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Phantom Faction Podcast - paranormal

Phantom Faction Podcast - paranormal

Author: Danny B

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A podcast to guide, inform, assist , and educate, anyone interested in the paranormal.

Hosted by Dan, John, and Danny
music by Kevin McLeod
announcer Mike B.
56 Episodes
pfp episode 53- Fan Alex

pfp episode 53- Fan Alex


Hosts: Dan and Danny welcome Alex from Guelph , who is a fan of the podacast, Alex shares his experiences, speaks about pendulums, and Ouiji boards.NOTE: Listen to the EVP when we take or break about 30 minutes in. we did have some chatter in the background from the Dance studio lobby, but in editing you can hear a very clear whisper (sounds to me like: What Now?)Hosts: Dan and DannyGuest: AlexMusic: KevinMcLeodAnncr: Mike B
Your Trio of Hosts get together with Amy Bue , a Big Foot Investigator based in Ohio. Amy discusses her experience, her organizations, the investigations and even a ghost story!Hosts: Dan, John and DannyGuest: Amy BueMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
Your Trio of Hosts talk to Linda Hastreite of the Iron Island Museum in Buffalo New York. Linda has plenty of stories to tell about this former church & funeral home. Dan also updates us on his book and future publications.Hosts: Dan John, and DannyMusic by Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Hosts, Dan and Danny discuss a symbol found in a home in during a peliminary investagation. Plus listener turned guest Amie speaks of her many experiences.Caution: LanguageHosts: Dan and DannyGuest: AmieMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan, John and Danny welcome Psychic Medium Kerrilynn Shellhorn. Kerrilynn shares some insight on being psychic, and many stories and of course a few laughs with the trio. Hosts: Dan, John, DannyGuest: Kerrilynn ShellhornMusic: Kevin McLeodAnncr: Mike B
Dan and Danny welcome Wes from C.O.P.S. Correctional Officers Paranormal Society. A specialized Paranormal team that investigates Jails, Prisons, Institutions and more!Hosts: Danny, DanMusic: Kevin McLeodAnncr: Mike B
Dan and Danny hit the road to take a "Haunted Walk" Tour of Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. Our Guest is Tour Guide Basel who shares some of the stories on the walks in the Village and downtown TorontoHosts: Dan and DannyGuest: Haunted Walks Host BaselMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.
The Trio of Host are Together, John returns with some Summer experiences and answers the question why he seems to experience more than Dan and Danny. Danny shares some info of haunting at a former home of a releative, revealed at a cousin's reunion.Hosts: Dan John and DannyMusic - Kevin McLeodannouncer - Mike B.
Host Danny And Dan discuss some workplace hauntings, Vacation experiences, Deja Vu for Danny, and Dan shares a personal story with a vision.Hosts: Dan and DannyMusic : Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Your Trio of Hosts welcome Lynda Quirino the Founder and Director of the Georgina Paranormal Society, and a“Paranormal Expert” on the T&E television series, “Paranormal Survivor”.Hosts - Dan John DannyMusic - Kevin McLeodAnnouncer - Mike B
The Trio of Hosts welcome Jamie to this episode sharing his story on an encounter with the Little people of the Forest and his Bigfoot enconters.Hosts - Dan John and DannyGuest : JamieMusic:: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer - Mike B
Your Trio of Hosts Dan, John, and Danny are back at the microphone after a brief break. This episode has the trio explaining their absence, a chat on death, and life after death. Dan and John help a family in Portugal. Also a visit from a spirit while recording, check out 53:52 Hosts: Dan, John, DannyMusic: Kevin McLeodeditor: DannyAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan John and Danny welcome Richard Ryder, host of Out Tv's Knock Knock Ghost. Richard discusses the show and experiences, as well as his Stand up Comedy. In Part 2 Dan and John review and speak of their appearance on Paranormal Survivor.Hosts: Dan John and DannyMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike Bproducer/editor: Danny
pfp-episode 40 mish mash

pfp-episode 40 mish mash


Host Dan, John and Danny discuss a mish mash of subjects, including Bear or Bigfoot, and Hypnotism.Hosts - Dan John, and DannyMusic - Kevin McLeodAnnouncer - Mike BAudience - You
pfp-episode 39 Shock Stock

pfp-episode 39 Shock Stock


Host Dan and Danny took a road Trip to Shock Stock 2019 in London Ontario. We asked patrons, volunteers and celebrities for their Ghost stories. Guests include David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown in the movie Terrifier) and the Monsters of Shlock -Orbax and Pepper.Hosts: Dan and DannyMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnoucer: Mike B.
Hosts, Dan, John, and Danny welcome Author Mark Leslie who has authored many books on the paranormal, including his latest Haunted Hospitals. Listen for your chance to win a signed copy.Hosts: Dan John and DannyGuest: Author Mark LeslieMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B
Dan And Danny Welcome guest Tarot reader Shelley Carter. Shelley gives us the history of Tarot, a reading for Dan and Danny and an event in Elora.Hosts: Dan and DannyMusic:: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike Beditor: Danny
Dan, John, and Danny welcome Author and Paranormal Investigator Peter J Roe. Peter is a member of The Searcher Group which is Canada's Oldest and possibly first paranormal group. Peter shares his experiences from his book and beyond. We also have a spirit visiting during the recording setting off Peter's K2.Hosts: Dan John and DannyMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike BProducer: Danny
John brings you another Phantom Fix, some bonus material allowing listeners to get their Phantom Fix. This Fix John tells a true tale of a family that reached out for help.
Host Danny and Dan discuss paranormal and religion, a couple of books with two different views on Exorcism.Hosts: Dan and DannyMusic: Kevin McLeodAnnouncer: Mike B.editor: Danny
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Wes Coleman

Hi there everyone. Wes Coleman here from C.O.P.S. Just wanted to make a couple "corrections" to my podcast. Inmate Lockhart actually covered himself in Turpentine he took from the paint shop at the prison, not butter. And the jail in Edinburgh was Covenentors Prison not Bolventor. I am getting old and getting names mixed up! lol. Anyway, thanks for listening!

Oct 1st
Reply (1)

Tony Harris

Another great show!

Sep 12th

Sam Beckett

Love the show! You guys are great, keep it up!

May 5th

Carol McK

one of my top three favorites!

Feb 17th

Charles Lloyd

Entertaining and informative podcast, with some nice humor thrown in. Keep them coming!

Dec 22nd

chris odonnell

listened to all of them now and I really love this podcast.. even heard your call to jim harold. you chaps, jim Harold, astonishing legends and graveyard tales rule. Love having you in my little world.

Dec 3rd

chris odonnell

good podcast..well done. look forward to listening to all of them.

Oct 30th

William Gebhard

I love these guys, came from Jim Harold and definitely stayed. Every time I get notifications for a new episode I listen immediately

Sep 17th


You guys have a killer podcast. The stories are fascinating and you share great chemistry/ sense of humor. Also, thanks for coming on the Belief Hole podcast, John! Your story was awesome and also terrifying :) It was an honor to have you. Keep up the great work!

Aug 27th

Deanna Dias Harris

Awesome pod casts really enjoyed them can’t wait for more!!

Jul 10th

Lisa Reay

So interesting. I can hardly wait for the next podcast!

Jun 17th

Tony Harris

great podcast.

Jun 7th
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