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Author: CM Raymond and LE Barbant

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Ever wonder if you could go full-time as a fiction or non-fiction author? Follow along with CM Raymond and LE Barbant in their outrageous attempt to become self-sustaining authors in twelve months through independent publishing.
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My mom used to say, "shit in, shit out." Well, not really. But it's a helpful anecdote to begin these show notes.The boys in blazers are back in the bat cave and they've got lots to discuss. But despite their complete lack of organization, the conversation centered around the idea of stories that are driven by compelling characters, and ways in which they are trying to become more compelling characters themselves. Central to that task is the formation of healthy habits.Chris relies on shame to keep himself in check. Lee is trying out a new app called Habitica to see if he can hack his way into more healthy/productive living. As usual, it's an experiment that is more likely to fail then succeed.Tell us, what are your favorite character driven stories? What healthy habits do you stick to, and what should the guys try?Subscribe on iTunesListen Now Here
S2E17: The Fab Collab Blab

S2E17: The Fab Collab Blab


Writing can serve many purposes for many people. For the Part-Time Writers, it was a chance to flex some creative muscles and hopefully make some money. But while they're making all the money, they also want to try some other things. Specifically, non fiction. They've been talking for awhile about writing a book on their experience with collaboration: the benefits and hidden costs, the perfect moments and the pitfalls. And last night, in a drunken brainstorming session, they committed to doing it. This episode gives them a chance to flesh out their intention behind the project, but it also asks some questions of those of you who are following along with the journey. What do you want to know about collaboration?What would make this book valuable to you?Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Letter, Can and String, Carrier Pigeon, Morse Code, etc.Don't forget about our Uncle Vinny, and his Awesome Book Promotion!Listen Now HereSubscribe on iTunes
Let's do a little dreaming together.Say you've figured out this whole indie author thing. You know how to write books that sell. You've got a small corral of committed fans. You've been able to scratch out a living without that pesky day job. But you want more. More freedom. More exposure. More money. Maybe you should start an indie publishing company? (emphasis on the maybe)Chris and Lee decide to piece together what they're learning about working within Michael's company, and put together a business plan for a new hypothetical publishing company. So...if you were starting an indie publishing company, what should you do? Go grab PT Hylton's Storm Callers which is releasing RIGHT NOW!Don't forget about our Uncle Vinny, and his Awesome Book Promotion!Listen Now HereSubscribe on iTunes
Things are going well for our intrepid part time writers. Lee has his days full juggling Baby Barbant (he makes a special cameo on the show) and Chris is traveling the world like all cool professors do. The Age of Magic is cruising right a long with a couple big releases planned, and with a huge milestone just around the corner.But...Curiosity, cupidity, and a smidge of confusion leave them asking questions about the future. They are happily playing on top of a mountain, but there are other peaks to summit, and it's always worth asking the question: what can we do now to prepare us for an unknown future?Short answer: they have no effing clue. But it has something to do with platforms???As always, the boys are imperfect guides, but we're in this together. So drop us a line and let them know what the hell they should be doing to improve their business!Listen Now HereSubscribe on iTunes
Ever wish you could go back in time? What advice would you give to your younger selves?Since Chris and Lee are now super successful authors, they decide to wind back the clock and talk about what they wish they knew back when they started. If you're just jumping in to writing, this episode actually gives some OK advice (compared to their other episodes). And if you're an old campaigner when it comes to the author biz, why don't you jump onto the Part-Time Writers Podcast Facebook page and give advice to your younger selves!Subscribe on iTunesListener Right Here, Right NowSign up for news on Chris and Lee's releases.
The boys are back together and working their tails off. Listen along as they debrief the affects of releasing Revolution, Book Four in the Rise of Magic. Some fun things came out with this release... and they even have some questions for you!Subscribe on iTunesListener Right Here, Right NowSign up for news on Chris and Lee's releases.
This week the boys welcome PT Hylton back to the show. Years ago (in internet time... it was really just a month or so) PT was on with Justin Sloan and Brandon Barr to talk about world building in the Age of Magic.If you haven't checked that one out, you should.Now, PT's book, Storm Raiders, is on the cusp of release and we have him on to talk about process, craft, and everything that Chris and Lee did to drive him crazy in the process.Check out PT's work here.Subscribe on iTunesListener Right Here, Right NowSign up for news on Chris and Lee's releases.
The boys mention what they weren't going to talk about and then talk about it...Listen in on their conversation about building a network and finding readers before you publish.Then they converse about summer plans and strategies, just before realizing that by the next time they get together, Lee will likely be a dad... Not nearly as exciting as a book launch but pretty cool.Subscribe on iTunesListener Right Here, Right NowSign up for news on Chris and Lee's releases.
A few weeks ago, the boys had a fruitful conversation about lessons learned while writing in the Kurtherian Universe. They decided to revisit that topic from a different angle: lessons that they've yet to learn.The series is going well, but instead of resting on their laurels, they want to figure out which habits and practices they can employ now that will help them hone their writer and business skills--without throwing a wrench into their production schedule.Here's a list of some of the learning materials they've started to study:Aaron Sorkin's Master Class from the Screen PlayGone Girl the boys know which skills you're working on, and which resources they should check out!Listen Online Here:
The boys admit they've learned a lot from writing in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe. And who wouldn't?But as they consider their normal sad bastard fiction, they wonder: What will they take with them?It's a fun show with lots of laughs. Join in.Oh... Don't forget good people... Rebellion: Rise of Magic, Book 3 is coming at you live on 4/20.Subscribe on iTunesListener Right Here, Right NowSign up for news on Chris and Lee's releases.
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