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Episode #1: Mr. Blakley 
With so much going on this time of year, Mr. Berry, Mr. Blakley, and special guest Mr. Pennell, devoted this episode to talking about recent happenings in the world of OLP.
Soaring into the Gala

Soaring into the Gala


On this extra long episode, Mr. Berry and Mr. Blakley are joined by Kelly Costello and Chris Washick, co-chairs of the Gala Committee, to discuss our upcoming gala.
Podding with a Purpose

Podding with a Purpose


This time, Mr. Berry and Mr. Blakley are joined by two guests: James Pike, our guest producer, and Todd Feske, founder of Walking with a Purpose.  OLP is working with Feske's organization as part of our Lenten Generosity project.
On their first episode back as a duo, Mr. Berry and Mr. Blakley give you all the latest OLP news and give away more free swag
On this episode, Mr. Berry and Mr. Blakley bid a fond farewell to the Director of Advancement and third co-host, Dave Marrese.  His absence will be felt here at OLP
Your favorite podders are back after a failed attempt at an episode last week.  Hear about that, plus Catholic Schools Week discussion and more.
23 Reasons in 2023

23 Reasons in 2023


On this episode of the PCwP, Mr Berry, Mr Marrese, and Mr Blakley talk about all the reasons we love OLP in 2023
Your favorite Catholic school podcast is back!  This time we're talking about all the upcoming festivities and event through the end of the school year.  Listen here if you want to be cool and in the know!
Your PCwP pals are joined by two special guests this time: Michaela Swarthout and Jocelyn Johnson, our Religion teacher and Youth Minister.  
Mr. Berry, Mr. Marrese, and Mr. Blakley sat down with OLP's new music teacher for sparkling conversation and witty repartee. 
Looping with Ms Stef

Looping with Ms Stef


On this episode, your podcasting triumvirate invited Stef Thompson, our 1st grade teacher, to talk about her transition from teaching Kindergarten and to talking looping, where a teacher follows the same group of students through more than one grade. 
Your favorite podcasters are back, and today we're chatting about the upcoming school year.
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