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Peculiar People provides relevant content to strengthen believers by cultivating a culture of love and compassion with a voice of biblical authority for the purpose of equipping the saints for fruitful ministry.
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We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Joel Carwile of First Baptist Church in Athens, Alabama. Listen in as Dr. Smith and Dr. Carwile discuss how to engage in political discourse while maintaining authentic Christian unity.  
It is important to remember that our pastors are people. They are vulnerable to the same challenges and struggles as congregation members. Michael Crawford and Tally Wilgis recently discussed some of the challenges that pastors face regarding mental health and managing high-expectations.  
Recently, we had Dr. James Merritt on the podcast to discuss the importance of evangelism in our churches and communities. Listen in for some practical and compelling truth with regard to living out the Great Commission. 
Dr. Kevin Smith recently spoke with Dr. Anthony Bradley, professor at The King's College in New York City, about racial injustice, and the historical context of some of the current events happening around our country. 
"We need Nehemiahs as much as we need Ezras." Listen in as Dr. Smith and Pastor John Jenkins of FBC Glenarden discuss cultural engagement, Paul/Timothy Relationships, and unity in the Kingdom of God. 
Michael Crawford recently sat down with Pastor Jeremy Dickson of Freedom Church in Baltimore to discuss church planting and multiplication. Take a listen to hear more about how God is moving in Baltimore. 
Several weeks ago, Dr. Kevin Smith sat down with President of the IMB Dr. Paul Chitwood. Dr. Chitwood discussed the various challenges faced by the IMB and its missionaries during the global pandemic and the ways that God has continued to be faithful. 
Recently, Dr. Kevin Smith interviewed Dr. Dominick S. Hernández of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Hernández shared some of his thoughts and expertise on teaching from the Old Testament. 
Mental Health is one of the most difficult issues faced by pastors and ministry leaders, and it is too often left undiscussed. Recently, Dr. Tom Rodgerson sat down with Michael Crawford to discuss some of the challenges that pastors face.
#4: The Balm of Gilead

#4: The Balm of Gilead


It’s extremely important that we all consider how we approach the topic of mental health. Dr. Bergina Isbell, a Christian psychiatrist, sits down with Michael Crawford to discuss this important area. Get your pen and notepad ready and take a listen.
Students come to Ocean City from countries that we cannot legally go to as missionaries. As a result, we have a unique missions opportunity right in our backyard. They have questions, they’re open, and they’re curious.  
1 Timothy 5 talks about treating older women as mothers and younger women as sisters. 1 Corinthians 12 also teaches us that we are all members of one body. Women play an essential role in the Body of Christ and the church must train and equip them for fruitful ministry. 
A cultural Christian is a person who comes to church for reasons of politics, business, or acceptance. In other words, they want to be culturally accepted. Most cultural Christians are not truly looking to follow Christ. Rather, they’re in church institutionally. Although a lot of people are not attending church anymore, it’s not those who are truly followers of Christ.
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