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Author: Breeny Lee

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Join Influencer Breeny Lee as she gives you the exact pep talk you need for every situation you may be facing in your day-to-day life.

Pepp Talk is the empowering conversation from "YouTube's Big Sis" that will blow your mind, challenge you to become better and crush your limiting beliefs.

Breeny is unfiltered in her advice and gives you powerful yet practical tips to become the most glorious version of yourself, from tips on knowing your value and adding tax to levelling up in your dating experiences. If you want straight talking advice (no chaser) then this is the Podcast for you!
36 Episodes
Have you ever been told that you are just too picky when it comes to men? Your friends think that what you're asking for doesn't exist? Do people tell you to lower your expectations? Does that make you angry? I get it. Maybe they're right... BUT Lets see if you've been confusing your standards with expectations... Watch this episode at
It’s normal to feel afraid when in relationships because we so badly want to trust that the person we are with is truly the right one for us! But what happens when you’re not sure? Sometimes our fears or insecurities are loud! It can cause us to question, should I leave this relationship? Is this my intuition talking or just my insecurities… Watch this episode at
Have you ever wondered why you could never progress further than the girlfriend stage with someone you were so into? Ever wondered what was holding you back? Do you find the energy that you give off to be driving people away instead of bringing them closer? It might be time to check your energy sis! Watch this episode at
How To Be More Feminine

How To Be More Feminine


We live in a world where femininity is seen as a weakness, everyone wants to be strong and independent which is great but sometimes that strong and independent energy can be at the expense of your most natural, soft and beautiful energy - your femininity. Let me give you back your superpower. Watch this episode at
Emotional Intelligence or EI is really the ability to recognise, understand and manage your own emotions, it is one of those qualities that is a MUST have for self development and self awareness. Watch this episode at
Ever wondered why you keep saying yes to people even though you want to say no? Ever wondered why you get frustrated at people and always feel used? It's because you're a people pleaser and others will always taken advantage of you until you put your foot down and tell them NO. Watch this episode at
How To Be Authentic

How To Be Authentic


Authenticity is a word that doesn't get talked about a lot these days, a lot of us have split personalities or two faces; the one we show to the world and the one that nobody gets to see, the real us. Being genuine and authentic is what I believe to be the keys to joy! Watch this episode at
Are you the Queen or A Princess? Which one are you? Let's talk about high maintenance, hypergamy and sugar babies! Watch this episode at
Men are very simple, it's us that complicate them. If a guy wants to be with you, you wouldn't have to guess if he does. Some men play games because women allow them too. Let me tell you so you don't have to keep asking me. Watch this episode at
What was your favourite fairytale? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Beauty & The Beast? We all grew up watching these movies, everything just seemed so perfect, yes they had their struggles but it always ended up with Prince Charming coming to save the day, and that's exactly what we expect from men these days, this is your wake up call.  Watch this episode at
Feeling impatient? Thinking you should be further ahead than you are? Struggling to trust the process? Comparing your chapter 6 to someones chapter 26? Living on social media can just make us feel like a total loser, like you're behind in life, like you'll never get to what you want to be. Slow down, Learn to trust the process and the timing of your life, anything worth having is worth waiting for. Watch this episode at
How To Be Truly Happy

How To Be Truly Happy


2020 has been a tough year for us and has really caused us to sit and think about what Is truly important. Is it the money? the clothes? the restaurants? the followers? the status? the opinions? No, None of this in and of itself brings you happiness, so what does happiness mean to YOU? Watch this episode at
They say "you can't turn a hoe into a housewife..." well you can't turn a boyfriend into a husband either, the material is just... different. There's just some things that a husband minded man has that a boyfriend minded man doesn't. And it might It might shock you... Watch this episode at
Being single for 12 years I have had my fair share of stinking thinking, sometimes we don't realise that the thoughts we are thinking are actually causing us to suffer more whilst we are single. Being single is not a death sentence, stay open. Watch this episode at
10 Red Flags In Dating

10 Red Flags In Dating


So you're going on dates and you notice these 10 signs? what should you do? RUN! The red flags you ignore in the beginning will be the reason you leave in the end. Watch this episode at
How To Stop Dating Down

How To Stop Dating Down


Why do so many women settle? Why do so many women date potential? Why do so many women relax their standards and still end up losing? You should date on your level or above. We need to Level Up and not down. Watch this episode at
He stopped replying your messages, leaves you on read, ignores your calls, doesn't call back, leaves you hanging outside. Wtf Happened? Everything was going so well, you thought he was the one? Why does this feel like a bad breakup? You need answers!!  Trust me that ish hurts like hell! But it's not you beloved, it's him! Watch this episode at
Do you feel like guys are intimidated by you? That you're too much for men? too high maintenance? too boujie? too pretty? too successful? just TOO TOO! Yep, totally relate. Some of us are too expensive for these types of men and they really can't afford us! Or can they? Watch this episode at
You know the hot boys I'm talking about, the ones who everyone wants because he is "drop dead gorgeous" he is the Ken to your Barbie, the sugar in your tea. Or is he? Let me tell you why dating men who won the genetics lottery is dangerous! Have you ever dated those men who look like sugar but taste like SALT? Yeah let's get into that! Watch this episode at
A f*ckboy is a boy that will break your heart with his toxic behaviour, the title 'Boy' is very fitting because men do not behave like this! Ladies, is his behaviour so confusing to you? One minute he's hot, the next he's cold? Does he take pleasure in seeing you angry, jealous, hurt? Yup that's a F*boy, let's break down why he's like this, how he got like this and what YOU should do. Watch this episode at
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Breeny thank you for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge, you are a true representation of vision and success for women of our generation.

Jan 28th
Reply (1)

Tebby Siti

I loooooveeee this episode..very relatable.

Dec 9th


I love Breeny Lee! Her advice is always timeless and makes you reflect on your beliefs and behaviors. I always leave feeling empowered and more wise. Love the episodes!

Dec 5th


Yay! Congrats Breeny! I am excited and so happy to have access to this!!! Keep rocking.

Dec 3rd
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