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We are so much better together-let's compare notes, not ourselves-and, above all, be kind. Support this podcast:
54 Episodes
I chat with poet Joel Ciaccio about his work, his podcast, Hack Sessions, and about what makes him tick. I also bid farewell to 2019 and thank my guests and listeners for their generous support and encouragement! --- Support this podcast:
Meagan Lucas, author or Songbirds & Stray Dog joins me today and we talk about her book, writing advice, thick skin, and all the many things that keep her busy. There may be laughter too ... --- Support this podcast:
I sat down with the duo, Rose & Cloud, and did in fact establish that they are a duo not a quartet... --- Support this podcast:
Today I am joined by Jane Kirkpatrick, New York Times best-selling, award winning author and rattlesnake fighter...wait, what? --- Support this podcast:
I am finally back and I couldn't be more excited about bringing you the poet Tina Chang.  Her new book, Hybrida, is out and it is one of the best books of poetry to come my way. Join me as I welcome Tina to Poet Kind! --- Support this podcast:
A little Collins, a little Keats and a lot about autumn and what I am reading with the change of seasons... --- Support this podcast:
I sat down with writer Ayaz Pirani to discuss his new book "Kabir's Jacket Has A Thousand Pockets".  He shares how his global background informs his work as well as the traditions he grew up with.  Join me for this great conversation with this wonderful Poet! --- Support this podcast:
We talk works in progress, MFA's, cornbread, and blur. --- Support this podcast:
Poet, writer, and actor Carlos Andrés Gómez joins me to talk about his newest book, Hijito. --- Support this podcast:
Full on 11

Full on 11


The one where we finish what we started...a small discussion on beauty. --- Support this podcast:
Season 4: Episode 1

Season 4: Episode 1


Wait...what? Poet Kind is back for season 4 and sneaks onto the airwaves with a short hello!! SO glad to be almost didn't happen! --- Support this podcast:
With the release of her new book, Self-Portrait, I invited Elisabeth Horan back on the show to talk about this interesting melding of the Life of Frida Kahlo and Elizabeth's personal story.  Jorge Montero Calderon joins us as well from Costa Rica. He is the translator for this bilingual book of poetry. --- Support this podcast:
TAG, you're IT!!

TAG, you're IT!!


The one where I read a few poems, talk about playing like a kid, and invite you to play along... --- Support this podcast:
We welcome award winning author Shawn Smucker to today's episode we have a great conversation about his creative process and his new book, Light From Distant Stars. --- Support this podcast:
Today is our official 1 year Birthday!! We are so grateful to our listeners, supporters, cheerleaders, and snack providers-you have helped make this such a fun journey!  Today we welcome poet and editor Elisabeth Horan.  Her work sheds  light on issues surrounding mental illness and more specifically in her debut collection Bad Mommy Stay Mommy, her experience of post-partum depression. Her openness to address such a sensitive topic using poetry-which can be both raw and tender at the same time-is inspiring and offers hope, survival, and the opportunity for others to find courage to tell their own stories.   --- Support this podcast:
We spend time with poet Christopher Hopkins and if you stick around long enough you may even find a little p.s. at the very end... --- Support this podcast:
S:2 Ahh, technology

S:2 Ahh, technology


It's Tuesday, I mean, wait, it's Wednesday and since the editor deleted yesterday's episode we have a special treat to tease you for next weeks guest... --- Support this podcast:
This short episode has a little Walt Whitman, a little waxing poetic, and shares a few hopes and dreams for the coming year... --- Support this podcast:
We talk about over analysis and how it can be detrimental to the creative process. And, read poetry. --- Support this podcast:
I talk a little more about being creatively blocked, share some quotes from much smarter people, and read some poetry.... --- Support this podcast:
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