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Author: Stephanie Fleming, Kayla Rahmatulla

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Stephanie Fleming, happiness activist and the creative entrepreneur behind The Happy Planner, is here to help you (yes, you!) plan a happy life. Every week, Stephanie and her daughter Kayla tackle one approachable way you can bring a little more happiness into your relationships, career, home, and everyday life.
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In this week’s episode we are asking ourselves AND you, Is it not okay to want more? What is the difference between contentment and complacency?Contentment : a state of happiness and satisfactionComplacency: an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfactionWe hear it all the time: “You were made for so much more.” or “It’s all about the hustle.” But what if that is not what you want? Just trying to keep up with our peers and make it look like we have it all can be exhausting. Am I right?Don't know where you fall on the map? Ask your self this question:Are you happy and satisfied with your life, job, etc?If yes, then don’t listen to the pressures of wanting more. Protect your peace. If you answered no, then keep going! The message of “you were made for so much more” is meant for you! You know where you want to go and will work hard to get there. You got this! Not sure? Then you have some exploring to do. Maybe journal about. Make a list. Go back to your Happy List! Your future self and life need to align with with the things that make you happy.  Moral of the story: if you want more than what you're currently getting from life, then go for it girl… BUT if you are content and fulfilled where you are then it’s 100% fine to not want more. Make sure you find your meaning and happiness in life and only then decide for yourself what your future holds.We are rooting for your either way!xo Stephanie & Kayla
In today's episode, we are talking relationships! Whether you are single, married or in a relationship you deserve happiness in your current status.
How To Beat The Blues

How To Beat The Blues


Exercise - Get movin' and bring on the endorphins!Get outside! Fresh air and Vitamin D will do ya good…while wearing sunscreen of course :)Meditate - Slow down- create a space and silence your mind… even if it is just for 5 minutes. Back Jack link >>> You're welcome!Turn up the jams! - Music is our fave way to lift our mood! You can find our Spotify playlists HERE!Connection - Make a real life human connection! Call up a friend and go on a phone-free lunch date!Disconnect - Put your phone down. Yes, I said it…no phone. You can do it!Smile & Laugh - Laughing has positive physical benefits within your body and who doesn’t like to laugh?!Acts of Kindness - Do something for someone else...everyone benefits from kindness!Eat healthy - Your body will thank you!Get some Z’s - Make sure you get enough sleep…and when necessary, take a nap!Journal your way through your mood - Express yourself through writing… it’s powerful. xo Stephanie & Kayla
Check out our favorite playlists!Empowering JamsWake Up HappyChill AFHappy McHappypantsI can't hear you, we're BREAKING UP!Work It OutI'm in LOVE, I'm in LOVE & I don't care who knows it!Belt It Out SisterSoundtracks & ShowtunesStephanie's FavesKayla's FavesOR VIEW ALLSing and dance along with us!xo Stephanie & Kayla
Our activity this week is to create your own affirmation cards and you can get started by downloading some super cute blank ones!Download the 'Note to Self' affirmation cards!Although we discuss this topic passionately and authentically, we seem to be challenged to recall a few specifics in our storytelling.  So, I thought I'd fill in some of the blanks.  Here you go:The actress I was referring to who had a hard time finding a designer to dress her was the talented Leslie Jones for the Ghostbusters premier. High five to designer and Project Runway alum, Christian Siriano, for creating beautiful clothing for those of us who are not sample size...whatever that is.I incorrectly referred to Beanie Feldstein as Beanie Feldman.  Oh my goodness...somebody find us a fact checker, stat!  She was dressed by the classic, Oscar de la Renta.
Laughter really is the best medicine!  A good laugh can make us feel better. In fact, as we find out in this episode, laughing is actually beneficial for us physically too!  And while I may not get a 6 pack from watching funny movies, it will most assuredly improve my mood...and that's saying something.In this episode, Kayla and I are joined by my sister, Lauren Sherwin, and we share our favorite ways to bring laughter into our lives.  One of which, is laughing at ourselves as we tried the Hanacure mask...known as the Zombie mask.  You can laugh at us...I mean, with us here:Zombie Mask Instagram HighlightSee?  Didn't that feel good?  Now try to incorporate a little laughter in your daily life.  Need a little help getting started?  Here are a few ways to LOL every day:Watch a funny movie!  My favorites? Bridesmaids, Meet the Parents, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Mean name a few.Gather some friends and play a game that is designed to make you laugh.  What Do You Meme, Telestrations and Drawful are some good ones!Learn to laugh at yourself.  We all do things that are worthy of a good laugh.  Don't be so serious that you don't see the humor in these normal slip ups.  C'mon, I can't be the only one who has had an entire conversation with a few grains of rice stuck to her chest.  Am I?  Even if I's still funny!Take some time to nurture the lighthearted side of life.  Embrace the humor and LOL... I mean really...LAUGH OUT LOUD!  It's the cheapest form of therapy around. "Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being."  -  STELLA MCCARTNEYlove, Stephanie
Join our Happy and Healthy Challenge! Follow Stephanie and Kayla on Instagram below to get regular check-ins. And use our #HappyandHealthyChallenge hashtag to track your own progress so we can all cheer each other on. Go to to print our worksheet to get started.Stephanie’s Instagram:’s Instagram:
Join our Happy and Healthy Challenge! Follow Stephanie and Kayla on Instagram below to get regular check-ins. And use our #HappyandHealthyChallenge hashtag to track your own progress so we can all cheer each other on. Go to to print our worksheet to get started. Stephanie's Instagram:'s Instagram: 
Download our phone wallpapers at Each one has a mantra that will remind you to stay present throughout your day!
Print our worksheets here to follow along!
Print our worksheets here to follow along!
Print our worksheets here to follow along! 
Print our worksheets here to follow along!
Welcome to Plan a Happy Life! Host Stephanie Fleming, the creative entrepreneur behind The Happy Planner, is on a mission to create a happy life movement. Each week, Stephanie is joined by her daughter Kayla for some honest conversations about how you can plan for your happiest life yet.
Print the worksheet for episode 1 here to follow along! 
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