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Have you noticed we've somehow all started dressing the same? Let's change that! Discover independent fashion and beauty brands and hear Esta Fiesta's thoughts on current industry events.
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New Year, New Skincare Routine!
Happy New Year!!   It’s 2018 so of course we’re kicking off our New Year’s Beautylutions! I’m sharing what I learned from last year’s challenge and how I’m planning to step up my skincare game this year.   Of course I’m also sharing my favorite trends from 2018’s fashion forecast and my excitement for Pantone’s Color of the year… Ultraviolet!   But first I had to pour one out for 2017 since I didn’t get to put out a year-end episode due to good old fashioned technical difficulties. I’m shouting out some of the amazing pocasts/podcasters (Bri’s Books, Tea with Queen and J, Journey to Launch, The Mariah Report)I met over the last year, those who allowed me to appear on their show (Inside Pop and Bodega Box Office) and sharing love for two podcasters we lost last year, Stevie Ryan of Mentally Ch(ill) and one of my podcasting idols Combat Jack of Loud Speakers Network.   I’ve also got a new fashion statement! Sharing my thoughts on Hollywood’s decision to wear all black during award season as an act of #MeToo solidarity.    Corrections: Stevie Ryan’s co-host who is now the sole host of Mentally Ch(ill) is Kristen Carney.   Gigi Hadid’s brother’s name is Anwar Hadid. Sorry guys! Follow @PoisedPodcast on Twitter and Facebook and use #PoisednPolished to continue the conversation! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter Sign up for the newsletter and visit for a complete list of past episodes and resources and visuals from this episode.
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