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Persuade You is a weekly podcast where I, Stephen, do my best to convince you, the listener, to check out something that I recommend
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Hey Everyone! Welcome to another week and another show of "Stephen Gushes Over a Piece of Content" and for this week it's all about ATLA and why it's one of the greatest TV shows of all time! Persuade You Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram Reddit Fandummies Episode Website Overcast link because I'm biased Talkin' Toons w/Dante Basco Apple Podcasts Overcast Castbox r/thelastairbender top of all time The Verge article on ATLA being in HD Nickelodeon YouTube channel for best scenes from ATLA Aang vs Fire Lord Ozai Zuko + Katara vs Azula Top Top Fights I hope that's enough content for the show notes. I could have listed a ton of places to go, but honestly I think there might be too many to list here haha. Thank you for listening and I'll see you next week! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 24: XKCD

Episode 24: XKCD


Hey Everyone! Back this week with a light hearted, nerdy, solid recommendation. This week it's all about XKCD, the engineer comic artist behind it, and why flying a house is hard XKCD Website Lucky 10,000 "What If?" "How To" "Thing Explainer" Randall Munroe About NPR Guest spot Talk at Google YouTube Appearances MinutePhysics MinutePhysics again Because Science Will Wheaton Wiki "Ready Player One" "What If?" "How To" 3Blue1Brown CGP Grey "Why Do We Ask Questions?" Vsauce Matt Parker  YouTube Humble Pi Thank you so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed/will enjoy XKCD as much as I do and will give it a shot. I go back to those books every once in awhile when I need to feel better. Something about the humor and the out of this world type questions, ease the anxiety I might be feeling. This week's is a little shorter than normal, but I think that's ok given the length of the previous and how important that topic was/still is/will be for the foreseeable future. Please be safe! And wear your masks, wash your hands, and I'll see you next week! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
This is a very different episode for me but I think it's important to ensure that it's covered in some capacity by me Spiderman Protest Artwork Source Black Lives Matter 11 Things You Can Do To Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence  Books about Race & Racism Obama's Way you can help Podcast Episodes About Black Lives Matter Spawn on Me: A Lesson in Blackness Kinda Funny Podcast: Black Lives Matter The Broman Podcast: Black Lives Matter Factually w/Adam Conover: Mass Incarceration, Accountability, & The Wire " ": Do Violent Protests Work? No Dumb Questions: Q&A with an African-American Pastor Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver Police Civil Forfeiture  Police Militarization  Police Accountability  Municipal Violations The Daily Show w/Trevor Noah George Floyd, Minneapolis Police, and Ahmaud Arbery& Amy Cooper America Protests Police Brutality & Systemic Racism Bloomberg and The Legacy of Stop-And-Frisk Parris' Twitter Account Gamertag Radio Talkin' Toons: Dante Basco NFL "Racism Bad" Jon Stewart Race/Off "We Can't Breathe" Baltimore on Fire Charleston Church Shooting Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision There are many more resources you can find. Many more videos and podcasts, books and foundations. For me, these were the ones I found, watched, and listened to. Read and digested. I hope this episode, or at the very least the show notes can help shed some light on why this is such a big, and extremely important topic to cover. No source for Zootopia other than the YouTube video. More important videos deserve the attention. Please be safe, and I'll see you next week. Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! This week it's straight to the point. The Imagination Library has been something so incredible and one I get to enjoy with my daughter each and every time a new book comes in and I think it will be great for you as well. But say your kids, friends, friends kids are too old for this, then what? Don't you worry, I have you covered Persuade You Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram Subreddit Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Website YouTube Audible Stories Persuade You Episode 1 Levar Burton Reads Reading Rainbow YouTube Content Mark Rober 3Blue1Brown Crash Course Crash Course Kids Khan Academy Thanks for listening this week! I really hope you're all doing well and being safe. And that maybe these resources can help you out and those you care about to get back into the swing of things. If you have any other resources you want me to add, please send an email See you next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! How do I sound? Good I hope. Still working on adjusting the settings in little ways here and there to be sure it's peak, but at the very least you won't have to hear every bump of my desk. This week it's all about Cesar Millan's books. Specifically, How to Raise the Perfect Dog and Cesar's Way. The chapters and show notes will be pretty straight forward, with a few added things as resources. Hope you enjoy! Persuade You Social Media Twitter Facebook Page Subreddit Instagram CGP Grey Channel Q&A w/timestamp Cesar Millan How to Raise the Perfect Dog Cesar's Way Link to the Audiobooks Further Resources What is a puppy mill? Missouri Pit Bull Rescue Humane Society  Thank you for listening everyone! I really hope you like the new sound! I'll continue to work on it and make it sound better and hope to keep this upward trajectory going. Please rate/review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your shows. And I'll see you next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! Twenty episodes! WOO! Didn't think we'd make it this far but hey, hey....look at us huh?  Anywho, thank you everyone for being here and helping make the podcast what it is today. Well let's get to it. This week it's all about metal items you should have or at the very least look into using more often. Also special shoutout to Adam Foreman, again, my artist, whom added the special artwork for today only. It's my birthday and I think it's cute Persuade You Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Support links here: Patreon Ko-Fi (if someone could help me pronounce this, I'd be super grateful) Rate and Review it here, which would help a ton Chef Knives Shun 8'  Wusthof 8' Metal Straw Nat. Geo Cigarette Butts article NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) article TAL Water Bottle iPad Stand Tweezers Ologies (Ticks) CDC Tick Removal & Prevention Learn more about my life with alopecia on The Patient Will See You Now Thank you so much everyone for helping get to the big 2-0. Here's hoping for another twenty more! Please like, share, review on whatever podcast service you use. And if you have any questions comments concerns, don't hesitate to email me: Music By; Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! I promise that one of these weeks I will put out the episode that I already have recorded and not change it up! But this week is not the week for that. This week it's all about Marble racing and why it's something you should check out like right meow Persuade You Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Subreddit Jelle's Marble Runs Wiki Fandom r/jellesmarbleruns Twitter Facebook Instagram Tell me you thought I was joking about their TeeSpring Marbula E Race One in Paris Race Two in Seoul Please rate and review wherever you get your podcasts! Apple Podcasts Castbox Podchaser Thanks again to you, the listeners that make this possible! Big shoutout to Shane Ivers for the music and Adam Foreman for the dope artwork! And I'll see you all next week! --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Everyone! A little bit of a shorter episode this week. But I wanted to make sure that it was still around the twenty minute mark. ALSO: it turns out there are multiple different authors of the books. I only listed the one, but depending on book, story, and year, you'll find different authors. That's on me.  Anywho this week it's all about The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again. This wasn't a hard recommendation and a big turn from the seriousness of last weeks episode, so I hope you enjoy! Persuade You Socials Twitter Facebook Page Instagram Subreddit Leave Rates and Reviews Here Please Apple Podcasts Castbox Podchaser The Magic School Bus Magic School Bus Rides Again Audible for Kids Libby audiobook app for Android and iOS Kindle Apple Books Adam Foreman Twitter Instagram XKCD Lucky Ten Thousand Ologies:  Dendrology Educational YouTube Channels Mentioned 3Blue1Brown CGP Grey SmarterEveryDay Thanks for listening everyone! I really hope you like the new artwork for the spin off, as well as the new cover art for the socials. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to send me an email to: See you next week! Music By: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! Another week and another episode. Today I want to recommend filtering your social media, my experience with it, and how I go about using the features included in each platform to give me the most customized home page I can. Even if you choose not to take all of this episode to heart, I hope you'll at the very least find it entertaining. Persuade You Social Media accounts: Facebook Page Instagram Twitter Subreddit Social Media by Casually Explained This Video Will Make You Angry Reddit What is Reddit? Apollo app for iOS Slide for Android Boost for Android Reddit Casually Explained John Green's Favorite Subreddits My Favorite Subreddits: r/aww r/babybigcatgifs r/mademesmile r/tuckedinkitties r/upliftingnews Funny twitter account I follow is called Roxi Horror, so I was close! Ologies Facebook Group Thanks everyone for listening! I really hope you enjoyed this episode. A little more advice leaning but I think it's still a very strong recommendation and I hope you enjoyed all the links. If you enjoyed this, please rate, and review on Podchaser, Apple Podcasts, and share with others. I'll see you all next week! Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hello everyone! This week it's a little different, as this felt to me as more of an advice episode than a straight up recommendation episode. I really wanted to talk about gardening but as it went on, and two recordings later, I decided to just morph it into getting a plant. Plus some tips and tricks that can help you and resources to look for more info. Hope you like it! Persuade You Social Media Facebook page Instagram Twitter Subreddit Xerces Society Milkweed Seed Finder Side Note: I wouldn't have known about the Xerces Society if it weren't for Phil Torres guesting on the Ologies podcast, so special shoutout to him and her. Link to the episode? Glad you asked Ologies: Lepidopterology with Phil Torres Subreddits mentioned: r/gardening r/indoorgarden r/botony r/houseplants r/orchids r/watchplantsgrow I really hope you enjoyed the episode! And go get yourself some flowers! You deserve them. Also please like and subscribe, and rate in whatever podcast player of choice you have. I'll see you next week! Music by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! This was supposed to come out last week, but some things got in the way but I'll try to make it up to you. This episode though is all about Horizon Zero Dawn and why it's a 10/10 game you should most definitely check out Trailers E3 2016 trailer Launch Trailer Expansion Trailer Horizon Zero Dawn IMDB Steam Link Wikipedia Page r/horizon subreddit  Spoiler Post game cutscene Thanks for listening! I really hope you enjoyed this! Also we have a Facebook Page and Group now, to go along with the Twitter. So if you want to talk about your favorite episodes, link to other things I forgot, or give general feedback, you can find it there now! Links of course, right here:  Twitter Facebook Group Facebook Page Music By: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! This is the first episode of Persuade Me where periodically I'm going to have guests on to convince me, to check something out that they're recommending. It won't be an all the time thing, and you will still be getting the episodes week to week from me, but I think this will add a fun new element to the show. For this first episode, I chose Greg from the Fandummies podcast  FanDummies Website Twitter Facebook Overcast Brooklyn Nine-Nine Wikipedia Hulu NBC Aforementioned Funny Moments Red Bowler Hat Halloween Heists Thank you everyone for listening, I'm hoping to do more of these special episodes in the future. Hope you all enjoyed it and I'll see you next week Music by: Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! I'm back with the second half of the bluetooth headphones episode which I promised. This week did somewhat devolve into more of a gaming headset talk but the headphones recommended here still have my full backing as the best. For the things they do extremely well. As usual all links can be found below and thanks for listening! Sony WH-1000XM3 Level 1 Headphones  Playstation Platinum Astro A50s V-Moda Crossfade M100s But Stephen, have any prominent YouTuber's you know, reviewed the above headphones?  UrAvgConsumer Playstation Platinum: Dope or Nope Astro A50s: Dope or Nope MKBHD Sony WH-1000XM3 Thankyou everyone for listening and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions comments concerns, you can find the twitter account for me @PersuadePod! I'll see you next week! Music is by Shane Ivers --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! Working on Part 2 of the headphones episode, but in the meantime this one is here to tide you over. This week we're doing the first TV Show recommendation. My Hero Academia. I hope you enjoy it! My Smash Academia  Part 1 Part 2 Where to watch? Site I go to Hulu Crunchyroll Funimation Not too many show notes for this one. If I forgot any please let me know and I'll edit them ASAP. Thanks for listening and I'll see you next week! --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! Welcome to the new phase of Persuade You marked by the wonderful artwork as brought to you. by Adam Foreman. Feel free to send in your feedback or send him an email if you have an idea for your own project. This week was all about (mainly) in ear bluetooth headphones, why I'm such a fan, and which ones would be right for you. Hope you enjoy! Artwork by Adam Foreman Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Apple AirPods AirPods Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds Galaxy Buds + Sony  WF-1000XM3 WH-1000XM3 UrAvgConsumer showdown video  DMV Website Music by: Shane Ivers Thanks for listening! I'm already working on part two though I doubt that will be what comes out next week. I'm too excited about that one. But part two will be just as fun! I'll see you next week! --- Send in a voice message:
Hello Everyone! Congrats, thanks to your listens and push for more episodes, here is the big 1-0! And for this one I wanted to do an episode on a series that's very near and dear to my heart. The Dresden Files. This series to be quite honest, is made only better by the performance given by James Marsters but without him is still a masterpiece of writing. I hope you enjoy! Also included will be all the links to the guest appearance I did on The Patient Will See You Now with Doctor Robert Bednarz The Patient Will See You Now  Email Facebook Twitter Instagram Podbean The Dresden Files Audible Amazon The Dresden Files Creation Story as told by Jim If that link doesn't start when it should, skip to 6:48 Jim Butcher's Website r/dresdenfiles Thanks for listening! New Episodes every week! I really want to thank Dr. Robert for having me on the show. It was a lot of fun and what's more, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation tweeted out the episode and linked it to their Facebook. So while I'm fairly confident they'll never read down this far or see this, I really appreciate what they did. And I want to thank all of you for letting me do this and to continue listening. Next week's episode is already slotted and ready to go! See you then! --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 9: Lo-Fi

Episode 9: Lo-Fi


Hey everyone! Another week, and another few recommendations coming your way. This week it's all about what Lo-Fi music is, and why I'm having it as it's own full episode. And of course, no episode would be complete without the artists that I find easiest to get into. So below you'll find links to those artists. Enjoy!  Cow Chilled Milk Spotify Apple Music YouTube Kn1ght Spotify Apple Music YouTube Timecop1983 Spotify Apple Music YouTube FM Attack-Dreamer Spotify Apple Music  YouTube Pascal Letboulon-Friendships Spotify Apple Music YouTube Link for the moonwalking, because of course you want to see it Hope you all enjoyed this weeks episode and you're able to find one of the above artists to your liking! I'll see you guys next week. Intro music was made by Shane Ivers and the song title is La Pompe du Trompe --- Send in a voice message:
Hey everyone! New week, and another recommendation. This week I'm going with an easy pick, Into the Spider-verse. I go over why it's awesome, why it was revolutionary, and why (if you haven't already) you need to see it CinemaWins IMDB of the movie Sequel's in the works article How It Should Have Ended Spiderverse Spiderverse beating pixar Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 7: Therapy

Episode 7: Therapy


Hey everyone! This week I go over therapy as the recommendation, my journey to being healthy mentally, and why I think it's a good fit for many people. Below I'm going to link a couple things I mentioned in the episode but also some resources some of you might find useful Turtles All The Way Down by John Green Tweet that was mentioned Resources some might find useful:  Suicide Prevention Hotline Veteran's Crisis Line r/aww subreddit ( I included this one because sometimes you don't want to talk, sometimes you just want to see cute pictures) I hope you all enjoyed this one, thanks for listening! Music is by Shane Ivers "La Pompe Du Trompe --- Send in a voice message:
As promised, in this episode with the help of a few friends, and some digging I give you my list of more generalized apps that I think are worth your time to download or use over the stock apps Carrot Weather Boost for Reddit The subreddit I mentioned  Fenix 2 Google Apps Gmail YouTube Google Maps Pocket Casts Accidental Tech Podcast-Not the link to the specific episode that I mentioned, but the podcast in general Discord WhatsApp Spotify Thank you for listening!  --- Send in a voice message:
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Daria L. convinced me. I used this months credit on the first book. I will say I watched the series and loved it. I might even have the first book around here somewhere, but I never thought to pick it up on Audible. Great recommendation. I think I was worried that the narration would put me off. Now that I know it is the same guy...i'm sold.

Jun 26th
Reply (2)


Good episode, but I think LoFi hip hop is better because it has better order in music.

Jun 7th
Reply (1)

Erin Byrd Brown

I've known Stephen for several years now and we've trading book, movie, and comic recommendations. When he got into podcasts he kept recommending them to me, but I just couldn't get into them. Not my thing and that's fine. All that background to say, he finally persuaded me! He knows I also love plants so he sent me the plant episode and with some gentle nudging I finally listened. And loved it! I like that the episodes are short and interesting. Not a lot of down time or tangents (one reason I can't get into podcasts). Stephen has a great voice for it and is genuinely just trying to peruade you to try something he finds interesting. The show is wholesome, fun distraction from our current situation. 10/10 would recommend!

May 17th

Heather Tidmore

I absolutely love this podcast so far! They're fun, quick little episodes that I can easily get in on a drive to work or when I do things around the house. It's great hearing about things I'm actually interested in. Definitely a must listen to. Ps. The plants episode is my fav🌻

Apr 21st
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Greg K

I keep hearing about this movie A beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. I had no idea I was a book. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jan 3rd
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