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Phoebe's Fall

Author: The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

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A major investigation by The Age newsroom in Melbourne, Australia, into the death of Phoebe Handsjuk, who was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a luxury apartment building.
17 Episodes
John Silvester, Australia’s longest-serving crime reporter, will take you on a journey through his 40 years of dealing with the nation’s most dangerous criminals. Subscribe now and get all the episodes straight to your device the minute they are published.
When a dead body and bags of heroin washed up on the southern coast of Australia, a dark tale began to unfold... Richard Baker tells the story of The Last Voyage of the Pong Su in a new podcast from The Age & Sydney Morning Herald. Subscribe now - iTunes, Spotify,Google Podcasts,RSS - and look out for episode 1 on October 8, 2019.
A new podcast from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, cutting through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation. Search 'Please Explain' on iTunes now to subscribe.
Wrong Skin: a relationship banned under traditional law. A new podcast from Richard Baker at The Age, Melbourne, investigating an unsolved, suspicious death and a missing person in the Australian outback. Click the link or search 'Wrong Skin' to subscribe.
Victorian Government announces reforms to Coroner's Act and Phobe's grandfather Lorne responds.
The Victorian Government has announced a review of the Coroner's Act amid widespread public concern about the inquest into Phoebe Handsjuk's garbage chute death.
We dissect the coroner's finding in Phoebe's case, raising serious questions about his conclusion and the methods he used to reach it. We examine the consequences of challenging a poor finding. And we reveal the Facebook post that prompted this podcast.
Seven months after Phoebe Handsjuk died, forensic scientists found a piece of paper in the pocket of the jeans she was wearing when she died. Whose number was it? And what did it mean?
Phoebe is remembered by her friends and family. We chronicle the competing memorials and funerals. And we journey to the shores of her Viking farewell.
We explore the difficulties of establishing Phoebe's time of death, and a debate between police and doctors over the value of trying to estimate when somebody has died.
Episode 4: Policework

Episode 4: Policework


We explore Phoebe's tumultuous last week and examine what she and her partner, Ant Hampel, did on her final day. Then we put the blowtorch to failings and omissions in the police investigation following her death, and the early conclusion that it was a suicide.
Our investigative journalists Richard Baker and Michael Bachelard report back on the tip-offs we've received and the political developments triggered by Phoebe's Fall since we launched.
Episode 3: A Secret Tape

Episode 3: A Secret Tape


Examines the state of Phoebe's mind and the relationship that dominated her life at the time of her death. We find evidence that she was planning to leave her partner, Ant Hampel. And we play audio of a secret recording made by Phoebe's mother of Ant's reaction to her death.
Episode 2: The Chute

Episode 2: The Chute


We walk through the final hours of Phoebe Handsjuk's life, challenge the plausibility of the coroner's findings, and examine the gruesome mechanics of her death in a chilling re-enactment. We also hear from a leading forensic pathologist whom we commissioned to review the evidence.
Starts with the mysterious and gruesome death of 24yo Phoebe Handsjuk and the open possibilities that it was either murder, suicide or a tragic accident. Then it steps back to hear from Phoebe herself and then her friends and family describe her many traits; her beauty, her art, her physical strength, her appetite for drugs and booze, her obsessions with forbidden men.
A major investigation by The Age newsroom in Melbourne, Australia, into the death of Phoebe Handsjuk, who was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a luxury apartment building.
A new podcast series from The Age, Melbourne, Australia.
Comments (24)

Monnie Moores

Has anyone called the number?.....

Jul 25th

Nikki Withers

keeps stopping grrrr

May 16th

Vamsi _Hasta_ Ampolu

Wierd podcast, it has only one focus, the boyfriend. it's very strange that everything and everyone else is taken at face value but everything about him has to be questioned. Not saying he is innocent.

Apr 23rd

Lottie May

So sad that such a bright star has been snuffed out. It was obvious that her sadness stemmed from her voice being stifled and therefore living the life she was meant to. Can't help wondering and believing though if Antony's family weren't who they were that this would possibly not be necessary! Way too may things have been lost or are so questionable that it's almost unbelievable including such a poor poor investigation, I thought that the point of an investigation was to investigate...It's awfully hard to be impartial if the decision has already been made. This whole thing screams of influence applied for all the wrong reasons. I really hope that the truth comes out about everything , for Pheobe's family but especially for Pheobe, it seems to me that she deserves at least that much from the judiciary.

Jul 2nd

Alison Wonderland

another girlfriend of Phoebe's boyfriend has been found dead just recently also under suspicious circumstances 🧐

Jun 30th

Marilyn Caine

Great podcast, lots of mystery surrounding this tragedy. Loved how you included Phoebe's poetry, she really had talent

May 17th

Tara Lacey

very sad, but great podcast so far

May 5th

Linh Nguyen

I appreciate this podcast for bringing this story to light... But I can't help but get the feeling that the presenters were avoiding discussing the hampel family...seems like the family is untouchable.... Disappointed to the nth degree with that.

Mar 7th


It was pretty good. Not much of an ending. At least not as good of an ending as Robert Kraft got, amirite? A lot of speculation without much to back it up. Probably could get as much information out of reading a newspaper article. Overall, I enjoyed it.

Feb 26th

Mathew John


Jan 20th


Very good podcast. I think they do a very good job of trying to give a balanced view, given the overwhelming lack of police work and the alarming actions of some of those involved. Very sad and shameful the way people with money and power can still influence the outcome of an investigation

Jan 11th

Luis Tejeda


Dec 4th
Reply (1)

Katie Lawson

I think it was this episode, but is there a link to the song Phoebe's friend wrote for her?

Oct 14th

Christopher Walle

Another example of someone with connections to people in high places getting away with murder.

Sep 28th

Heather Paxton

No closure smh.

Sep 14th

Brendan Jones

captivating podcast about mysteries between a middle and upper class relationship turned murder! highly recommend

Aug 31st

Marina Palaca

this story is so strange.i have sooooo many questions

Aug 13th

Jena LaFont

lovering this podcast

Jul 16th


this is a good podcast have only listen to ep 1 and it is really good so far

Jun 28th

San Elliott

this is unacceptable....The coroner is ignorant and bullheaded

Jun 17th
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