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Podcasting with WordPress

Author: BobWP

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Insights and actionable tips to help you podcast on your WordPress site.
13 Episodes
In episode 11 of our podcast, I am changing up the format. I am going from interviews to shorter, actionable podcast tips and insights.
Listen in as I chat with the co-hosts Amy Masson, Tracy Apps and Angela Bowman of the Women in WP Podcast about their story and their podcast.
In this podcast I switch seats and Rob who is on the cusp of starting his own podcast asks me a few questions to get him through his last barriers.
Listen in as we hear what why Kyle took the medium and started a family-only podcast and what he has learned from his interviews.
Learn how nonprofits can use a podcast to help raise awareness and donations through storytelling.
In episode 6 I chat with Jaclyn Schiff about a critical piece of your podcast marketing efforts. The repurposing of your podcast through articles, blog posts, show notes and transcripts.
I episode 6 I chat with Liam and Tara about the decision to start the podcast as co-hosts and what they have learned along the way.
In episode 5 I chat with Matt about his podcasting history, the ins and outs of podcasting and his most recent endeavor, a local podcast called We Are Here.
Learn how you can effectively boost your search engine optimization for your podcast using WordPress
In episode 3 I chat with podcaster Joe Casabona on what he has learned and had his own success with when it comes to building and engaging your podcast audience.
A podcast is an excellent way to help build your brand. Listen is to this episode for some great tips.
In episode 1 I chat with Craig Hewitt from Castos as he gives us some great tips to lighten the load when it comes to starting your own podcast.
Today is the first episode of Podcasting with WordPress. Tune in to hear what we have planned for our podcast and our blog.
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