DiscoverPlay Bold - Win the business game through creative destruction and innovation
Play Bold - Win the business game through creative destruction and innovation

Play Bold - Win the business game through creative destruction and innovation

Author: Magnus Penker with guests

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Let Magnus Penker and guests inspire you to tackle innovation and growth. We are getting back on track in the podcast series Play Bold, as we ramp up for the launch of Magnus Penkerís new book Play Bold: How to Win the Business Game through Creative Destruction.
The guests will reveal the true stories behind the events described in the book. The podcast episodes are full of humor, secrets that cannot be printed, and thought-provoking statements from world-leading thinkers, Hollywood producers, creative artists, CEOs, professors, and many others! Welcome to Play Bold!

Episode 1 (August 27, 2020) - 18 (Dec 17, 2020), Season 1 (2020)
Episode 1 (Jan 22, 2021) - , Season 2 (2021)
24 Episodes
In this episode, we have Greg Spillane as a guest. Greg is one of the most renowned turnaround specialists, who is now turning around. He uses innovation management mixed with financial insights, higher purpose, motivation theories, and creativity to get the job done. Listening to how a turnaround expert takes a case, plans, enrolls and overcomes hurdles. 
Brant Cooper, the New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and CEO of Moves the Needle is our next guest on Play Bold. He is a very bold coach, getting you to think fast and slowly at the same time while getting ready for disruption at multiple and parallel times. Brant Cooper, who is working on his next book, called Disruption Bulletproof, shares some of his new insights now on Play Bold. 
Meet the bold serial entrepreneur Carl-Magnus Norden. He gets the job done; the more impact it has, the better it is. The latest venture is Volta Trucks, a startup based in Stockholm reshaping the inner-city logistics of the world's largest metro areas with new electrified trucks. At Volta Trucks, he and his team combine pathos, ethos, and logos taking electrification one step ahead of the traditional imagination.  
If you want to learn about suitability, this is the podcast for you. In this episode, we’ll be listening to one of the most influential and knowledgeable persons, Andrea Alvares. She is speaking about how you can really succeed with sustainability as a business and how Natura, one of the world's largest cosmetic companies, instilled sustainable systemic thinking when they started. Andrea serves as the Vice President of Brand, Innovation, Internationalization, and Sustainability at Natura and shares her insights. Be prepared for surprises when Andrea is interviewed by Magnus Penker. Here is the next episode of Play Bold.
Welcome to the third episode of Play Bold. and Magnus’ guest Luca Pronzati serves as the Chief Business Innovation Officer for the world-leading cruising company MSC. Luca and his team are basically rethinking the cruising industry during COVID-19, reloading it with new services and technology in a way that is unexpected in an otherwise highly conservative industry. If you enjoy listening to new insights, welcome to Magnus Penker with guests, and let's Play Bold.
Welcome to Play Bold episode 2. We’ll be listening to the Star Wars fan and CEO of EmbraerX Daniel Moczydlower. He is resharpening the urban mobility industry with flying autonomous vehicles. His focus is on diversity, culture, technology and unexpected ways of working, all at once, to instill results in a conservative industry. Get ready for a space ride with Daniel and Magnus.
In this first episode of Play Bold, the second season, we hear Johan Roos sharing insights and stories on how to transform an industry. Johan Roos is Professor and Chief Academic Officer of HULT as well as co-inventor of LEGO Serious Play, a true transformer that combines practice with research to make it happen. Let´s get into dreams, neurons, imagination, safety, curiosity, and motivation for change from a biological systems perspective. Prepare for a ride that kick-starts 2021. Welcome to Play Bold Season two.
It has been 17 fantastic interviews with NASA executives, space designers, priests, Islamic leadership experts, super entrepreneurs, professors from the world leading universities, Hollywood folks, authors, and experts on innovation and transformations, as well as corporate executives. All possible perspectives are now compiled into the last episode of the first session of Play Bold. It is thought-provoking, fun, entertaining and features unbelievable stories that have never been revealed before. Listen and share with the world. For all of you waiting for the book “Play Bold,” the launch date is now set for February 2nd. The next session of the podcast, Play Bold, starts on January 21st. In the meantime, Happy Holidays.
This is a hilarious and detailed look at creativity and research, with Professor Dr Ginger Grant, an executive coach and vice dean of applied research at Humber College in Canada.  If you want to learn how to get executives to open up and engineers to be playful, and how to really learn from mistakes, going beyond what you thought was possible, this is the episode for you.
Niclas Carlsson might well be one of the most experienced entrepreneur coaches leading Europe’s largest network of entrepreneurs, the Founders Alliance.  This 30-minute podcast might change your life. Get ready for a deep dive into entrepreneurship, the mind of an entrepreneur, and how entrepreneurship is going to save the world.
Di Siti, a leading expert in Islamic leadership with wisdom spanning multiple sectors and a message of unity, togetherness, and awareness of how our actions affect the population of the entire planet, answers questions in Play Bold.  Compare and contrast with earlier Play Bold theologists, thinkers, and global thought leaders. Prepare to receive deep, bold insights into transformation, responsibility, and innovations to restore the planet and our civilization, saving us from extermination. 
Tonight, we have Jens Saltin, how made an unbelievable career starting in the early days at Klarna, today Europe’s higher valued FinTech Company, ending up in the global team, and now decided to start up his entrepreneurial career.  Welcome to the philosopher, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and FinTech expert, Jens Saltin.
Tonight we have the bestselling writer, Oscar-nominated producer, the creative veteran and the business man Michael Hjorth as a guest. Fasten your seatbelts when we get into art, creativity, innovation, conflicts, and what really drives change and novel ideas to success.
Tonight LG Frojd is my guest. He is the sports teacher who became a global advisor and sounding board for companies such as Astra Zeneca, as well as the foundation of Piet Hein, the Scandinavia's most famous designer. Today he has clients such as leading law firms, the UN, associations across the board, and many more. Your motto is that, if you do not train, you cannot win! 
From Urbanauts, space yogurt, Thunderwear, leading the space week at the Swedish pavilion, during EXPO 2020 in Dubai, Cecilia Hertz has impacted the way we live by bringing space technology and design to the Planet Earth. She is determined to fix the planet with what we have learned from space. It is a mind-blowing journey and infinite possibilities. Welcome to the episode with space designer, Cecilia Hertz.
Maurizio Grassi is an former innovation professor, experienced management consultant, serial entrepreneur and now heading a hedge fond in Italy as well as advising family offices on building sustainable enterprises. He takes the renaissance perspective explaining how to connect the dots navigating in turbulent waters.
Isaiah C. Engelbrecht, member of the South African National Advisory Council of Innovation and the executive innovation director of City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality gives his insights on what need to to get people back to a very uncertain post COVID-19 future. Listen to his wisdom dealing with really hard problems and how to tackle them using African Ubuntu.
Meet the theologist Louise Callenberg, trained to be a priest, saddled to be the digital transformer creating interlinked regional execution platforms to elevate entrepreneurship and sustainable growth in the society. Louise Callenberg is the theologian, intrapreneur, and leader with long experience from NGOs and the public sector of Sweden, bringing new fresh perspectives on creating a better world through connecting the dots in the society using the entrepreneurial power to fix what's wrong.
The award-winning Stanford, Harvard, Rise, and Northwestern Professor Dr. Lynn W. Phillips epical interview where he discussed how it was to have the world's fourth-richest person on the planet in his class. Lynn also discusses how he declared victory over his cancer where he had a 5% chance of survival, and his perspective on how to create true customer value that goes far beyond the board room.
In this episode, Magnus Penker interviews the Hollywood producer, actor, performance artist, and Parsons New School of Design professor Jack Roberts! Prepare for a deep dive into what drives you and how that plays out in design and innovation terms. As Jack says, are you the victim of circumstances, or are you in control of your life?
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