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A podcast about podcasts, groundbreaking.
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Podcast Tips From Berry

Podcast Tips From Berry

2018-09-1400:39:35 #Podin When you are listening to podcasts Or #PodsInColor when you are sharing podcastsUsing them together just makes me sad because why would I have created two? I get it though. Because a podcast is a podsincolor when you are listening too but people don't research hashtag meanings or use so, I do not use them together. PodsInColor News Sponsorship Post This episode is on podcast tips. I first talk about episode notes, here are two examples of great episode notes Example #1 - Example #2 - Example #3.  for me it’s about how they show up in podcast apps. I look for social media of the guest and the podcast by LINKS! Because being able to click a link is the best. The best Twitter profile example. I like that it lists with @’s so you can go to their profiles, the co hosts. Includes a android/web page link plus an Apple Podcasts link. We all know things change overtime and betting all your apples on Apple when they barely even feature black podcasts aint it. If you can’t find yourself in the podcast apps features DAILY, find a new podcast app and recommend it to people who listen. One of the only reasons I mentioned Castbox so much. How To Listen Descriptions for your website Example #1 - Example #2Number 3 in this tweet explains why you should be bringing new people to listen to your podcast, you want to be successful.  Reddit post that is pretty on point about numbers it takes to make money from ads IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines IAB hosts the Podcast Upfronts which happened last week. All the bigger podcast companies go. They present what podcasts they having coming up and have some people poc people who work for them an have been podcasting for a long time go up and talk about themselves also. They did have Questlove present when he added a podcast to Pandora but barely anyone heard about it because Pandora like most doesnt know how to market or talk about podcasts. And people think they are coming to takeover LOL. Trademark issues - Satia’s tweet I read about leaving Shout Out Rss feeds are you MONEY in podcasting. Understanding how they work and who has control of it has to do with your podcast intellectual property. RSS feed 101 issues. Another RSS article. Your rss is where all content is stored, if you switch host to host, the first thing they do is transfer all your information from your previous rss feed. Culture Genius on Stitcher To hear the full first episode and for a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to  and use promo code 'GENIUS'Episodes referenced in this episode Call Your Girlfriend Businesswoman Episode The Wolf Den Episode with Marco from Overcast Blacticulate with Renay Blacticulate with Phoebe Shout Out Network (UK podcast network) Need podcast consulting? Contact Berry today! Thanks for listening. It felt like I was breathing like a baptist pastor but published this episode anyway. I was going to end this differently and I didnt feel like going into the studio again to fix it so that ending sounds weird but hey I still published ‘this anyway. I dont have a lot episodes of this podcast left. I am pre recording my next podcast so hoping this helps me not be late when I podcast next year. Mainly with this podcast I learned recording a podcast around the time it needs to be released isnt for me because I like to edit down. There are people who say they dont edit but no one who makes enough money they don’t have a 9-5, which is my goal, so ill be over here editing and learning all I can. Podcasts in Color on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr Apple Podcasts * Castbox * Radio Public* Google Play * PippaTea With QJ on Podcast Movement My Post on Podcast Movement Therapy For Black Girls Merch Donate to be featured on Podcasts in color! PodsInColor Merch Podcasts in Color Consulting The Read comes to Denver 12/2 My email Guest: Renay on Twitter Current podcasts: About Race With Reni The Receipts Podcast on BBC Nevertheless Podcast That’s When You Get A Dog Podcast App: Apple Podcasts (The Purple App)(Castbox) Subscribes: (29 mins) The Read The Friend Zone Stance Podcast Help I Suck At Dating The Receipts Podcast Still Processing Today Explained Start Up with Arlan Scene on Radio - Men Top 5 Radiolab - 60 words (April 2014)  Scene on Radio - Seeing White Three Shots of Tequila The Receipts About Race with ReniFuture Podcasts Qcommunity The Receipts on BBC 1xtra Nevertheless (season 2) That’s When You Get A Dog (season 2) The Last Bohemians (an episode)  Just listen to all of Renay’s podcast That’s When You Get A Dog Favorite Podcasts/Podcasts You Should Know About Blacticulate In Good Company Podcasts in Color on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookThe largest directory of poc podcasts PodsInColor Philly Meetup 7/24 (5-7pm)Sampan 124 S 13th StPhiladelphia, PA 19107Podcast Movement Lots of love to Spotify and the 10 women they choose for the Sound Up Bootcamp xoxoPodcast Pitch Day July 10th Podcasts in Color Directory tings Submit your podcastUpdate your podcast Berry’s Podcast hosting stuff Pippa - Simplecast - Libsyn Don’t @ Me (new podcast/ Dear White People) website - Apple Podcasts TOP 2018 Podcasts form Top 2017 Podcasts DonatePatreon Paypal Stripe through Squarespace PodsInColor Merch Store  Tell Me About A Podcast Roundtable Podcast - Castbox I didnt ask her socials smh! Janicia’s twitter - instagram Tea With Queen and J twitter - Facebook Tea with Queen & J Website - Apple Podcasts - Soundcloud - Podcast appApple Podcasts Subscribes Black Ass PodcastBlack Girl in Om Bodega Boys Break Dances With Wolves Indigenous Pirate Radio Cheers And Queers Brunch And Budget Fanbros Jade & XD Latinos Who Lunch Bola brothers Marsha Plate Never Before Podcasts in Color The PodcastQueer Qoc ReaganomicsStill Processing TBGWTThe Brown Liquor Report Extraordinary NEgroes The Nod The Read Sexuality Liberated Woman Unravel Werk It J’s Podcast Top (main) 5(6)...7Danny and Cleo Black Men Cant Jump In Hollywood TBGWT’sInner Hoe Uprising Bag Ladiez Queer WOC Marsha’s PlateTea with Queen & J Website - Apple Podcasts - Soundcloud - Episode discussed Marsha’s Plate Episode #39 Church Hugs and Transition Age Limits? Soundcloud - Apple Podcasts The Podcast J believes you should listen to... Danny and Cleo - Casual conversation amongst life partners discussing parenting, marriage, and daily life through the lens of social justice, respect, and developing healthy habits.Soundcloud - Apple Podcasts Tea With Queen and J episodes that will hook you Review Superfly - Diamond of Marsha’s plate episode - Dear White People Review - She’s Gotta Have It review -Marsha’s Plate Pose Recaps Podcasts in Color on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookThe largest directory of poc podcasts
Apple Podcasts * Castbox * Radio Public* Google Play * PippaPodcast Feature (Tell Me About a Podcast)Window Seat - Apple Podcasts - Simplecast - Where you can submit future podcast features Donation/Support options Podcasts in Color Merch Donate page Podcasts in Color PatreonPaypal link Update your podcast in the Podcasts in Color Directory Submit a new podcast to the Podcasts in Directory Myleik’s interview Claire of Fashion Bomb Daily - Pocketcasts - Apple Podcasts Guest: Dr.Joy Harden of Therapy For Black Girls Twitter @Therapy4BGirls Podcast AppsApple Podcasts  - Spotify (android and iOS) - Castbox (android and iOS) Subscribes - The Read Still Processing Joblogues Pop life Podcast The Friend Zone Side Hustle Pro Dreams in Drive Hidden Brain Podcast Top 5 The Read Still Processing Hidden Brain Pop Life My Taught You by Myleik Teele Podcast resources The Health Casters Hot Pod Newsletter Pod News (Contact me to added to the NYC Listserv)Episode talked about Hidden Brain Summer Melt The Podcast You Should Know About Pop Life PodcastYes Girl Podcast featuring Mona Scott Young - Essence Mag link - Apple Podcasts Have a question you want me to answer on the podcast? Email me PodcastsinColor @ Podcasts in Color on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookThe largest directory of poc podcasts
Other places to listen Apple Podcasts * Castbox * Radio Public* Google Play * Pippa Podcast Link Up Podcasts - Tweet 1 - Tweet 2 -#EhkyYaMasr Located in Cairo, Egypt Words - Posts Monday’s, under 15 minute to submit, update or find more podcasts!Podcast episodes about podcasting Gayside Stories ‘Cast Chat (clip used) Blacticulate Renay episode - basically a free consult(clip used) Phoebe from #TheReceiptsPodcast on hashtags + podcasts on Blacticulate The Business of Podcasts with Joymarie ParkerBerry on TalkitectureSoundcloud - Apple Podcasts - Or search TalkitectureNot mentioned in the episode (SORRY) but Berry was also on Bribooks podcast talking about podcasts too! Castbox - Apple Podcasts - website - Vanessa from Singleling podcastInstagram - WebsitePodcast AppsStitcher - Apple Podcasts - Spoke AudioSubscribesOther Men Need HelpThis American LifeCriminalFamily GhostsGuest Mother's Day EpisodeSingleling episode recommendationsOnline Dating - Mother’s Day - Consent episodePodcast and episode talked aboutOther Men Need Help - Poster Boy episodeModern LoveWoman loves tortoise episode The Modern Love Podcast: Ruth Negga Reads ‘My Touchstone and a Heart of Gold’This Is LoveBrenda Jackson black romance author episode. The story of how we have black romance books to read today.Podcasts in Color on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookThe largest directory of poc podcasts
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Tell Me About A Podcast


Podcasts in Color Instagram post on podcast recommendations Black Girl Pod Soundcloud - Apple Podcasts Toure Show Melissa Alexander Lemon Shade podcast - Recommendation from instagram Podcast Pitch Day June 10th! On twitter City + Description + a link + #PodsinColor Noon-1pm ET Podcast News Black chefs hopeful, skeptical as culinary world grows more inclusiveWith Her New Podcast, Portland’s Tiara Darnell Wants to Amplify the Nonwhite Voices of the Cannabis IndustryShe Podcasts time code 19:06 re: audioboom ads Tell Me About A Podcast Google Form We Come From Queens Mom Episode Behind The Brilliance episode #Podin for podcast listening or #PodsInColor for sharing podcasts Podcasts in Color on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook The largest directory of poc podcasts
PodcastsinColor.comMother’s Day spotlight Link to tweet about Black Joy Mixtape Stitcher premium show Merch ~> #Amped Brunch Where the Spotify WOC program came from….by JoyMarie/Joblogues ~ Datrianna ~ and I, Berry Free podcast tools NPR training Side Hustle Pro How To Start A PodcastCall Your Girlfriend Beginners Guide by Rana of Dreams in Drive Great podcast panel covering podcast IP Looking to launch a podcast? Advice from an audio producer by Alex LaughlinHonest Advice On The Future Of Podcasting From Producer Of Hit Show 'Call Your Girlfriend' love Gina! Listen to everything she says. Renay, Podcast hitmaker in the UK, on podcasting Blacticulate Werk Podcast Feed (panels from the conference) I recommend How to Get Your Podcast Off the GroundHow I Make It: The DailyThe $1 Million PodcastAll the episodes are something people paid hundreds of dollars to hear in person so, worth it. Pod FadeeeeeeThe Ran Down How To Get Away With Parenting Hannibal Buress Another Round Guest: Josh, Producer at Pineapple Street Media Twitter Regarding Josh  ~ InstagramSubscribe list -Today Explained The Daily Up First NPR 2 Dope Queens30 for 30  Angela Yee’s Lip Service Anna Faris Unqualified Another Round Code SwitchDeath, Sex and Money Embedded Food For Thot Fresh Air Nancy Caliphate NYT Josh’s podcast Prismatic: An Audio Series Podcast Top 4 The Read Sound Exploder Where Do We Begin w/ Esther Perel Nancy Are and Be Podcast on Spotify but FREEPineapple Street Media shows Josh currently works on...Never Before Janet MockUnhappy Hour w/ Matt BellassaiHeaven's Gate Still Processing NYT You Can’t Make This Up Netflix podcast
PodcastsinColor.comSubmit - Donate - Merch PodinLiveNYC Podcast Audio Link  (Soundcloud)Denver Meetup 5/5 @ House Of Pod (Facebook)Next Podcast Pitch Day on May 10thInfo: One Hour, on twitter, noon estNeeded -> City, Description of podcast, link to podcast + #PodsInColor#Podin When you are listening to podcastsOr#PodsInColor for sharing podcasts anytimeBerry’s Listens LatelyMostly Lit Episode - Link (soundcloud)Therapy For Black Girls - Link (T4BG website)Cupcake Interviewill-logical perspectives Soundcloud - Apple PodcastsPodcast Apps - Soundcloud and Spotifyill-logical perspectivesPillow Talk w/ The Casey CrewLip ServiceIgnorant PhilosophyInner Hoe UprisingBlack WidowThe Friend ZoneThe ReadWhy Won't You Date Me w/ Nicole ByerAtlanta MonsterEmpire on BloodPodcast Top 5The ReadIllogical PerspectivesThe Friend ZoneInner Hoe UprisingGroup Chatill-Logical PerspectivesSoundcloud - podcasts hoe Uprising The Fuck Up (episode we covered)
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