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Peculiar People provides relevant content to strengthen believers by cultivating a culture of love and compassion with a voice of biblical authority for the purpose of equipping the saints for fruitful ministry.
31 Episodes
Ministry presents many unique challenges for individuals struggling with mental health. And it's not limited to pastors. Often, wives and children struggle with the burdens of pastoral ministry as well. Listen in as Michael Crawford talks with Eliza Huie about the important topic of Mental Health and Ministry.
Age diversity can prove to be challenging in ministry contexts. Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Dr. Curtis Hill of Ogletown Baptist Church on pastoring people of different ages. Dr. Hill will be joining us for our upcoming Teaching Roundtable in May to talk about effectively leading multigenerational churches.  
Since Christ's command in Matthew 28, every generation of believers has stood on the foundation laid by faithful believers before them. This generation is no different. So, how will we minister to the next generation? Listen in as Dr. Kevin Smith speaks with Randall Breland and Seth York about the challenges and opportunities involved with ministering to Gen Z.
Retreating and spending time with God is a necessary discipline. Dr. Smith and Emily Reedy discuss various ways fruit is borne from “Meeting God on the Mountain” at Skycroft Conference Center.
Listen in as Dr. Kevin Smith discusses the complexities of project management and strategic planning with Pastor Frank Duncan of Paramount Baptist Church in Hagerstown, MD. 
Men and boys are often neglected in our conversations about demographic ministry. They shouldn't be. Listen in as Dr. Anthony Bradley discusses the importance of pastoring, discipling, and caring for men in our churches.
Many churches are in need of revitalization. But what does that look like? Listen in as Pastor Larry Davis and Pastor Dan Wilson talk about their church revitalization story at Grace Seaford in Delaware. 
Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Francisco and Nicole Rivera. Francisco and Nicole are members at the Village Church in Baltimore and are a mixed-race couple who have faced interesting but rewarding challenges.
Recently, Dr. Smith interviewed Pastor Larry Lin of the Village Church in Hampden. Pastor Lin discussed cultivating unity, diversity, inclusion, and holiness in our churches. 
Several months ago, we spoke with two Anne Arundel County pastors, Jon Brewer of Lake Shore Baptist Church and Dennis Gray of Riva Trace Baptist Church, about pastoring and respecting governing authorities during the rapidly changing and often confusing challenges presented by COVID-19.
We are often asked, "Why should I want to affiliate with the SBC?" While there are countless advantages and disadvantages of affiliating with a denomination, Dr. Kevin Smith provides some of the reasons that he is personally committed to the Southern Baptist Convention. 
Listen in as Pastor Brian Moss discusses depression and anxiety in pastors and some ways in which pastors can seek help and healing from mental health issues. 
Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Bart Barber of FBC Farmersville in Texas. Pastor Barber has served in various capacities in the Southern Baptist Convention and provides us with an even-keeled perspective on the SBC.
#18: Christians in Law

#18: Christians in Law


We have seen vocational diversity in the Church from the New Testament era to our modern day. Having brothers and sisters serving in various fields of influence enables us to gain valuable insights and have a distinctly Christian all different walks of life. Listen in as Dr. Smith and attorney Kathryn Freeman discuss various political, judicial, and biblical issues. 
Recently, Dr. Smith spoke with Pastor James Gailliard of Word Tabernacle in Rocky Mount, NC. Pastor Gailliard serves his local district in the North Carolina General Assembly. Take a listen to hear from Pastor Gailliard's unique perspective as an elected official who serves as a Southern Baptist Pastor. 
Over the past year, we have seen an alarming number of individuals struggling with depression and mental illness. But is this a new issue, or an old one that we are just starting to recognize? Listen as Michael Crawford and Dan Hyun discuss the important topic of mental health in ministry. 
Parenting is always difficult. But being in ministry presents additional challenges that can be overwhelming. Listen in as Pastor Chris Davis and his wife Morgan discuss some of the dynamic challenges of Christian parenting.
Listen in as Dr. Ken Keathley of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary discusses some important aspects of understanding and teaching the Book of Genesis. 
We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Joel Carwile of First Baptist Church in Athens, Alabama. Listen in as Dr. Smith and Dr. Carwile discuss how to engage in political discourse while maintaining authentic Christian unity.  
It is important to remember that our pastors are people. They are vulnerable to the same challenges and struggles as congregation members. Michael Crawford and Tally Wilgis recently discussed some of the challenges that pastors face regarding mental health and managing high-expectations.  
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