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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.

731 Episodes
Its Thanksgiving week and we start with a recap of MNF and preview of Thanksgiving Day games (2:24 - 21:43). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and a defense of cranberry sauce (21:43 - 39:54). Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald joins the show to talk about the win against Wisconsin, coaching during a pandemic, and how people should respect Coach Fitz more (39:54 - 54:22). Mark Titus joins the show to catch up on life, talk college hoops, and what this season is going to look like (54:22 - 120:21). Preview of the Sunday slate and guys on chicks.
NFL Week 11 fastest 2 minutes. We recap every game from Sunday (2:25 - 7:53). Chiefs Raiders (7:53 - 16:34) Eagles, Browns (16:34 - 27:20) Falcons, Saints (27:20 - 34:35) Bengals, Washington (34:45 - 41:39) Panthers, Lions (41:39 - 48:17) Titans, Ravens (48:17 - 53:19) Patriots, Texans (53:19 - 59:58) Dolphins, Broncos (59:58 - 64:15) Jets, Chargers (64:15 - 69:52) Cowboys, Vikings (69:52 - 75:56) Packers, Colts (75:56 - 82:19) Jaguars Steelers (82:19 - 88:10) Deion Sanders joins the show to talk some NFL Week 11 and Offense vs Defense in a locker room (88:10 - 104:24). Football guy of the week. Baby Bron of the week and who's back of the week with some College Football talk.
Seahawks get their shit together against the Cardinals and Kyler is hurt (maybe) (2:24 - 7:17). Quick NBA Draft talk and Joe Judge maybe getting in a fight (7:17 - 13:10). NFL Week 11 preview, Cant Lose Parlay, and Fantasy Canadians (13:10 - 35:45). Catching up with Warren Sharp on which teams are frauds and which teams are for real plus a couple picks from him for Week 11 betting (35:45 - 66:15). James Buster Corley, the creator of Dave & Busters joins the show to talk about how he founded the greatest restaurant of all time, his favorite games and stories, and the famous Busters guy (66:15 - 98:17). We finish with Billy's stupid parlays and Fyre Fest of the week.
The Bears make football terrible. We clean up MNF and the death of the Bears 2020 season (2:25 - 8:49). Theo Epstein steps down from his job with the Cubs and PFT has a new idea (8:49 - 17:24). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat retiring from predicting injuries (17:24 - 33:09). Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk NBA Draft, how much Billy lifts, and whats going on with the NBA right now (33:09 - 91:25). We finish with guys on chicks.
Fastest 2 Minutes for NFL Week 10. We recap every game. ( 2:45 - 9:01) Pats/Ravens (9:01 - 15:50) Texans/Browns (15:50 - 23:51) WFT/Lions (23:51 - 28:33) Jaguars/Packers (28:33 - 36:22) Eagles/Giants (37:54 - 47:04) Bucs/Panthers (47:04 - 52:03) Broncos/Raiders (52:03 - 58:45) Chargers/Dolphins (58:45 - 64:24) Bills/Cardinals (64:24 - 72:11) Seahawks/Rams (72:11 - 79:59) 49ers/Saints (79:59 - 87:40) Bengals/Steelers  (87:40 - 90:01) Masters recap, football guy of the week and who's back of the week (90:01 - 106:03).
Phil Rivers and the Colts take down the Titans special teams (2:46 - 10:13). Weekend preview of all the Week 10 games plus Masters talk (10:13 - 45:16). Fantasy Fuccbois (45:!6 - 51:45). Rich Eisen joins the show to talk NFL, Jeopardy, and what the most diva thing he does is (51:45 - 93:16). Mr Portnoy calls in with a big time complaint and we finish with a tribute to the King, Leroy the dog (93:16 - 127:11).
We clean up MNF and Flacco's masterpiece in a losing effort against the Patriots (11:03). Big Ben has every illnes/ailment known to man kind (11:03 - 14:13). Tony LaRussa is addicted to getting DUI's and plays the old do you know who I am card (14:13 - 18:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne included jersey roast and tits (18:25 - 33:54). Pro Golfer Max Homa joins the show to talk about prepping for the Masters this weekend, golf etiquette, how to make golf more fun, and how often is he allowed to blame his caddy (33:54 - 76:01). We finish with Guys on Chicks.
NFL Week 9 is in the books and we start with Fastest 2 minutes. Recapping every game from Sunday (2:36 - 8:39).  Seahawks/Bills (8:39 - 24:27) Ravens/Colts (24:27 - 31:16) Titans/Bears (31:16-42:38) Panthers/Chiefs (42:38 - 49:47) Lions/Vikings  (49:47 - 59:04) Giants/WFT (59:04 - 65:32) Texans/Jaguars (65:32 - 66:54) Broncos/Falcons (66:54 - 73:58) Dolphins/Cardinals  (73:58 - 77:14) Chargers/Raiders (77:14 - 82:20) Cowboys/Steelers (82:20 - 89:09) We wrap up with Deion Sanders, who's back of the week and football guy of the week.
Thursday Night Football was horrific and the Packers are probably back (2:32 - 8:09) . We preview the Week 9 slate including Joe Douglas being a sneaky genius, Mike Tomlin coaching down to competition, the Bears starting create a players on the Offensive line and the Bills getting a test of whether or not they're for real (8:09 - 42:39) . Cant Lose Parlay and Fantasy Fuccbois (42:39 - 50:07)). Actor Robert Ihler aka AJ Soprano joins the show to talk about his career, what it was like growing up on the Sopranos set, funniest cast members, James Gandolfini, being a professional poker play after the show ended and tons more (50:07 - 97:24). We finish with Fyre Fest and Billy being a Sub-Adult Chicken Breeder.
We clean up MNF and talk about how lame the NFL Trade Deadline is. (1:56-15:45) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the return of MACtion and way to stay relevant baseball. (17:07-31:55) Timm Woods returns to continue our Dungeons and Dragons quest. (35:08-1:17:26) Wrestler, Actor and all around badass Goldberg joins the show to talk about his career in Football and Wrestling. (1:17:28-1:37:47) We finish with guys on chicks. (1:39:07-1:51:33)
NFL Week 8 and Fastest 2 Minutes (2:59 - 8:11). Raiders/Browns 16:02 - 23:27 Titans/Bengals 23:27 - 32:02 Patriots/Bills 32:02 - 37:57 Colts/Lions 37:57 - 45:17 Vikings/Packers 45:17 - 56:24 Steelers/Ravens 56:24 - 65:20 Rams/Dolphins 65:20 - 69:04 Jets/Chiefs 69:04 - 71:09 Chargers/Broncos 71:09 - 80:49 Niners/Seahawks 80:49 - 84:39) Saints/Bears 84:39 - 98:05) Deion Sanders joins the show to talk Week 8 and we finish with football guy of the week and who's back of the week .
The Falcons won a game when everyone expected them to lose it in terrible fashion (2:18 - 10:34). Trevor Lawrence got the CoCo (10:34 - 14:10). NFL Week 8 preview and a contender game between the Ravens and the Steelers (14:10 - 45:02). Fantasy Daddy's are back (45:02 - 56:43). Coach O joins the show to talk about his new book, spending time with Ray Baker, the last time we interviewed him, and why Stephen Jones calls him Hip Sled Ed (56:43 - 77:26). We finish the show with the cant lose parlay and fyre fest of the week.
We clean up MNF and the Bears may just suck at scoring points, which is important (2:03 - 10:42). Mike Nolan gets hot sauce in his eye (10:42 - 14:29). We recap Game 6 of the World Series, Kevin Cash falling in love with his computer and the Dodgers finally winning a World Series (14:29 - 25:59). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (25:59 - 50:55). Hall of Famer Michael Irvin joins the show to talk about his career, the state of the Cowboys today, and his twitter game (50:55 - 102:56). We finish the show with guys on Chicks.
NFL Week 7. Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 8:48). Recapping every game. Seahawks play another insane game. The Falcons invent a new way to lose a game. Baker was on fire. The Steelers hold off on the Titans and we disagree on who the Titans are. Cowboys continue to be laughably bad but Mike McCarthy is now relatable. Cam Newton looked off and the Bucs officially are a problem (8:48 - 101:28). World Series talk (101:28 - 107:11). Deion Sanders joins the show to talk NFL Week 7 (107:11 - 120:50). Who's back of the week and football guy of the week.
Week 7 is here and we watch the end of the Giants/Eagles game live. Daniel Jones with an all time hilarious run and face plant (2:27 - 14:19). Week 7 picks and games we're looking forward to including the Contender Bowl between the Titans and Steelers, and a Seahawks game that will undoubtedly get weird (14:19 - 35:10) . Cant Lose Parlay and Fantasy Fuccbois (35:10 - 44:52). Tom Fornelli joins the show to preview the B1G coming back, what teams can win the conference, and best bet of the weekend (44:52 - 75:57). Our lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk Jeffrey Toobin, being addicted to chasing the local news, the IRS not letting him hassle other people and more (75:57 - 102:56). We finish the show with Fyre Fest of the Week.
Cleaning up Monday Night Doubleheader, and the Cowboys are a dumpster fire. (4:50-10:40) NFL Power Rankings and Tua is now a starter. (10:41-22:10) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Zoom dicks, World Series and John Wall poker. (23:15-40:12) Matthew McConaughey joins the show to talk about his new memoir, gambling, movie making, being cooler than everyone, and dorks. (42:12-1:37:37) We finish the show with Guys on Chicks. (1:38:45-1:51:11)
NFL Week 6 is in the books and we start with Fastest 2 minutes (2:35 - 8:19). Battle of the wiz kids on Sunday Night Football. Doug Pederson has beef stew for brains. Texans rise up the good bad team power rankings. The ghost of Dan Quinn. Broncos win a game with field goals and the Steelers punk the little brother Browns. The Bears are 5-1 and no apologizing from Big Cat, Adam Gase is now commendable in how bad he is and the Bucs kicked the shit out of the Packers (8:19 - 94:08). Deion Sanders joins the show for big picture thoughts. (94:08 - 116:58). Football guy of the week and who's back of the week.
- [ ] Nick Saban has the CoCo and we're powering through the football season. (3:20-13:52) Week 6 NFL Preview and games we like. Adam Gase offered up the wheel of the Titanic, the Browns trying to win in Pittsburgh for the first time in 17 years and the Niners bounce back? (16:00-42:48) Fantasy Fuccbois.(44:30-48:40) Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Week 6, surprise performances of the NFL season, how the league is dealing with Coronavirus, and we play a great trick on him to get him to talk about his fantasy team. (52:50-1:33:03)Fyre Fest of the week and Big Cat has a stalker. (1:34:38-1:42:14)
Tuesday Night Football recap as the Titans put in a great performance and we recap MNF as well (2:30 - 16:17). Le'Veon Bell cut by the Jets (16:17 - 26:14). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and we say nice things about Lebron (26:14 - 32:08). A surprise Facetime from Taylor Lewan and Will Compton from the Titans winning locker room (32:08 - 48:44). Mark Cuban joins the show to talk the bubble, fixing the economy, new business ideas, and Billy's app (48:44 - 93:44). We finish up with Guys on Chicks.
NFL Week 5 in the books. Fastest 2 minutes (2:26 - 8:07). The Seahawks played another insane game. Dan Quinn fired and Teddy keeps winning. The Raiders blueprint game. Eagles/Steelers for the Battle of Bwentzylvania. Alex Smith's return, the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs (we think). Dak's injury and the Browns are actually good. Deion Sanders joins for 10 minutes to talk about the biggest stories from Sunday. Football guy of the week (86:11 - 99:12). Who's back of the week. And Lebron blah blah blah
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John Wilson

this is the best podcast ever! U guys are fuck'n nuts ! I luv it lmmao

Nov 20th
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Abdullah ÖZDEMİR


Aug 15th

Abdullah ÖZDEMİR


Jul 27th

Matthew Yaeger

fucking dumpster fire. keep promoting this bullshit blm

Jul 16th
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Mat Patterson

We root for the laundry. LOVE IT. #GoPats

Jul 12th

Authentictalks 2.0


Jul 2nd

Doug Petty

D & D hell yes! With no sports, this is the only segment I listen too anymore. Good job and thanks!

Jul 1st

Doug Petty

where is d & d assholes???

Jun 24th

Sawyer Kean

Mercs is the man

Jun 22nd

Doug Petty

Hell yes the boys are back with D &D, funny shit!

Jun 11th

Michael Kogan

this podcast sucked

Jun 8th

Doug Petty

D & D is so funny and entertaining with you guys!

May 26th

Doug Petty

once a week would be better, this is gold. 😂😂😂

May 18th

Doug Petty

Good job bringing D &D back. It works, you guys are funny as hell. Keep the adventures going during these dark times 😂

May 13th


BBB blows 🍆

Mar 29th

Ricky Simms


Mar 13th

Paul Jackson


Mar 9th

Kyle James McDermott

2:20 no intro

Mar 4th

historynerd88 b w

that flashing lights over take me on is fire

Feb 27th
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here's a hot comment: this iui s the gay gay gayest podcast ever!!! do yourself a favor and go check out cumtown. fuck these fags

Feb 25th
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