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Author: Gregory Paul Kotsaftis

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Pitching the Truth is your free weekly resource to finding answers on how to better the quality of your life through the experiences of others. This is your shortcut to finding answers on how to improve your relationships and communication skills through the power of the truth. The goal of Pitching the Truth is to bring you stories of inspiration, triumph, and success through strong honest communication. The results lead to stronger personal relationships, higher work performance, increased income and reduced stress in life. Welcome and enjoy the stories full of humor and the daily reality of life through others eyes.
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Michelle Garcia: Journey Home, Challenges for Female Offenders
Michelle Garcia is formerly an incarcerated woman convicted for financial crime. She’s one who finds re-entry into society is much harder than staying in prison. She now works for Anti-Recidivism Coalition, a support network for formerly incarcerated people. Take time to hear from this 51-year old mother who experienced the struggles and the loopholes in the criminal justice system during the six-year term that she served prison. Take it from her as she relates the incompassionate and inconsiderate practices the system has for those seriously trying to rebuild their lives. At the same time, listen up to this episode to hear more of the programs and opportunities for ex-offenders that make sense and help them find back meaning in life, and thus help them reintegrate well into society. “We're humans, a lot of us want to come out and, and do good. Not everybody who goes and sent to the prison system wants to come out and be better. I realized that I acknowledge that, but my focus is on those of us who do want to learn from it, who want to go and get back and you know, make a better life for ourselves and our families and our victims.” - Michelle Garcia     Topics Covered: 00:59 - Michelle's thoughts on the criminal justice system from what she experienced 02:48 - Describing her life as a parolee 07:35 - The struggles she went through paying her restitution 13:22 - The efforts of re-entry back to society 14:56 - Talking about being a firefighter trainer 18:36 - Relating the ironies that the firefighter's program brings 20:47 - Talking about the struggles and  employment opportunities for ex-incarcerated persons Connect with Michelle Garcia Facebook Blog   Connect with Gregory Paul Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast  
How to Conquer Being an Overachiever to Breed Success
I have been a constant overachiever most of my life and welcome the pressure I put on myself every day. It keeps my mind occupied, sharp and focused me on my goals. But it is only by the constant organization and adjustment that I can keep things going in the right direction for sustained periods of time. Listen and learn about what has worked for me and see if you to can benefit from setting high standards and trying to achieve them.   “Block out some time to do something for yourself or just even to educate yourself on something that you feel would make you more interesting or happier. These things are critical for your own personal growth and to help you to become a more interesting, happy person.” - Gregory Paul   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here!   We know, for a fact, that some are good at handling multiple tasks at the same time. But for those who cannot, what now? Anyone of us can be guilty of this, and I know we want to break free. These and more, we will be talking in this episode. Here are three helpful tips you can do yourself to stop you from wandering too far off and instead, focus and concentrate on one goal at a time:   Focus on your personal time. You have to lay out an agenda as to what you think is important for you to the goal that you want to achieve that week. Focus and try to make sure that you have dedicated time for it.   Everything begins with a schedule. You have to plan. You have to stick to the plan. If you don’t plan and there is no structure, the chance at success is hard and slim.       Follow through and implement. Sticking to the plan is one thing. Getting things performing and going is the essential part of the task because if you don’t try, you’re not going to know if you succeed or not.       Be ready to bail out. Little things like that small slight adjustments are necessary and are ready to bail on something that's really not working or not serving you, or you quickly realize may or may not be where you want to be is also very, very important.   So overall, it's important that you pay attention to what you want to achieve. Being an overachiever is not a bad thing. Being an average achiever is not a bad thing either depending on how you want to live your life. Now, take these four easy steps to avoid overwhelm and become an overachiever.   Resources Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind And Defy The Odds  by David Goggins   Connect with Gregory Paul Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
From Prison To Public Speaking featured on This American, Nurse Niki
On this episode, Greg unveils his life story, how he failed his businesses, his life in prison and the impact of his actions on his family as he was interviewed by Niki Lee of This America, Nurse Niki. Learn from him how he rebuilds his life and gives back to society as a better person.   “The minute that hit me, I completely realize I had to change. So the first thing I did was start writing anybody I could to forgive, much forgive. To ask for forgiveness and kinda tell them I am sorry about what I’ve done and why it happens.” - Greg Kotsaftis     Topics Covered: 03:00 - Greg talks about his life experiences especially when he lost his moral compass 04:40 - He shared how his life in prison changed him 07:05-  The effects of losing his freedom and how he copes with it 10:50 - How his actions affect his family and friends emotionally 12:55 - Greg’s takes us back to his childhood and upbringing 15:35 - The fascinating fact about some head trauma do our brain function 17:40 - Greg’s word of advice to help you deal in this kind of situation   Quotable Takeaways: “The biggest issue right now that I see the world is people are accepting dishonesty as something allowable and people are not paying attention to. But at the end of the day it really can sneak up on you, kinda like what happened to me.  ”- Greg Kotsaftis  “Before you can start to healing is accepting what’s happening to yourself. Facing the truth head on and just moving forward from it.” -Nurse Niki “It is so much easier and so much clarity in your mind, so much more ability to think and be happy when you say the gross truth. You can sleep better at night.” - Greg Kotsaftis   Connect with Niki Lee:    Connect with Greg Kotsaftis: Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast The Truth about Lies Book
Life After 'Life Without Parole' with Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson used to be a juvenile delinquent. At the age of 17, he got associated with a kid just like him, and one thing led to another which brought him to prison. He was incarcerated for 24 years for a crime he did not commit. Listen up to this episode as Jeff relates his story from the time he first serves prison up to the time he turned his life around. He was a victim of injustice, as he would relate later, but no amount of that can compare to what he’s done to help the community inside prison and outside after he was released. The amount of positive impact he’s done to society is impressive.   “My Grandma told me, ‘Everybody got a life sentence. We're just going to do it in different places.’ That statement of her made me have that paradigm shift where I realized like even though I'm going to die in prison, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to have a bad life. Like I can create a good life out of this.”  -Jeff Johnson     What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for an update     Topics Covered   02:26 – Jeff relating the whole story that led him to prison 03:13 – The injustice he faced going through the trial of a crime he did not commit 07:31 – Recounting  his hardest time in prison and how he overcame it 09:27 – His realization and the positive impact he made inside the prison 13:04 – Jeff's wife relating how they met, the odds along the way and how they held on to each other strongly 16:23 – Jeff and Greg sharing experiences and realizations from prison days 22:25 – Jeff discussing solutions and his mission in helping kids stay out of crimes 28:39 – Talking about his upcoming guesting in TEDX 31:13 – His beautiful thoughts about life and the good things he can do more for others       Resources   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey Jeff Johnson's Story: Sentenced to life without parole as a teen in 1994, Colorado man gets new chance after SCOTUS ruling   Connect with Jeff Johnson   Email: Email:   Connect with Gregory Paul Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
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