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Patriots Afterthoughts - A New England Patriots Fan Podcast

Author: Fans Not Experts

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After every Patriots game – Mike is going to turn on his recorder and give his immediate thoughts on the game he just watched. 2021 was the start of a new era of Patriots football, 2022 happened, and in 2023 we were hoping for something better. That clearly isn't happening.

What a great time to start a Patriots podcast - AFTER Tom Brady leaves the team. This show isn't about the nuts and bolts as some nerds demand. This show is just about reacting to what we just watched.
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This is the end, beautiful friend....This is the end, my only friend....The end. The end of the season and possibly the end of an era. I'd like to put this season in the rearview mirror - and hope with whatever comes, better days are ahead....Go Pats! Music in this episode – "Is This The End" by Creed (Creed? Really?) --- Send in a voice message:
Happy New Year's Eve, football nerds! After some terribly sloppy play, the Patriots made a game of it while the Bills did their best to not want to win. But they did. In the long run this is probably better for the Patriots, but still never fun to see the Bills win a game. Let's do this one more time next week... Music in this episode – “Auld Lang Syne (Punk Rock)” by Knights to Remember (how could you not love this song?) --- Send in a voice message:
Merry Christmas! Draft positioning be damned, this was a helluva win and a great, poetic ending for Chad Ryland. I don't care what anybody says, I enjoyed this game and this win. What an ending! Happy Holidays, Pats fans! Music in this episode - "Christmas Is The Time To Say 'I Love You'" by Billy Squier (how could you not love this song?) --- Send in a voice message:
And just like that the winning streak is over. The Pats fall to 3-11 and the focus stays on the draft and the future of this team and its coaching staff. See you Christmas Eve! Music in this episode - "Down" by 311 - Get it? 311...3-11....I'm brilliant! --- Send in a voice message:
"Hark! The herald angels sing - the Pats actually got a win!" Admit it, you sang that out loud. Well folks, here we are with a very special episode of Patriots Afterthoughts - coming to you after a rare Patriots victory. There have only been 3 this year, so enjoy them while you can. Sure the more the lose, the better their draft position is - but tell that to me whilst I'm actually watching the game... Music in this episode - "Blow Your Speakers" by MANOWAR --- Send in a voice message:
The Patriots have five games in December. Can they score 30 points during that time? I'm not talking about then putting up thirty in any of those games - I'm talking, can they score 30 points TOTAL in those 5 (now 4) games. If today was any indication, the answer is a big fat no. I guess just keep losing? Feels weird even thinking that. Makes me feel dirty (and not the good kind of dirty). Music in this episode - "When It's Over" by Sugar Ray --- Send in a voice message:
Thanksgiving is done, which means Christmas season is officially here - and the Patriots delivered early by losing a terribly boring game which only helps them with next year's draft. Yup, we're at that point. Music in this episode - "Shiny Happy People" by R.E.M. --- Send in a voice message:
Happy Thanksgiving Patriots Fans! I'm a little late getting this out, but just wanted to say hi as we head into the last seven games of the season - and contemplate who will be behind center for the rest of the season? Oh and I got an amazing Apple Podcast review. Music in this episode - "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSYNC --- Send in a voice message:
The good news is that I'm not traveling with my mother-in-law this week....That's it for the good news. The bad news - well, you watched the game... Music in this episode - "That's All" by Genesis --- Send in a voice message:
Look, I've been in a car most of the last few days driving my mother-in-law to Florida from Massachusetts. We made it to South Carolina today and I got to watch most of the 2nd half of yet again another loss. So you get what you get. Music in this episode - "Oops!...I Did It Again" by Britney Spears --- Send in a voice message:
Golly, remember last week? That was fun. This week? Today? Not so much. Will the Patriots ever beat Tua? Who knows - but not this year. I'd say "not this year unless they meet in the...." but let's be realistic. Not this year. Music in this episode - "Give It Away" by Red Hot Chili Peppers --- Send in a voice message:
Well lookie what we have here! A Patriots win! A Patriots division win! A Patriots win over the Bills! A Patriots final drive last second score to win! No matter what happened the last few weeks, this is one to enjoy. This is one to be really happy about - and maybe, just maybe - this, the 300th regular season win of Bill Belichick's career - is one to build off of? GO PATS! Music in this episode - "Winning" by Santana --- Send in a voice message:
Oh wait, it actually can get worse as witnessed in Foxboro today where the Patriots looked like absolute garbage in a shutout lost to the New Orleans Saints. And that's all I'm going to type about that. Go Pats!? Music in this episode - "How Bad Can I Be?" from the film, "The Lorax" --- Send in a voice message:
What. A. Disaster. Nothing good happened in Dallas. Nothing. Mack looked lost. The two best defenders got hurt. And they just looked lost. The less send about this week the better. But, oofa boofa did they look like crap Go Pats!? Music in this episode - "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by the Suicide Machines --- Send in a voice message:
It's always good to beat the Jets. Always. A win is a win is a win is a win! Could it have been easier? Sure. Should it have been easier? Maybe. Does it matter in the long run, probably not. It's been 266 days since the Patriots last won a game, so I'm just happy to be happy with a win! And also to see the Jets lose. It's not 100% equal, but it sure feels good. Go Pats! Music in this episode - "Curse of the Pharaohs" by Mercyful Fate --- Send in a voice message:
Remember that concert I mentioned in last week's episode. Well, there's a good chance from there down with the Sickness - if you know what I mean. I've since passed this sickness on to my parents AND as of this morning to my wife. But I still took the time stay up and get my hopes up with the Patriots again. Only to be let down again. Tiny glimpses of hope. Yeah, that's what I'll hold on to... --- Send in a voice message:
The NFL is back! The Patriots are back! And this podcast is back! And while things started off rocky for our favorite team today - and the end result was disappointing - there was a lot to feel good about in the end. Let's hope they build upon the positives and try to erase the negatives. We're on to Miami. --- Send in a voice message:
Bills 35 - Patriots 23

Bills 35 - Patriots 23


The season is officially over. While the Patriots did have a chance to earn the final AFC playoff spot, alas they could not come up with enough points to overtake the Bills in what has been a very emotional week for Buffalo and the Bills Mafia. The Pats could've also backed their way into the postseason - but the Dolphins had other plans and now they live to fight another day and the Patriots look to regroup for next season. See you then. --- Send in a voice message:
A win!? Is that right? Yes the Patriots are BACK in the win column and actually still have a chance to make the playoffs. The offense did just enough and the defense as usual put points on the board. Hey, whatever happens at least they're giving us something to root for in the final game of the season. --- Send in a voice message:
Oh look, they lost again in a heartbreaking way. Oh look, the offense looked inept and then looked okay, and then blew it. Oh look, Bill O'Brien rumors are starting. Good....Now let's go focus on family and have a Merry Christmas everyone! --- Send in a voice message:
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