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Want fart sound effects, dick jokes and obscure pop culture references? We’re the podcast for you! New episodes every third Wednesday.
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Much like a delicious Ice Break, this episode is delicious and nutritious! Mat talks about John Tesh and his one moment of perfection, Wes chimes in on fat athletes and why we love them, Dan whispers into the mic about ASMR, and Stu and Kris have TWO snack reviews- one snack inspired a lawsuit the other one.... didn't. All the best, Sincerely- Mat. MAT’S ASMR VIDEO: IVYSKY’S TWITCH: OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM:
36: Alpha Turbo Edition

36: Alpha Turbo Edition


Wowee! Podcast! Contained within this one is some breaking news involving Daniel Andrews that is 100% true and accurate, Wes taking a look at Brett Sutton's rise to the level of dreamboat, Dan taking a look at one of the works of B*Witched and Mat taking a look at ICE T's work on Law and Order. With all this looking we are expecting a sponsorship from Specsavers. Ray Ban already rejected us. OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 01:04 OPENING REMARKS | 01:37 Coronafest 2020 Alpha Turbo Edition | 03:16 Has Dan Andrews been replaced with a clone? | 11:02 The coolest educational videos ever! | 19:00 Mat's educational rap remix | 20:51 CHOttie Brett Sutton is making people horny | 23:48 Wes's Brett Sutton conspiracy theories | 29:20 Horny Seattle Seahawks player gets fired | 32:05 The Top 5 Things to Do in Ballarat (mostly Steve Moneghetti related) | 36:26 Wes and Mat's awkward Steve Moneghetti encounters | 41:20 Cliff Young & Tom Hafey are legends | 43:47 More Brett Sutton chat | 44:35 MKR (Mat's Kitchen Rules) | 48:08 The World According To Ice-T | 56:38 Mat & Dan delve into Delta Goodrem graffiti scandal | 01:01:11 What happened when Mat met Delta and Mark Philippoussis? | 01:09:10 Who's been axed from Channel 10? | 01:11:59 MUSICAL ANALysis | 01:12:55 Is "C'est la Vie" by B*Witched dirty? | 01:17:11 Mat explains what WAP is (and horrifies Dan) | 01:19:43 Does "Sweat" by Inner Circle have a dark meaning? | 01:25:27 The amazing story behind MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" | 01:26:40 Mat inducts ER into the HALL OF FAME | 01:36:52 OUTRO | 01:37:51 A treat for horny Brett Sutton fans
Put on your reading glasses and take off your pants as this episode contains the most in depth analysis of Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina merchandise on the internet. Alongside that Kris and Stu review Krispy Creme donuts, Jess Miller is back and still doesn't have a Korean toilet, Angus Younga talks about his new EP, Wes and Dan pretend not to know about the history of blow up dolls and Mat gets angry at Victorians for being the stupidest of all the dumb idiots. Podcast Ahoy! OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 02:11 OPENING REMARKS | 02:33 Coronafest 2020 is bigger and badder than ever | 02:58 Victorians are dumb idiots | 05:10 Mat misses kebabs | 07:10 What is the perfect sex robot? | 09:08 Home schooling is ruining our children | 11:03 Mat's partner interrupts his rage | 11:47 Shagging security guards spread Coronavirus | 13:35 KFC party gets shut down | 14:41 Krispy Kreme riot squad chaos | 16:58 Victoria: The Smash Mouth State | 17:58 SPORTS REPORT | 18:54 Sex lives spiced up in lockdown | 22:20 Who invented the blow up doll? | 28:47 Gwyneth Paltrow's candle that smells like her orgasm | 31:05 Belle Delphine - the woman who sells her bath water is back! | 36:34 How does Mat manage his Instagram algorithm? | 40:44 Are all Coldplay songs about Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina? | 44:46 MILLER TIME | 45:43 What pic did Jess accidentally send Mat? | 54:18 How did Jess and her boyfriend become official? | 59:18 Jada Pinkett Smith's "entanglement" | 01:01:14 Are Britney Spears's parents evil? | 01:04:23 Angus Younga chats about his new music | 01:12:35 SNACK WATCH | 01:13:07 Will Kris vomit during the podcast? | 01:14:17 Kris reveals the original Sails On The Bay jingle | 01:17:49 What caused the Krispy Kreme riot? | 01:21:48 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut review | 01:25:30 Krispy Kreme Snickers donut review | 01:28:40 Fucked fonts | 01:32:02 OUTRO
Yes sir, start your day the sails way with the Passive Aggressive team! This episode has a monumental moment in Mat's life as he chats with legends Nigel Ross and Fallon Williams about the classic Melbourne commercial SAILS ON THE BAY. In addition to that Dan and Stu taste test "healthy" chocolate and Wes stops munching on Cruskits long enough to give a Sports Report. You will surely have a glass of wine and won't wanna go after hearing this historic episode! OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: SAILS ON THE BAY COMMERCIAL: SAILS ON THE BAY MAKING OF: | 00:30 INTRO | 02:12 OPENING REMARKS | 02:33 Coronafest 2020 Update | 03:18 Mat misses Dan and Wes | 05:27 THAT'S TERRIBLE! | 26:08 Interview with Sails On The Bay commercial producer Nigel Ross & performer Fallon Williams | 01:15:13 SNACK WATCH | 01:15:59 Stu and Dan reminisce about Sails On The Bay | 01:20:40 Vego vegan chocolate bar review | 01:25:24 Almond milk sucks | 01:27:35 SPORTS REPORT | 01:27:48 Cruskit chat | 01:30:00 Was Pro Hart a One Nation supporter? | 01:32:11 Should AFL use fake crowd noise? | 01:32:49 Wayne Carey roasting | 01:35:11 Is Dermot Brereton a crap commentator? | 01:36:15 Wes needs a Cruskit break | 01:37:07 NB-Eh? | 01:38:18 Dennis Rodman's broken penis | 01:55:58 OUTRO
Get Kurt ready for a hospital run cos this episode is sick! Why? Well mainly because of Stu and Kris investigating the latest in Iced VoVo advancements, Dan doing a TV Theme Quiz, Wes improvising a new character for the TV show Wentworth, Mat getting no support on some questionable jokes and Darth Colin from the Nerfherder Podcast calling in to explain himself. Thank you for your service, Kurt. OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 01:40 OPENING REMARKS | 02:20 Man steals police horse | 05:50 Pandemic Achievements | 20:17 Darth Colin apologises for the Star Wars News Report | 26:48 WORLD CUP OF WEIRD SHIT: Stage 3 | 30:36 PAY THE BILLS: No Strings Attached | 32:40 SPORTS REPORT | 33:15 Korean soccer crowd of sex dolls | 35:00 Woman attacked by lions at NSW zoo | 37:13 Things get controversial and awkward... | 40:00 Mat and Wes improvise a scene from Wentworth | 43:28 Maurie Povich or Maurie Fields? | 44:25 TV THEME QUIZ: Lyrics Edition | 56:53 PAY THE BILLS: No Strings Attached Jingle | 58:05 SNACK WATCH | 59:40 Kris is obsessed with black penis | 01:00:38 Kris announces the Iced VoVo-off | 01:05:20 Arnott's Iced VoVo biscuit review | 01:08:25 Iced Vovo Lamington flavour review | 01:13:40 Stu suggests a Powerblend Snack Watch | 01:16:50 Iced VoVo Mini Cakes Review | 01:21:05 Iced VoVo Trivia | 01:25:27 OUTRO
This episode is a hum dinger! Contained within this pod is Mat's unsuccessful attempt to network with other podcasters, Dan calling in with a Celebrity Social Media Quiz, Wes gets hardcore protecting his Voltron Action Figures, Kris does it all in Snackwatch and Stu is just chillin'. WARNING: This podcast has repeated Smurf references. WORLD CUP OF WEIRD SHIT: OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 01:08 Plugs & Shoutouts | 02:44 OPENING REMARKS | 03:04 Coronafest 2020 Update | 03:47 Arnott's Venetian Biscuits | 05:08 Working on yourself | 06:01 Star Wars News Report | 18:58 World Cup Of Weird Shit | 23:36 Hall Of Fame - MTV Cribs with Redman | 37:28 SPORTS REPORT | 38:32 Coronafest catchup with Dan & Wes | 41:21 Are we living in a simulation? | 44:23 Was The Snorks a ripoff of The Smurfs? | 48:09 Reminiscing about Transformers & Voltron | 51:27 Is He-Man homoerotic? | 52:42 Netflix's The Toys That Made Us | 53:31 Is Perceptor the worst Transformer? | 55:51 Disturbing 80's Transformers Movie | 58:39 Wes's disturbing parenting | 59:42 CELEBRITY SOCIALS GAME | 01:00:32 Lily Allen, Chris Lilley or Denis Lillee? | 01:03:18 Larry Emdur, John Burgess or James Sherry? | 01:05:43 Ice-T, Ice Cube or Vanilla Ice? | 01:08:55 Jane Bunn, Livinia Nixon or Mike Larkan? | 01:11:15 David Letterman, Dave Chappelle or Dave Coulier? | 01:15:22 SNACK WATCH | 01:16:18 Kris has a go at Stu | 01:17:30 Bourbon Biscuits Review | 01:21:06 Barr Bubblegum Soft Drink Review | 01:26:35 Stu's chillin' out during Coronafest | 01:27:54 Stu gets distracted | 01:30:40 Kris's wife Tino reviews Bourbon Biscuits | 01:32:18 OUTRO
31: Vatican City Drift

31: Vatican City Drift


This episode is a landslide of gold standard podcast content! (if you like jokes about whacking off and getting hit in the genitals) Wes and Dan catch us up on what's been doing in quarantine, Stu and Kris have two completely different opinions on Red Rock Deli Popcorn in Snackwatch and Jess keeps harassing her partner in a bid to get a Korean toilet. And just a reminder that we love you all (except you Tyler, you fucking shitbird). FAST & FURIOUS FILM FESTIVAL: WORLD CUP OF WEIRD SHIT: OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 01:01 Coronafest 2020 Update | 01:53 Mat's lack of facial hair | 03:03 OPENING REMARKS | 03:15 The Fast & Furious Film Franchise Festival | 04:09 INTERNET ROUND-UP | 04:20 Shania Twain IS impressed with Brad Pitt | 05:40 Bill Shorten has a schnitzel roll | 08:01 ScoMo thinks jigsaw puzzles are essential | 10:15 Rally car driver hurts her vagina | 14:44 Gerard Healy drops the C-bomb | 16:28 THE F-FILES | 16:44 Paul Flart slams "the best fart in the world" | 23:55 Can you catch coronavirus from farts? | 27:15 Coronavirus conspiracy theories | 28:15 Did Guy Sebastian bring coronavirus to Australia? | 31:02 Weird internet video commentary | 33:10 World Cup Of Weird Shit | 37:06 PAY THE BILLS - Lionel's back! | 38:18 SPORTS REPORT | 39:12 Wes & Dan's isolation antics | 40:29 Creepy/ingenious security camera footage | 42:27 Wes plays "darts" with his kids | 43:30 German Brokeback Mountain | 44:50 Mat's Fast & Furious marathon experience | 49:29 Wes's Dinosaur King theme song cover | 51:43 After Life Season 2 review | 53:15 Wes plays live rimshots on the drums | 55:37 PAY THE BILLS - Lionel's Hand Job Drive Thru | 56:27 SNACK WATCH | 56:55 Kris's toilet troubles aka Turd Talk | 59:55 Red Rock Deli Popcorn - Parmesan & Black Pepper review | 01:02:28 Mat's TV Snacks fail | 01:05:54 Do butter chips exist? | 01:07:33 More Turd Talk | 01:08:55 PAY THE BILLS - Lionel's Stuff Incorporated | 01:10:18 MILLER TIME | 01:11:34 Horrible housemates | 01:19:21 Jess wants a bidet | 01:23:23 Amazing bluetooth toothbrush | 01:25:17 Jess can't reach the snack cupboard | 01:28:23 Coronavirus lockdown relationships | 01:32:08 OUTRO
We set a new standard in highbrow culture and intellectual thinking in this episode as Dan adds the element of cosplay to his dick pics, Mat discusses Sir Mix-A-Lot's picks for top 3 best butts of all time and Wes's quarantine turns to Lord of the Flies in record time. We got Kris and Stu in Snack Watch as well and lord knows we need snacks more than ever in 2020... GOD ALMOND TASTE TEST: BEST FART EVER?: OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 01:23 Mat's Fast & Furious Marathon | 02:45 Power Rangers Show Name Generator | 04:32 OPENING REMARKS | 04:49 Mat's germaphobe vindication | 05:58 Google Voice profanity | 07:25 2020 is a shitshow | 08:14 Netflix's Tiger King | 10:42 TikTok | 11:54 Homeschooling | 14:00 Last Man On Earth scenario | 16:05 Mat's God Almond | 18:20 Sir Mix-A-Lot's Top 3 Arses | 25:30 First National Spank Bank | 27:14 THE F-FILES | 27:36 Mayor leaves mic on in the toilet | 30:20 Chris Pratt blooper | 31:45 Talk show host Wendy Williams | 35:37 Best fart ever? Ron "The God" Irvin | 39:45 Awkward lion documentary ending | 42:03 Bluey Theme Remix | 43:35 SPORTS REPORT | 44:22 Dan's dick pics | 45:08 Wes's extreme isolation | 46:46 Listeners suggest topics | 47:47 When weed becomes legal | 49:17 2 Chainz | 51:47 Fantasy Celebrity Wife Swap combos | 01:00:50 GAMER TAG MADNESS | 01:11:20 SNACK WATCH | 01:12:00 Mr Hamphreys Microwave Pork Crackle | 01:18:28 Nobby's Bacon Bites | 01:22:18 Pizzagate | 01:30:28 OUTRO
29: CoronaFest 2020

29: CoronaFest 2020


Prepare yourselves for a last minute emergency Passive Aggressive Podcast! In this episode Mat talks to himself about Oprah falling over, some guy getting flogged off in a uni lecture and how Steven King's The Stand isn't great viewing right now... Along with that we catch up with Hip Hop Identity and legendary bloke Angus Younga and we get tips on how to endure your Corona quarantine with Leo "Kegs" Keggerson. So lets lock ourselves in and laugh it up as we are knee deep in CoronaFest 2020!! Come say hi on the socials:
28: Rumpole My Bailey

28: Rumpole My Bailey


It's our first episode with Wes as full time co host and it only takes 3 minutes for him to regret it. A new record! Featured in this episode Dan hits us with a new TV Theme Quiz, Stu and Kris give Wizz Fizz Eggs a whirl, Wes finally talks NHL in Sports Report, Mat has hot takes on tap in The Shit List and there are a cavalcade of penis references. We are sorry in advance. Come say hi on the socials:
We have a new episode! And much like the taint, it will live with you forever. This ep has Jess explaining MAFS to us in Miller Time, Angus rules on Is It A Good Kebab? or not, Dan discusses an animated all-star anti-drug PSA, Mat returns with the rage in The Sh*t List and big changes in the rebooted Snack Watch!   Come say hi on the socials:   Links to everywhere you can listen:
You may need Kurt to take you to the hospital after listening to this episode cos it's a doozy! It features us having a yak to comedian Nick Capper, we are primed for Kris's review of Nic Cage’s PRIMAL, we got Jingle Chat and The Sh*t List and Dan has no idea what Mat is talking about for a whole episode.   Come say hi on the socials:   Links to everywhere you can listen:
NEW YEAR, NEW EPISODE CHUMPS! We are back! And by "we" I mean just Mat as guest host WES sits in for Dan as he waits for the statute of limitations to expire in sunny Queensland. In this one Mat and Wes discuss their worst jobs [Other than this pod], Coolio's shift to focusing on OH+S themed music, we ring Dan from his hideout and Wes tries to put his finger on "What kind of sh*t is that?" Make it your New Year's Resolution to listen! And also spend time with family blah blah whatever...
It's our end of year special and the whole gang is here to BLOW YOUR MINDS AND SOCKS OFF. Wes reports live from a presumably illegal poker game, Jess enlightens us on the many uses of botox, Stu eats snacks [again], Kris reviews Nic Cage's COLOR OUT OF SPACE, Angus gets quizzed on Michael Caine and Douglas, Dan's TV Theme Quiz is back and Mat's fury is well and truly unleashed in The Sh*t List. This episode is fuller than a centipede's sock draw (because that's where he stashes his pornography!)
Dan recaps the best advertising jingles, Mat enlightens us with the thrill of Falconry and Is It A Good Kebab? is back, featuring Angus Younga and special guest Rod. We also fathom the world of farts in The F-Files, and Mat lets rip on his latest Sh*t List. This episode achieved a gold label sticker for adequate podcast content!   Come say hi on the socials:
It's the not planned at the last minute and totally well thought out epic episode recorded live at Monster Fest! In this episode we talk about everything - except the fact we are at a film festival. It's infuriating. We also talk to Stu about the premiere of his film No Such Thing As Monsters. Check out the trailer here: Our socials:
Strap yourselves in, Episode 21 is a wild ride full of thought provoking analysis of topics that really don't deserve it! In this installment, Melbourne Hip Hop Champion Angus Younga joins us as Mat takes a closer look at Celine Dion's musical style, Dan informs us which celebs cut the cheese in Pilot Pitch and Wes seems to be fine with the fact that there is essentially no mention of sport in his Sports Report. Passive Aggressive - your podcast for fun, flatulence and fun-ulence! Come say hi on the socials: Links to everywhere you can listen:
20: You Calm Down Sucker!

20: You Calm Down Sucker!


It's our 20th episode and to celebrate we have special guests Kris and Daimo in studio! Also the long awaited segment Pardon My Conundrum makes it's debut, Jon Jonis reluctantly talks to us, Kris reviews the cinematic Cage classic The Rock and Mat roasts Chicken Girls (whatever that is)!   Come say hi on the socials:   Links to everywhere you can listen:
19: Read My Beak

19: Read My Beak


Wowee! A brand new episode! In this one Dan delivers on some Dougie the Pizza Boy info, Kris looks into the 1993 Nic Cage and Samuel L. Jackson movie Amos & Andrew and Mat blows his top and flips his lid over phone scammers! This episode is 100% top shelf entertainment! [if you have low standards] OUR FACEBOOK: OUR INSTAGRAM: | 00:30 INTRO | 01:00 Hairhouse Warehouse are liars! | 02:40 MC Angus Younga’s new EP Judgement Day | 04:40 Send us your questions for Pardon My Conundrum | 05:40 OPENING REMARKS | 05:55 The Lucas & Mummy Show gets sophisticated | 10:00 Dougie The Pizza Boy’s scandalous past | 19:20 Lucas makes an important announcement | 20:15 Donald Trump’s Pizza Hut commercial | 23:25 Best Collab Ever? Melissa Tkautz, Schwarzenegger & the Modern Roofing crows | 30:10 Jingle Chat - Victoria Police fail | 33:50 Connor McGregor punches an old man | 36:10 Fuck This Shit! - Talking Footy, IVF mixup, Sunday Footy Show, BT, ABC News Breakfast | 57:15 CINEMATIC CAGE FIGHT - Amos & Andrew | 01:13:10 PAY THE BILLS - Floorp Insurance | 01:16:45 THE SHIT LIST | 01:17:25 Mat’s paranoia | 01:31:00 Black Velvet on Coles Radio | 01:35:35 ATO phone scam | 01:45:15 OUTRO
We are back with a new episode and Jess Miller endures our problematic references and crappy announcing skills for the whole thing! Along with that - will Stu go nuts for HAS NO nut bars? How will our new segment Tough Questions go? Can Mat maintain the rage for another Shit List? Please send your answers to: Locked Bag 69, Crows Nest NSW Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Find links to all the places you can listen to us at:
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