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Persuade You is a weekly podcast where I, Stephen, do my best to convince you, the listener, to check out something that I recommend
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Episode 41: She-Ra

Episode 41: She-Ra


Hey Everyone! Back with another fun episode all about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Very cool show, one I can't recommend strongly enough. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did Persuade You Linktree Artwork for the show is Adam Foreman who is crazy talented Fandummies She-ra episodes She-Ra IMDB Seahawk's Sea Shanty There will be updated artwork once Mia finishes the commission I have her working on. Of course it will be posted to all the social media so if you follow there (which you should) you can see it!  Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! Long time no talk huh? I'm back and this week it's a quick and dirty episode to get this show back on track. From Nubia, to She-Ra, to Brooklyn Nine Nine, it's quick paced. Sit back and enjoy. Persuade You Linktree SleepyMia Linktree Nubia: A Real One Superman Article by the Hollywood Reporter Fandummies Website Brooklyn Nine Nine final season Stephanie Beatriz on being Latina Current Gen consoles are dope, that is all Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this one. The show's artwork is by Adam Foreman who is a wonderful artist and if you aren't following his stuff already, you should be. Music is by Shane Ivers. I'll see you all next week! --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 39: Wonder Woman

Episode 39: Wonder Woman


Hey Everyone! After a huge, stressful week, we're back with Nubia, the Black Wonder Woman. She's an incredible character, but not only that, make sure to check the artwork when you hit play Persuade You Adam Foreman Sleepy Mia Nubia Wiki Just in case any of you doubt me. Here is Gal Gadot's Wiki. CORRECTION: She's Israeli, not Muslim. I will address this in next week's episode. That's my fault and my apologies to you listeners Stephen Fry's website, and look! Turns out he just put out a new book I had no idea existed. Troy. Well too late to edit the audio now. I'll let you all know how it is next week! Blerd Without Fear- Who is Nubia of DC Comics? I love Comics-Nubia: Wonder Woman's Black Twin Sister DC Unveils Nubia in Future State Nubia: A Real One (this is the story coming out Feb '21) I really hope you all enjoyed this episode! This was a fun one to do, and I can't wait to talk about our next hero coming up! Thanks for listening and I'll see you all next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 38: Ms. Marvel

Episode 38: Ms. Marvel


Hey Everyone! Back with another great hero, Ms. Marvel. Not to be confused with Captain Marvel, she is a whole other character with her own powers and such. This week it's about Kamala Khan Persuade You Mantis Shrimp Smarter Every Day Physics Girl We Have Cool Friends interview with Troy Baker's Banner, and Sandra Saad's Kamala Khan History of Captain Marvel Origin of Ms. Marvel Marvel Wiki Women's History Month w/ President Obama and Sana Amanat Women of Marvel podcast. Check them out, such a fantastic show and they discuss these heroes in length from a woman's perspective which, I do not have Ms Marvel getting her own TV show on Disney+ Thanks for listening everyone! I'll see you next week, stay safe out there and Happy Halloween!!! Music By: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! Big episode this week with one of the best Spider-people around, Miles Morales! Persuade You Twitter Reddit Instagram Facebook Magic School Bus Rides Again Michael B. Jordan Producing Static Shock Miles Morales Wiki Miles Playstation announcement trailer Gameplay Demo Women of Marvel Podcast-Back to School w/ Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Spider-Man! Avengers Assembly book 1 Persuade You-Into the Spiderverse CinemaWins-Spiderverse Variant Comics-History of Ultimate Spiderman Variant Comics-History of Spider-Gwen (this is the video where you'll learn about Miles and Gwen getting together) Spider-man 3- Bringing back the cast rumor Well I do believe that's it! Thanks for listening everyone! I'll see you next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 36: Icon

Episode 36: Icon


Hey Everyone! Back off of my mini-cation with another episode, all about another Milestone hero, Icon. As well as telling you that I recently wrote an article for Brandi, the host and creator of the On Being Human Podcast. It's all about hope, and my struggle with alopecia and how I overcame those insecurities to do what I am today. Thanks to her for the opportunity and now, show notes Persuade You Subreddit Twitter Instagram Facebook On Being Human The Patient Will See You Now We Have Cool Friends Icon MinutePhysics Anti-Matter explained Variant Comics History of Icon Thanks for listening everyone! And I'll see you all next week!  Music By: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
What's up everyone‽ Second episode of Season 4 and it's all about John Stewart's Green Lantern, what makes him unique, what makes him so powerful, and why he is my favorite lantern of all time Persuade You Subreddit Twitter Instagram Facebook Cedric Joseph Static Shock Podcast Players Overcast Pocket Casts Castbox DC Universe Green Lantern  John Green Multitudes Blerd "Who is Green Lantern John Stewart?" Comicstorian : John Stewart Origins Green Lantern Returns Home Static and Green Lantern vs Sinestro Variant Comics "History of All The Green Lanterns" Green Lantern Corps Movie What is an Isotope John Stewart as other lanterns 10 Coolest Constructs John Stewart Ever Created Hey Everyone! Thanks for listening! This was a really fun episode to do and I loved getting nerdy about John Stewart. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to reach out via audio message or on social media and I'll see you next Monday! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 34: Static Shock

Episode 34: Static Shock


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the new season of the show and a new series I'm doing. I've felt that this needed to get done for some time now and I wanted to kick it off proper. This episode is the first of many, in a series all about superheroes of color and why they are worth looking into Special Thanks to: Zombaekillz Planthropology Shane (you know who you are) Persuade You Reddit Twitter Facebook Instagram Art of Reina-V Portfolio Twitter Instagram History of Virgil D. Hawkins Wiki Florida University Story New York Times article Static Shock Variant Comics Milestone Comics (part 1) Everything You Didn't Know About Static Shock What Happened To Static & Static Shock in DC Rebirth DC Fandome announcing live action DC Universe Online: Static Shock Thanks for reading down all the way to the bottom here. There are a ton more resources for you to find but these were the ones I looked up and watched/read before tackling this episode. Thank you for listening and I'll see you again next week when I'll talk about Icon Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! Given that last week I took away a book series, this week I am giving you a book series. For those of you in need of a lot of content, are interested in Halo in general, or want to dive into an excellent series? This week is for you! Persuade You Twitter Facebook Instagram Reddit Episode 27: Soundtracks Order of the Halo books in publication order Halo Subreddits r/halo r/halostory r/halomemes Halo Recapped: The Complete Timeline So Far (roughly 35m36s long) A Year of Halo Novels Cordyceps Fungus  Shadows of Reach (book that is coming out in October) Thanks for listening everyone! This is longer than usual, I know. But I assure you, it could've been much longer. I will do a part 2 once I finish the series so I can go over the unknown. Likely sometime in October after Shadows of Reach drops. Thank you again for listening and if there's anything I missed that I can add to help you or someone you know out in the show notes, feel free to reach out! Music By: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone. A bit of a somber episode this week but one I feel strongly enough that it deserves its own episode. I felt you, the listeners deserved an explanation for why one of the episodes in the feed has been deleted. I hope you understand and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out Persuade You Twitter Facebook Instagram Reddit Jim Butcher AMA Dresden Files; Who Isn't a Sex Object? Chicago Ranked 10th in Diversity Chicago: Where Diversity Meets Segregation Rick Riordan Continues His Legacy of Representation Thanks for listening everyone! I added a few resources where you can take a closer look at things discussed here Music By: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! It's finally time to cap off the end of this two-part episode with the villains. It's a smidge longer than the part 1 but I had a couple things to add on at the end of this episode so I hope you don't mind. This week I go over the most compelling villains of TLOK and hopefully, convince you to open up Netflix and give this show a real shot Persuade You Twitter Reddit Facebook Instagram r/TheLastAirbender Overthrow by Stephen Kinzer George Carlin (NSFW) Things that make us the same Avatar Kyoshi books The Legend of Korra books We Have Cool Friends Planthropology  I hope you all really loved these episodes as much as I did! Thank you for listening and I'll see you all next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! This is part 1 of a two part episode. Next week I'll be talking about the villains. But this week it's all about characters I feel make this show compelling to watch and more than enough for you to get into the show. No lengthy show notes this week since many things I could link would be spoilers for part 2, so I hope you enjoy the longer format and I'll see you next week! Thanks for listening! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! Bit of an easy week here at Persuade You but still a very strong recommendation coming your way! This week it's about the website and how essential I believe it to be when moving to a new home or looking at the prices of competing internet providers in your area. So sit back, and enjoy, and I'll see you next week! Persuade You subreddit Twitter Instagram Facebook Cities Building Their Own Internet Ookla Speed Test The Grid by Gretchen Bakke Ph.D American Internet Monopoly Australian Internet  ELI5 Reddit "Why is Australian Internet so bad?" Zip Code Check for Australia Feel free to reach out if you have better sources. Getting concrete data when I don't live there is tricky United Kingdom ISP Speed Map Best Internet in the world Thanks for listening everyone! I did my best to make this episode entertaining despite the somewhat bland topic at hand. Next week for the big 3-0 will be fantastic and I look forward to talking all about Korra! See you then! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 28: Palm Springs

Episode 28: Palm Springs


Hey Everyone! We're back on schedule! This week, it's all about the Hulu movie Palm Springs. A movie, I think, is well worth your time if you need an uplifting....well, you know what? I'll just let past me tell you why you need to watch it Palm Springs Trailer Hulu Link How to watch Palm Springs Planthropolgy Overcast Castbox The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris Persuade You "Brooklyn 99" Thanks for listening everyone! I hope you enjoyed this episode and I really hope you'll give the movie a watch! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! This week I'm here to talk about some of my favorite soundtracks of all time, why they are incredible, and maybe they'll interest you or help you study once school picks back up. I hope you enjoy! Curse of the Black Pearl Apple Music Spotify YouTube Tron Legacy Apple Music Spotify YouTube Daft Punk in talks for Tron 3 Halo: Combat Evolved Apple Music Spotify YouTube Dunkey Halo Video (There is swearing in this video, just a heads up)  Behind the  Scenes: Halo 2 Soundtrack Into the Spider-verse Apple Music  Spotify YouTube Honorable Mentions Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Thanks for taking the time to listen! I hope you enjoyed this episode and feel free to let me know if I missed any you'd like to see on this list! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 26: Sunglasses

Episode 26: Sunglasses


Hey Everyone! Thanks for being so patient with me, and I hope you're all following the social media accounts to get the updates. But, the new episode is here and it's all about polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, and a little post show from a special guest who's very near and dear to my heart. Enjoy! Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram Subreddit  The Patient Will See You Now podcast Scishow SPF doesn't mean what you think Sunscreen in Winter How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work? Adam Ruins Sunglasses Snopes article about Adam Ruins Sunglasses LA Times Article about Luxottica MinutePhysics The Quantum Venn diagram Paradox Physics Girl Sunscreen in UV Reef Safe Sunscreen  CDC Sun Protection Should my child wear sunglasses? Sunglasses at an early age to protect vision later in life Lens Wipes that I use Thanks for listening and I hope all of you will take my advice seriously. Protect yourself and protect those around you! I'll see you next time! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! Welcome to another week and another show of "Stephen Gushes Over a Piece of Content" and for this week it's all about ATLA and why it's one of the greatest TV shows of all time! Persuade You Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram Reddit Fandummies Episode Website Overcast link because I'm biased Talkin' Toons w/Dante Basco Apple Podcasts Overcast Castbox r/thelastairbender top of all time The Verge article on ATLA being in HD Nickelodeon YouTube channel for best scenes from ATLA Aang vs Fire Lord Ozai Zuko + Katara vs Azula Top Top Fights I hope that's enough content for the show notes. I could have listed a ton of places to go, but honestly I think there might be too many to list here haha. Thank you for listening and I'll see you next week! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 24: XKCD

Episode 24: XKCD


Hey Everyone! Back this week with a light hearted, nerdy, solid recommendation. This week it's all about XKCD, the engineer comic artist behind it, and why flying a house is hard XKCD Website Lucky 10,000 "What If?" "How To" "Thing Explainer" Randall Munroe About NPR Guest spot Talk at Google YouTube Appearances MinutePhysics MinutePhysics again Because Science Will Wheaton Wiki "Ready Player One" "What If?" "How To" 3Blue1Brown CGP Grey "Why Do We Ask Questions?" Vsauce Matt Parker  YouTube Humble Pi Thank you so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed/will enjoy XKCD as much as I do and will give it a shot. I go back to those books every once in awhile when I need to feel better. Something about the humor and the out of this world type questions, ease the anxiety I might be feeling. This week's is a little shorter than normal, but I think that's ok given the length of the previous and how important that topic was/still is/will be for the foreseeable future. Please be safe! And wear your masks, wash your hands, and I'll see you next week! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
This is a very different episode for me but I think it's important to ensure that it's covered in some capacity by me Spiderman Protest Artwork Source Black Lives Matter 11 Things You Can Do To Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence  Books about Race & Racism Obama's Way you can help Podcast Episodes About Black Lives Matter Spawn on Me: A Lesson in Blackness Kinda Funny Podcast: Black Lives Matter The Broman Podcast: Black Lives Matter Factually w/Adam Conover: Mass Incarceration, Accountability, & The Wire " ": Do Violent Protests Work? No Dumb Questions: Q&A with an African-American Pastor Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver Police Civil Forfeiture  Police Militarization  Police Accountability  Municipal Violations The Daily Show w/Trevor Noah George Floyd, Minneapolis Police, and Ahmaud Arbery& Amy Cooper America Protests Police Brutality & Systemic Racism Bloomberg and The Legacy of Stop-And-Frisk Parris' Twitter Account Gamertag Radio Talkin' Toons: Dante Basco NFL "Racism Bad" Jon Stewart Race/Off "We Can't Breathe" Baltimore on Fire Charleston Church Shooting Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision There are many more resources you can find. Many more videos and podcasts, books and foundations. For me, these were the ones I found, watched, and listened to. Read and digested. I hope this episode, or at the very least the show notes can help shed some light on why this is such a big, and extremely important topic to cover. No source for Zootopia other than the YouTube video. More important videos deserve the attention. Please be safe, and I'll see you next week. Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! This week it's straight to the point. The Imagination Library has been something so incredible and one I get to enjoy with my daughter each and every time a new book comes in and I think it will be great for you as well. But say your kids, friends, friends kids are too old for this, then what? Don't you worry, I have you covered Persuade You Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram Subreddit Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Website YouTube Audible Stories Persuade You Episode 1 Levar Burton Reads Reading Rainbow YouTube Content Mark Rober 3Blue1Brown Crash Course Crash Course Kids Khan Academy Thanks for listening this week! I really hope you're all doing well and being safe. And that maybe these resources can help you out and those you care about to get back into the swing of things. If you have any other resources you want me to add, please send an email See you next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
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I mean, although Stephen’s Hagrid voice is just on point, I’m persuaded to give this another go with Jim Dale’s narration. 👍🏻

Aug 4th
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Daria L. convinced me. I used this months credit on the first book. I will say I watched the series and loved it. I might even have the first book around here somewhere, but I never thought to pick it up on Audible. Great recommendation. I think I was worried that the narration would put me off. Now that I know it is the same guy...i'm sold.

Jun 26th
Reply (3)


Good episode, but I think LoFi hip hop is better because it has better order in music.

Jun 7th
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Erin Byrd Brown

I've known Stephen for several years now and we've trading book, movie, and comic recommendations. When he got into podcasts he kept recommending them to me, but I just couldn't get into them. Not my thing and that's fine. All that background to say, he finally persuaded me! He knows I also love plants so he sent me the plant episode and with some gentle nudging I finally listened. And loved it! I like that the episodes are short and interesting. Not a lot of down time or tangents (one reason I can't get into podcasts). Stephen has a great voice for it and is genuinely just trying to peruade you to try something he finds interesting. The show is wholesome, fun distraction from our current situation. 10/10 would recommend!

May 17th

Heather Tidmore

I absolutely love this podcast so far! They're fun, quick little episodes that I can easily get in on a drive to work or when I do things around the house. It's great hearing about things I'm actually interested in. Definitely a must listen to. Ps. The plants episode is my fav🌻

Apr 21st
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Greg K

I keep hearing about this movie A beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. I had no idea I was a book. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jan 3rd
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