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Passive Aggressive Podcast with Dan & Mat
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Passive Aggressive Podcast with Dan & Mat

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🎧 Comedy podcast with Dan☮ & Mat☢
😠 Angry rants
🎥 Nic Cage movie reviews
🍿 Snack taste tests
📺 TV theme quizzes
🇦🇺 Melbourne, Australia
14 Episodes
Mat reluctantly talks about politics, Dan willingly talks about Eurovision, we have the time of our lives in Miller Time with Jess and we TALK TO TV LEGEND AND A*MAZING HOST JAMES SHERRY!!!! YEP, ALL CAPS WE’RE THAT EXCITED!!!
Check this ep! It's got Dan forecasting Jane Bunn's new side project, Mat's hot take getting hijacked, Stu tasting the fancy new Drumstick and a Sh*t Head Of The Week that will amuse/outrage/sicken you... possibly all three!
This ep features our chat with comedian Nick Capper, Stu's snack fantasy comes true in a gourmet Snack Watch, Kris reviews Nic Cage's God-awful City Of Angels and Mat "directs" Steven Spielberg to suck his balls in The Sh*t List.
We talk to KIIS presenter and breakfast TV traffic reporter Jess Miller, Stu talks with his mouth full of FruChocs, Kris wishes he hadn't reviewed Nic Cage’s Left Behind, Dan has a Melbourne themed TV Theme Quiz, Wes vaguely talks about sport and Mat has an all new and extra shouty Sh*t List!
We yak with MC and former Greens candidate Angus Younga, Dan turns back time at So Pop, Kris trusts Nic Cage’s choice of projects and reviews The Trust, Stu chows down then gives us the lowdown on Butterfinger Bites and Mat unleashes the fury in the latest Sh*t List. If you can find a better value podcast, we will cry uncontrollably - guaranteed!
It's our super sized New Year’s special! Stu gives his hot take on hot cross buns, Dan makes a splash in his aquatic TV Theme Quiz, Kris Un-Cages his review of Mom And Pop, Rod breaks down his top 3 tracks of 2018, Wes goes into overtime in his sports report and Mat takes another fury dump in the Sh*t List!
This ep features our thoughts on the new Avengers trailer, the Sh*t List is unyielding in the face of pregnant women, Kris reviews Nic Cage's Seeking Justice and Dan's entertainment report is more entertaining than the entertainment he was reporting on!
Dan "comments" on social media, Mat unleashes on old people, Rod breaks it down in his Music segment, Kris knows about "The Knowing" and Kegs makes a bombshell announcement!
06: And Thank You, Mutumbo

06: And Thank You, Mutumbo


Dan recaps Ellen’s interview with the Thai soccer team, Kris sinks his teeth into Nic Cage’s performance in Vampire’s Kiss, Stu samples Darrell Lea Popcorn Brittle in Snack Watch and Mat rages about daylight savings in The Sh*t List.
05: My Name's Lionel

05: My Name's Lionel


We hear exclusive audio from the Serena Williams outburst, uncover the truth behind Bert and Ernie’s relationship, dissect Nic Cage’s Leaving Las Vegas, interview a VFL legend, play the TV Theme Quiz, and bring you the latest from the world of farts.
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