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Author: Steve Hart

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Every week seasoned podcast producer and radio host Steve Hart provides practical advice that you can use to start, improve, and develop your podcast. From basic recording techniques to podcast promotion and marketing advice, Steve's advice is down-to-earth and easily accessible. After all, all we are talking about is recording the human voice to an MP3 file - it's not that hard.

When it comes to making podcasts, Steve's mantra is: "Use what you have and do it anyway."

Steve hosted his first podcast in 2009 and has previously worked as a journalist for BBC and commercial radio. He is the author of the top-selling book Podcasting Made Easy - paperback and Kindle.

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20 Episodes
It’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to producing a podcast every week – particularly if you are hosting a podcast on behalf of your company. Where do the story ideas come from? To help out, here are five ideas to lift your show out of the doldrums… In no particular order: […]
We’ve all seen the discussions about using music in podcasts…That’s right – you can’t use this week’s number one as the intro to your show – unless you have a licence to cover the royalties, have permission from all owners of the track, or you are reviewing a snippet to critique it. For your show’s […]
Having a dedicated website for your podcast can help podcasters in lots of ways. It provides a central anchor point for the podcast that isn’t reliant on any streaming service and it allows you to create and publish content that isn’t a podcast. For example, you may decide that a written feature is the best […]
Podcasts are an ideal addition to any company’s content marketing mix – and here’s why. Every current survey of podcast listenership shows that an increasing number of people are listening to them. Years ago podcasts were the product of geeks serving a niche market (they used to be called audioblogs). But during the last few […]
We’ve all seen the heated debates online about which microphone to buy; but the truth is there is no correct answer. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I look at the many factors to consider; the recording environment, the budget, and whether you should use a condenser, dynamic, or USB microphone. I say don’t […]
You see it at least once a week on podcast forums…Should I ask the person I am interviewing to sign a personal release form. My answer may surprise some.
It’s too easy to knock out a podcast episode, post it up and then sit back rubbing your hands – job done. But oh no, there is more to it than that. You need to promote each podcast to reach new listeners and increase your audience. To make an impact. So make sure to write […]
We all do it. We can talk all day to friends, colleagues and family without uttering a singled ‘um’ or ‘erm’. But sit in front of a microphone to record a podcast and they pour out. So how do professional broadcasters and newsreaders speak without making these unwanted noises? Practice, practice, practice – and a […]
So governed are we by the clock that it is no surprise that someone writes to ask what time of day they should release their podcast to a waiting world.
So you want to start a podcast but there’s something stopping you. First it was the gear, then it was the space for a ‘studio’, and then having the time to prepare and record it. Okay, the time for procrastination is over. It’s time to start podcasting and you can only do that by actually […]
We’ve all done it. Recorded a podcast interview only to discover the audio is really bad for one reason or another. So, what to do? Yep, apps such as Pro Tools, Garage Band and Audition provide lots of tools, filters and options to help improve sound and remove unwanted noises. But to use them you […]
The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting – let’s record a podcast in the garden. Just because we can. The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting – let’s record a podcast in the garden. Just because we can. No mixer, no expensive microphone, no room acoustics worries, no fixing up afterwards. Just raw […]
There are plenty of podcasters who do well just sharing their expertise and knowledge via their podcast without having to interview someone else. But if featuring guests on your podcast is something you want to do then that can be very interesting for your audience. It’s quite common that people will make contact with you […]
I learned a long, long, time ago that having a great product doesn’t automatically translate into great sales or popularity. You may offer great content that’s delivered to broadcast standard, but if no one knows about it then you are wasting your time. Sure, you’ll be on all the podcast distribution sites – along with […]
When a company makes a box of soap to sell their job doesn’t end once the boxes are packed up and placed in the warehouse. That’s when the real work of advertising and marketing starts. Once a firm has a product made they need to sell it; and that involves lots of marketing and advertising […]
While it’s all very nice sitting at home making podcasts, there’s nothing more exciting than actually getting out to events such as trade shows to interview people. They can be people such as experts in their field who are visiting your town, people you might not normally get to meet. Or maybe you want to […]
I have always been in favour of brevity. I guess it is due in part to my training as a journalist to report news in as few words as possible. It was a hard lesson when I first started out as my editor would tell me to cut my 1500 masterpeice to 450 words. Cut, […]
If you are blessed with two fully working ears then everything you hear is stereo. By default you will likely record stuff in stereo. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I explain why it’s natural to want to produce podcasts in stereo. But there are some reasons why you shouldn’t. Stereo MP3 files will […]
There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing your podcast artwork. In this episode of Podcasting Made Easy I say that restraint is a key requirement as it is ideal to keep the logo simple and restrict yourself to no more than 2 colours plus black or white. Ideally…use one colour. If […]
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