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Author: Mike Laidman and Kris Blonski

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We're Mike Laidman and Kris Blonski - two dads that also happen to be nerds! We certainly aren't experts but we're open to sharing our experience with other nerdy dads out there in the interest of keeping our kids alive!
79 Episodes
The Dads are back and talk about virtually socializing with friends and family, discuss how their kids love hanging out outside with the nice weather, and then how literally nothing is happening in the news that isn't Coronavirus related!
It's a new world out there and the Dad's share their stories on how things are different and how they're responding to life's new challenges. Then they talk Doom and gaming habits, and then talk about Animal Crossing (which neither have played).
Safe in their own homes, the Dads talk about how they're having to adapt to their Quarantine life. Then how companies are adapting (maybe permanently) to these new circumstances. Then finally Mike surprises Kris with news of C&C being remastered!
A return to form this episode: Mike discovers a fatal flaw in Kris selling his PS4, a discussion about Coronavirus causing part shortages, and then talking about game streaming services and the struggles they're having.
What initially was planned to be a well thought out episode slowly morphs into Mike and Kris completely ignoring the podcast side of the podcast and just start talking about anything and everything.
The Dad's pound out all the latest and greatest happenings with their kids, then dive into the newest specs and prices of the next generation of consoles.
The Dad's have a backlog of exciting kid stories, discuss playing games in VR, talk about the new Samsung Flip phone, and then finally Mike discusses Batman's transition back to comic books!
The Dad's are back and they're full of random information! I'd try to describe it all here but I only have a certain number of characters to type.
<p>Tiffany fills in for Mike as he battles illness. They talk about the latest in Ben's life, about how emails are killing the planet, and then the WWE Royal Rumble! I'm sure there's some other stuff in there as well.</p>
<p>After an extended time, Mike and Kris actually hang out in person!  And then they talk about video games that 2020 is going to bring!</p>
<p>In depth conversation about the cesspool that is daycare, all the trouble that Ben the explorer gets into on a daily basis, William's vow of silence, bidets, and then finally some CES 2020 talk.  It's really a random collection this week!</p> <p>Also f*ck vertical videos.</p>
<p>The Dads are BACK!  They discuss the boys second christmas and other events that happen over the holidays.  Then they use the force to discuss the latest Star Wars movies!</p>
<p>The Dad's discuss the latest happenings before Christmas, the Niagara Falls waterpark weekend vacation, William takes his first steps, and then jump into the Video Game Awards!</p>
<p>Holy cow the dads talk about movies for a change!</p>
<p>The Dad's live their life a quarter mile at a time in this episode as they start off with the usual baby chatter, then move to their black friday shopping, discuss the Tesla Cybertruck, and then have an improptu discussion about favourite sports cars!</p>
<p>The Dad's get so caught up in talking about their kids that they hardly have time to talk about anything else on the show!</p>
<p>Mike starts us off with some good ol' fashioned homeownership problems.  Then we discuss the bounty of subscription services available to us in gaming, TV, Movies and Music!</p>
<p>It's snowing. Ben goes to daycare full time. Laura goes back to work. THE STREAM WARS HAVE BEGUN.</p>
<p>Kris reveals he has the most deadly of illnesses: The Man Cold.  Then the dads discuss the end of mat leave, the latest baby updates, and then spend the rest of the time talking about the extra life charity stream and how things went and where they see streaming going in the future!</p>
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