the leader to help save the land from the Plague!In addition, he had to agree to pay many, many people large salaries only because their skin color had more melanin than others, and also to give them many, many free things forever at the cost of the rest.  The evil list went on and on, and each provision was at least as bad as the one before!Finally, the green woman took the president’s bill to save the land, and tore it to bits with her taloned, sharp fingers in front of all!What should the president do, oh people?I wrote that this morning, when I first woke up.  It was 5:30 AM, and in my dreams it had all taken shape.  I was quite upset with Nancy Pelosi and her flying monkey Democrat supporters, and was afraid that now the bailout of the entire US would not happen!I guess that, as of now, there was somewhat of a compromise, but there is still plenty of Leftist bull shoved in that one bill- completely and counterproductively unneeded and unwanted by the American public.I think this Chinese virus is making us all think more clear headed and perceptively about what is truly important, sans the Leftist marxist bullshit.  It is now obvious that:Open borders are a horrible ideaNationalist countries are the natural state of civilizationPeoples and Races are very differentLike People should live Together in EthnostatesDiversity is NOT a Strength!Among many other obvious truisms!  Let’s hope that we all come to our senses, and try to return the Western world and Civilization back to what it in the 1950’s and early 60’s, before Marxist Liberalism and Post Modernism reared their evil, very wrong heads to mislead us.   &n
I spent today enjoying my social distancing!  I got up early (as usual), and watched the morning news.  Stock market way down, but stabilizing.  I enjoy watching Maria Bartiroma (anyone else notice that she looks exactly like the young Sophia Loren?), and getting the gist of the events facing our nation.  As I watched, I was exercising as I always do.  My thoughts clarify if I am flexing and sculpting my body methodically as I watch.  Disciplined thoughts flow from a disciplined body, I have found.  I did pushups today for high reps, feet up on the couch, which is always my intensest workout, done twice per week, along with my usual stretching and isometrics.  No rebounding today, as I had a busy day planned.It is maple syrup time, where I tap a number of maple trees here, and cook down the syrup.  There is labor involved, as I haul numerous 5 gallon buckets full of sap to the cooker, but it is pleasant to me, as it is all outdoors, and today was a beautiful sunny, 40 degree or so day!  It was a day to finish my syrup, and so it was all done on a propane cooker, rather than wood, which is fine for long boils, but not for fine-tuning the sap.  I sat down next to the cooker, in the sunshine, and just thought.  Sap cooking is ideal thinking time…I thought about how the tough times we are going through worldwide, not just in the U.S., reveal what is truly important.  In my small community, there are no battles over toilet paper, no empty shelves, nothing crazy.  This is a small ethnostate of German and Norwegian descent, and cordiality reigns supreme overall.  We have our leftist liberals at the University here, but they are outnumbered, thank God!  Common sense prevails, overall, with farmers and others who do real work.I thought about how, when reality strikes, threatening people with actual survival, priorities are starkly revealed.  All of a sudden, national borders look pretty good- it appears there are really good reasons to separate nations and peoples!  Spread of Disease is one.  But also, low IQ people coming from their own failed nations to take part in the Welfare State of advanced European countries (like the United States, which is derived from European white people, or “People of Light” as I like to term us, is shown to be very much not in our own self interest!  We were designed to be a high IQ nation state of People of Light, and we dilute ourselves with dire consequences, like soaring crime rates, a huge dependent class, and a degradation of cultural standards and norms.  Sometimes, it takes a slap in the face to make us wake up- this virus is that slap!  Do we really want to one day wake up in a world run by Leftists, where the conditions are 3rd world, ala San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, New York and Seattle, where only the uber wealthy live decent, crime free, safe and clean lives?  Do ALL of our major cities, built by our ancestors and bequeathed to us, need to be sacrificed and left to interlopers in the name of pathological altruism??Here, in this little white ethnostate, the grocery stores are well-stocked, and life is well ordered and safe.  Even with this awful virus confronting us (although there is not yet a single case in my county), we are optimistic and self quarantining as is necessary.  It is apparent that welfare magnet immigrants are a very, very bad thing indeed!  Not only for us (U.S.), but for their lousy home countries, who need the very lopsided number of young men that overwhelmingly make up the immigrants to rebuild their own failed countries!!  We are getting the most irresponsible and criminal element opportunists, not the ‘best and brightest’.  Y
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