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Are UFO's real? Do Extra Terrestrials exist? Thousands of people around the world are having experiences and sightings that could help answer those questions soon. Many feel they do exist, but these Galactic Beings may be much different than the "Little Green Men" Hollywood portrays in the movies. Are they here to help us? MUFON Investigator Sev Tok talks about E.T. experiences, consciousness and making contact on this episode of the Phantom Radio Podcast. Sev's Website: Sev's Book:  "You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens" MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)  --- Support this podcast:
I've been fascinated with Meteorites since I was a kid.. Looking up in the night sky for hours watching a Meteor Shower. Space Rocks are very rare, over 4.5 Billion years old & very valuable. I can't think of anyone else on the planet to talk about Meteorites with. He's a Meteorite Hunter, Science Writer, Emmy Award Winner & Co-Host of the award winning TV show "Meteorite Men". Geoff Notkin hangs out & talks about Treasure from Space on this week's episode of the Phantom Radio Podcast. Aerolite Meteorites: Geoff's Book: How To Find Treasure From Space Meteorite Men: Episode 1 --- Support this podcast:
Many have said that the 21st century is a time when we will experience a large-scale evolution and transformation in humanity’s consciousness. Some recent signs and data show that the Earth's energetic frequency is currently rising which could cause a shift in human consciousness. It is possible we are in the process of shifting from a civilization based primarily in material interests to one based in spiritual values. As we carry out this consciousness shift, will we awaken and revive the divine spark that resides within each and every human being? --- Support this podcast:
Dream Expert, NYC Clinical Psychologist and Fantasy Fiction Writer Dr. Susan Plunket calls in to talk about the world of dreams. What is a dream? Why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? Where do we go when we dream? It is a fascinating subject for all of us. We also talk about her new book "The Wanderers on Earth", which is book #2 in the trilogy following "Mission From Venus". Her very first book, "When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer", reflects her interests in Jungian dream analysis.  Learn more and find her books on her website --- Support this podcast:
2021 Predictions??

2021 Predictions??


2020 is about to be behind us.. What a long strange trip it's been! We learned 2020 was unpredictable. So we're not going to try and make any specific predictions for 2021. Okay.. maybe we have a couple of thoughts about it.  --- Support this podcast:
Renn talks with Dr. George Pratt about the conscious mind vs the subconscious mind and how to heal the emotional traumas that we all carry deep within us.  Dr. Pratt is a Clinical Psychologist and Best Selling Author from La Jolla, CA with over 30 years of experience, He has worked with many professional athletes, musicians and celebrities around the world and specializes in helping people resolve emotional blocks through mind-body techniques, hypnosis and performance enhancement.   For more information about his books, sessions or meditations, visit his website below. Download his Free Relaxation Meditation --- Support this podcast:
Matter Of Thought..

Matter Of Thought..


What actually happens when you begin to consciously change your ways of thinking? You move from all of the chaos that once filled your mind to feeling more joy and gratitude and love in your heart. You begin to feel like yourself, your true self for the first time in a long time. You start to fall in love with life again. It is in this state of mind, this state of being.. where you can create the life that You want. But it doesn’t matter what I think. It Matters what You think.  Matter.. is what You think. Got it..?  --- Support this podcast:
Be Still..

Be Still..

2020-11-1720:06 is in the stillness that you can connect with your heart, your soul, your true self. --- Support this podcast:
Imagine for a moment strapping a Go Pro to your head.. and recording every single thing you do, everything you say, every moment of your entire life. Well.. we may already do that and not even realize it. It’s called the Akashic Records. Also known as the Book of Life. Its kind of like the Universe’s own cloud storage filled with knowledge. It is a record of all the information for every person, every soul who has ever been.. and all of the knowledge that has ever existed. We may even be able to access our Akashic Records and find out that age old question of Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? Did they really see me do that thing in Cancun when I was 21? Haha Hey.. I’m curious. I've  got questions. International best selling author Lisa Barnett is an expert on the Akashic Records and let me tell you.. what she does.. is fascinating. She shares her experiences and knowledge on this fascinating topic as well as her connection with the Akashic Records Keepers. We’ll talk to her on this week’s episode of the Phantom Radio Podcast.  Learn more about her work and shared knowledge on her website:  --- Support this podcast:
Do you remember the Berenstein Bears? What about Jiffy peanut butter? Who can forget famous movie quotes like, "If you build it, They will come." or "Life is like a box of chocolates.." How about "Mirror Mirror on the wall.. Who's the fairest of them all?"  None of those things ever existed.. Or did they? Physicist and Best Selling Author Cynthia Sue Larson (the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, BBC) discusses The Mandela Effect and the possibility that we may have shifted into a parallel reality. Quantum Physics is even beginning to explain what could be happening. Is there a glitch in the Matrix?  --- Support this podcast:
Mishiah Crute (Mishiah Crute Yoga) joins Renn in the studio to discuss ego, anxiety and fear during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to shift your mindset to open up the peace, joy and gratitude within yourself through mindfulness and meditation.   --- Support this podcast:
With COVID-19 in our neighborhoods, Allergy Season is making people Really Paranoid. WCNC Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich calls in and eases those fears as well as gives us some advice on the best way be smart and stay safe when wanting to go out and enjoy the warm weather this weekend. Opening Day for Major League Baseball came and went without a single pitch, but we'll talk to a Los Angeles Angels Pitcher to see if we'll get to see any baseball games this year as well as how he and his team are staying safe while they continue to train for the hopeful start of the season.    --- Support this podcast:
Things we have learned during the Coronavirus pandemic.. Tiger King is not the new White Claw. The value of Toilet Paper is stronger than the American Dollar. And the Nurses and Doctors on the front lines in the hospitals are the Real Heroes. We talked to a Nurse at one of the busiest COVID-19 hospitals in NYC to get her perspective on the severity of this virus, who it is affecting and how she feels about being on the front lines in this vulnerable time. She, like her colleagues around the country, are very special people. They are the Heroes.  --- Support this podcast:
There is now an official "Shelter in Place" Order here in Charlotte that 'could' come with a fine or jail time for those who violate it. It is for everyone's safety but many are confused and unclear on what that means. Renn takes calls from around the country on the "Tan Line":  704-TAN-LINE (704-826-5463) If you are hungry and not sure how to handle it, we have a list of local Charlotte restaurants who are still open and offering pick-up and/or delivery. Now go wash your hands and stop touching your face! --- Support this podcast:
Thanks to Social Distancing and the Shelter In Place order, we're all stuck inside until they let us know which Hunger Games District we are in. Renn takes calls from around the country to see how everyone is doing. Call the "Tan Line" 704-TAN-LINE (704-826-5463) and let us know how your Social Distancing is going. But please wash your hands first. --- Support this podcast:
Comedian Shaun Jones

Comedian Shaun Jones


The Brilliant and Funny Comedian Shaun Jones stopped by the Radio Charlotte studio to talk about life, comedy and his special Valentines weekend shows at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte.  @ComicShaunJones  Comedy Zone Tickets --- Support this podcast:
It's Palmer!

It's Palmer!


Palmer from 106.5 The End here in Charlotte stopped by with her Fiance Jeremy. We talked about their viral video (over 5 million views), how she got into radio and why her Cat is her best friend.  @Palmer_Radio Palmer's Video --- Support this podcast:
Mishiah Crute hangs out in the studio and talks about Yoga, Mindfulness & the Journey of Life. --- Support this podcast:
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dickerson and Associates are donating $5 for Every FREE quote they give to the American Cancer Society in that person's name. Jaila Dickerson, Que Massey and James "The NC Lux" were in the studio talking about their cause to help raise money and talking about their events this month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness with Making Strides Charlotte. --- Support this podcast:
Kaska Sun

Kaska Sun


Local Charlotte band Kaska Sun stops by the Radio Charlotte studio with Jenna Gribble to talk about the Charlotte Music Scene, their new EP "Title Fight" & Crock Pots. --- Support this podcast:
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