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Hello again from PAGE! Please listen in to our newest podcast as Pam Sieger interviews board member, Ron Schmiedel discuss gifted eduction in Pennsylvania along with some exciting preliminary information about the upcoming conference this November as well!
Podcast with Jonathan

Podcast with Jonathan


Listen in to our first Podcast of the 2021 year with PAGE board member, Pam Sieger, talking gifted with a man of many hats in Gifted Education: Jonathan Klingeman, whom is also a board member!
Listen in to hear updates on our November PAGE conference with our post, Pam Sieger, talking to Dr. Matt Zakreski and Dave Mendell! This podcast will give you all of the latest updates and everything to look forward to with this upcoming conference!
Podcast with Marcia

Podcast with Marcia


Welcome to our PAGE podcast featuring Marcia Gregorio, our PAGE Treasurer and retired gifted support teacher in Pennsylvania! Listen in to hear Marcia and Pam talk about Marcia's background in gifted education stemming from the 70's until now!
Listen in to Dr. Katie Leach, Treasurer for PAGE, and Pam Sieger, board member for PAGE, discuss part 3 of their podcast mini online learning series! Katie and Pam will discuss dangerous traps in online learning and how to avoid and overcome them!
Welcome to Dr. Katie Leach and Pam Sieger's mini online learning podcast series part 2. Katie and Pam will share tips and tricks for online learning success and resources to try!
Listen in to hear Dr. Katie Leach, our PAGE Treasurer, interview Pam Sieger, a board member for PAGE. Katie and Pam will discuss Pam's journey into PAGE and online education as an 8th grade ALP and ELA cyber charter school teacher.
Welcome to our podcast with Kacey Shoupe, our Administrative Assistant and life-line for PAGE! Kacey and Pam talk about Kacey's role at PAGE, her experience within the world of gifted as a parent of a gifted child and her hopes for the gifted world of education in PA!
Podcast with Ciminy

Podcast with Ciminy


Please welcome and listen in to Ciminy St. Clair's podcast with Pam Sieger as Ciminy shares her transition throughout the field of gifted education in Pennsylvania, what she advocates for, and her work as the vice president of PAGE!
We hope you enjoy listening to Dr. Katie Leach and PAGE podcast host, Pam Sieger, talk about part 1 of a 3 mini-series online learning discussions. This podcast features Katie and Pam discussing "Help for New Online Learners" as we transition through distance learning and online education during this pandemic.
Listen in to hear Chris Laquidara-Kolvek, a PAGE board member and former teacher, principal, superintendent and mother of two gifted children, talk about her progression in gifted education in Pennsylvania!
Podcast with Dr Kali Fedor

Podcast with Dr Kali Fedor


Listen in to hear Dr. Kali Fedor, President of PAGE, talk about her journey through Gifted and Talented Education, completing her dissertation in 2019, as well as settling into the role as President of PAGE, while working as a professor at the same time!
Podcast with Susan H

Podcast with Susan H


Listen in to hear Susan Heydt, PAGE board member, talk about her walk with teaching gifted and talented students in her district and everything she is doing with students to promote growth and autonomy!
Podcast with Deanie G

Podcast with Deanie G


Welcome to our Podcast with PAGE affiliate, Deanie Gauntlett! We hope you enjoy this wonderful podcast as Deanie shares how she works with parents to help them navigate the gifted and talented world of education in Pennslyvania!
Episode two with Dave Mendell and Dr. Matt Zakreski.
Episode 1 with Dr. Katie Leach from PAGE!
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Emilia Gray

It seems to me that now more and more students choose to study online. Personally, this gives me much more time and opportunities to do what really brings me pleasure. I agree with the comment above, such services really help out a lot sometimes, the main thing is not to abuse them. They helped me a lot here

Jul 7th
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