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Please, Go On with James Hohmann

Author: The Washington Post

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Washington Post columnist James Hohmann chats with the voices behind the viewpoints. Hohmann sits down each week with the author of a compelling or unexpected guest column for The Post’s Opinions section. Together, they unpack arguments that are shaping the public conversation about issues of importance. “Please, Go On” features marquee names, as well as everyday people with original perspectives. New episodes released Fridays.
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Shabana Basij-Rasikh co-founded the only boarding school for girls in Afghanistan. Now, as the school year begins, she reflects on the power of educated women.Read Shabana's latest op-ed.Read Shabana's piece about educating Afghan girls.
In a special 9/11 anniversary edition, a counterterrorism expert argues that the threat of foreign terrorists attacking the United States at home has vastly diminished. Plus, a writer who lost her father on Sept. 11, 2001 shares her pain after two decades.Read Michael Leiter's op-ed.Read Kimberly Rex's op-ed.
The best-selling crime novelist sits on the board of the Innocence Project, and believes our country should be doing more to prevent wrongful convictions.Read Grisham's op-ed.
Trump's former national security adviser says the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan presents an opportunity for the United States to confront Pakistan over its ties to the Taliban and nuclear stockpile.Read John Bolton's op-ed.Read Josh Rogin's interview with Pakistan's national security adviser.
Nasrin Nawa, an Afghan journalist, narrowly escaped the Taliban's takeover of Kabul. But leaving her home country also meant leaving her parents — and sister — to an uncertain future.Read Nawa's op-ed here.And here are four related op-eds:The mujahideen resistance to the Taliban begins now. But we need help.My Afghan news channel won’t stop its important work. We hope the world doesn't look away.The Taliban says it will respect women. But we Iranians have seen this movie before.The all-girls Afghan robotics team inspired the world. Now they're trapped, waiting to be rescued.
In a bonus episode, Post readers and listeners ask public health expert Dr. Leana Wen about the delta variant, vaccine hesitancy and how we protect kids as they return to school.Subscribe to Dr. Wen's newsletter here:
Carlee Simon, superintendent of Alachua County Public Schools, defends her district's decision to require masks, even if it means losing her own salary. Read Carlee Simon's op-ed here:
Fifty years after “All in the Family” premiered, the legendary television writer and producer laments how many headlines seem drawn from the past.Read Lear’s op-ed for The Washington Post:
Byron Auguste, CEO of Opportunity@Work and former jobs czar under the Obama administration, joins James for a conversation about degree discrimination in the workforce.Read Byron Auguste's op-ed:
Former gymnast Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of assault, is now a lawyer and advocate. As the Olympics begin, she reacts to the Justice Department's inspector general report on the many warnings the FBI ignored.Read Denhollander's op-ed: Horowitz's report:
How do you debate someone who's operating from a fundamentally different set of facts? We hear from Lee McIntyre and Jonathan Rauch about what it will take to win the war on truth.Read their op-ed:
Marketers love them. Journalists often use them. But do generation labels like "baby boomer" and "millennial" mean anything? Cohen, who researches social identity, says no — and he and other sociologists want the Pew Research Center to stop using them.Read Philip N. Cohen's op-ed here:
Gavin Grimm was a sophomore in high school when he became a household name in the movement for transgender rights. This week, vindication arrived from the Supreme Court.Read Gavin's op-ed here:
The first Native American Cabinet secretary in U.S. history opens up about her own grandmother’s experience with family separation after announcing a comprehensive review of the troubled legacy of federal boarding schools.Read Haaland's op-ed here:
Arizona's top elections official presses the Senate to pass the For the People Act, even if it requires fellow Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to change her position on the filibuster.
In the inaugural edition of "Please, Go On," Post columnist James Hohmann speaks with Vice President Harris about the exodus of women from the workforce during the pandemic.Read Harris’s op-ed here.
Washington Post columnist James Hohmann sits down with the author of a compelling op-ed from The Post’s Opinions section. “Please, Go On” features marquee names and everyday people with original perspectives. New episodes Fridays. Launching June 11.
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H Mensah

Very insightful episode. Depressing, but hopeful at the same time. Once you can inderstand the problem, then you can develop ways to address it. #Politics #fakenews #misinformation #Journalism

Jul 18th
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