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Author: John Philpin

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You might be a leader in a large corporation, fresh into the workforce or with 30 years under your belt. Or maybe you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. Whichever it is … you are good at what you do. You feel safe, but keep wondering how long you have before what you do is automated, outsourced, off-shored, replaced or just made obsolete. It will happen. Nothing stands still! Your options are to stay the course, leave for another opportunity or do your own thing. All of them require transformation.

I worked in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. You only succeed in that environment by continual transformation. Through conversation and interviews, I will share lessons, stories and case studies that will help you understand how real people at work and play balance priorities every day to make a living and provide the best life possible for themselves and those around them all there while with an eye on the future.

At the very least I am going to make you think.
28 Episodes
069 | Sheila Warren

069 | Sheila Warren


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068 | Scott Russell Sanders

068 | Scott Russell Sanders


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Flexible. Agile. Pivot.Words I am sure you are familiar with.Words we pride ourselves on them being part of our thinking.We are taking a turn - tune in to listen to what's going on.People First GatewayPeople First NewsletterPeople First BlogPeople First NetworkPeople First Podcast
If you are into great music, the names of the people that Scott works with and just rattles off will fill your ears with delight. But this is not just a podcast about music.I particularly reached out to Scott, because I knew his story, know what he has done, how he has been true to himself his entire life, followed his passion, and became a success on his own terms. Scott’s story is a magical tale of following your passion. Of rejecting that which doesn’t sit well with you and sticking to your dreams.If that is not a relevant People First story, I don’t know what is.It works. It worked.Links To Scott's WorkLazybones is his labelScott - as an independent producerThe YouTube video of 'What Wally Thinks
Frederick Van Johnson, owner, host and producer of This Week In Photo spends 40 minutes with John talking about his journey from Yahoo, through Apple and Adobe - before launching himself into the world of podcasting. Frederick took over a small streaming MP3 file and transformed it into a media property that includes a podcast with 2,000 episodes (and counting), a youtube channel, a newsletter with tens of thousands of subscribers and a community of people all over the world that pay every month to be part of this phenomena.You can find TWIP hereDuring the podcast, Frederick references a book called Pyscho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz - you can find it here.And finally, if you want to hear Frederick's podcast where he interviewed me, well that was such a great podcast that it is now behind his paywall and only accessible with a subscription. But it is there! - at least I assume that is why it is no longer on Public Domain 😂!
MR Rangaswami is a legend in his own lifetime.Best known for founding The Sandhill Group in 1997, which was one of the earliest angel investment firms in Silicon Valley - he actually launched his Silicon Valley career in 1982 working with Tech luminaries such as Larry Ellison, Tom Siebel and Marc Benioff at Oracle before moving on to become CMO of Bahn.I will put links into the show notes so that you can read more about MR and even contact him if you are that entrepreneur ready for the big break. As you will hear, that is what makes MR special. He meets with people. Supports people. Helps people.More recently M.R. founded the SHG Foundation, a million-dollar nonprofit funding a variety of social entrepreneurship organizations around the world, including Agastya, Black Girls Code, and Room to Read and not satisfied with his own foundation, he is also a board member of the Kaliash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, The Nudge Foundation, and the WISH Foundation.We were delighted when MR made some time on his calendar to catch up with his long time friend and occasional host of this podcast … Stuart Robbins.Links To MRSandhill Group Personal Site LinkedIN In The NewsSilicon Valley-based Indian-American entrepreneur delivers keynote speech at naturalization ceremony
We are delighted that Lee made the time to talk with Stuart, because it is clear that he is a very busy man … and it looks like he is about to get busier.Lee and his wife Peggy will receive the Richard W. Pogue Award for Excellence in Community Leadership and Engagement at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Foundation’s ’Rock the Foundation 1’ on February 13th - having clearly demonstrated their leadership in business politics, law and community service.Follow The Event Here : Rock The Foundation 2021During his tenure at Cleveland-Marshall, the college has had the nation’s second-highest increase in national rankings all whilst creating innovative leadership education programs, strengthening community and alumni ties, and increasing commitment to justice reform.
Maybe Listen To Part One First ...Part two of a great conversation with an erstwhile colleague and long time friend Daniel Szuc who has been working on a very ‘People Firsty’ initiative called Make Meaningful Work.Daniel On LinkedIN : make Meaningful Work’s websiteWatch out for part two of our conversation. 
Great conversation with an erstwhile colleague and long time friend Daniel Szuc who has been working on a very 'People Firsty' initiative called Make Meaningful Work.Daniel On LinkedIN : make Meaningful Work's websiteThe conversation was one of great quality - you can tell, because I stopped watching the clock and so we ran over. The benefit to you? Two for the price of one. Watch out for part two of our conversation.  
Brilliant conversation with my new friend Steve Brown. If you have half the fun listening that I did - you are in for an experience!Follow Steve On Twitter Check Out His Web SiteConnect With Him On LinkedINFind Him On FacebookListen To His PodcastBut Best Of All .... Buy His Book, The Golden ToiletAbout Steve Brown Steve has a passion for inspiring and empowering the entrepreneurs who power the American economy. He is the founder of ROI Online, a HubSpot platinum agency partner and the first StoryBrand certified agency. Steve and his team at ROI Online have worked with hundreds of clients, from solo entrepreneurs to Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, to grow their business by implementing a holistic business growth system.
We talk about the mission of People First. What massive success would look like in 5 years time, the network, the community - not to mention - a wandering conversation that some times - you have to wonder!We certainly do!Enjoy.
Tim's Web Site : On Twitter :\_waltersTim On LinkedIN :'s EMail :"People often ask how I began as a professor (of philosophy!) and ended up as a business analyst and advisor. But in fact, little has changed over nearly 30 years. I find a topic that both a) interests me and b) is insufficiently appreciated or understood by others. Then I research and analyze it carefully, comprehend it as well as I can, and seek to teach others about it. The only difference is that it used to be via seminars and academic articles, now it is keynote presentations, white papers, and podcasts."~Tim Walters.Founder of Zero Theory (no web site - but we talk about it on the podcast - why not write to Tim and ask him more.
Cristina : The Mental Detox - From Mental Chatter To Things That MatterCristina's WebsiteFind Cristina on LinkedINCristina's Book - Wise Up At WorkRead her article 'Putting Philosophy To EWorkThe Illusion of Money - Kyle CeasePeople First :The Jason Freed Article : Remote Work Is A PlatformFollow The BlogSubscribe To The NewsletterJoin The NetworkMore Podcasts
... except she did. Forever!Cristina DiGiacomo is a philosopher. A philosopher that feels that is so important, that we need to bring it into the workplace and life. FAST! But here's the thing ... this podcast isn't even about Philosophy - that's the next episode. No, this one is a personal story that I think is one of the most 'People Firsty' stories I have heard in a while. No more to be said - what aren't you listening already?If you want to learn more about Cristina - connect with her even, start with LinkedINYou can learn more about Cristina here.You can read more about what she means by 'Industrial Philosophy' here on Medium in an interview she did with Steven Gambardella.Or why not just cut to the chase, buy her book and read it. It's available here. It's called 'Wise Up! At Work' .. I can think of a few buyers!   
Conquering the Boundaries of Friendship: Making and Maintaining Meaningful Male Relationships... was written by today's guest Mark Roman and published a little over a year ago.This is part two of my conversation with Mark and that book is what we talked about.Fascinating. If his next book is half as good as this one - he will have a best seller on his hands!What we talked about in this part of put conversation was so powerful that it had to be its own episode.You can find part one of our conversation here and you can find Mark on LinkedIn at:
It's longer than I would like - but as you'll see - it could be a lot longer.I am joined this week by a long time associate and business colleague, Mark Roman, who is not just an absolute mine of information, he is here to share it with you.Mark is not just a Fortune 50 Executive, having founded several companies in his career, he is also a best selling author, with a second book on the way which we talk about on the show.We talk aboutA new book he is writing, where he is collating and curating interviews with 400 experts from across the globe on raising money and funding your business.Health care and the business of health.Childhood, love, caring and about what it means to be rich (though not in the way you might be thinking.)How ‘Business moves at the speed of trust’ - but also that ‘Business is Personal’.And that was just the start - because at the end of the show, you discover that it is not the end of the show at all. We move on - but you’ll have to wait for that until the next episode!Quote of the day:"People matter in business and personal relationships, people get work done, not machines, not 'bots', 'software agents' or 'AI algorithms'. These are all just tools. People get the business done."Find Mark on LinkedIN at:
Not much more to say, other than provide the promised links.Subscribe To The NewsletterJoin The New Network (It ISN'T Social Media)Check Out The Newly Revamped Blog (it really isn't quite ready for prime time - but we don’t care - isn't it fun to be part of the launch process?)Want To Be A Guest On The Podcast?
It's a question I was asked recently, and it took me a while to formulate my answer.Yes you should - but maybe not .. sometimes it's complicated.It also hides a larger question and an even larger opportunity.
The episode was recorded shortly after Episode 49 with LaTonya PeoplesDuring our conversation, Stuart referenced Chadwick Boseman's Howard University 2018 Commencement Speech - well worth a watch.We also drill into what People First is ... an ongoing conversation - and Stuart highlights an earlier podcast where what I said - resonated with him at least ...This is the podcast that Stuart referenced where he felt that I had articulated what People First means ... spin through to 'minute 6' and on to hear the part Stuart was highlighting ... 
Greg covers off the 4Cs of humanity; Consciousness, Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration and helps us understand what we each need to do to maintain our humanity and not be subsumed in the race to automate.More About GregTo find out more about Greg’s latest work, you can check out his website here, where you will find Greg’s latest blog posts or follow him on LinkedIn and TwitterIf you’d like to purchase The Human Edge it's available in hard copy and Kindle editions via most online book stores - including AmazonMore About People FirstIf you are interested in being a guest on People First, we do have a process and are taking bookings into 2021, but we still want to hear from you.If you would like to receive the weekly newsletter, come on over.People First is many things and in the process of developing a range of new services that we think you will find very useful. If you want to be kept up to speed with what we are doing - lets us know.
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