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People’s Party is a weekly interview show hosted by hip-hop legend Talib Kweli. The show features big-name guests exploring hip-hop, culture, and politics.

187 Episodes
This live episode from the ON-AIR Fest in Brooklyn, NY, contains what is quite simply one of the best stories in the history of this show – DJ Drama telling the wild tale of his RICO arrest for making mixtapes. But that’s not all the episode has to offer! Drama also gives deep insight into his many massive collabs, his upcoming album, and his creative relationship with Tyler, the Creator. If you want to understand how mixtapes have shaped hip-hop... this is the one for you.
Multi Grammy-winning Jazz keyboardist, arranger, and record producer, Bob James, joins Talib Kweli at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City to talk about his legacy as the most sampled man in hip-hop.   James, who has become the inadvertent sonic architect of rap’s golden age by being sampled by everyone from Eric B and Rakim, to Run DMC Ghostface Killah, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Missy Elliot, The Beastie Boys, and the Wu-Tang Clan (to name a very small few) breaks down why so many rappers love his work, and talks about the origins of the New Orleans Street beat.   James also shares stories about cutting records with legends like Chet Baker and Quincy Jones and offers his thoughts on some of the most memorable sample flips of his work.   For fans of the art of sampling and hip-hop in general, this is a must listen with a true GOAT of the genre.
Voice of a generation, Jon Stewart joins Talib Kweli at the Blue Note Jazz Club to talk about his journey from stand-up comedian to activist (and back to stand-up comedian). He reflects on the legacy of The Daily Show, the modern media landscape, and his new show The Problem With Jon Stewart.   Stewart also reflects on the passing of the Daily Show torch to Trevor Noah, and shares how he balances his passion for standup, making movies, and breaking down the news. Stewart also gives us insight into the struggles he faced helping to pass the Pact Act.   For old fans of The Daily Show and new fans of The Problem with Jon Stewart—as well as anyone who enjoys the art of great satire—this is a must-listen.
Check out this single from my new album Liberation 2, available now, only on Luminary. Ft. Amani Fela (Talib Kweli Greene, Otis Jackson, Jr., Amani Fela Greene, Homer Banks, Carl Hampton, Raymond Jackson) Produced by Madlib. Recorded and mixed by Federico "c sik'' Lopez. Pen Skills Music (BMI) Songs of Windswept Pacific (BMI) all rights administered by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC, Loop Digga Publishing (BMI) administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC. AMANIAINTHERE ASCAP 6845284. Samples a portion of “I'm Trying to Sing A Message To You"' By Luther Ingram, published by Irving c/o UMPG / Malaco. Sample Clearances by DMG Clearances, Inc. A&R Administration by Donna Dragotta
The hilarious and thoughtful comedian joins Talib Kweli at the Blue Note Jazz Club for an in-depth chat on her comedy career and life. Jay speaks on what she’s learned from working at the institution that is Saturday Night Live and takes us behind some of her most well-known sketches there, including “Black Jeopardy.” Jay also discusses her ingeniously-named HBO series, Pause, and her Netflix special 3 In The Morning.    The conversation ends with some rich discussion around the Netflix original, You People, and Jay’s role in the film. This episode is a must-listen for hardcore SNL fans and people who love all-things comedy, plus anyone who loved the discourse around You People.
The legendary comedian and actor joins Talib Kweli at the Blue Note Jazz Club for a hilarious chat about his latest comedy special “I’m From The Future,” and his current tour (“Appearances”).   The pair also discusses the huge cultural and comedic impact of “Arrested Development” and “Mr. Show,” and what it was like to work with big personalities like Will Arnett and Bob Odenkirk. Cross also discusses his work directing and appearing in music videos, and shares some of his most potent comedy influences.
Legendary rapper Smoke DZA joins Talib Kweli at The Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City for a deep conversation about the arc of his multi-faceted career. The duo dive into the intricacies of Harlem battle rap, the origins of the Smoker’s Club, and more.   “If you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know where you’re going,” Smoke DZA says.   He talks about linking up with Mac Miller, and making Full Court Press with Girl Talk, Wiz Khalifa, and Big K.R.I.T., and then shares insights into his incredible run of mixtapes. Plus: why he made the Polo-Rugby style his signature look.   For fans of New York rap and hip-hop in general, this is a must-listen.
The prolific DJ, Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer, songwriter, and singer Clinton Sparks talks about his rise from local DJ to entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, and one of the most valued voices in the music industry.  Sparks also offers a deep dive on the unique sound palette of Boston, and how the city’s Black and Irish communities collide into a truly unique sound and aesthetic. Sparks also discusses the beginnings of Mixunit, his association with Faze Clan, meeting DJ Khaled. and what it’s like to tour with Diddy.  If you’re interested in the secrets of music industry success, this is a must-listen as Sparks offers unparalleled insight.
Our guest today is a master of bars—one half of the hip-hop duo Heltah Skeltah, and a member of the Boot Camp Clik. You first heard him on Smif-N-Wessun’s Dah Shinin on the song “Wontime,” “Cession at da Doghillee” and “Let’s Git It On.”   In this revealing convo, Rock sits with Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh in a no-holds-barred discussion of his career wins and losses, struggles with the law, lost friends, and major influences.
Anthony Jeselnik is one of the most fearless comics working today. While other comics cower to “cancel culture,” he laughs in its face. As such, he makes the perfect interview guest for Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh – both staunch supporters of dangerous humor.   This deeply personal interview is both insightful and funny – a deep dive into one of the most beloved comics of our time.
Chace Infinite is an industry ninja, an incredible MC, a fashion and entertainment maverick. In this conversation with Talib and Jasmin, he describes the reason he stays so busy, and how he remains vital in every project he touches. The legend also shares stories about how he plugged Khalil with Dr. Dre, what it’s like working with A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob, and how he played a pivotal role in getting the new Black Star Album out.   This is a must-listen interview for hip-hop fans interested in how it all goes down behind the scenes.
People’s Party’s very first guest, the legendary Bun B, returns to chop it up with Talib and Jasmin about everything from his favorite sitcoms and his wildly popular burger business to the stories behind some of his most impactful songs.   The prolific rapper also goes deep on what makes the Houston rap scene so special, and how he developed his iconic sense of style. Plus, he shares more on where his restless creative spirit is taking him next.   For longtime People’s Party listeners, this interview not only delivers a fun and rich conversation, it reflects just how much the show has grown since episode one.
Standup comedian and actor Tony Baker joins Talib and Jasmin for a deep and hilarious exploration of all things comedy. Baker discusses his experience on the show “Last Comic Standing,” how comedians grow funnier with age, and how he built his enormous social media following.   The comedian also talks about the origins of his viral “Cram Ram” clips, and shares his favorite comedy albums. Baker also talks about how comedy pulled him out of his most traumatic moment.   This interview is a must for anybody who believes in the transformative power of a good laugh.
The crown princess of Chicago rap joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a discussion of her origins and takes us deep into the best bars from her mixtapes and albums.  Dreezy also talks about playing Queen Cabrini on “Beats,” how she developer her flow, and what it was like working with Hit Boy and Jeremih. Listeners looking for one of the most vital voices in modern hip-hop won’t want to miss this longform interview with this young artist.
Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with three-fourths of the West Coast Rap super group Mount Westmore—E-40, Too $hort, and Ice Cube—for an interview of awesome proportions.   Mount Westmore members share deep-cut stories, break down their legendary careers, and emphasize the importance of giving each other their flowers daily. If you are a West Coast rap fan, this is a must-listen.
Bay area rapper Symba joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh to discuss the origins of his name, plus how he linked up with Dr. Dre. The conscious rapper also talks about his early days freestyling in the lunchroom, the benefits of ghost writers, and what it was like to go viral—for one of the best cyphers in AGES—during the pandemic. Symba also pulls back the curtain behind his albums “Don’t Run From R.A.P.,” and his newest “Results Take Time,” in this in-depth conversation between two of the conscious rap genre's best lyricists. This interview is essential listening for lovers of deep lyrics and the art of freestyle.
Rapper, songwriter, singer and actor Wiz Khalifa joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a lengthy discussion about his legendary run of mixtapes and albums, which culminated most recently in his release titled “Multiverse.” The prolific rapper also discusses working with Snoop Dogg; being tied to the legacy of Paul Walker; his relationship with cannabis; and why he kept himself so busy during the pandemic with a string of collaborations and mixtapes.   Whether you’re a superfan or are focused on his hits, this interview is an inspiring listen and offers a lot of gems that reveal what makes Wiz Khalifa one of the GOATs.
Producer, DJ, and member of Jurassic 5, DJ Nu-Mark sits down with Talib and Jasmin to discuss the origins of Jurassic 5, sharing stories behind the group’s most popular songs and albums.   Nu-Mark also talks about the finer aspects of DJing, like how to read a crowd, and the art of crate digging. Nu-Mark also describes how he innovates on the stage.   Fans of good vibes—and how to curate them—will find a lot of sage advice in this conversation with an absolute legend of the art of DJing.
Comedian Aida Rodriguez sits with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh to discuss her place in comedy, as well as the big issues that she mines for her material. The conversation is wide-ranging, but Aida’s own tremendous insight is a throughline. She opens up about her success on Last Comic Standing, mentorship in Hollywood, the Puerto Rican diaspora, and so much more.
Ty Dolla $ign is in the place to be, chatting with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh. The conversation traces Ty’s incredible career from his upbringing to signing with Taylor Gang to making monster hits with some of the biggest names in music – from Ye to Rihanna to Post Malone.  If you’re a music fan and want to truly understand one of the biggest voices helping to bridge two eras in American hip-hop, you’ll want to hear this deeply illuminating interview with Ty Dolla $ign!
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jermaine stephens

great discussion. wish there was more about this blk men vs blk women & the bottom of the totem theory. don't understand why sisters are seen as at the bottom when brothers are behind in college degrees, stem, and corporate acceptance & are incarceratedat the highest rate relativelyspeaking...

Jun 28th


we went to Boblo Island for our 7th grade trip!!,,that shit was 🔥to Ghetto kids!!!!

Jun 25th


when you gonna get RUN or RAKIM ???

Jun 24th

James Jr

oh man! oh man oh man! y'all are the best! Thanks so much to Yasin for blessing us wit his presence!

Jun 14th


Had to bail on this episode when Dax sang the joys of capitalism after acknowledging benefitting from rent control when he was poor. Amazing how quickly people move on when they get a bit of money. Gentrification is a bad thing. It does not help the community. It pushes the community out of their homes, it displaces them, because of capitalism and it's insatiability. That's before we even get into the environmental impact. Dax came across as an incredibly selfish person, ignorant and lacking in self awareness. Dax is in a career that has benefitted from HUGE amounts of luck, and seems to think his current status is purely on merit. Genuinely surprised at his views. Kinda confused as to why he took this interview.

Jan 21st



Nov 9th

dr.mobina safaee

😂😂😂😂😂😂 so good.....its coolllllll😂

Nov 6th

Chris Akers

ecleftic was a great album.

Aug 3rd

Patricia Williams

Wow, just wow! What a great interview with one of my favorite artists! admittedly, you did the damn thing my brother. you are a great interviewer and you ask really solid questions. what was most impressive-wise the way you approached the interview, and the way that you probed the guest. you have a real knack for inviting guests to speak openly and transparently. bravo!

May 16th

Jay Faulkner

Loved this, foreal. So much perspective and insight on historical important moments from the viewpoint of Kiss. I learned a lot from this podcast, gained appreciation and I'm even more of a fan. Thank you Talib, thank you Jada and shout out to Jasmine 🙏🏾💐🖤

Apr 16th


John's Poly Sci Album was an is still Dope AF!!

Mar 3rd

Namon Anderson

Michael Rapaport has no filter. I appreciate your dialogue about you being a guru on race relations by your experiences and scholarship.

Feb 13th


audio quality is dodgey AF. shame as the content is good..

Feb 10th

Definitely down with Planet Asia. Love the conversation. Dropping knowledge. Keep it coming Talib. Peace God !

Jan 27th

Namon Anderson

Great Interview. Forward 'ever, backwards never.

Jan 5th

Aieya Jean

this was by far one of my favorite episodes because RG talked pure unadulterated music. I think a correction is warranted however....u guys talked about jazz bands to some degree and relatability to hip hop but did not mention mufk'n Stetsasonic. Daddyo still got bars. how did u guys overlook them?

Dec 27th


Oh Michelle. Michael Vick did more than fight dogs (he tortured them when they lost). And he never really apologized or showed remorse. There’s even a documentary about this. I appreciate the need to allow people to be redeemed but show me the evidence he is redeemable other than having served a sentence that honestly should have been a loooooy longer to begin with.

Dec 21st
Reply (2)

Amanda Bennett

'less white Ryan seacrest' 😂😂😂😂

Aug 20th
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