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We cook for food, for family, and for friends. We cook to bring people together. And we here at Pardon My Fork are bringing the world of food and foodsport straight to you! Join us every week for a new episode where we talk to chefs, World Food Champions, Food Network stars, professionals and home cooks alike about what they do and the food they love. Conveniently packaged and always delicious, whet your palette and grab a heaping helping of Pardon My Fork!
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In this INCREDIBLE episode, we speak with Page Knudsen of Knudsen Vineyards, one of the oldest and largest vineyard groups in the Willamette Valley, as she talks about the history of their winery and how their brand came to be. We start our tasting with their 2015 Pinot Noir, a gorgeous wine from a critically panned year, this wine has really hit its stride and in our opinion it represents the very best of what Oregon Pinot Noir can be. We follow that with a 2016 Chardonnay that is light, slightly crisp, very refreshing, and packed with flavor that will compliment any food pairing you can throw at it. After that we speak with the amazing Shannan Wilson, actor and singer who recently starred in a breakout independent film Sno Babies, a gripping and traumatic film about the very real opioid addiction crisis afflicting our youth and middle class. Shannan talks to us about being a working mother and how the move from Texas to New Jersey affected her palate, and her go-to places for a quick bite whether she's in Houston or Jersey! If you haven't already, check out the live stream episodes over on!
Tonight on Pardon My Fork we are doing a LIVE wine tasting with Michelle from Stoller Family Estate, checking out their 2019 Chardonnay and the 2017 History Red Blend! Later we will be joined by Sean Kanan to discuss his new book, The Modern Gentleman! Sean is known for his long time rolls on General Hospital, The Bold and Beautiful, and The Young And The Restless, but he's also fluent in both Italian as a language and as a flavor! As always, we will be taking your questions and comments LIVE, so pour yourself a glass and join the conversation in the comments!
Tonight we are speaking with Clea from Simple Machine Wines, one of our lost vineyards during the Oregon wildfires. The Simple Machine crew is showing their grit by continuing to produce a 2020 vintage, which is available to preorder right now at: If this wine is half as good as what Simple Machine had been producing, it'll be twice as good as you expect it to be! In the second half of the show we'll be speaking with producer and director Stacey Toy, a bonafide wine lover herself! Join us as we learn what it takes to run America's highest rated live newscast and start your own production firm. Check out ! So pour yourself a glass and join the conversation for this fun and insightful episode of Small Batch!
Andy, Cory Ann, and Wine Guy Chris are joined by Dave Rice, Director of Hospitality at Chehalem Wines! On tonights list are the 2018 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir and the 2018 Reserve Chardonnay! Both of these wines are available locally in your favorite supermarket and feature big, beautiful flavors from the Willamette Valley. So pour yourself a glass and join the conversation as we dive into these gorgeous wines, and the history and operations of a local great, Chehalem Wines!
Andy, Cory Ann, and Chris the Wine Guy are introducing an all new cocktail, the Spicy Manhattan! Made with rye whiskey and ancho chili liquor, this is one hot drink to cool down with. We'll also be talking about the Oregon wildfires, what effects we may see in the vintages from this year, and the fall flavors we're all looking forward to as we look towards Autumn! Pour yourself a glass and join the conversation as we chat with the listeners LIVE!
This is going to be a good one! David Fish from Fox Farm Vineyards is going to be in in studio today telling us all about their beautiful farm in Dundee Oregon, and sampling a few of his favorite wines! So grab a glass and join the conversation as we answer your questions LIVE!
Ryan Rush from NorthWest Vines joins the show to sip on a selection of wines from his collection, and we talk about his new Oregon wine subscription service at Then George Manska, inventor of the NEAT Glass calls in to tell us about how he designed the perfect sipping vessel for any wine or spirit! Be sure to pick up a few for yourself at!
Say it with me now, Lambanog! Also known as Coconut Vodka, Dave and Michael from Papo J's are going to be telling us all about this unusual spirit while Wine Guy Chris makes us a couple of amazing cocktails!After that, Actor and Author Bill Foster is going to hop on to talk wine and spirits, his newest projects, and starting a vineyard in his home state! Buckle in for this action packed episode, we're going for a ride!So pour yourself a glass and join the conversation in the comments below!
Wine Guy Chris knocked it out of the park with this one! We have two amazing beer cocktails, or "radlers" that will really take the edge off of the summer sun. First up is a traditional Lemonade Radler, and then we'll finish with a Blackberry Jalapeno Smash cocktail! Pour yourself a glass and join the conversation in the comments!GIVEAWAY TIME! We've got bottles of Billy Twang BBQ Rub that we'll be giving away to anyone who likes and comments on this post! SHARE it out for a second entry!!
We're excited to be tasting two lovely wines from the great Southern Oregon Wine Region! Alan O'Neal and Sara Garr join us to talk about these wines, a Syrah from Quady North, and Cabernet Sauvignon from Castellano Yineyard Applegate Valley! I cannot wait to dive into these two amazing wines that I know you're going to love, so pour yourself a glass and join the conversation as we learn all about them!
We have a beautiful selection of bourbons to try tonight, and we'll be making one of our favorite cocktails that is sure to quench your thirst in the summer heat! Pour yourself a glass and join the conversation in the comments!This show is proudly sponsored by Gem City Fine Foods! A dedicated gluten free and nut free dessert bakery, they make the best desserts I've ever had! Check them out at
Chris the Wine Guy is back! We are talking about getting the right wine for your wedding, bbq, or summer party and enjoying a beautiful 2019 Malene Rose while we do it! So come on by, pour yourself a glass, and join the conversation!
Today we're tasting two lovely little Spanish Tempranillo wines with special guest Chef Kevin Getline! Both Tempranillo Crianza, aged 6-12 months on oak and two years in the bottle, we expect these bright and fruit forward wines to be gorgeous sippers!
We're doing a very special live stream today for Cory Ann's birthday and we're inviting all of you to come by and say hello to the birthday girl! We will also be tasting to BEAUTIFUL wines from Springhill Cellars right here in Albany, Oregon. One of our personal favorite wineries, you definitely don't want to miss this!
We are excited to share this with you all today! Saffron Hodgson is the owner of FoodSport Consulting and, and we had such a great time talking with her last week! Saffron gives us a deep dive into the world of dutch oven cooking, fire management, and what foodsport might look like post-Covid.
Wine Guy Chris is back! We tasting two delectable bubblies today, not to be confused with Champagne! The definitions change, but the taste is to die for, these are the sparkling wines you should be drinking! Pour yourself a glass and have a listen to our engaging converstion about Bubbles!
Cory Ann and Andy are tasting two very unique but awesomely delicious products today! The Rolling Thunder Stout Whiskey is an all time favorite coming from Rogue Brewing and Distilling, and the Anchor Rose Rum is from Sinister Distilling, right here in Albany Oregon! Pour yourself a drink and join us as we dive head first into these too amazing products!
Bill Bartman, owner of Barsideous Brewing, joins us today to talk about two of his amazing beers! Chris the Wine Guy and Cory Ann are ramping their palate pronouns to the max tonight. The Orange Blossom X, a bold yet refreshing punch of deliciousness! The Little Steven, a beautiful Russian Imperial Stout tribute to a lost friend. We've got them right here, so pour a glass of your favorite beverage and join us for this in depth look at two of my favorite beers!
We are tasting two fabulous wines to warm your heart and dry your eyes on this damp and muggy spring day! 2013 Rioja Senorio de P. Pecina and a 2018 Rioja Muga Rose, two amazingly delicious wines. Grab a glass of your favorite vino and join the conversation!
Andy and Cory Ann sit down to talk about some of the fun things we've been cooking during the holiday break, and a TON of new ways to make deviled eggs that we'll be trying out all through the year!Thanks to this episodes sponsor Gem City Fine Foods! Find them at
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