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Planet Logic takes the vital issues of the day, strips them of their emotion, and analyzes them with logic aforethought.
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This was the week that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that Texas will build its own border wall. Also along the border, Republicans are winning elections as Hispanics flock to the G.O.P. And wait until you hear the amazing speech from the new, black Lt. Gov. of North Carolina, Mark Robinson.
Lynn & Jim interview nationally known economist Steve Moore about Bidenomics and the national workers shortage. The Texas Legislature to meet to pass an election integrity law so that Democrats can't cheat by changing all the rules. Lynn talks about Biden's apparent use of Cloward-Piven Theory to change the United States into a socialist state. (If you wanted to destroy the United States, what would you do differently from Biden?) Also, Biden's dumb-ass energy policy and same sex kissing in public.
Liberals have a lot not to like as the Texas Legislature winds down. Gov. Abbott will sign constitutional carry – but as Kevin Roberts tells us, we did not get election integrity reform. The Hispanic Republicans of Texas got de-platformed. And in Fort Worth, parents are mad as hell at Superintended Kent Scribner who is all-in on Critical Race Theory.
Random Samplings 11-20

Random Samplings 11-20


Here's another helping of Lynn's radio feature Random Samplings of a Logical Mind, where we ramble and ruminate about whatever strikes our fancy.
Today we’re analyzing the Texas Legislature’s bill that would create a statewide camping ban for homeless people and hopefully make downtown areas safe for walking again. Also, we’ll discuss Critical Race Theory and how it permeates American society today and whether it will be banned in Texas schools. If there is such a law passed, how will it be enforced? Also, Chicago’s racist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, refuses to grant interviews to white reporters, and the Democrats’ continuing obsession with the January 6th Capitol Breach.
Random Samplings 4-10

Random Samplings 4-10


Random Samplings of a Logical Mind episodes 4-10. Today's vital issues in three one-minute segments per episode. And all totally logical.
On the plate today, a talk with Congressman Pete Sessions about the various Biden disasters and about 120 retired generals and admirals who dashed off a letter about that very thing. In yet another sound bite, Biden seems to be forbidden – by someone – from answering questions about anything. Then there’s Biden’s diplomacy with Iran, which is likely funding Hamas as it attacks Israel. And, of course, Biden’s continuing Border disaster.
Lynn and Jim discuss Joe Biden’s snoozer speech and his massive spending spree. Biden will bring new taxes, manufacturing will leave the country again, and Biden spoke empty words about curing cancer. He left no money on the table to cure cancer. Biden talked about immigration, but not the border crisis. Also, Ted Cruz sends a message to Woke-a-Cola, Senator Tim Scott is smeared by Democrats, John Kerry blabs to Iran, Rudy gets a visit from the Feds but Hunter Biden doesn’t.
Lynn is joined by the Talk 1370 panel to talk about Biden's unconscionable spending spree and what it means for the country and our future. Also can the Democrats get their radical agenda completed in time to stay in power? Or is the Democrat party on its last legs? John Zenor (Austin radio personality) and Jim Cardle (The Texas Insider) join Lynn Woolley on today's episode.
Will the Democrats achieve DC statehood and Supreme Court packing? What about Critical Race Theory in our schools? Is there an “undo” button for this? We asked Kevin Roberts of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Also, is 78-year-old Joe Biden the best the Democrats have to offer? If so, does the Party have a future? Breaking news at CNN: Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discuss a police shooting logically. And Maxine Waters on the Derek Chauvin verdict.
On today’s show, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy asks an academic some really embarrassing questions about the idea of forgiving student loans. We learn that “systemic racism” is essentially “freedom.” The question of the day: What’s worse? The pandemic or the continuing race riots? Facebook blocks criticism of a BLM founder and Twitter suspends Project Veritas for exposing CNN as a fraud. Also, packing the Supreme Court and Baylor and the Hood.
Here’s what’s on today’s show as Lynn and Jim are joined by Kevin Roberts of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Joe Biden says the Constitution is no longer functional and gun violence is a healthcare crisis. Is Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson a coward…or a RINO? Did a cop actually murder George Floyd? We’ll explain why not.
Major League Baseball moves the All-Star Game out of Atlanta due to left-wing pressure. Beto & Castro apply pressure to Texas companies. Biden spends the country silly, but does the National Debt even matter anymore? The Logic Panel convenes with Lynn welcoming Jim Cardle (the Texas Insider) and Austin radio personality John Zenor.
The craziness keeps on coming from the Biden administration. Nationally known economist Steve Moore joins us to talk about that -- such things as the "Infrastructure Bill" that is a tax-and-spend bill in disguise. Former ICE Acting Dir. Tom Homan has been down on the border and joins us from McAllen. Biden lies big-time about the Georgia voting integrity bill and the left-wing WaPo gives him 4 Pinocchios. Also, Gov. Greg Abbott's presser about Biden's border insanity.
On today’s Jim and Lynn discuss the bizarre and creepy Biden news conference during which American journalism may have died for all time. The city of Austin is “re imagining” the Police in the light of diversity, equity and inclusion as envisioned by Harvard-educated city manger Spencer Cronk – a true woke supremacist. We’ll cover Biden’s answers about the filibuster and we’ll visit with Kevin Roberts of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.
Jim and Lynn welcome Kevin Roberts (Texas Public Policy Foundation) to discuss ERCOT, the Texas Association of School Boards, and taxpayer-funded lobbyists. Scott Braddock (Quorum Report) joins us to talk abut the pricing of electricity. State Sen. Dawn Buckingham drops in to discuss defunding the police and the profits of panhandling.
Lynn welcomes radio partner Jim Cardle to discuss the current state of politics and talk radio without Trump in office and with the GOAT of talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, gone from the scene. Can CNN survive without Trump, and can a host be found with Rush's optimism and ability to read between the lines?
Jim and Lynn welcome Kevin Roberts of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Historian John C. Perry explains the origin of "The Eyes of Texas." Also, where are the new American leaders? And the final days in office for NY Gov. Cuomo?
Jim and Lynn discuss the porked-up COVID-19 "Relief Bill" with noted economist Steve Moore and Tom Schatz of Citizens Against Government Waste. Also, a conversation with Texas Congressman Pete Sessions about The many lunacies of the Biden administration so far.
Dead Man Running

Dead Man Running


"Dead Man Running" is the title of a book by Rob Curnock who dared to run as a Republican against a highly favored and entrenched Democratic incumbent named Chet Edwards. This is the story of what happens inside a campaign and how quickly it can turn nasty. Also, Mr. Curnock's thoughts on Biden, Trump and the State of the Union.
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