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Playdaite With Alison LeBrun & Guests

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Playda(i)te is a podcast highlighting people that have playfully stepped into their Sur-Thrivorhood. You are in the right place if you are looking to be inspired to step onto your unique path, and co-create the life of your dreams. We laugh a lot, and also take deep dives into sensitive, but relevant, topics. It is our intention to co-create a world that is a safe playground for all beings, and have as much fun as possible in the process.
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💖Erin is an awakening guide who uses channeled sound, cacao and Human Design to support the expansion process.💖 She is most well known for her channeled tones that heal, transform, and bring deep clarity. She believes in the power of cacao as medicine and uses these tools combined with deep presence to support people in transforming from their small selves to the divine expressions they were born to be.  Insta @erineber  6 day toning medicine for these times Order cacao w/discount youtube channel Follow along with my Newsletter Book sessions or events HERE: Free resources
As an author, visual storyteller, and serial-entrepreneur, Heather Willems has made it her life work to help teams gain clarity through creativity. After 15 years as a creative strategy consultant, she designs co-creation sessions with clients creating transformational change. Her book, Draw Your Big Idea, is the result of years working with the world's most influential thought leaders and companies, including SAP, J&J, Disney, FedEx, Google, LEGO, and NASA. Her work has been featured on TED, The Today Show, MSNBC, Inc., Forbes, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal. She's spoken at CCE, SXSW, Cannes Lions, Conference for Women, Columbia University, Comic-con, and more. Whether she's visualizing breakthrough ideas or speaking about the power of visual storytelling, she has a passion for making connections. Heather lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, with her adoptive family and lovable pit-pull pup. You can find more about her work here: & @twolinestudios
Sarah Shirley, acclaimed fashion stylist, founder of the resort chic line, Mersur and TV style expert has appeared on NBC's -The Today Show, CBS's -The Early Show and VH1 discussing the latest styles and trends. She has been quoted in publications from the Wall Street Journal, InStyle to InTouch, Fitness, New York's Daily News and The New York Post’s Page 6. She was featured in the fashion documentary Tents about NY’s Fashion Week. Sarah is obsessed with style and loves to share all she knows with her obsessed fans and clients! When she's not on location or inside a fabulous closet,  Sarah can be found surfing, shopping and traveling the globe. Surf Sarah’s sites, and her resort chic line of clothing and accessories to find out what inspires her or on FACEBOOK and IG Accounts to find out where she will be next!  She is a graduate of Syracuse University, School of Architecture, attended Fuji Studios in Florence, Italy and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her styling work spans from costume design for movies to TV shows on MTV, advertising campaigns, personal shopping, fashion editorials, e-commerce and runway shows. Sarah consults for legendary New York retailer, Bergdorf Goodman and styles many in-store events for Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Intermix. She is an adjunct professor at LIM College in Manhattan, where she teaches Applied Fashion Styling.  Tommy Hilfiger and Tuleh are among two designers Sarah has worked for.   (Links)  IG @sarzy7300         IG @mersur sarah shirley / chief mersur muse
JORDAN YANCO is a dialect coach who can teach you to sound believable in any accent you wish. Whether you’ve mastered dozens of accents or are learning this skill for the first time, he will meet you where you are and help you find the shortest route to success. He believes accents should be accessible to everyone, no matter your background or experience. He is an active member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), Linguistics Society of America (LSA), and the American Dialect Society (ADS). His guilty pleasures include stand-up comedy and improv, 90′s grunge karaoke, BBQ, and New Jersey Devils hockey. I swear I watch MTV’s Teen Mom and TLC’s 90-Day Fiancee solely for the accent research.
Gary Ware is a Play Strategist & Creativity Catalyst, and founder of Breakthrough Play. He is a sought-after Corporate Facilitator and Keynote Speaker with nearly a decade of experience as a performer in improv theatre. He assists teams with unlocking creativity, confidence, and sparks collaboration with experiential methods proven to drive peak performance.  Gary spent over a decade in the corporate world and originally pursued improv to master public speaking. He quickly discovered that combining improv and play could be a powerful solution to achieve various business challenges. Naturally, he created workshops for his team and other executives in his network to deepen relationships and improve creativity. Gary became obsessed on learning how to use play as a transformational tool and as a result, happily transitioned from marketing to pursue facilitation full time.  When Gary isn't leading workshops and keynote speaking, you can find him learning magic or off an adventure with his wife Courtney and son Garrett. Site Free ebook: Insta/twitter: @garywar LinkedIn: /in/garyware 🎶🎉🎶 RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE: Here is the Simon Sinek video Books Creativity Inc: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration - Play: How It Shapes the Brain Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul - 🎉🎉🎉LASTLY CHECK OUT GARY'S TED TALK
Through his energy healing practice, Anahata Resonance, Julius conducts Sound Healing and Kundalini Yoga events and sessions throughout the NYC area. He is a certified kundalini yoga instructor and a sound meditation practitioner. Every day he feels inspired and grateful. He is fully immersed in doing what brings him most joy – guiding others to find their inner alchemist and embrace the fullness of their being. IG @AnahataResonance Julius Betila
This Episode is about a sensitive topic (Sexual Abuse), which could trigger you, or someone listening; Please listen with care, and seek the support of A trained therapist if you feel strong emotions emerging💕💕BIO: Kendall Alaimo is an international Activist on the prevention of child sexual abuse, A clinical educator on how to best innovate treatment for complex PTSD and a professionally trained Artist who believes deeply in the practice of play. She is the co-creator and host of The Sentenced To Life Podcast (@sentenced2life on Instagram &
In this episode we jam on Brittany’s journey into Comedy, her love of improv, passion for uplifting women in the arts, her upcoming podcast on the topic of Domestic Violence, and her Acting / Improv Class in NYC. 🔥This Woman is on FIRE🔥⭐️BIO: Brittany Brave is a NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer. Born in New Jersey, and raised in Florida, Brave used these unfortunate facts to develop a line of comedy that is just as animated as it is cerebral. She has trained, and performed, at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), iO, Second City, and more. In 2017, she was named an “Emerging Talent” by TBS Network at the New York Comedy Festival. She is the host, and producer of the podcast Class Act, as well as the founder of Cat Call (@wearecatcall), a non-profit organization committed to advancing female leadership, progress, and camaraderie. She does all this and is still somehow only 4′11″. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter (@brittanythebrave/@britbrave). 💥⭐️💥LINK TO IMPROV CLASS:
Co-Creator of The Bad Actors Game Larry Leon on: ⭐️Bringing an idea to life ⭐️Choosing A Business Partner ⭐️Having A Passion ⭐️Testing Your Idea ⭐️Having Support 🎉BIO🎉Larry Leon is a co-creator of The Bad Actors Game. He had a MBA from The University of Texas in Austin. His career is in commercial real estate, and he started the first retail tenant representation firm in the city representing such tenants as Whole Foods Market. He is also a principal in Venture Commercial Real Estate, and heads up the Venturetainment division specializing in location-based entertainment. He is passionate about elevating consciousness, and enhancing quality of life for all people. He, and his wife, Lori Darley have been engaged in the consciousness movement including the conscious business movement through organizations like Social Venture Circle, and Conscious Capitalism for many years. Larry is a lover of the visual, and performing arts. He strongly believes in the impact of art, upon adults & children. His business partner extraordinaire is, Evan Carr, VP of Sales for a real estate management software company, award winning public speaker, and conscious rapper.
In this Episode Timothy shares with us about the science, and art of Human Design, as well as some valuable information for Projectors🌟BIO🌟 Timothy Brainard is the inventor + founder of WHOLESYSTEM HUMAN. He is a full-time human being, a lover of hammocks, an incidental comedian, and an unapologetic ukulele enthusiast. His work is dedicated to the development of elegance + authenticity as sustainable ways of being in life. 🌟🎉🌟🌟⭐️Get in Touch with Timothy⭐️🌟⭐️ https://1. 2. 3. 4.
Topics: Princess Princess, Performing, Writing, Travel, Art from the ❤️, & Creative Embodiment Coaching. ❤️Jessica-Sue Burstein is a performer, comedian, writer, director, & facilitator of Tamalpa Life Art Process ( As a Facilitator she helps people break through creative blocks, and birth creative projects from their bones.👑💕Instagram: @jessicasueeye💕👑 💕🦋FB: Jessica Sue Burstein
Eric Auger and Joe Pari Founders Of TEN31 Productions, Share with us 🌺the amazing story of how they started, 🎁the interesting challenge of getting a horses hind legs across the Canadian border, the most exciting part of co-creating Art with Clients, Their Performers & The Public, and how they have stayed inspired for so many years. 🌳🌻🌞Their company specializes in living statuary, and themed dance for all kinds of special events. 🎁🌺🦠TEN31 grew from a simple, powerful idea that art can be “brought to life” and provide emotionally inspiring entertainment. The human form is TEN31’s canvas. 💎🦠
💎🎁💎🎁💎🎁 Marie is obsessed with the medium of movement. In her work with Intuitive Movement, she hybridizes elements of her professional experiences from dance and personal training to help guide people into their authentic self-expression, utilizing the concepts of play, creativity, chaos, and exploration. She loves helping people find transformation in that moment of letting go and allowing themselves to be complete free as their fullest selves. You can find her at: IG: @mariejanicek Facebook: Marie Janicek 💕💎💕💎💕 Website: 💎💕💎💕 Podcast: This Thing Called Movement 🎁🎊🎁🎊🎁🎊 Her dream is to help create a world where creativity, self-expression, fun, and play are celebrated and highly valued. To help people step into their autonomy, their authority, and their authenticity, and allow their uniqueness to be expressed within the collective community.
Ilyse Soutine is an Author, Speaker, Transformation Coach, and Mentor, and creator of The Subconscious Shift Method. @ilysesoutine on Instagram Ilyse Soutine FB 💓💓💓💓💓The topics we cover Are: Have Clarity on What You Want • Have A Vision That Engages All Senses • Have Faith & Detach From the Outcome • Maintain a High Vibrational Frequency • Stay In Momentum
AMY SILVERMAN FOUNDER & CONNECTION CAMP DIRECTOR Amy is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for igniting human connection led her to build and facilitate The Connection Movement, a community that comes together and dives into self-discovery, transformation and deep, earnest connection through events, workshops, coaching programs, social experiments and retreats. She has initiated the launch of sister communities to the Connection Movement in Miami, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Charleston. Amy is also founder and director of Connection Camp and has an extensive background in arts education, performing, entrepreneurship and operations. 🙌🎁🙌🎁🙌🎁
Yola helps visionary leaders release the internal and external noise from their lives on all levels so they get to show up and take up space as the most authentic version of themselves and do life, and business their own terms. She has been playing with energy since she was three years old, when the one thing that brought her the most joy was bringing order and beauty to her grandmother’s house that she called home for the first six years of her life. Her journey as an energy healing practitioner started 15 years ago, and since then she has spent thousands of hours working with clients from around the world, helping them to see their magic. She is the creator of SpaceHealing™️, an experience (1:1 or in a group format) designed to help release all the layers of noise and distractions that keep all creative souls from experiencing that ultimate level of freedom from within, peace of mind, flow of cash/ideas/creativity/inspiration and the ability to take inspired action in life and business without second guessing themselves. Ultimately, Yola is a teacher and a student of teaching and learning how to continuously strengthen the muscles of self-permission and self-trust through the lens of intuition because when we have those, we can have the world. 🐻 FUN FACTS 🐻 I came to the USA as an exchange student 20.5 years ago. I have lived in New York City for 19.5 of those years and can’t imagine ever replacing it with another place! I believe in quality over quantity. I believe in investing over spending no matter how big or small the number after the $ sign is. I am magical and woowoo AND I couldn't live without a TV or the high tech world. Well I could, I just choose not to. My full name is Orsiola and it means BEAR 🐻. I guess that is why I love hugs. I am a firm believer that life is THAT much sweeter when you spend your summer days by the sea eating cold watermelon with feta cheese while dipping your toes in the wet sand and splashing in the water with your favorite humans.🎊💎🎊💎🎊💎🎊Her Facebook Page is an amazing place to drop into real Magical Truth:💎🙌💎🙌OR on Instagram: @yolabear17
You can find out more about Connection Camp (a summer camp for adults in upstate New York) here:🎊🎉🙌💕Here are the people I met at Connection Camp, and interviewed on this podcast: Vinny B. , Valerie Greene, Heather Manwarring, Shane Kulman, Kelly Keefe, Lenore Cantor, Carmen Miranda, Rob Renahan, & Pamela F Yap.
Petya H James is an Intuitive Body Wisdom Coach, and the founder of the Prosperity Healing Method. She is brilliant at helping people connect the dots between their physical symptoms and the deeper emotional and/or spiritual causes. With a background in Massage therapy and Spiritual Psychotherapy, she has helped hundreds of people reclaim their bodies and live without pain. Petya is also a new mama to her year old baby girl Maya and in her spare time, you can find them somewhere close to water, usually on the beaches of St. Lucia, where she takes people on Healing Holidays during the cold, stuffy winter in Toronto. 🦠🧬🦠🧬🦠🧬🦠SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: insta:🎁🏵🎁🏵🎁🏵
🏵💕🏵💕🏵💕Bio: Kavita Singh is an Intuitive Mindset Coach & Healer. 💎🏵In her words: I love helping powerful women realign with their intuition, truth and power, so that they fulfill their desires and business goals from a place of connection, ease, flow.🐈🎁🎉🦠🐈🎁🎉🦠In This SPECIAL episode Kavita essentially gives me a live intuitive coaching session on RECEIVING, TRUSTING, & ALIGNING. 💎🧬Enjoy ! 💎🦠💎SHOW NOTES: Kavita’s Interview: 1. Minute 10: Giving our power away to the tools that are supposed to empower us. 2. Minute 15: after a big breakthrough tends 3. Minute 22 life is a buffet 4. Minute 26 How is this serving me ? 5. Minute 28: sometimes we need to let go of something/someone because it’s not aligned anymore. 6. Minute 34 playing the game of choices. I get to choose the experience moment in how I want to experience life. 7. Asking questions to get clear on what we want. What would be outrageous. 8. Min. 36 if you are asking for surface level things then they won’t manifest. Go deeper. 9. Min. 44: when to walk away or choose 10. Recognizing the signs earlier 11. 48:11 Getting clear on what you really really want 12. Manifesting with Amusement & Detachment . Letting go of obligation and choosing your joy. 13. What else is there? What can I do to have a different outcome ? What new choices are available ? 14. Play with the idea of what non-judgement means to you. 15. Be curious 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 Social media:
🏵⭐️🏵⭐️🏵⭐️🏵⭐️🏵⭐️Bio: Jasmine Dianne Romani-Romero, or Primcess, is a 24 year old multimedia artist from South Florida. After spending several years as a photographer, her focuses are illustration and collage. Inspired by music and magic, she seeks to create whimsical works. 🧬🦠🧬🦠Who inspires me: Rumi, Pablo Neruda, Chaz Bear, Beach House, Dr Seuss, my friends, my boyfriend, poems, Lirika Matoshi, & clio peppiatt.⚜️🙏🏽⚜️🙏🏽⚜️🙏🏽 Interview topics: 🎁MUSIC (and how it informs me) 🎁Design in my every day life Social media links: IG: prim__cess Twitter: primcessart website: Shop:
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