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Parenting Without Power Struggles

Author: Susan Stiffelman

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Susan Stiffelman is a family therapist, parent coach, and one of the country's premiere parenting experts, and the author of Parenting Without Power Struggles and Parenting With Presence (an Eckhart Tolle edition.)

Susan's podcasts will feature conversations with guests including Dr. Jane Goodall, Arianna Huffington, Jack Kornfield, Glennon Melton and many other thought leaders.
71 Episodes
In this lively conversation, Susan talks with Chelsea Brennan about helping kids develop healthy habits around money. Chelsea shares how even very young children can learn about budgeting, planning and spending, and how kids can develop empathy through giving.
If your youngster has ADHD, you know that life is sometimes challenging. In this wonderful conversation, Susan talks with Dr. Mark Bertin, developmental pediatrician, about how to help kids develop kinder self-talk, while understanding better what ADHD is…and isn’t.
In this episode, Susan responds to a parent's question: Why is it so hard to keep cool in the chaos of parenting, and how can we remain calm during our kids' storms?
In this deeply meaningful conversation, Susan talks with author, speaker and activist Julie Lythcott Haims about what it really means to raise our kids to be kind, capable, autonomous adults.
Do you dread dinnertime? In this lively conversation, Susan talks with Jenny Friedman, a pediatric dietician and expert in picky eating. You'll hear about ways to encourage enjoyable family meals, even with children who have food aversions, sensory issues, or just can't sit still!
At a time when parents are struggling to keep up with the usual demands of parenting compounded by the pandemic, it’s easy to fall into exhaustion and burnout. In this conversation, Susan and Michele share practical suggestions for reducing overwhelm and building up reserves of energy—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
In this important conversation, Susan and Dr. Michele Borba talk about Michele's new book, Thrivers: Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine. Michele shares the essential skills that parent can help their kids cultivate to thrive in the face of stress, anxiety, and pressure in today's world.
In this episode, Susan and her assistant Amy talk about some of the issues most common when parents write in about their struggles, including frustration losing our cool, and feeling overwhelmed.
In this timely conversation, Susan and Dr. Laura Markham share guidance about how to talk with children about the violent outbreak that took place at the Capitol building in Washington DC.
Parental alienation occurs when one parent emotionally manipulates a child to unjustly reject the other, targeted parent. In this conversation, Susan discusses some of the strategies and behaviors associated with this heartbreaking dynamic, and what targeted parents can do.
It is extremely challenging to raise a child with a highly self-absorbed co-parent who moves through life with a sense of entitlement and an unwillingness to acknowledge the needs and feelings of others. In this episode, Susan discusses narcissism and invites listeners to a free webinar with Wendy Behary, her co-facilitator of a Co-Parenting With a Narcissist support group.
1:59 Raising Boys

1:59 Raising Boys


In this conversation, Susan speaks with Maggie Dent, author of From Boys to Men, about offering support and maintaining strong connection with boys—even as they move into a stage where it seems they want nothing to do with us.
In this episode, you’ll hear practical ideas for helping your children impact the world around them. You’ll also hear the extraordinary story of how the son of Creative Visions founder Kathy Eldon bettered the lives of those around him until his passing in 1993 in Somalia where he was working as a photojournalist.
Children often believe that they aren't smart or that a subject is too hard if the way they're taught is incompatible with their preferred learning style. In this episode, Susan shares the importance of helping children understand the varied flavors of intelligence, and the importance of each.
In this episode, Susan talks about how children learn to cope by watching us deal with challenges. She shares a story of when things fell apart while traveling in Africa with her then teenage son, and reminds listeners about the value of including our children as we prepare to vote in the U.S. election.
In this episode, Susan talks about the unconscious parenting patterns we inherited that can influence how we react to our children, particularly in challenging parenting moments.
In this episode, Susan talks with Tina Payne Bryson about what the science says about many of the ideas about raising babies that we’ve subscribed to, often at the expense of our own wisdom and instincts. You’ll also hear the bottom line about what is most important for healthy development.
In this episode, Susan shares a unique way of thinking about our child's challenging behaviors, offering new ways of coming to terms with who they are--versus who we wish they could be.
If you’re feeling uneasy or unprepared for the upcoming school year, you’ll take comfort from this conversation between two seasoned homeschoolers.
Susan shares excerpts from her Parenting in the Digital Age summit conversation with Trudy Goodman and Jack Kornfield as they talk about the many ways our children can inspire us to grow in presence, compassion, and love. Susan then shares a story about an exhausted mom who came for counseling when she was at the end of her rope.
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Sonya Washington

the tv issue is something i work on with my child thanks for some tips to try

Sep 20th

Sonya Washington

this has helo me alot with my stepson who is 11 n stuck to electronics

Sep 20th
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