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We cook for food, for family, and for friends. We cook to bring people together. And we here at Pardon My Fork are bringing the world of food and foodsport straight to you! Join us every week for a new episode where we talk to chefs, World Food Champions, Food Network stars, professionals and home cooks alike about what they do and the food they love. Conveniently packaged and always delicious, whet your palette and grab a heaping helping of Pardon My Fork!
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Bill Bartman, owner of Barsideous Brewing, joins us today to talk about two of his amazing beers! Chris the Wine Guy and Cory Ann are ramping their palate pronouns to the max tonight. The Orange Blossom X, a bold yet refreshing punch of deliciousness! The Little Steven, a beautiful Russian Imperial Stout tribute to a lost friend. We've got them right here, so pour a glass of your favorite beverage and join us for this in depth look at two of my favorite beers!
We are tasting two fabulous wines to warm your heart and dry your eyes on this damp and muggy spring day! 2013 Rioja Senorio de P. Pecina and a 2018 Rioja Muga Rose, two amazingly delicious wines. Grab a glass of your favorite vino and join the conversation!
Andy and Cory Ann sit down to talk about some of the fun things we've been cooking during the holiday break, and a TON of new ways to make deviled eggs that we'll be trying out all through the year!Thanks to this episodes sponsor Gem City Fine Foods! Find them at
On this weeks episode, we're talking about the new sensation sweeping the nation, Black Garlic! Matthew and Sandy from the Black Garlic Market drop in to talk to us about this incredible ingredient, how it's made, what it can do for you, and some of their favorite things to pair it with! Cory Ann and Andy wrap the show talking about some observations they've had after using the new Yoder YS-640 pellet grill.Check out the Black Garlic Market at
Tis the season for Leftovers! Don't get tired of the same old thing just to end up tossing it out. This week we talk to the incredible Susanne Duplantis from Makeover My Leftover! The Leftover Queen gives us the dish on the best ways to approach repurposing your holiday leftovers so every meal is an all new dish. From turkey fries to waffle irons, kick your next-day dishes up a notch with advice from Makeover My Leftover!Check Susanne out at www.makeovermyleftover.comLinks to everything Susanne is doing at
This week on Pardon My Fork we get to talk to David Eaheart from Prairie Fresh, Chef Dan McCall from Kansas City, Cory Ann talks extensively about why aged ham and sausage is good for you, and we determine the very best way to cook bacon! (Hint: It's pretty much every way) So pull up a chair and grab a plate, this is one filling episode!
It's Hazelnut week! We are super excited to be talking about this beloved nut that is somehow still an up and comer in the nut world! First we're joined by the incredible Chef Kc Gonzalez a.k.a Chef Salty Pork to talk about his favorite uses with hazelnuts, and then we talk to owner and distiller Joe Marcotte from Marcotte Distilling Company about Marv's Hazelnut Brew, a delectable moonshine from their ever growing lineup of delicious products! Hear all about that and more on this week's Pardon My Fork! Hit the photos below to hear it now or go to…/tcdmradio/hazelnuts-a-northweste…We'd like to thank our show sponsors this week:Gem City Fine Foods, the best in gluten and nut free desserts! Find them at www.GemCityFineFoods.comFlugger's Bacon, some of the best bacon I've ever had. Buy yourself some today at www.Fluggers.comGBx Custom Cookers. No matter what you're looking for, your first stop should be
Squash and Gourds, the Underrated seasonal treat!On today's episode we're talking all things squash and gourds! These historically significant fruits (not veggies!) show up in cultures around the Americas and date back some 10,000 years, as both a food source and as a holding vessel when they were hollowed and dried. Plus we get a quick chat with special guest Chef Chris Nau about his favorite ways to use squash and pumpkins! We'd like to thank our show sponsors this week: Gem City Fine Foods, the best in gluten and nut free desserts! Find them at Flugger's Bacon, some of the best bacon I've ever had. Buy yourself some today at GBx Custom Cookers. No matter what you're looking for, your first stop should be
Today marks a new season of Pardon My Fork! New look, new sound, new sponsors, and new topics! This week's episode is all about Foodsport and Cooking competition. We sit down with Hiram Quintana to talk about his incredible winning ratio across a myriad of categories. Then we follow up with David and Danny from Alabama Coasting to talk about their team aspect of competition, and how their friends in the Team Puerto Rico are integrating these winning strategies.We'd like to thank our show sponsors this week:Gem City Fine Foods, the best in gluten and nut free desserts! Find them at www.GemCityFineFoods.comFlugger's Bacon, some of the best bacon I've ever had. Buy yourself some today at www.Fluggers.comGBx Custom Cookers. No matter what you're looking for, your first stop should be
We sat down with Chris Mask, chef and host of the very popular Off The Chip Wagon on Eastlink Cable, to talk about the week so far at the World Food Championships! Cory Ann and I were sous chefs for his run at the title in the Bacon Category, and Chris in turn helped us with our demo cooks each day from the Innovative Group media center! Sit back and enjoy this live recording of Pardon My Fork from Dallas, Texas!Show sponsors today are and www.FluggersBacon.comSupporting them means supporting us, so use the promo code WFC25 at Gem City Fine Foods today for 25% off of your online order!
After practicing recipes for the upcoming 2019 World Food Championships, we sit down with 2017 WFC World Seafood Champions Kim and Mark Banick to talk all things cooking, competing, foodsport, and anything in between! This episode marks the final episode of season 1 of Pardon My Fork, so be sure to stay tuned as we make some big and exciting changes to the show and the content we bring to you listeners!Through the end of the month enjoy 25% off your order at Gem City Fine Foods! Go to Gem City Fine Foods to place your order today!
Cory Ann and Andy are in studio today to catch up on all the happenings from the past few weeks! Andy has been cooking like crazy for friends, family, and for a bbq demo at Walmart in Portland, and Cory Ann went wild with 20lbs of local beets. We round the show out discussing our first ever, officially unofficial Pumpkin Spice Day 2019!
Krakelen Wood Fired Pizza and Catering! Lara and Wolf Herrmann join me in studio today to talk all about wood fired pizza! For Lara, pizza has always been a big part of her life, wanting to have her own restaurant since she was very young. So when she and Wolf decided that they needed to start a business, wood fired pizza was a no brainer! In the short time they've been in business, they've quickly become one of the best known names around for their fresh and high quality offerings on the go! Check out what they have going on over at Krakelen Catering and find their social media links over at!
Chef Kevin Getline joined me for a day of cooking, eating, and drinking. What better way to encapsulate the day than to hit the record button! This whole conversation was recorded real time, in the pouring rain, while we watched the smoker flame away. Please enjoy!
The BBQ Ninja Craig Verhage joins the show today! Craig has been a professional BBQer for the last 24 years and if you can imagine it, he's made it! From brisket to alligator, Craig has cooked it all, and has traveled the globe to show people the power of a little smoke and char! Many thanks to UBON's BBQ, Royal Oak, and Four Roses Bourbon for helping Craig do what he does best, grilling and smoking!
Today we are introducing our listeners to an all new segment we like to call Small Batch! Brendan McCarron is Director of Matured Stocks at Ardbeg, one of the most awarded smokey single malt Scotch whiskeys in the world! Brendan talks me through the history of Ardbeg, the secrets of the peat smoke, and the best ways to enjoy their amazing whiskey!
Our 50th Episode!

Our 50th Episode!


It's our 50th episode! Cory Ann joins us in the studio to talk about what a crazy week we've had, the new trailer smoker, our first big catering cookout, and an abandoned kitty we scooped up along the way. Check out Pardon My Fork for more!
Today we have a throwback to our very first BBQ competition, BBQ In The Grove, during this time last year! I loved doing this competition, and I enjoyed recording this show. It's a lot of fun to listen back to, and I know you guys are going to have fun tuning in, so please enjoy!
Chef Chris Nau

Chef Chris Nau


Today we're joined by Pacific Northwest private chef and World Food competitor Chris Nau! Chris outlines his journey from a young boy that loved to cook to his Root Cellar Society! Collecting pollen, harvesting wild plums, or brining pine cones, the chef takes us through it all!
Kathy Pullin joins us today for non-stop hot BBQ talk! Kathy has been around BBQ since the 90s, and continues to cater and compete at the highest levels all around the nation! From creating her own BBQ rub, becoming brand ambassador to a multitude of companies, Guy's Grocery Games, BBQ Rig Race and more, Kathy is an OG in the competition BBQ world!
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