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Originally started as a podcast about uncluttering your life, "Podcast Without Pretense" is the successor to "Uncluttercast." Eric Sandine, Jonathan Strickland and Iyaz Akhtar discuss anything that pops into their heads. We don't know what we'll talk about until we start recording.
12 Episodes
We review "Glitch." It's the movie that had Jonathan Strickland say, "This movie is not good. It's a rom-com with little romance and zero comedy." Special disappearance by Eric's cat.
So it's come to this. There was a murder. A movie. A manilla envelope. Or we talked about yet another awful move, maybe even "#Horror."
We talked about the first episode of "Fuller House," season 3. Wonder how we got to Beverly Crusher? So do we.
We reviewed "3-Headed Shark Attack." Why? Because we hate ourselves. Next up is "Fuller House" season three, episode one. Why? Because Iyaz hates Eric (for this week).
One of us endorses cults (sort of). Another creates a chimera of movies (sort of). And yet another endorses either or neither (sort of).
The best new podcast of 2017 is back with a bang. This episode was not brought to you by, but it could have been.
Jonathan, Eric and Iyaz review "Death Race 2050," which is actually the second death racing movie they've covered in the history of PWP. After that, Jonathan devises a new challenge that either is brilliant or evil (or both).
Tonight's episode features the adjectiveless trio talking about all kinds of things including "Vampire Dog," "Transformers: The Last Knight" and bands. Plus, a bonus argument between Jonathan and Iyaz over "Beauty and the Beast!"
Jonathan and Iyaz review "Vampire Dog." Eric takes a powder.
In today's episode, we try to take on "Let's Be Evil." It's a sci-fi/horror-y kind of movie that has a lot of great concepts. The execution is a little less than great.
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