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Phantom Faction Podcast - paranormal

Author: Danny B

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A podcast to guide, inform, assist , and educate, anyone interested in the paranormal.

Hosted by Dan, Raechel, and Danny
music by Kevin McLeod
announcer Mike B.
104 Episodes
Dan Danny and Rachel, welcome Rachel and Alison of the Paranormal Seekers, a grouped based out of Oshawa Ontario, that specializes in Historic Locations and after life Awareness.Hosts : Dan Danny and RaechelGuests: Paranormal Seekers Rachel and AlisonMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouner: Mike B
episode 100- John Returns!

episode 100- John Returns!


Celebrating our 100th episode Co-founder and former co-host of Phantom Faction Podcast John, returns as Dan, Danny and Raechel's guest. John discusses his departure from the pod, why it was needed, what happened post pod, and some cryptid adventures. Tony also joins the pod for the 100th celebration!Hosts: Dan, Danny, Rachel, and TonyGuest: JohnMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny, and Raechel welome Catherine Rogers, a psychic intuitive and paranomal investigator in Edmonton Alberta. Catherine shares her stories and knowledge in these fields.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Catherine Rogers, Oracle IntuitionsMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Elliot Van Dusen of the Paranormal Phenomena Research and Investigation of Canada join us. A former RCMP officer now Investingatn the Paranormal.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Elliot Van Dusen - ppri.netMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Raechel and guest Host Tony welcome Author, Gettysbug Historian, Mark Nesbitt, and discuss various Paranomal phenomenom in Gettysburg P.A.Hosts: Dan and RaechelGuest Host: TonyGuest: Mark Nesbitt ghostsofgettysburg.comMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
TV host, award winning educator, paranormal researcher, and inspirational speaker Morgan Knudson join Dan, Danny, and Raechel. Hosts: Dan, Danny, and RaechelGuest: Morgan KnudsonMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Author Joel A Sutherland joins Hosts Dan, Danny and Raechel. Joel is the Author of the Haunted Canada series of books, among other books on the paranormal.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Joel A. SutherlandMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
30 year police officer Onil joins Dan, Danny and Rachel and discusses his encounters and research into BigfootHosts: Dan, Danny and ReachelGuest: OnilMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike Bsee Phantom Faction Podcast on Facebook and Instagram
Dan Danny and Raechel, talk with Guest Betina Moss, about her Dogman encounters and researchHosts: Dan, Danny, and RaechelMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike BGuest: Bettina Moss Facebook Group - Cryptonormal Encounters with B Moss
Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome back Michelle Desrocher. Michelle discusses her experiences in Remote Veiwing among many other thoughts on paranomal, cryptology, aliens and moreHosts: Raechel Dan, and DannyGuest: Michelle DesrocherMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
episode 91-roundtable

episode 91-roundtable


Dan,Danny, and Raechel are the hosts and the Guests.Discussions on past shows, ongoing investigation updates, and some new experiences.Hosts: Dan Danny and RaechelMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike Bsee Phantom Faction on Facebook and Instagram
Dan, Danny, and Raechel, welcome Kewaunee Lapseritis, author of Two books on his communication with Sasquatch People and ET's.Hosts: Rachel, Dan and DannyGuest: Kewaunee Lapseritis - sasquatchpeople.comMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny, and Raechel welcome Kiera Winters, a Psychic, empath, who shares her knowlege and paranormal experiences.Host: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Kiera T. WintersMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike BSponsor: Rampage Coffee
Rachel, Dan and Danny welcome Alysa Bartha North Star Mystic. She loves to use all of her Virgo / Aquarius fueled superpowers as an astrologer, veteran tarot reader, reiki master and mystic to help people grow, heal and take on the world.Hosts : Raechel Dan, and DannyGuest: Alysa Bartha North Star MysticMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, Danny and Raechel welcome Tina Hardt who discusses, Cartomany, Divination, Shadowmancy, and Casting Charms.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Tina HardtMusic: Kevin McleodAnnouncer: Mike BSee Phantom Faction on Facebook
Dan, Raechel and Danny talk to Brennan Storr author of "A Strange Little Place: The Hauntings and Unexplained Events of One Small Town," and podcast host of the Ghost Story Guys.Hosts: Dan Raechel and DannyGuest: Brennan StorrMusic :Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike BSponsor: Rampage Coffee
Dan, Danny And Raechel welcome Bill J Bean. Bill Bean is a world renowned Exorcist / Spiritual Deliverance Minister, and is known as 'The Spiritual Warrior.' He's also an internationally known author, lecturer and paranormal / supernatural expert. Bill shares his Journey from a four year old boy in a Demonic spirit haunted home to helping others with similar experiences.Hosts: Dan Danny and RaechelGuest: Bill J BeanMusic: Kevin McleodAnnouncer Mike B.Sponsor: Rampage Coffee
Dan Danny and Raechel welcome spiritual medium Mary-Anne Kennedy. Mary-Anne talks about her experiences through mediumship, her how too book, classes, and tv show.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Mary-Anne KennedyMusic: Kevin McleodAnnouncer: Mike B.see Phantom Faction on Facebook and Instagram
Dan, Danny and Raechel Welcome Bob Cranmer, author of The Demon of Brownsville Road. A true account of his family's battle with evil in their home.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RaechelGuest: Bob CranmerMusic: Kevin McleodAnnouncer: Mike BSponsor: Rampage Coffeesee Phantom Faction on Facebook
Dan Danny and Rachel welcome Tom Barker of C.O.P.S -Celestial Oddities Para Seekers out of Pennsylvania.Tom shares his experiences and views from previous investigations.THEN Dan Danny and Rachel discuss some pre investigation findings at a former conservation area pond known for some drownings.Hosts: Dan, Danny and RachelGuest: Tom Barker of C.O.P.SMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike BSPONSOR: Rampage Coffee (use the code word Phantom when ordering)See Phantom Faction on Facebook and Instagram
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Tony Harris

Another Great show!

Feb 10th

Johnny Cold

Love the stories you guys tell. Keep it up!

Feb 6th

Wes Coleman

Hi there everyone. Wes Coleman here from C.O.P.S. Just wanted to make a couple "corrections" to my podcast. Inmate Lockhart actually covered himself in Turpentine he took from the paint shop at the prison, not butter. And the jail in Edinburgh was Covenentors Prison not Bolventor. I am getting old and getting names mixed up! lol. Anyway, thanks for listening!

Oct 1st
Reply (1)

Tony Harris

Another great show!

Sep 12th

Sam Beckett

Love the show! You guys are great, keep it up!

May 5th

Carol McK

one of my top three favorites!

Feb 17th

Charles Lloyd

Entertaining and informative podcast, with some nice humor thrown in. Keep them coming!

Dec 22nd

chris odonnell

listened to all of them now and I really love this podcast.. even heard your call to jim harold. you chaps, jim Harold, astonishing legends and graveyard tales rule. Love having you in my little world.

Dec 3rd

chris odonnell

good podcast..well done. look forward to listening to all of them.

Oct 30th

William Gebhard

I love these guys, came from Jim Harold and definitely stayed. Every time I get notifications for a new episode I listen immediately

Sep 17th


You guys have a killer podcast. The stories are fascinating and you share great chemistry/ sense of humor. Also, thanks for coming on the Belief Hole podcast, John! Your story was awesome and also terrifying :) It was an honor to have you. Keep up the great work!

Aug 27th

Deanna Dias Harris

Awesome pod casts really enjoyed them can’t wait for more!!

Jul 10th

Lisa Reay

So interesting. I can hardly wait for the next podcast!

Jun 17th

Tony Harris

great podcast.

Jun 7th
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