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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Author: Brian Teach & Jeremy Mullins

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The Peanut Butter Jelly Time podcast will cover all the hot topics in the fitness and nutrition industry by focusing on real-world experiences and science to help you learn and take your fitness and nutrition knowledge to the next level!
35 Episodes
35. Camping

35. Camping


Jeremy recently went on a camping trip in Colorado, so we figured it'd be a great time to talk about camping and the benefits that come along with it! In this episode: - Melatonin production - Circadian rhythm
A lot of individuals get hung up on their percentages when it comes to their macronutrient intake. These percentages ARE important but they are NOT the holy grail when it comes to dieting! Take a listen to what we have to say in regards to percentages and let us know what you think.
Today we are joined by Transphormer Margaret Osborne. Margaret was the runner up in one of our recent Transphormation Challenges, losing roughly 20 pounds of body fat and still maintaining that weight loss while now building muscle! In this episode: - How do you maintain the weight loss results? - Structure is important - What workouts are best to see long term results?
We all need a little tough love here and there! In this episode, the guys talk about yo-yo diets... they don't work LONG-TERM. Don't be someone who starts a "diet", kicks butt for 8 weeks, and then falls completely off after you reach your goal. You need to learn how to balance the lifestyle you want to live, while also maintaining your health. Stop living on two different ends of the spectrum, and find your happy medium.
Fasting has been around for centuries and it's something we all do daily ... even if you don't think you are! The best question to ask yourself is why are you doing it?! In this episode: - Benefits of fasting - What really is fasting? - It's a tool for people to restrict calories
We bring back Dr. Chad to discuss our body's energy systems. Our body is constantly burning calories, but where are those calories coming from? That's what we're going to answer today. In this episode: - Our body has 3 different systems for energy - What energy system is used when? 
In this episode, we bring back Rachel Compton to expand on the topic of EMOM workouts! EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute. These workouts are very popular and are a great way to get in a workout.
Today we're joined by Rachel Compton to discuss the topic of Crossfit! Rachel has been involved in coaching Crossfit for over 8 years. In this episode: - Rachels Background - Explaining Crossfit terms - What really is Crossfit?  
27. Vacation

27. Vacation


It's not always easy to stay on track when you're traveling ... but it doesn't mean you should completely de-rail your results! In today's episode, we'll go over what we'd suggest to help you stay on track while taking vacations and traveling.
The scale seems to constantly be moving... but why? Some days it's up, some days it's down! In today's episode, we'll break down why this happens and what you're doing to affect it.
25. EPOC

25. EPOC


In today's episode, we uncover the acronym of EPOC: Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. In this episode: - The harder the workout generally equates to more EPOC - Focus on your workout, not how much EPOC you generate - Don't chase numbers, chase results
24. Ketogenic Dieting

24. Ketogenic Dieting


In today's episode, the guys discuss ketogenic diets! We know how popular this diet has been over the years so take a listen to what we have to say about it. In this episode: - What is keto - Who is keto for - How does keto help
Today we're excited to bring on an amazing guest in Emily Hayden! She's been involved in the fitness industry for almost a decade and she's got a lot of experience with diet, nutrition, workouts, and all things fitness related! In this episode: - Emily Haydens background - Follow the program - The small details matter - Coaching tips
22. Tough Love Tuesday

22. Tough Love Tuesday


Sometimes we all need a little tough love ... and that's what you're gonna get today! In this episode: - Stop the excuses - Get out and walk - Track your food
We know schedules are changing, we're all adjusting to the new "norm", while still trying to achieve our fitness goals. In this episode, we touch on a few hot topics going around right now.
To cap off Week 4, we're doing things a little different... Bourbon Friday! The guys pour a few glasses of bourbon and let loose a bit for today's episode. Topics covered: - Relationships - Balance - At home life
19. Wearables

19. Wearables


Wearable trackers have become a big trend over the last few years in the fitness industry. From tracking our steps to calories burned, and sleep monitoring the ability of these devices is endless. Today we go over how you should use these wearable trackers in your everyday life and how they can help your overall results!
18. Patience

18. Patience


Patience is going to be key in order to achieve your fitness goals. This isn't something that happens overnight. There isn't an "easy" fix in the fitness industry. In this episode: - Tips to build patience - Patience is important in the short-term & long-term - What you do has to be sustainable long-term
We know Week 4 can bring a lot of questions and we want to be sure we guide you through those and help you make the best decisions to reach those long term goals! We bring back guest Kenny Clayborn to help us answer these questions. In this episode: - When should I make adjustments? - Am I seeing the results from the work I'm putting in - Common struggles at Week 4 - Make small changes, then measure the results.
In today's episode, we bring on Sergeant Major Kenny Clayborn for a great discussion with the guys! In this episode: - Kenny Clayborn's Background - You've got to have goals to work towards - Always be ready to learn - Be coachable
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