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Author: Gregory Paul Kotsaftis

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Pitching the Truth is your free weekly resource to finding answers on how to better the quality of your life through the experiences of others. This is your shortcut to finding answers on how to improve your relationships and communication skills through the power of the truth. The goal of Pitching the Truth is to bring you stories of inspiration, triumph, and success through strong honest communication. The results lead to stronger personal relationships, higher work performance, increased income and reduced stress in life. Welcome and enjoy the stories full of humor and the daily reality of life through others eyes.
35 Episodes
Ep34. Greg Kotsaftis: From Prison To Public Speaking featured on This American, Nurse Niki
On this episode, Greg unveils his life story, how he failed his businesses, his life in prison and the impact of his actions on his family as he was interviewed by Niki Lee of This America, Nurse Niki. Learn from him how he rebuilds his life and gives back to society as a better person.   “The minute that hit me, I completely realize I had to change. So the first thing I did was start writing anybody I could to forgive, much forgive. To ask for forgiveness and kinda tell them I am sorry about what I’ve done and why it happens.” - Greg Kotsaftis     Topics Covered: 03:00 - Greg talks about his life experiences especially when he lost his moral compass 04:40 - He shared how his life in prison changed him 07:05-  The effects of losing his freedom and how he copes with it 10:50 - How his actions affect his family and friends emotionally 12:55 - Greg’s takes us back to his childhood and upbringing 15:35 - The fascinating fact about some head trauma do our brain function 17:40 - Greg’s word of advice to help you deal in this kind of situation   Quotable Takeaways: “The biggest issue right now that I see the world is people are accepting dishonesty as something allowable and people are not paying attention to. But at the end of the day it really can sneak up on you, kinda like what happened to me.  ”- Greg Kotsaftis  “Before you can start to healing is accepting what’s happening to yourself. Facing the truth head on and just moving forward from it.” -Nurse Niki “It is so much easier and so much clarity in your mind, so much more ability to think and be happy when you say the gross truth. You can sleep better at night.” - Greg Kotsaftis   Connect with Niki Lee:    Connect with Greg Kotsaftis: Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast The Truth about Lies Book
Ep33. Life After 'Life Without Parole' with Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson used to be a juvenile delinquent. At the age of 17, he got associated with a kid just like him, and one thing led to another which brought him to prison. He was incarcerated for 24 years for a crime he did not commit. Listen up to this episode as Jeff relates his story from the time he first serves prison up to the time he turned his life around. He was a victim of injustice, as he would relate later, but no amount of that can compare to what he’s done to help the community inside prison and outside after he was released. The amount of positive impact he’s done to society is impressive.   “My Grandma told me, ‘Everybody got a life sentence. We're just going to do it in different places.’ That statement of her made me have that paradigm shift where I realized like even though I'm going to die in prison, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to have a bad life. Like I can create a good life out of this.”  -Jeff Johnson     What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for an update   Topics Covered   02:26 – Jeff relating the whole story that led him to prison 03:13 – The injustice he faced going through the trial of a crime he did not commit 07:31 – Recounting  his hardest time in prison and how he overcame it 09:27 – His realization and the positive impact he made inside the prison 13:04 – Jeff's wife relating how they met, the odds along the way and how they held on to each other strongly 16:23 – Jeff and Greg sharing experiences and realizations from prison days 22:25 – Jeff discussing solutions and his mission in helping kids stay out of crimes 28:39 – Talking about his upcoming guesting in TEDX 31:13 – His beautiful thoughts about life and the good things he can do more for others       Resources   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey Jeff Johnson's Story: Sentenced to life without parole as a teen in 1994, Colorado man gets new chance after SCOTUS ruling Connect with Jeff Johnson   Email: Email: Connect with Gregory Paul Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
Ep31. Habits for Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar  with G. Brian Benson
G.Brian Benson is an award-winning and #1 best-selling author, life coach, radio host, actor, filmmaker, and TEDx speaker. He knows the value of trusting intuition and wants to share his journey of self-growth, discovery, and accomplishment to help others reconnect with their truths to live an authentic and fulfilling life. As a 4x Ironman triathlete and cross-country bicyclist, Brian knows the value of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, a message he shares with audiences through each of his creative expressions. His mission is to wake up the world with intelligent, thought-provoking media that inspires. In 2008, Brian followed a hunch and left his family’s business, stepping into the unknown. Ever since inspiration has followed. Letting intuition be his guide, he began to step out of his comfort zone, and unexpected paths and talents started to emerge such as writing, acting, and crafting stories. Tapping into this emerging creativity, Brian began his own hero’s journey of self-realization and growth, which continues to influence his empowering and inspiring books, films, and presentations.   “Balance is huge for me as much as maintaining my creativity.” – G. Brian Benson   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for updates   Topics Covered 06:23 – His fear of public speaking and how he overcame talking in front of people 07:45 – TEDx talk as an authentic way to share your story even if you are not a professional speaker 11:51 – G. Brian shares his author’s journey, how from running their family business he pursued his life’s mission in a different path, living through what he called ‘heart filter’ 17:01 – How he taps into his creativity and staying in balance 20:34 – How little steps of adversity can lead to a more open mind 21:41 – Filming ‘The Guitar Man’, how intuition lead his to make short films and how it gave him the passion for acting   Resources The Truth About Lies: How Admitting Nothing Can Cost You Everything Habits for Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar   Connect with G. Brian Benson Habits for Success Podcast Linkedin Facebook Twitter Books   Connect with Gregory Paul com Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
Ep30. Felon 2 Fortune with Teddy Moreno
Teddy Moreno is a multi-hyphenate. Actor, Writer, Producer, Self-Published Author and Entrepreneur. Regardless of his felony history, he's not only always been able to hold down a 9 to 5 to pay his bills, but he was also always maintained a positive attitude and refused to let anything or anyone stop him from achieving a goal with 8 published books, the latest being the motivational book Felon 2 Fortune. Teddy is always looking for ways to help others that have come through the correctional system to succeed. His core belief is "anything is possible with enough hard work and focus." His newest idea and endeavor is the website ThinkersThrive.Com which should be up and running before the end of 2018 and will allow an average person with zero connections to be able to have an idea, connect with others who may have similar ideas, flush them out together and eventually find a way to bring that new product or service to the world to help make it a better place. ThinkersThrive.Com, Where Collaboration is King. This week on my podcast, I had the pleasure of having Teddy Moreno on the show. He's a former felon, and author, former actor and overall entrepreneur. Please enjoy his story as he shares his insights from what he learned through his mistakes and also what he's doing now in the future to help others and give back to society. It was a fascinating interview for me. His crime was something that to be honest is a little bit tough for me to put out there. But at the same time, I truly believe everybody deserves a second chance. This podcast is not about judging others. So I took it upon myself to make sure I got his message out there and shared it with other people because I found him to be a very interesting, honest, ethical, and upright forthright person and I greatly appreciated the fact that he reached out to me randomly in Linkedin for us to connect in order to do the show together. So please welcome Teddy Moreno. Listen to his story, and I hope you'll support him after the show.   “Forgiving ourselves is the toughest thing to do.” – Teddy Moreno   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for updates   Topics Covered   00:44 – Teddy’s background and his backstory, his transition back to society after being incarcerated 08:50 – How joining Defy Ventures helped him 27:26 – How he overcame shame from what he did 34:45 – Talking about the process of forgiving yourself and holding yourself accountable for your actions 36:36 – The gift of reset as explained by Greg Paul 38:58 – Importance of being direct and honest for you to move forward with your life   Resources Defy Ventures Felon 2 Fortune The Truth About Lies: How Admitting Nothing Can Cost You Everything   Connect with Teddy Moreno Linkedin   Connect with Gregory Paul com Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast    
Ep29. Why Men Need to Find Their Life's Purpose with Brandon Peele
Today's special guest is Brandon Peele. We had an in-depth conversation about your creating your own life's purpose mainly for this is for men trying to figure out how to figure out what they want to do with their life and what kind of big purpose or footprint they want to leave on this earth. And he had a lot of great insight and I was very blessed to have him as a guest and he also provided me with some great things to think about and I think you guys all enjoy it. So please take a listen and thank you again so much for listening to pitching the truth. Brandon Peele serves Americans who feel betrayed by the American Dream, who have discovered that hard work, voting and luck are not enough to have a life, career, and country that work. He guides people to awaken their purpose-driven leadership. He is a Certified Purpose Guide (TM), author of Planet on Purpose (2018), co-author of Purpose Rising (2017) and The PURPOSE Activation Blueprint (2015). Brandon has worked with people from organizations such as Apple, The Smithsonian Institute, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Illumina, Zeiss, Sapient, Morgan Stanley, Google, and the United States Marine Corps. As a leader of online purpose courses, Brandon has guided thousands of people from over 50 countries to awaken, embody and lead with their higher purpose. You can learn more about Brandon’s work at     “A man’s presence is indicative of his awareness.” – Brandon Peele   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for updates   Topics Covered   00:44 – Brandon’s background and his backstory, the awakening to how he decided to find his life’s purpose 17:26 – What it means to 'Be A Man' in today's world 17:26 – Brandon explained the different Archetypes, what men need to be 18:43 – #MeToo vs. walking your talk 19:51 – Difference it brings when good men stand up 21:22 – Importance of men’s presence and awareness 25:01 – 5 years’ projection of the Mankind Project   Resources List of Archetypes Mankind Project   Connect with Brandon Peele Facebook Linkedin Instagram   Connect with Gregory Paul com Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
Ep28. Why You Need to Reboot Your Reputation with Rocky Romanella
Rocky Romanella continues to have a successful career as a leader and thought leader into what it takes to be successful in business and as a person. Take a listen to his insights on why you’re reputation matters and what you need to do to protect it. He is a wise and knowledgeable man, and I think we can all learn from his experiences. Rocky Romanella is the Founder and CEO of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, and a management consulting firm specializing in Keynote Speaking, Leadership Development, and Consulting Services. With over 40 years of “boots on the ground” leadership experience, Rocky creates excitement through his energy, passion, and knowledge. He will connect with your audience, regardless of size, in a one to one conversational style. Rocky will paint a picture through his unique storytelling as he delivers his Keynote Speech. Through his Balanced Leadership Model, there is a laser focus on customer needs, employee empowerment and the demands of shareholders. “Do not let your highs get too high and your lows get too low.”   - Rocky Romanella   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for updates   Topics Covered   07:13 – Importance of having individuals who will be your sounding board, people that are not afraid to be square with you, correct you without offense and resentment  10:00 – The past is present: the impact of your childhood experiences on how you are as a leader  12:40 – Leadership lessons from Wells Fargo, how the leaders took advantage of the employees’ strength to commit fraud, and how these employees will rebuild their tarnished reputation 15:19 – Leadership is all about alignment, why should companies and employees have shared values?  23:37 – Taking inventory of your life as an effective leader who creates a culture of excellence that manifests itself in the daily actions and ultimately defines the brand.   24:21 – The ‘three times/phases in your career’ and how to go through each phase according to Rocky Romanella 29:43 – Mistakes leaders do when giving sanctions 35:50 – Your leadership legacy statement and the benefits of creating a leadership legacy 41:46 –The legendary Joe Scafone plays an important role in helping Rocky explain the importance of not stopping at the first right answer and how we challenge people to push past the first right answer   Resources Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership The Truth About Lies: How Admitting Nothing Can Cost You Everything   Connect with Rocky Romanella Facebook Youtube   Connect with Gregory Paul Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
Ep27. Trafficking the Good Life with Jennifer Myers
Jennifer is an author, speaker, and prison consultant whose fervent desire is to bring an end to our country’s mass incarceration problem. Her own arrest and incarceration in a federal prison camp affected her deeply when she saw the hundreds of women and mothers locked up on lengthy, non-violent drug sentences. She knew when she was released from prison she had to do something to give back. In 2009, Jennifer founded LA Myers Consulting, a prison consulting business where she works with people affected by the criminal justice system. Her passion to be an advocate for women in prison led Jennifer to co-found R.I.S.E. to Empower, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls and women to make positive choices. Their work with At-risk, teen girls led to their program being accepted into San Diego U.S. Federal Probation’s reentry initiative, where they facilitate high-risk women recently released from Federal Prison. Jennifer’s memoir, Trafficking the Good Life, was a finalist in the 2014 San Diego Book & Writing Awards. Her writing has received accolades in the PEN Prison Writing Contest and has been published in Salon Magazine, the anthology Razor Wire Women, and The Huffington Post. Jennifer has spoken extensively to teens about making good choices, was a 2017 TEDx speaker at TEDxWilmingtonWomen, and has appeared as a Prison Consultant on Inside Edition and Lifetime’s special, Abby Tells All. The last two years Jennifer has journeyed back to prison to help produce San Diego’s first TEDx inside of a prison. As Co-organizer of TEDxDonnovanCorrection, Jennifer’s desire to change the paradigm of our criminal justice system has intensified. She is deeply affected by the men she meets locked up on life sentences. Their big hearts, and willingness to transform continue to inspire Jennifer, weekly, and confirm to her that some of the most courageous people live behind bars. In this episode, Greg Paul and Jennifer talked about their life experiences as former felons, ways they did to overcome the shame, their struggle to transition back to the society and how they used those experiences to become advocates to reform the federal prison system. “I want to express to people that come out after being incarcerated to move forward and be honest anyway and just see the magic that can happen when you own it.”   - Jennifer Myers   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here! Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for updates   Topics Covered   02:51 – Jennifer’s backstory from being a dancer, falling for a Marijuana Kingpin, being involved in marijuana trafficking, her arrest, and incarceration 03:03 – Serving 17-months because of a drug-related offense, spending three years on probation. 03:40– Her experience and disheartening stories of women inside the prison that inspired Jennifer to be a prison reform advocate 07:51 – How she rebuild and restart her reputation, overcoming the shame and the stigma of being a felon 08:42 – Her struggles transitioning back to the society 09:50 – The work that is involved in the journey that once you've been incarcerated, there's no way to avoid taking that journey of dissolving the shame 13:30 – Having integrity and owning your story through honesty and perseverance 14:04 – Jennifer sharing their aftercare programs for prisoners 17:10 – Importance to keep the inspiration, hope, and support from the community to hold the candle of light for felons 18:04 – Impact of community and collaboration to people inside prison and how they find hope, support and family through them 20:10 – Transformation inside the prison that feeds Jenifer’s heart and life   People Mentioned The Tariq Foundation Azim Khamisa Speaker Adventure Resources The Truth About Lies: How Admitting Nothing Can Cost You Everything Project Angel Heart Trafficking the Good life   Connect with Jennifer Myers   Connect with Gregory Paul Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast  
Ep26. Who Cares Talking  about My Reputation
Why does reputation matter? Because once you lose it you may never get it back. Listen to Greg's insight on rebuilding his own reputation and why people need to pay attention to how they are seen and perceived by all of the people in their lives.   “You have to pay attention to the people you are with. You have to pay attention to the actions of the people that you're around because all it takes is one major mistake by them and you can get sucked into their hole and you can be dragged to the bottom just like some of the people that were affected by my actions." -Greg Paul   What do you want to hear from the Pitching the Truth podcast? Tell us here!   Love the Podcast? Subscribe on iTunes for updates   Topics Covered   01:09 – Insights and thoughts about how people undervalue building their reputation. 03:01 – The repercussions from not maintaining a good reputation reputation 04:31 – Greg’s pain and the sting of having to start all over again, find new friends, new people that can trust him having to rebuild his reputation after all his mistakes 05:25 – Greg’s unwritten rule of letting other people know that he is on a short leash 07:07 – Why you need to pay attention to build your reputation 08:05 – Are you a good dad or the bad dad? The image you are portraying can damage how your children see you as a person 12:42 – How you manage your reputation and you manage your ego 15:38 – The time it takes for you to rebuild your reputation after a major damage and taint 16:15 – How the internet and social media can hurt and taint your reputation 18:30 Greg’s rant about the importance of protecting and building your reputation   People Mentioned Walden Long   Resources The Truth About Lies: How Admitting Nothing Can Cost You Everything   Connect with Gregory Paul com Twitter Instagram Pitching the Truth Podcast
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