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I’m a Content creator with a passion for anime, gaming, computers and art. We like to have discussions on life from the perspective of an old-school nerd. Topics encompass nerdy trends and discussions with a hint of pop culture and reviews. Follow me on Twitch to hangout or build gaming computers:
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Happy Fathers Day! This week I talk a little bit about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game from Tribute Games, and also discuss some streaming updates :) Linktree
In this weeks episode I lightly discuss Ms. Marvel episode 1 on Disney+, I also talk about a handful of my favorite games from this years Xbox showcase. Linktree
Happy Pride Month! This episode I take a moment to talk about Mental Health, and also discuss my excitement for the upcoming movie: Jurassic World: Dominion Linktree
This week I'd like to recommend/remind everyone about stranger things season 4 and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus. I have a quick heart to heart for anyone who needs to hear it, and give out some updates regarding the channel. Please subscribe and follow me on EVERYTHING! Have a great weekend!
This week I give some updates regarding my channel, lightly discuss my recent trip home. Stranger Things 4 is almost upon us, and I talk about getting back into Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
This week I've got a few new nerdy recommendations. I've given some updates regarding recent pc builds and a quick glimpse into recent twitch activities: Kirby , pc builds, Halo , Arcane , all good stuff really! When you get a chance add me on whatever social network you'd like :)    
Hey I guess its been awhile. Playing around with a new format to please give back feedback when you have a moment. In this episode I discuss some pc build news as well as a brief review of Ghostwire Tokyo. If all goes well I'd love to have more in-depth thoughts regarding some of these games/discussions. Follow me everywhere from the link below :)
Happy New Years, this is the first episode of 2021. I am very excited to have Twitch Streamer Queenchanleen on our very first episode of the year. Queen gave us some incite to her experiences as a Twitch streamer, she talks about things that have helped progress her channel as well as some things she's tried that just weren't a hit for her community. She discusses several past games she's played as a variety streamer, some including but not limited to: Final Fantasy 7 remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Phasmaphobia, and more! Please tune in, follow, like, and subscribe :) Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is getting some time to reconnect with what and who is important to them! In this weeks episode I am joined by Twitch Streamer @tomo_arigatoo first half of the show we discussed her channel and usual horror game interests. After that, we had a chance to Dive into her newest addiction: CyberPunk 2077 Please make sure to like, subscribe, and comment! Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
This week I had good friend and fellow Twitch Streamer MikieKool as a guest. Final Fantasy XIV recently released a new Patch update with all sorts of content that has drawn the 2 of us in like Moths to a flame. We had a chance to hangout without the stresses of whos tanking or healing next round so please, take a minute to kick back and hangout. Don't forget to subscribe :)   Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
Hey guys, hope all is well! This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Twitch Streamer Daniella aka She2Saucy4U. Daniella is a hardcore fps streamer, she tries to sway me into playing fps games, and talks about her channel and favorite games. Second half of the show we had a great discussion regarding the 2020 game awards with nominees such as: Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Animal Crossing New Horizons, The last of Us part 2 and more! Please take a moment to subscribe!   Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
This week, we went all the way to the Hidden Leaf Village to have special guest Naru the Ninja on the Podcast! We had fun discussing her transition from streaming on Console to Pc, some of her general podcasting experiences, the Play House Stream Team and end the show with a full blown Kingdom Hearts / Disney / Square Enix conversation. Please tune in and join us! Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
In this episode I am joined by Twitch Streamer Shooter_Q, the first half of the episode he tells us all about his early life as a struggling gamer in the military and the progression that helped ignite his passion today as a streamer. The second half of the show we had a lot of fun discussing an uncertain and frustrating video card market. Nvidia trades blows with AMD, AMD trades blows with Intel cpu's and so much more. Please give the channel a follow and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
In this Episode Tino is joined by Jora aka LetsPlayGaymes. Jora sheds some light on why her most frequent streams seem to be "Just Chatting" as opposed to actual video games (hint - she loves her followers). She also touches base on her recent partnership with the Rainbow Arcade Stream Team and the path that lead her there.  Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
In this episode I am joined by Variety Twitch Streamer Spencer_I_Am. Spencer sheds some light on what he considers a variety streamer to be and what it takes to have a successful channel you can enjoy. He even touches base on how some of his iconic channel point options came to be! Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch:
Welcome to the pilot episode of Plus Ultra Gaming! This week I had special guest MegaMatt911. Matt is relatively new to twitch and very excited to discuss his experiences thus far. We discuss balance between normal life and streaming, some of the challenges to starting your first twitch channel etc.  Website: Twitch: Twitter: IG: YouTube Guest Twitch: MegaMatt911 Twitch 
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