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Planet Logic takes the vital issues of the day, strips them of their emotion, and analyzes them with logic aforethought.
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In a divided America, conservatives should not have to deal with the absurdity of current liberal thought and the violence brought on by the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's a plan to congregate like-minded traditionalists in Texas and a few other states so that we can govern the way we want while they tear their cities apart. Also, the Political Pursuits Panel weighs in; and Lynn asks if Black Lives Matter could be a force for good by taking on inner city crime.
Statuary Defense

Statuary Defense


Since when is is okay for a mob to destroy public artifacts and private property? On this episode, we speak out in defense of statues and memorials -- and certainly people's businesses and homes. Lynn's monologue is followed by the panel from Political Pursuits.
Greg Alfano was not afraid. As the Lady of Logic and I walked through a Black Lives Matter rally across the street from the White House, he was loudly proclaiming his support of America, the Stars and Stripes, and President Trump while BLM protesters were spewing hatred of these things. We talked to Greg about what took place on this day prior the the attempt to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue. Also, we've joined a new social media site called Parler (Par-lay) that does not censor conservatives. We'll be posting WBDaily columns and Planet Logic episodes there.
Black Lives Matter has turned Lafayette Park across from the White House into a ghetto. As Julie Sullivan and I strolled the area, we couldn't help but notice how the "peaceful protestors" have trashed the place and have made it look like a third world country. They've also trashed St. John's Church, posted hundreds of vulgar signs, and tried to topple the Andrew Jackson statue. Some of them have set up booths to monetize the protests.
On the Road Again

On the Road Again


After 8 weeks in a COVID-19 hospital in Brooklyn, Julie Sullivan looks back at what it was like to be on the front lines of a global pandemic -- and then find herself in the middle of the rioting and looting that broke out after the killing of George Floyd. Also, a twenty-something-hour trip across the South that included the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Beale Street and Sun Studios in Memphis, Music Row and a BLM protest in Nashville, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and a a National Battlefield Park in Manassas, Virginia.
Peaceful Protests Part 2

Peaceful Protests Part 2


Here's our latest panel discussion -- a collaboration between Political Pursuits and Planet Logic. Lou Ann Anderson guides a brisk discussion of where America finds itself in the midst of a pandemic and race-based rioting in our cities -- and what this means for the re-election of Donald Trump.
Peaceful Protests

Peaceful Protests


In the wake of the "peaceful protests" we may be renaming our military bases and posts that are named after confederate historical figures. Planet Logic is suggesting "Fort Presley" as the new name for Fort Hood. We all can agree on Elvis. Also, the funeral of a black man whose life did not matter; the sad tale of Tony Timpa in Dallas; and a call to remove a school superintendent.
Rush tried to build a bridge. CNN continued hating Trump. Tucker Carlson preached a righteous sermon. June 1 was an amazing day in media from an attempt at understanding to the vilest hatred and the bluntest truth-telling. We've got the clips for you. Also, the Political Pursuits panel with a rowdy discussion about cops and mobs. Find a transcript of the first segment at
A Study in Deep State

A Study in Deep State


Ben Barrack joins Lynn for a deep dig into the Deep State. You'll learn things you never knew about Attorney General William Barr, Judge Emmet Sullivan, the Michael Flynn case and Flynn's Turkey connection, and why Obama could have been impeached on several charges -- but wasn't.
Julie Sullivan, a Texas RT now in New York, explains what it's like in a hospital jam-packed with COVID-19 patients. Also, the Democrat double standard as Dems "believe all women" except the one making sexual allegations against Joe Biden; and the infamous "Waitress Sandwich" is back as Joe Biden puts Chris Dodd (who was part of the sandwich along with a drunken Teddy Kennedy) on his vice presidential search committee.
As one side of the aisle screams "Close Everything" and the other yells "Open Everything," we analyze how America can be so divided over a virus. It's political, of course. Also, as CNN ignores the breaking news, the Michael Flynn case appears to be falling apart; and the Joe Biden sex scandal intensifies as Democrats say all women must be believed -- except for Tara Reade.
In Texas, the left-wing media reviles Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as viciously as the national media attacks Trump. Patrick says it's worth the risk to re-open America, and a blog in the Austin American-Statesman mocked him for it. Also -- the Left is angry about a political cartoon that nailed CNN for its praise of communist China; and the glory days of left-wing universities may be coming to an abrupt halt.
Social distancing during COVID-19 opens the door to a great opportunity for Democrats to kick Trump out of office. Mail-In voting is a scheme to expand the voter base to the uninformed, and manipulate them to vote for Democrats. Also -- what is the true origin of the Bat-Soup virus? Did it really start in the Wuhan Market? Why is the Associated Press backing China? Obama REALLY did NOT want Biden to run, but may be stuck with him now; and imagine COVID-19 if we were under Medicare For All.
Some people sequester in place while others head for the front lines. Julie Sullivan is on her way to New York to help COVID-19 patients breathe easier. Also -- the Associated Press continues to laud the same Democrats that packed the rescue bill with unrelated pork; how is it that we were so unprepared for a pandemic? Commentator Ben Barrack says it's time to reopen the economy; and the White House Press Corps hates a promising drug why? -- because President Trump thinks it might be helpful.
Democrats are signaling that they may use the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to oust President Trump. Meanwhile, the rescue bill was delayed by Pelosi so that Democrats could pack it with unrelated items supporting the arts in Washington, the Green New Deal, and diversity. Also -- a look at stupid regulations that have resulted in American deaths during the pandemic; and a musical Easter Egg at the end of the podcast.
Donald Trump has worked to end American dependence on China but few listened. How did we ever think it was OK to cede manufacturing of medicine and high tech to our greatest enemy? Also -- Schumer and McConnell are fighting over a left-wing wish list in the coronavirus rescue bill; and the City of McAllen wins the prize for withholding embarrassing information from taxpayers.
Trading on Coronavirus

Trading on Coronavirus


What did these senators know, and when did they know it? At least 5 U.S. senators dumped stock as the coronavirus was taking hold in America. If this is insider trading, they should go to jail. But members of Congress are special and they make their own rules. Planet Logic calls for the creation of an independent watchdog agency with teeth. Also -- the Left coddles China even though the communist government covered up the virus; and Michael James Lucas joins us to talk about his days at KNOW/Austin, KXOL/Fort Worth, KRZI/Waco and more.
Coronavirus Apocalypse

Coronavirus Apocalypse


It's fist-bump time in America. As coronavirus spreads, the world is in danger on two fronts: the virus -- and the panic. On the virus side, be afraid if China gets back to "normal" because the Communist government will lie and could start a second wave. The panic has led to empty store shelves and lost income. We'll talk to medical professional Julie Sullivan. Also -- the Biden gaffe machine rolls on and if coronavirus dooms Trump's reelection, the Swamp will be in charge.
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer attacks two Supreme Court Justices by name. And that's just the latest in the Democratic Party's attacks on our political and economic system. They've gone radical and socialist and if one of them gets elected, we're in deep trouble. Alsoa look back at Bernie Sanders' love for communism and Column #2 in a three-part series on Democrats and evil.
If Bernie Sanders is elected president, be afraid. Be very afraid. He would destroy the free enterprise system, leaving us with millions of immigrants flooding into the country, an unsustainable national debt, and no pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines to battle pandemics like coronavirus. Also, what Morgan Freeman told Mike Wallace about Black History Month.
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