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A podcast hosted by April Walterscheid with an emphasis on female comedians and LGBTQ+ comedians. Each guest offers insight into different aspects of the comedy world. We also touch on dick pics. Contact us at
46 Episodes
Please Send Dick Pics Episode 47 with Janet Quinonez
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!This week's guest is NBC Temp Worker and Professional Sketch Comedian, Janet Quinonez!April Walterscheid and Janet discuss News and Celebrity Dick of the Week. They also delve into the following hot topics:○ Norman Lear, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks, & Benny Hill○ The Jeffersons○ Houston, Texas born and raised○ growing up with Catholic parents○ female bullies in elementary school○ Yo Mama jokes○ Danielle + Janet = BFFs○ her cat named Fee #PhishSong○ her biggest regret involving George Carlin○ working for an oil company○ top skill she learned from the UCB Sketch Writing Program○ Conan O'Brien performing at her comedy show Drunkalogue○ Charles Manson's autopsy○ drinking wine out of a Pringles can while riding around Walmart○ Pringles Chip wine pairings○ why she's the first woman ever to not receive a dick pic○ how to land that Hollywood job you want○ why "Live and Let Die" by The Wings still tortures her today○ Kelsey Grammer's pretentiously puzzling accentShoutouts and special mentions: Upright Citizens Brigade, Jackie Kashian, Justin Michael, Conan O'Brien, Brigid Kelley of Pussies Grab Back, George Carlin, Rhea Butcher, The Internet Read Aloud, Clint Eastwood, Margot Robbie, Saturday Night Live, and Karen Kirkland and her Palm Springs writing retreat "The Breakk" ( article source: you're a sober or non-sober comedian and would like to be a guest on Janet's Los Angeles Comedy Show DRUNKALOGUE, mention April and email the show at: drunkalogueshow@gmail.comJanet's Twitter:'s Website:"Elevator Music" by BeckIf you're an avid listener of Please Send Dick Pics, support the podcast on Venmo or Patreon: // you for listening! April hosts/produces this free podcast for you every week. She hopes you're not only entertained, but also learning something new about comedy.
Please Send Dick Pics Episode 44 with Kazu Kasano
THE SUMO GIRL EPISODE!This week’s guest co-host is Jewish-American Princess and Comedian, Kazu Kasano!April Walterscheid and Kazu talk about News and Celebrity Dick of the Week. They also talk about Japanese memories, being married to a Jewish magician, pigtails, how the average person will interact with 16 murderers in their lifetime, how to spot a liar, police interrogations, Karate Chop Teriyaki Comedy, The Drifters (Japanese improv sketch group), Egyptian Courtroom, being put on trial for wearing a 1950s bathing suit to an award show, Rania Youssef, being 50-years-old but looking like a 20-year-old, when people pass their own limitations as “good advice” to you, accidentally getting thousands of followers on YouTube, San Francisco, TimeWarp Records, how violence is a no-no in France, cheating on Little House On The Prairie, creepy asian girl fetishes, wishing your own husband would send you a dick pic, and April accidentally offends Kazu but what else is new?Kazu’s Awesome Website:“Bicycle Race“ by Queen“Bohemian Dicksody” by April (64 tracks in GarageBand, smartphone earbuds microphone, her voice only, recorded from the convenience of her bed)Lyrics:I see a little silhouetto of a dickScarame, Scarame, why you senda me a dick picThunderdicks of lightning, very very frightening!(Hungileo) Hungileo, (Hungileo) Hungileo, Hungileo jigalo penisico...(I’m just a poor dick, nobody loves me)He's just a poor dick from a poor familySliding his pics into DM’osityEasy come, easy go, are you a man ho?Richardson! No, we will not let you ho(Let him ho) Richardson! We will not let you ho(Let him ho) Richardson! We will not let you ho(Let him ho) Will not let you ho(Let him ho) Will not let you ho(Let him ho) Ah, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho(Oh call me daddy, call me daddy) Call me daddy, let me hoBeelzebub put a devil in his scrotum, for pee, for pee, for peeeeeee!!So you think can jerk off into my eyeSo you think you can glove me and leave me to dieOhhhh babyWon’t you dick pic me babyJust gotta get outJust gotta right into email…Is that a banana in your pants? Yes, and MONEY. Donate to this BIG podcast on Patreon or Venmo: //
Please Send Dick Pics Episode 40 with Barbie Dahl
This week’s special guest cohost is Dick Expert and Comedian, Barbie Dahl!April Walterscheid and Barbie talk about News and Celebrity Dick of the Week. They also talk about The Comedy Cellar, meeting Andy Dick in Los Angeles, how everyone has probably met Andy Dick in Los Angeles, growing up on the New York-New Jersey state border, working at a bank in Manhattan, how the most exciting part about working at a bank is the potential for getting robbed, Kanye West-Trump, royalties for music artists, Kristen Bell, Disney Princesses, children’s book author, ghost dicks, where Rosie O’Donnell lives, Rockland County, being interviewed by the Associated Press about Louis CK, Nyack NY, and super old guy interrupting our podcast because he still lives in a time where women were brainwashed into having no career goals or ambition. Yay!!We also answer the age-old question: Does the dick pic resemble the man its attached to? Kind of like how pets or cars resemble their owners.Barbie’s Twitter:
Barbie’s Facebook: your dicks up for Halloween and send the photos to by October 28th, 2018! Thank you!Also, April is currently starring in a movie playing in actual movie theaters right now! Buy tickets here:“You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley GoreIs that a banana in your pants? Yes, and MONEY. Donate to this BIG podcast on Patreon or Venmo: //
Please Send Dick Pics Episode 38 with Leslie Barton
THE SPOT THE MISOGYNY EPISODE!This week’s special guest cohost is Gang Banger and Comedian, Leslie Barton!April Walterscheid and Leslie talk about News and Celebrity Dick of the Week (all Republican Senators who voted for Brett Kavanaugh). They also talk about what Mishka Shubaly's penis looks like, how Lindsey Graham is Leslie’s friend from school, Michael Jackson, Blue Whale, mad libs, famous feminists, Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra, Aileen Wuornos, Monster, Spot the Misogyny: The Home Game (they find one misandrist thing), The New Yorker, Charlize Theron, Andy Warhol, The Scum Manifesto, Camille Puglia, Sexual Personae, anti-feminist feminist, Diane DiMassa, cartoonist, Cashmere Mist, vegan cookouts are all about the sauce, jackfruit, making your own chorizo, people who ask vegans if they can eat caviar, Superman, Dr. Oz eating a horse heart, college debt including rape cases, what astrological signs they have dated, reading Cosmopolitan magazine confessions in different voices, family members criticizing Facebook posts back in the day, Lizzie Borden, how to create your own rave music, conartist mascara ads, dissing on brunch, how to be "cartoon deep", feeling the sexiest when taking a shit, expensive vegan popsicles, Trump causing rampant divorces other than his own, and they perform a live smelling of perfumes in a Cosmopolitan magazine. They also read sexually graphic horoscopes. #cuminmyeyeLeslie’s Twitter:“Time Bomb” by The FormatIs that a banana in your pants? Yes, and MONEY. Donate to this BIG podcast on Patreon or Venmo: //
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