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Permaculture Velocity | Homesteading Skills You Can Use
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Permaculture Velocity | Homesteading Skills You Can Use

Author: Soirée-Leone: Gardening & Composting, Canning & Fermenting, Chickens & Duc

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Edible gardens. Chickens, geese, and ducks. Goats. Fruit trees. Fermented food. Pantry, root cellar, and freezer not grocery store. Slow food. Build it and fix it yourself. Connected communities. Permaculture by design transforms what was barren to productive.
45 Episodes
Of all the chicken breeds, which are good choices for a backyard flock?Show Notes:
So many seeds, so many misunderstandings!Show Notes:
Some products require special equipment, fancy ingredients, and so forth. These simple products are easy and economical. Each can easily be made as fancy as you like!Show Notes:
Getting ready to preserve the summer's bountiful harvest means having the equipment on hand.What's the best pressure canner to get the job done?Show Notes:
Unlike a food processor or a blender, a grain mill is essential if you are going to grind grains.But, with so many choices, how to select the right one for the homestead?Show Notes:
What's not to love? Perennial. Easy. Relatively low cost. Beautiful. Fresh fruit.Adding fruit trees to the backyard garden can quickly had a bounty of terrific food.Show Notes: 
New Years greetings come and go, resolutions are made, but another year seems to slip by! It's so easy to be distracted from our path. One day slips by, then another, then another. How can you alter this course?Show Notes:
Right up there with "so what do you do when the chickens stop laying?" is "what to do when a chicken dies?" No one is really signing up to get the gory details yet at some level we all know that chickens die...even our most favorite pet chicken.But what can we learn?Show Notes: 
Toxins suck! They make us, the soil, the air, the water, and the animals sick.So many of them are simply not needed for the job we are buying them for, yet, there they are! How can we step-by-step make our homesteads less toxic and maybe the world too?Show Notes:
Show Notes:
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Anndréa Coburn

"which, to me, is just rude." haha preach lady 🙌😅 I feel the exact same way!

Jun 7th
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