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Each of the four contributors picked a different poem to read and discuss for this episode.  The poems we picked are listed below.  Also below are links to the poems and the starting point for each segment. Emily Dickinson, "The Brain is Wider Than the Sky" - 2:35 Charles Baudelaire, "The Albatross" - 13:05 Elizabeth Bishop, "The Art of Losing" - 29:45 Lord Byron, "Darkness" - 40:38
We’re looking for people to come join the show as regular contributors to the Phi Fic podcast.  The idea of the show is to discuss literature from a philosophical perspective.  I will be handling all the back-end work and costs associated with running the show, so you can focus on the readings and contributing to our discussion.  We’re hosted on the website for the Partially Examined life, and we usually get over a thousand listeners per episode, so this is a great opportunity to get your voice out there.  You’ll also have a say in deciding what we read.  If you’re interested in joining us, please contact me at the email address           --Daniel
Cezary Baraniecki, Laura Davis-Chanin, Nathaniel Hanks, Daniel Johnson, and Jennifer Tejada discuss the novel.
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Joshua Walcott Mason

A shame about audio quality =(. But lol at the guy who tried to relate everything to Marx, poor dude

Nov 2nd

Shakr Hadi

Please do an episode about democracy in America in the light of the recent events..

Jan 20th

Norman Veens

at minute 50, I don't know who did that little excerpt, but to me it felt like an epiphany!

Oct 11th

Zainab Zaidi

losing hope is all freedom

Oct 1st


I’ve been a listener and a fan for years now, clocking at well over 100 hours with Mark, Seth, Dylan and Wes. While the conversational approach takes away some of the structure and organization you could find in a top-down lesson-style approach, it’s way more engaging, fun and varied. Each of the 4 team member is brilliant and brings his own set of specific topics of expertise and predilection. Thanks for this fantastic podcast!

Sep 18th

Philly Burbs

without closed captioning, most would be lost. Watched 3x. each time picked up something new. this is more than rap & hip hop. it's 50's do wap & Caribbean from the 1970s. I saw a study of this, music & musicals on YouTube they break down each song & part. look for it. watch it worth it.

Aug 7th

Valente Pozas Sr.

To the two pastors... to question your faith is not dangerous... it may actually strengthen it.... something we should never take for great... I was raised southern Baptist and accepted Christ at age 7 and 60 years later ... I still dig into the good word to learn and to strengthen my faith. Valente Pozas 781.234.8843

Apr 12th

Brad Pasbjerg

The content is great, using it on this platform is awful for going through all episodes since you only get previews. I have paid for the monthly subscription, but this is my preferred way of listening which turns me off to the podcast.

Apr 9th


Awesome subject, poor sound quality

Jan 26th

Bharath T

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Gotta agree with Plato/Socrates on this one. Sure, putting your life on the line for such an ideal sounds stupid,but considering the mindset of most of the people back then it almost makes Socrates a romantic hero. People didn't start questioning the authoritative beliefs. almost everyone from the past 3-4 generations probably started questioning the existing social fashions and having philosophical conversations. Makes me wonder if Socrates had been born in our generation with the same traits as he did, would he be so iconic a figure? To sum it up, Socrates was an asshole of a person considering his failure to serve those he needed him But also a romantic hero for going out flipping the finger to the authority. Loved the episode. Most other philosophical podcasts seem to have a one dimensional opinion on Socrates. You guys put a lot on the table. Cheers!

Jan 23rd

Pat Maloney

Now im interested in reading Chekhov. And the podcasts of course.

Apr 20th

Andrew Oliver

There were no seatbelts in Camus' time.

Mar 26th

Nuage Laboratoire


Jan 28th
Reply (2)

Ambient Cello

me too

Apr 4th

Ezra Fickov

favorite 😸

Mar 10th
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