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Parables for Entrepreneurs

Author: John D. Sanders

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Written for entrepreneurs, corporate management and investors, John D. Sanders expands on his philosophies of making companies attractive for outside capital - why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, how to promote it, and what to do with it.
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51 Episodes
Talents, Riches, and Opportunities Bring Responsibilities. Why there is no finish line.  John D. Sanders
Three major schools of thought about IPO's. Do you want to shoot for the big deal? Public money is both an excellent source of capital and a good discipline for managing a company. Always manage toward being public.  John D. Sanders
Promotion can enhance growth. How to make effective use of annual meetings and financial reports. Why a regular dividend policy sets you apart from other companies.  John D. Sanders
Entrepreneurship requires dedication and certain sacrifices. Success brings satisfaction also in reflecting on the tough times.  John D. Sanders
Ch.27 Let's Fight

Ch.27 Let's Fight


Disagreements among management do happen. Keep arguments healthy to help determine the organization's direction. How to approach fundamental differences. Be prepared to get axed if you're really wrong.  John D. Sanders
You must build an experienced management team. Let them make a lot of small mistakes. It may be time for an organizational manual.  John D. Sanders
Management problems can lead to bad foundations. Maybe the group can regroup. Is Chapter 11 a way to fix the deal?  John D. Sanders
Ch. 24 Adolescence

Ch. 24 Adolescence


How companies evolve from childhood to maturity. How management's role must be redefined at each stage. The outside capital advisor's role changes, too.  John D. Sanders
Need additional capital? Why your original investors are still the best source. Why board members may be willing to open their purses.  John D. Sanders
Ch. 22 Don't Max Out

Ch. 22 Don't Max Out


Be on a roll. Don't ever use your last dollars. Success is inevitable if you're always ready. The best deals come to those with resources to take advantage of them.  John D. Sanders
Why cash flow must be left to managers rather than become a cause for fundraising. Why capital needs must be confined to growth. John D. Sanders
How they differ from startup investors. The keys to successful shareholder communications. The importance of regular dividends.  John D. Sanders
Market with confidence in your product or service. When to pound the pavement and when to advertise.  John D. Sanders
The major purposes of small company directors. Why they function better when outsiders dominate. How to maximize this valuable collection of talent.  John D. Sanders
Avoiding overly complex capitalization. Why equity capital beats debt in startup situations. Leaving flexibility for your next round of financing.  John D. Sanders
The responsibilities of receiving capital. Why capital with obligations is better than none at all.  John D. Sanders
The importance of getting to know your investment advisors. A good rapport also makes the journey to success more fun.   John D. Sanders
Why realistic valuations are best for growth. How to build your company's value.  John D. Sanders
Projects without cash flow can lead to financial disaster. Investors need comfort that you will get products to market. Prove your management abilities first.  John D. Sanders
Why the most likely initial investors are those who know you or your product. How to cultivate their support. How the investment banker or advisor bridges the gap between you and your outsiders.  John D. Sanders
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