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Author: Hrishikesh Hirway & Mailchimp

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On this podcast, two partners tell their shared story: how they found each other, and what it took to make their partnership work. Featuring all different kinds of partnerships—business, romantic, creative—the show is an intimate portrait of two people who have managed to make something together. Partners is made by Song Exploder creator and host Hrishikesh Hirway. A Mailchimp podcast, made in partnership with Radiotopia, from PRX.
3 Episodes
Kevin & Mike are the co-founders of Instagram. What began with a chance meeting at a cafe turned into a billion dollar business and a partnership that’s lasted a decade. A key to their relationship was understanding each other’s strengths and how those translated into individual roles at a company: CEO and CTO, respectively. But the title that came first and foremost, for both of them, was co-founder. You can find Kevin and Mike on Instagram at @kevin and @mikeyk.
Samin & Wendy are the author and the illustrator of the award-winning cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat. Their partnership began with an email that Samin sent to Wendy, out of the blue. Six years later, the book was published, and became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, and a hit show on Netflix. The two of them are already working on their next book. But like with any great recipe, their partnership isn’t just about the ingredients; it's about finding the right balance between them.  Learn more about their book at, and follow them on Instagram at @ciaosamin and @wendymac.



Every successful partnership, no matter what kind, is sort of a love story. That’s what this new podcast is about. What did it take for two people to meet, and figure out how to make something together? Each episode is a portrait of two partners and the story they share.
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