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NBA Superstar Paul George welcomes you on a journey of brotherhood, family, missteps and success with his new show "Podcast P". Alongside co-hosts Jackie Long and Dallas Rutherford, PG and his boys provide an Entourage-style glimpse into the life of an NBA star during the basketball season.

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In this episode of Podcast P, Paul George answers 13 burning questions, discussing the Clippers' season, his durability and efficiency, and the pieces needed around Victor Wembanyama. He also talks about his future, the NBA Finals, and the most surprising team of the season. 0:00 Start 5:09 NBA Finals Guest Analyst Experience  17:49 Remembering Jerry West  25:18 PG Describes How The Clippers Season Went 29:37 Team Connection After Trading For James Harden 36:52 Reason Behind This Season’s Durability and Efficiency  40:49 Pieces Needed Around Wemby 47:17 What Is The Biggest Shift In NBA Gameplay? 56:02 What’s Missing From Today’s NBA Finals Coverage? 58:11 Favorite Part of Bronny James’ Game 1:01:35 Starting A Franchise with a 25 & Under Player 1:03:45 Most Surprising Team This Season? 1:06:23 Player Who Should’ve Had A Better NBA Career? 1:11:28 Most Memorable Moment From Getting A Shoe Line 1:18:30 PG’s Future Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Satou Sabally, a 2-time WNBA All-Star and All-NBA forward from the Dallas Wings, discusses her introduction to basketball while growing up in Germany, her rookie year experience, and her thoughts on Caitlin Clark's impact in the WNBA. Satou also reveals what it’s like to guard A’ja Wilson and Breanna Stewart, the league's physicality, and receives advice from PG on how to score on smaller players. 0:00 Start 7:16 Basketball Origin Story 22:07 Playing with Sabrina Ionescu At Oregon 26:20 Rookie Year Experience  29:30 Dirk Nowitzki Comparisons  34:40 Being In The Zone  40:07 Caitlin Clark Narrative 54:00 The Physicality of The WNBA  58:15 Guarding A’ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart, and Alyssa Thomas 1:04:50 Playing in the 2024 Paris Olympics  1:13:25 Pro-to-Pro Advice Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2-time NBA All-Star and 17-year veteran Zach Randolph joins Podcast P for another edition of Story Mode. Zach shares stories about his time with the Portland Trail Blazers, battles at practice vs Rasheed Wallace, learning from Scottie Pippen, and insightful talks with Steve Kerr. Zach also shares his side of the fight with Ruben Patterson and provides insight into how being traded to the Knicks really went down. Z-Bo also discusses how Memphis embraced him, playoff battles against Blake Griffin and Tim Duncan, and shares how great it was to see his daughter coached by the late Kobe Bryant. 0:00 Start 8:20 NBA Player Influence 10:35 One & Done At Michigan St. 14:50 First Year W/ Blazers 17:00 Relationship with Steve Kerr, Scottie Pippen & Rasheed Wallace 24:25 Practice Was Z-Bo’s Game 27:53 The JailBlazers Era 30:00 Worst Lock Room Fight 38:05 Breakout Season 42:32 Brandon Roy’s Talent 46:00 How The Knicks Trade Went Down 51:30 Knicks Underperforming 58:38 Isiah Thomas as a NY Coach 1:03:04 Best Thing To Happen To Z-Bo 1:06:40 Matching With Tim Duncan 1:07:35 Chemistry with Marc Gasol and Mike Conley Jr. 1:10:40 Battles vs Blake Griffin 1:13:00 Career’s Toughest Team To Beat 1:14:30 Modern Day Grit & Grind Team 1:18:55 Next Season Memphis Prediction 1:21:45 Viral Moment with DeMarcus Cousins 1:22:40 Memphis Jersey Retirement 1:25:15 Z-Bo’s Daughter Playing Basketball 1:27:35 Kobe Coaching Z-Bo’s Daughter 1 :32:45 Rated PG: DJ Burns Jr. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In a special 2024 NBA Draft episode of Podcast P, French Phenom Alex Sarr, and University of Kentucky sharpshooter Reed Sheppard joined the show. They talked about the players they emulate in their game, their go-to moves, and how it feels to be potential lottery picks. Reed and Alex also asked Paul George a few questions about the biggest adjustment from college to the pros, how the NBA works, and how to make an impact as a rookie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Podcast P, Cameron Brink, the LA Sparks #2 Draft Pick, joins the show to talk about falling in love with basketball, growing up with the Curry Family, and the influence of the 2024 Draft class in the WNBA. PG and Cameron also discuss her signing with New Balance, the differences between college and the WNBA, and preparing for her first game with the Los Angeles Sparks.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In another edition of STORY MODE, Metta World Peace, a 17-year NBA veteran and champion, shares untold stories of legendary Michael Jordan summer runs with LeBron, playing with God Shammgod in high school, and the AAU Team Riverside Hawks. We hear some crazy stories about his time on the Bulls when he worked at Circuit City and drank Henny at halftime. Finally, Metta talks about the effects of "Malice in the Palace", playing with Yao Ming, and his relationship with Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Paul George talks about the Clippers' early exit from the playoffs and breaks down what they could’ve done better as a team. Next, PG, Dallas, and Jackie dive into all the playoff matchups where PG breaks down the Timberwolves defense, Jalen Brunson's surprising superstar leap, and shares if he would consider being a Team USA replacement. Finally, they share their opinion of who won the Kendrick vs Drake beef. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On the latest Podcast P episode, Paul George discusses his attack mode mentality in the first half of Game 4, the clutch three-pointer he made in the 4th quarter, and in-game conversations with James Harden. Paul also talks about losing the 31-point lead and the challenge of covering Kyrie Irving. Clippers teammate Terence Mann joins to discuss guarding Luka, confidently shooting three. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fresh off a big Game 1 win against the Dallas Mavericks, Podcast P is back to recap the victory and answer fans' burning questions about the playoffs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Podcast P, we are joined by JuJu Watkins, the USC guard and National Freshman of the Year. We will talk about her first NCAA Tournament experience, her amazing 51-point game against Stanford, and how she wants to improve her game. Also, Paul George will give JuJu some advice on how to juggle life on and off the court and how to develop her pace during a game. Lastly, PG will answer questions from fans about Russell Westbrook, his favorite play of the year, and the best rookie PG he has ever witnessed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In another edition of STORY MODE, Matt Barnes, a 15-year NBA veteran and champion, shares untold stories of UCLA superstar summer runs, playing with Dennis Rodman & Allen Iverson, and wild late nights with the “We Believe” Warriors. Also, the guys talk about Kobe Bryant's financial generosity, Shaq playing pranks on teammates while on the Suns, and the Warriors' 2017 championship run.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this week's episode of Podcast P, Grammy-nominated rapper Schoolboy Q joins the show to share how he connected with TDE (10:40), creating his sixth studio album (20:15), BLUE LIPS, and playing it for his hip-hop idol, Jay-Z (31:35). Q also talks about how wild the night was when he attended Kobe's final game (1:01:04) and what changes he would make to the NBA if he was the commissioner (1:11:33). 0:00 Intro 5:47 Q’s College Football Career   8:20 Start of Music Journey  10:40 Connecting with Top Dawg Entertainment  16:10 Kendrick Lamar’s Influence  20:15 Album-Making Process 25:55 Concept Behind BLUE LIPS Album Cover 31:35 Linking with Jay-Z 39:38 Process of Making BLUE LIPS    49:09 Love & Hate About Album Recording Process 53:10 A Conversation About Weed 58:00 Lebron Tweet About Album  1:01:04 Being At Kobe’s Final Game  1:03:42 PG Playing Kobe For The 1st Time 1:09:09 NBA Locations  1:11:33 NBA Changes Schoolboy Q Would Make 1:19:10 Love For Golf Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this week's episode of Podcast P, 2x NBA All-Star Tyrese Haliburton makes an appearance to discuss playing without Buddy Hield, Anthony Edwards' incredible block, and his determination to make the playoffs. Then, PG shares his approach to scoring and speculates on which record will most likely be broken first - Wilt's 100-point game or LeBron's 40K points. Don't miss out on this exciting episode! 0:00 Intro 2:56 Tyrese Haliburton Interview 5:00 Dealing With The Highs And Lows Of The Season  6:12 Playing without Buddy Hield  8:50 All-Star Weekend Recap  10:32 How To Make The All-Star Game More Competetive  12:02 Anthony Edward Blocks Aaron Nesmith 13:58 Excitement About Playing In The Playoffs 16:15 How Defenses Are Guarding Tyrese  22:29 Back Door Cutting  24:24 Relationship with Rick Carlisle 27:00 Chemistry With Pascal Siakam 30:00 PG Thoughts On How He Approaches Scoring  32:11 Record More Likely To Broken: 100 Point Game or 40,000 Points  39:50 What Would You Adopt From European Basketball? 45:13 How Physical it is in Eurobasketball  47:52 Do you ever hear fans courtside during the game? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this special one-year anniversary episode of Podcast P, Paul George answers questions from fans about his predictions for the Rookie of the Year and Most Improved Player Awards. He also shares his thoughts on who the toughest defender to score on in the NBA is currently, weighs in on the debate of who's better between Steve Nash and Tony Parker, and expresses his surprise at Jake Paul's decision to fight Mike Tyson. 0:00 Intro 4:00 How's Russ Doing After Hand Surgery  5:30 Bones Hyland Stepping Up  12:34 Patrick Beverly Talking Trash 15:20 ROTY Race: Chet or Wemby?  18:33 Most Improve Player Award? 23:42 Players Flyers Under The Radar 29:18 Bring Back Hand-checking? 35:09 Steve Nash or Tony Parker? 38:32 How Do You Handle 5 Games in 7 Days? 40:24 Toughest Player to Score On? 45:35 Working on Defense During The Season 49:30 Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week on Podcast P, Paul George discusses the Clippers' rebranding process, whether the NBA can balance defense with offense in today's game, and the Clippers' main focus for the remainder of the season. Additionally, PG shares the name of a popular music artist who invited him to appear in a music video. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Programming Note: This episode of Podcast P was taped in front of a live audience during All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis. Two-time All-NBA center DeMarcus Cousins joins Paul George and the crew to discuss his experience playing against legends such as Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kobe Bryant. Cousins discusses his emotions regarding the way he was traded to the Pelicans, the biggest "what if" moment of his NBA career, and his experience playing basketball overseas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this edition of STORY MODE, Brian Shaw (3x NBA champion, 14-year NBA vet & Clippers assistant coach) joins to discuss playing with the Young Lakers 3-Peat and his time with the Orlando Magic. Also, the guys talk about playing MJ fresh off his first retirement and what it was like having Larry Bird as a teammate. Then, find out what really happened behind the scenes of the infamous choking incident between former Warriors player Latrell Sprewell and his head coach P.J. Carlesimo. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this week's episode, Rapper Vince Staples joins Podcast P to discuss his new Netflix show, the influence of Snoop Dogg, and how he became a Clippers fan. Additionally, Jaime Jaquez Jr., the Miami Heat forward, expresses how he's ready to compete in this year's dunk contest and talks about the highs and lows of his rookie season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In a special Story Mode episode of Podcast P, we have NBA veteran Dahntay Jones as our guest. He shares stories from his time at Duke with Coach K and Jay Williams, and talks about playing with Allen Iverson and guarding Kobe Bryant. Jones shares his reaction to PG's prediction of becoming an All-Star as a rookie. He also discusses how the Cavaliers made a comeback from being down 3-1 against the Warriors and how Paul George almost got traded to the Cavaliers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this week's episode of Podcast P, Paul George, Dallas Rutherford, and Jackie Long will be answering fan questions about Paul's recent 3-point celebration against OKC, the rivalry between SGA and Anthony Edwards, the most underrated players in the NBA, and more.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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