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Playing Dirty: Sports Scandals

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Playing Dirty: Sports Scandals is a podcast from Dan Patrick, hosted by ESPN broadcaster Jay Harris. It explores some of the most mind-blowing sports scandals throughout history.  We blend them up into a weekly show that shines a light on the dark side of sports. You’ll get the inside scoop while we serve up the juicy details. If you have an appetite for real reporting, join us as we uncover behind-the-scenes details of your favorite sports scandals.

Playing Dirty: Sports Scandals is a production of Dan Patrick Productions, Never Ever Productions, and Workhouse Media from executive producers Dan Patrick, Paul Anderson, Nick Panella, Maia Glikman and Jennifer Clary. Hosted by Jay Harris. Written and produced by Jenn Brown, Francey Hakes, Maia Glikman, and Jennifer Clary.
22 Episodes
Join host Jay Harris as he continues exploring the complex life of Aaron Hernandez. This episode further examines the turbulent saga of the NFL star, detailing how early struggles and connections shaped his journey from a promising athlete to a convicted felon. Learn how his return to New England marked the beginning of a tragic downfall, weaving together professional highs with personal lows that ultimately led to disaster.#dpshowSee for privacy information.
Join host Jay Harris as he delves beyond the football glory to unveil the internal struggles and the stark contrast between public triumph and private turmoil. Explore how a young athlete's promising future spiraled into infamy, unraveling the secrets and tragedies behind one of the NFL's most enigmatic figures. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
What happens when the competitive spirit of NCAA basketball turns fatally wrong? In this gripping finale of our three-part series on the Baylor University basketball scandal, Jay Harris unravels the shocking details behind Patrick Dennehy’s tragic death. Discover how teammate Carlton Dotson and Coach Dave Bliss played roles in a scandal that not only claimed a life but also rocked the foundation of collegiate sports integrity. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Join Jay Harris as we step into the heart of a courtroom drama that could rival any legal thriller. The saga of Baylor University's Patrick Dennehy takes a decisive turn as teammate Carlton Dotson faces trial, bringing to light questions of betrayal, mental health, and the mechanisms of justice. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Join host Jay Harris as he navigates the turbulent journey of Baylor Bears basketball players Patrick Dennehy and Carlton Dotson, from their dreams of sports stardom to a tragic conclusion shrouded in mystery and mental health struggles. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Explore the dramatic unraveling and resolution of the Duke Lacrosse case, a journey from accusation to exoneration that captivates and confounds. Host Jay Harris guides listeners through the pivotal moments leading to the dismissal of charges, the disbarment of DA Mike Nifong, and the legal battles that followed. Witness the personal and legal aftermath for those entangled in the scandal, from the accused players striving to rebuild their reputations to the tragic trajectory of the accuser's life. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
The Duke Lacrosse case narrative deepens, unraveling a web of complexities that challenge our understanding of justice and integrity. Join Jay Harris as he navigates the aftermath of a scandal that rocked Duke University, focusing on the contentious actions of DA Mike Nifong and the turbulent path to uncovering the truth. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Peel back the layers of a night that spiraled into a national debate on race, privilege, and the very fabric of elite academic institutions. Explore the critical moments and decisions that propelled Duke University into the eye of a storm, scrutinizing the roles played by the media, the university, and the justice system. As accusations fly and a community finds itself divided, we're left to ponder the price of prejudice and the quest for truth in the complex arena of collegiate sports. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Unveil the heart of rugby's darkest hour by exploring a cunning plot of deception that transcends the spirit of sportsmanship, putting the integrity of the game under the microscope. As we navigate through the twists and turns of this infamous scandal, discover how one team's quest for victory led to a deceitful strategy that shocked fans and players alike. The repercussions of this event reverberate far beyond the pitch, challenging our perception of honor and ethics in professional sports. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
In this episode, we explore a scandal that intertwines the high-stakes world of NFL ownership with a shadowy day spa in Florida. Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, finds himself at the center of a storm involving allegations of soliciting prostitution. The investigation reveals a complex web of human trafficking and moral dilemmas, challenging our perceptions of power, privilege, and justice. How does a figure of Kraft's stature navigate the murky waters of such a public scandal? Tune in to find out more about the implications for Kraft, the NFL, and the victims caught in the crossfire. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Join host Jay Harris as he exposes the harrowing world of hazing in sports. From ancient practices to modern-day scandals, discover the insidious tradition that continues to plague locker rooms and teams across the globe. Uncover the shocking stories of hazing incidents at Wheaton College, New Mexico State University, and the infamous Minnesota Vikings "Love Boat" scandal. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Join host Jay Harris as he delves into the complex legal battle of Cain Velasquez, focusing on the implications of his son's alleged sexual abuse, the family's struggle with the justice system, and the broader societal impact of incarceration on families. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Accused of vigilantism after a high-speed chase and shooting, Velasquez's actions raise complex questions about justice, victims' rights, and the impact of traumatic brain injuries. We explore the intertwined fates of Velasquez and the alleged child molester Harry Goularte, examining critical components like Marsy's Law, CTE, and the legal system's stance on vigilantism. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
MMA Champ Cain Velasquez faces a trial for his freedom after what appears to be a shocking act of vigilante justice against the man Cain’s son said abused him at his daycare. While explosive violence and MMA seem to go together, Cain’s defense team tells the court he may be suffering from brain injury which caused him to attack the man he believes abused his son. Could Cain have CTE like Aaron Hernandez and Junior Seau? Join ESPN sportscaster and journalist Jay Harris is he dives deep into the case against Cain Velasquez and discovers this father of two is being treated very differently from the accused abuser. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
The Mixed Martial Arts community were stunned when beloved heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was arrested for apparently trying to kill a man by shooting from his car while chasing the other car down the highway. But this man known as a teddy bear outside the cage would soon be revealed as an avenging father, as the story slowly leaked that Cain’s young son was abused by the man in the other car. Two criminal cases make their way through the legal system but the men are treated very differently. Join ESPN sportscaster and journalist Jay Harris is he uncovers the shocking facts that soon have everyone calling Cain a vigilante. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
After the US Women’s gymnastics team failed to medal in the 2000 Olympics in Australia, recriminations, blame and rebuilding followed. In the background, though, an investigation into the Chinese women’s team was brewing. US Coach Bela Karolyi and many others suspected the Chinese were fielding gymnasts who did meet the minimum age requirements, also known as cheating. The twists and turns that eventually lead to a full blown cheating scandal are truly worthy of the best flips any gymnast has ever thrown. Join ESPN sportscaster and journalist Jay Harris as he reveals the scandal that rocked women’s gymnastics and changed the sport forever. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Explore the intense world of the 2000 Sydney Olympics gymnastics competition, where the quest for gold resulted in actions that undermined the core principles of fair competition and athlete welfare. Few could have predicted that the fierce rivalry between the US and China would culminate in a scandal that shook the international gymnastics community to its core. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
The Bronx-based Baby Bombers, propelled to 3rd place in the Little League World Series by pitching phenom Danny Almonte, faced a crisis as rivals deployed private investigators to uncover the truth behind Danny's success. The shocking revelation that Danny's parents had falsified his age led to swift bans for his coach, the team, and Danny's father. Join ESPN sportscaster and journalist Jay Harris as he delves into the scandal that shook the foundations of Little League Baseball, exposing a betrayal that threatened the integrity of America's cherished pastime. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Danny Almonte was a Little League phenom destined for greatness, boasting incredible stats in the Little League World Series. However, a secret harbored by Danny's father threatened to unravel everything. When the truth emerged, it sparked the most significant scandal in Little League history, capturing the nation's attention. Join ESPN sportscaster and journalist Jay Harris as he delves into the surprisingly juicy underbelly of America's pastime, revealing the impact of deception on dreams and the game itself. #dpshowSee for privacy information.
Continue the compelling saga of Marcus Dixon in Part Two of our deep dive into a case that shook the foundations of Georgia's legal system. After being sentenced to a decade behind bars under a contentious law, Marcus Dixon, a once-celebrated high school football star, finds himself ensnared in a legal nightmare. Despite the jury's verdict that he did not participate in non-consensual activity with a teenage girl, the severity of the remaining charges — and their unintended consequences — have left both the jury and the public in disbelief. With the Georgia Supreme Court poised to determine Marcus's destiny, the nation watches, spurred by the influential voices of Oprah and Bryant Gumbel who have brought this injustice to the forefront of national consciousness. #dpshowSee for privacy information.