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Possibly the last episode of Pitching Ideas With Wifey because I said something very stupid to MrsMighterbump.
This Valentine's day, I use my time with wifey to help her vent a little and she uses some our time together to allow me to pitch more ideas.
Three VR ideas, addition to the Notebloc App, video series idea, a recycling debate, & manufacturing idea.
Some ideas to help you grow into the person you want to be with the new year. Well, if you are of the vein of thinking a abstract measurement of time is a silly way to force yourself to changes, as described by Wifey.
Wifey & I had more time to pitch three more ideas. A basic game information website, a app that saves on paper, and exploration of the idea of Telejobs.
After we took almost two months off from doing a podcast to be overworked at our jobs, Wifey & I jump back into it to pitch 2-1/2 more ideas alf-hassedly.
Tick, tock, tick, tock. We squeeze a whole bunch of ideas & questions into this podcast episode to achieve the goal of 100 total ideas pitched to wifey!
Pitching some convention ideas this episode with wifey in a hot and muggy bedroom.
PIWW Podcast #15 A.I.

PIWW Podcast #15 A.I.


Wifey & I discuss 3 general ideas on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. We answer some more questions & then meander some more.
Wifey & I try to jump back into podcasting after a 3 week hiatus. Instead of jumping into the ideas first, we do the questions THEN move onto the pitching of the ideas.
Wifey & I play Cards Against Humanity as I pitch some comic industry ideas to her. I remembered 2 out of the 3 ideas & we bet a task on who wins the card game.
PIWW #12: Smart Watch

PIWW #12: Smart Watch


Wifey & I talk about some smart-watch ideas with our new mic equipment. Only after we recorded answering Ask.Fm questions & topics of sex, we realized we had our Mic line too close to our power line. WARNING: Poor audio quality
Wifey & I redo the episode about airport ideas because the first recording was a dry & thorny conversation. We also talk more about love & dealing with podcasting.
PIWW #10.5

PIWW #10.5


A recording of me distracting my wifey as we walk to the store. krd4vavv
PIWW #10: Theories

PIWW #10: Theories


Wifey & I talk about some of the theories that I have about forgetting small things, what is science, & the "2 failures" rule for start-ups. She get to tell me about some of her invented fetishes, we answer some more random questions, & then simplifying the definition of what is a credit score.
PIWW #9: podcasting

PIWW #9: podcasting


We talk about a couple of podcasting ideas & also about our favorite podcasts.
PIWW #8: Pulling Teeth

PIWW #8: Pulling Teeth


I talk to my wifey about micro-subscription/donation ideas & then we painfully talk about my inexperience with marketing online. Episode's Idea count: 4
PIWW #7: Mobile Stuff

PIWW #7: Mobile Stuff


I pitch to my wife about mobile browser mechanisms & game stuff. Warning: We talk about the female period. Episode's Idea count: 5
We tired after a long week. Episode's idea count:6
PIWW #5: Sporadic

PIWW #5: Sporadic


I gave wifey the floor to talk about her ideas. Episode's Idea count: 5
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