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We provide new parents with practical information to help preserve their sanity. Both moms and dads discuss common parenting concerns for their toddlers. With the help of our experts, parents get the superhero strength they need to tackle the world, and the next dirty diaper. The show is part of the Parents On Demand Network.

144 Episodes
Halloween is big deal for most kids. But, what do you do when your kids aren't quite ready for all the haunted houses and Halloween candy? What are some alternatives to trick-or-treat night? We're chatting with some experienced moms to see how they celebrate this spooky holiday with their little ones.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Yoga For Kids

Yoga For Kids


Young kids always seem to be crawling, climbing and bouncing off the walls. But getting them to do actual exercise that benefits the mind, body and soul, well that's a bit more difficult. That's the benefit of yoga for kids, and it's something your child can do every day, online for free! Learn more about the benefits of kid yoga and how it's attracting children from all over the world.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing Your Home


Your baby is now a toddler and suddenly nothing in your home is sacred. No shelf, cabinet or drawer is unexplored. So, how do you keep your kid safe and keep what little sanity you still have? What are the most important items to baby-proof in your home? Are there certain items that can't be secured? Plus, how do you baby-proof outside your home? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Parenting a toddler can be challenging. But before you pull your hair out, let's focus on what's causing the behavior. What are the main reasons toddlers misbehave? What common mistakes do most new parents make? Plus, we'll explore several real-life situations as well as the best ways to overcome a potential meltdown- from you or your toddler. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Creating Busy Bags for Kids

Creating Busy Bags for Kids


When your child is bored, you may become the center of their attention. So, what do you do when your child depends on you for entertainment and the timing just isn't right? Perhaps you're waiting at the doctor's office, maybe you're making dinner or giving your other children a bath? How do you keep older children occupied without handing them some sort of electronic device? They're called "busy bags" and creating some in advance might just save your sanity.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
For most couples, marital satisfaction plummets after couples bring home a baby. Sleepless nights and fights over whose turn it is to change diapers can leach the fun out of a relationship. The absence of downtime and the inability to remember niceties causes unforeseen stress and negative feelings. What are the most common ways children impact our marriages? And how can we lessen the impact of all this child chaos and the effect it has on our relationship with our spouse? Today we’re discussing the secrets to successfully navigating these stormy waters.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Listen to Bandtastic on Himalaya, or wherever you get your podcasts: is a sci-fi musical adventure about the most popular band in the universe. Assembled by a super-intelligent spaceship, D.E.B.R.A. and not so intelligent robot sidekick R.A.N.D.Y., the intergalactic musicians travel to new worlds with one goal - to solve all of their problems through their incredible songs (byah byah byah!).The band consists of Seabass, a twelve-year-old boy from Earth who has the ability to make anything an instrument, Synthia, a synthetic singer with a glitch giving her the ability to feel emotions, DJ Yeah!, a dinosaur DJ with a one-word vocabulary, and Threesa, a three-headed sage with mind-blowing harmonies.Each episode presents a new challenge for the band. Whether it's teaching joy to a planet full of haterz and trollz or bringing music to a space station full of aliens who don’t have ears, they always find that if they work together, they can solve any problem out there. (Plus their Super AI tour manager is so smart that it can just about see the future, which helps.)Voices by Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra), singer Esthero, Mike Phirman (SiriusXM’s “Kids Place Live”) and Drennon Davis (NBC's Bring The Funny)Created by Drennon Davis and Mike Phirman.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Parenting can be expensive. Fortunately, there's great options for getting some of that money back by buying and selling used items. What items are best to resell and which ones should you definitely buy new? Where can you find the best deals? And what tips do our parents have for making each sale worth the extra effort?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Public libraries can be a great resource for new and expecting parents. In addition to books, they offer movies and other community resources at free or very low cost to you. So, what type of parenting resources are typically available? And what is library etiquette when it comes to small babies, infants and toddlers?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You're proud of your kids, so it's only natural you would want to "show them off" to family and friends. And nowadays, that means posting cute pics and vids online through your favorite social media platforms. Unfortunately, not everyone has the best intentions when viewing your kids online. Are we unintentionally overexposing our children online? Is social media really to blame? And what steps can we take to keep them safe and secure?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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