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A podcast by Campaign Against Antisemitism that speaks to a variety of guests within the world of antisemitism.
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Jonathan Brent is an academic and historian who serves as the Executive Director and CEO of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, a cultural organisation and place of higher learning with a world-renowned library and archive of 24 million documents whose mission is to preserve, study, share, and perpetuate knowledge of the history and culture of East European Jewry worldwide.In this episode, Jonathan reflects on the culture of East European Jewry before and during the Holocaust, the origins of the antisemitic trope “Zionism is racism”, and how Joseph Stalin helped to create a new form of antisemitism.This episode is the final installment of Season 3 of Podcast Against Antisemitism. We’ll be taking a short break and returning in April for Season 4 with a really exciting line-up of guests. We’d like to thank all of you for listening, and hope that you’re finding our podcast as enjoyable to listen to as we do in producing it.Now, please enjoy this week’s episode.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Allison Josephs is the Founder and Executive Director of Jew In The City, a non-profit organisation that seeks to change negative perceptions of religious Jews and make engaging and meaningful Orthodox Judaism known and accessible. Allison was named by Variety as an advocate for inclusivity in the entertainment industry in its 2022 Inclusion Impact Report, has been quoted or written about in numerous publications, including Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, and has made appearances on numerous television and radio networks including CBS, ABC, and NPR.In this episode, Allison exposes the problematic tropes in the Netflix film ‘You People’, outlines the antisemitic stereotypes imposed onto Orthodox Jews in television, and how she made history at the Sundance Film Festival.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Tova Ricardo, better known as Tova the Poet, is a poet whose poems speak from her perspective as a Black Jewish woman. In her poetry, she ruminates on how she perceives the world and how the world perceives her, which includes celebrating her culture and identity, but also having to confront the antisemitism, anti-Black racism, and sexism that comes with it. In this episode, Tova performs a poetry reading, describes what growing up in her Louisiana Creole, Black, and Jewish home was like, and offers her thoughts on Black Hebrew Israelites.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rabbi Aubrey Hersh is the author of the popular podcast “History for the Curious”. He is also the Projects Director & Senior Lecturer at the JLE (Jewish Learning Exchange) in London. Over the past two decades, he has taken over 250 Heritage tours to Europe including destinations such as Auschwitz, and has specialised in Holocaust education, with several of his podcast series focusing on elements of antisemitism and the Holocaust.In this episode, Rabbi Hersh discusses Purim and what it teaches us about antisemitism throughout history.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Ben M. Freeman is a Scottish, gay, Jewish author, activist, and educator whose latest book, Reclaiming Our Story: The Pursuit of Jewish Pride, is the second instalment of his seminal manifesto of the modern Jewish Pride movement that has taken the Jewish world by storm.In this live podcast recording, filmed at the inaugural “CAA presents…” event, Ben discusses how external antisemitism can result in internalised anti-Jewishness, leading to Jews altering their beliefs, and even appearances, in the pursuit of acceptance from antisemites.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Shloime Zionce is a YouTuber and podcaster from Brooklyn’s Hasidic community. In addition to being the Foreign Affairs correspondent for Ami Magazine, a publication geared towards Orthodox Jews, which has taken him to over 40 countries on 5 continents, he is also known for starring in Peter Santenello’s popular YouTube series about Brooklyn’s Hasidic community which has racked up million views.In this episode, Shloime offers his thoughts on the misconceptions about identifiable Jews, the horrific statistics of violent antisemitic attacks against them, and his reaction to meeting refugees in Ukraine.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Adriana Rosie, better known online as the Non-Jewish Nanny, has amassed millions of views and likes for her entertaining and educational TikTok and Instagram content in which she provides her perspective as a non-Jewish person looking after children from Jewish families.In this episode, Adriana describes what it was like learning about antisemitism through working for Jewish families, her journey into the world of Jewish culture, and her career as a trained opera singer.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Michael Benson is the true-crime author of the book Gangsters vs. Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in WW2 Era America, where he tells the incredible, real-life story of how Jewish gangsters disrupted Nazi gatherings in the United States during the late 1930s.In this episode, Michael explains how Nazi ideology made its way to America, the role Jewish boxers played in working with gangsters, and Joseph Goebbels’ failed plot to take over Hollywood. Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Ruth Posner BEM is a Polish-born British Holocaust survivor who, along with the rest of her family, was forced into the Warsaw Ghetto. While the rest of her family was murdered in the Treblinka extermination camp, Ruth and her aunt managed to escape the Ghetto and survived the War in hiding. She has since led a remarkable life, with a successful career as a dancer and actress. Additionally, Ruth is also one of the models in our national billboard campaign to raise awareness of antisemitism, a first-of-its-kind for Britain. She was awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year Honours for 2022 for her work educating about the Holocaust.In this episode, Ruth recounts her harrowing ordeal during the Holocaust, and shares her thoughts and feelings on modern antisemitism and Holocaust-denial.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Josh Howie is a comedian who is the writer and star of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom Josh Howie’s Losing It. Additionally, he plays Simon in the Netflix show Hapless and regularly appears on GB News’ Headliners, a programme that takes a comedic look at the news and current affairs. He also writes for the Jewish Chronicle and uses his social media platforms to highlight antisemitism.In this episode, Josh provides his insight on what it was like speaking out about antisemitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, as well as how some of his fellow comedians reacted.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Amanda Sthers is an award-winning French author, playwright, and filmmaker whose critically acclaimed work has earned her the title Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the Government of France. Much of her work looks at Jewish life and culture, with her hit play, Le Vieux Juif Blonde, even being studied at Harvard University.In this episode, Amanda opens up about leaving France due to antisemitism, tackling antisemitism through art, and her experiences, both good and bad, of working on her award-winning film, Holy Lands.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Eli Goldsmith, also known as the Midnight Rabbi, is a podcaster, musician, rabbi, and the brain behind Unity Bookings, a global entertainment promotion. In this episode, Eli opens up about some of the antisemitic experiences he has faced, why he believes tackling anti-Jewish racism through art can be effective, and his life growing up among professional wrestlers and rock stars.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Amy Albertson is a Chinese-American Jewish activist from Sacramento, California whose work focuses on tackling antisemitism through education, awareness, and encouragement of Jewish pride. In addition to being an associate at the Tel Aviv Institute, an organisation that aims to tackle and depoliticise antisemitism online, she is also a public speaker and writer, and has been featured in the Jerusalem Post, the Algemeiner, and the Times of Israel.In this episode, Amy sheds light on the importance of learning about Asian Jews and the challenges they face, as well as how she first became involved in fighting antisemitism.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Westside Gravy is a rapper and producer from San Diego, California, now based in Israel, whose music has amassed millions of streams online. Through hip-hop, he examines his identity as a Black Jewish man, his pride in his culture, and the antisemitism and racism that exists in our society.In this episode, Westside Gravy breaks down the meaning behind some of his lyrics, explains his concerns about the antisemitism and racism that come with being a proud, Black Jew, and speaks on antisemitism in hip-hop.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Modi Rosenfeld is a New York-based comedian, writer and actor who can be seen on Netflix and HBO. So significant are his artistic contributions that 26th June was named “Mordechai Modi Rosenfeld Day” in the City of New York. A headliner at clubs around the world, Modi has used his comedy to poke fun at Jewish culture and to speak out against antisemitism.In this episode, Modi explains his approach to tackling antisemitism through comedy, why he believes taking antisemites to visit Holocaust museums is a mistake, and the difference between Jewish comedians and comedians who happen to be Jewish.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Roots Metals is an Israeli-Costa Rican jeweller, artist, and writer. In addition to creating and selling her jewellery, which often draws upon images and themes found within Judaism, she uses her considerable online platform to educate her followers on antisemitism and Jewish history. In this episode, Roots Metals tells us about the ongoing harassment against her online, Jew-hatred in Latin America, and the spreading of anti-Zionist rhetoric on university campuses.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Karen Cinnamon has been dubbed “the world’s number one Jewish wedding expert” and the “queen of Jewish positivity”, and is the founder of both Smashing The Glass, the world’s biggest Jewish wedding media platform, and Smashing Life, a private club for Jewish women. Karen is also the creator of her own popular website ‘yourjewishlife’, where she educates her followers on matters such as safely tackling antisemitism, understanding Jewish customs and how to raise proudly Jewish children. In this episode, Karen tells us about safely standing up to antisemitism, why she doesn’t judge other Jews and her secret to happiness.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Nicole Lampert is a freelance journalist and best-selling ghostwriter. Nicole’s work has appeared in The Spectator, The Independent, The Jewish Chronicle and Glamour to name but a few outlets. She was also the former Showbusiness Editor of the Daily Mail, and while she may have cut her teeth writing on entertainment, in recent years she has also been writing about other topics, including antisemitism.In this episode, Nicole tells us about her extensive primer on antisemitism within the Labour Party, the threatening phone calls made to members of her family, and stories from her life as a showbiz writer.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Ben Rebuck is a Jewish vegan chef and activist who runs the popular Instagram page Ben’s Vegan Kitchen. In addition to his passionate work in promoting healthy and appealing vegan food, he also uses his large platform to speak out against antisemitism.In this episode, Ben explains why he hates comparisons between industrialised farming and the Holocaust, how antisemitism plays a role in Jewish foods and how he became vegan.Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
Rudy Rochman is a Jewish-rights activist who rose to prominence after videos of his on-the-street debates around issues of antisemitism and Jewish identity went viral. In addition to creating engaging and educational video content, Rudy’s work also sees him delivering speeches to students on campuses across America and, most recently, starring in and producing We Were Never Lost, a forthcoming documentary series about unknown Jewish communities worldwide.  In this episode, Rudy reveals how came to be kidnapped in Nigeria, why he is happy to debate anyone, no matter how extreme they might be, and how he manages to stay calm when coming face to face with antisemites. Subscribe at and send us your feedback to us on all socials @antisemitism
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