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Author: Peace Lutheran

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Sermons from Peace Lutheran Church in North Mankato, Minnesota.
127 Episodes
Rev. David Linn preaches on – JOHN 11:33-37 with the theme THE SON OF GOD GOES FORTH TO WAR – HIDDEN WARRIOR
Sermon for March 22, 2020 Pastor Moldstad preaches on MATTHEW 20:17-28 with the theme CHRIST CAME TO SERVE
Sermon for March 15, 2020
Sermon for March 11, 2020
Pastor Matt Moldstad preaches on Ephesians 6:12 with the theme The Son of God Goes Forth to War - Reconnaissance Report.
Sermon for March 1, 2020
Sermon for February 26, 2020
Sermon for February 23, 2020
Pastor Tim Hartwig preaches the sermon "The Savior's Sermon - Jesus' Call to a Holy Life" based on Matthew 5:21-37.
Pastor Matthew Moldstad preaches on Matthew 5:13-16 with the theme: The Savior's Sermon - Life the Salt Life
Sermon for February 2, 2020
Sermon for January 26, 2020
Pastor Hartwig preaches on John 1:29-41 with the theme Jesus Takes Away Sin
Pastor Hartwig preaches on Acts 10:34-38 with the theme Jesus Brings Peace
Sermon for January 5, 2020
Sermon for December 31, 2019
Sermon for December 29, 2019
Sermon for December 25, 2019
Sermon for December 24, 2019
Sermon for December 22, 2019
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