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This is a poker podcast that breaks the mold of boredom and forges its own path to both inform and entertain! Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles and his unique group of friends unite for their all-too-honest and blunt commentary on the poker community. This show is a mixture of discussion of real poker-world issues and abstract entertainment provided by crazy characters and even crazier situations. If you want to keep up on the happenings in the world of poker, but don't enjoy the dry, monotone podcasts found elsewhere on the internet, you have found the right program!
497 Episodes
This is part 2 of the show which aired from 2/16-2/17/24. Part 1 is already posted.... Topic begins at (0:09:46) mark: Jason Koon quits as GGPoker ambassador under mysterious circumstances, Fedor Holz takes on Player Integrity role, some skins suspected of allowing unverified players on GG Network.... (1:18:43): Winner of GGPoker $1,000,000 Mystery Bounty jackpot claims it was only paid as $780k.... (1:27:44): Matt Berkey mocks Jonathan Little, then Little immediately wins tournaments, then Negreanu and Berkey battle over the matter.... (2:07:22): Party Poker player claims the site stole $707,000 from him, and closed his account -- but was he actually a victim here?.... (2:59:26): Ryan Feldman, Garret Adelstein have tense argument on Twitter Spaces.... (3:37:41): Update: Jacksonville Jaguars want the $20 million BACK from FanDuel, where embezzler Amit Patel chunked off the money he stole.... (3:50:08): Druff goes to the new Whataburger on the Las Vegas strip, and gives review of his experience.... (4:19:59): Judge in Borgata/MGM case rules casinos have no duty to stop compulsive gamblers from betting.
This is part 1 of the very long show. Part 2 will follow as a separate episode shortly.... Topic begins at (0:23:22) mark: Who is the #1 Todd in poker?.... (0:39:41): Sean Perry loses $1.1m bet on 49ers during Super Bowl -- but what is the real story with this guy?.... (2:15:45): Druff goes over the newly posted 2024 WSOP schedule.... (2:49:32): Christopher Mitchell goes to the Super Bowl, gets scammed by a Facebook follower in his own contest.... (3:04:39): Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu want Ike Haxton to take off the N95 mask.... (3:58:02): Update: Accused backpack thief and tournament pro Anthony Zinno finally makes statement about the matter.
This is part 2 of the show which aired on 1/31/24.... Topic beings at (0:07:42) mark: Tropicana Las Vegas to shut down on April 2, 2024.... (0:43:53): Crypto-based Phenom Poker claims to be revolutionary and "trustless" -- but is it?.... (1:31:58): Clark County passes law against standing on pedestrian bridges -- should tourists be concerned?.... (1:55:07): Man followed home from Commerce after chunking off all his money, held at gunpoint.... (2:07:58): Former Resorts World CEO Scott Sibella pleads guilty to federal charges.... (2:30:04): Indian tribes try to get casino established on non-tribal land in Barstow, CA.... (2:42:21): Oxford Casino in Maine accidentally gives $250 freeplay to far too many patrons, rescinds it.... (2:50:56): Nobu accidentally allowed people to book impossibly cheap rooms for the Super Bowl -- and now they're getting moved to other properties.... (3:00:23): PFA snubbed for GPI "best podcast" award -- again.
Topic begins at (0:19:57) mark: Four announcements about PokerFraudAlert.... (0:29:12): Top tournament pro Anthony Zinno accused of stealing backpack with $20k in it during December 2023 Wynn tournament.... (2:00:05): Fontainebleu faces major embarrassment after social media photo of 6-chip nachos dish goes viral.... (2:33:35): Full Tilt software creator, original "Tiltboys" member Perry Friedman passes away at 55.... (3:09:02): ACR quietly releases statement about bot situation, but it seems to say very little.... (3:32:35): There's another superuser allegation regarding GGPoker.... This was part 1 of 2, the second part will be posted within a few days.
This is part 2 of the show which aired on 1/4-1/5/24.... Topic begins at (0:02:34) mark: Phil Galfond hires Justin Bonomo as Run It Once coach, controversy ensues.... (1:02:00): Run It Once Poker to hit US market in 2024 via BetRivers.... (1:16:58): Solver tool creator "MonkerGuy" accused of stealing crypto, falls under massive social media fire.... (1:45:44): Real or staged? Obscure Michigan poker pro George Janssen found with hands ziptied, claims kidnapping/extortion attempt.... (2:07:03): Major WSOP Paradise FAIL -- 10m extra chips sent over to player in Main Event when 3 handed.... (2:15:29): Hustler closing all safe deposit boxes due to stricter California regulations.... (2:37:58): Controversial poker pro Sean Perry makes final 9 at Circa Survivor contest, refuses to chop.... (2:51:26): Occasional poker player John Letzkus arrested for firing 70 shots in the air from MGM Signature condo.... (3:04:28): Man traps himself in elevator at Pennsylvania casino after thrashing door due to losing session.... (3:11:42): Druff visits new Fontainebleu property in Vegas, and gets to see unfinished 70th floor.... khalwat and tradershky co-host.
This is part 1 of 2. Topic begins at (0:14:12) mark: PFA news: Site goes down December 31, Druff tried to fix radio player.... (0:20:03): Druff has second colonoscopy.... (0:47:20): GGPoker superuser "MoneyTaker69" caught and exposed -- but how deep does this really go?.... (2:12:05): ACR has rough two weeks, first with major crash, then with exposure of $10 million bot ring -- and some bad PR attempts on both.... khalwat co-hosts.... Part 2 will be posted within a few days.
This is part 2 of the show, part 1 was posted earlier.... Topic begins at (0:01:06): ESPNBet screws gambler on same-game parlay, grading entire bet a tie because one leg tied.... (0:10:16): BetMGM invalidated $214k parlay in August... but was it justified?.... (0:25:52): Circa faces lawsuit regarding taxation of comps -- is it frivolous?.... (0:51:34): Mysterious death of Dirk Arthur, a Vegas magician specializing in tigers, has some suspecting murder or suicide.... (1:26:20): Phil Galfond announces $10k "mastermind" event for January in Palm Springs, causing some minor controversy.... (2:27:08): WSOP Paradise offered some Seven Stars members free entry into their $5 million guarantee event #1.... (2:38:01): Phil Hellmuth's loud entrance during WSOP Paradise Main Event causes controversy.... (2:50:55): Jordan Saccucci wanted for major robbery in Canada, bounces out of country to play WSOP Paradise.... (3:00:20): Unemployed college professor Anthony Polito kills 3, badly wounds 1, in pre-planned UNLV shooting.... (3:42:56): Druffytime Theater: Druff versus defiant Target employee and customer playing hero.... (4:55:01): Christopher Mitchell has YouTube channel shut down for the 4th time.... Brandon and tradershky co-host parts of the show.
This is part 1 of 2, as this show was extremely long. The other part will be posted within a few days.... Topic begins at (0:29:00) mark: Wesley Fei and Nik Airball accuse Ye "Tony Mars" Shen, Arnaud Mattern, Shane Hennen accused of multimillion dollar home game cheating scheme.... (3:13:46): MGM Grand Poker reneges on guarantee and then restores it, after employee Tony Burns quits and PFA releases "Seinfeld" parody mocking them.... (3:58:19): After 17 years of construction, the Fontainebleu resort is finally opening in Las Vegas.... (4:45:33): Amit Patel steals $22 million from Jacksonville Jaguars, mainly to shoot off on Daily Fantasy Sports.
Topic begins at (0:16:19) mark: Google Chrome users might need to make a settings change to listen to live PFA show on that browser.... (0:20:27): PFA Radio helps listener get through the night during life-threatening heart attack.... (0:29:18): Brandon joins show, discusses Thanksgiving with Druff.... (0:41:30): Druff attends Formula 1 race with son Benjamin, gives review of event.... (1:58:46): Druff hits shocking dealt royal flush on 10-way video poker machine for $64,000.... (3:14:20): Clark County may change law making it illegal to use Vegas pedestrian bridges as viewpoints.... (3:28:29): Justin Bonomo in hot water after pro-Hamas tweets infuriate fellow poker pros.... (3:59:48): Las Vegas A's are now a reality, move from Oakland approved by MLB.... (4:30:59): Las Vegas baccarat dealer accused of helping players cheat, arrested after vanishing for 18 months.... (4:48:17): Lawsuit regarding Vegas strip room price fixing is dismissed.... (4:59:47): Las Vegas casino scammer receives suspended sentence.... (5:16:14): Brazilian poker pro Rafael Caiaffa disqualified from Brazilian Series of Poker after using extra chip starting chip stack.... (5:37:51): Brandon asks Druff's opinion about restaurant tipping situation.... (5:51:16): WSOP Paradise promotes Qiyu "Nemo" Zhu as an influencer attending event, controversy ensues.... (6:45:19): Real money gaming app company Skillz, previously accused of shady behavior, is now suing another company for stealing their games.... (7:05:48): Update: Fereidoun “Prince Fred” Khalilian, charged in June for soliciting a murder-for-hire scheme, now charged with witness tampering.... (7:16:58): Crockfords in UK closes after 128 years.... (7:22:07): Big Mexican online casino "Strendus" carelessly allows major data breach to occur over 6-month timeframe
This is part 2 of the show which aired on 11/6-11/7/23.... Topic begins at (0:00:50) mark: True or False: Which of these 5 statements about Druff are true?.... (0:24:27): Former poker pro Shawn Sheikhan sentenced to four years in prison for illegal marijuana sales.... (0:37:55): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History: The life and impact of Don Laughlin, who recently passed away.... (1:51:31): Bedbugs found in nine Las Vegas strip hotels.... (2:03:09): Culinary Union in Vegas close to deal, details leaked.... (2:38:18): Video poker analyzing software now available to casinos to identify bad players at the game.... (3:09:51): Listener "Patrick" calls in to talk about Vegas losing appeal to the average tourist.... Brandon "Drexel" Gerson co-hosts throughout.
Topic begins at (0:17:03) mark: Druff victimized again by identity theft.... (0:50:15): Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty.... (1:32:53): Chris Hunichen back in controversy after making tweet about private jet, months after sharing family Gofundme.... (2:58:08): Update: Josephine Ragland, the scammer who killed Bart Hanson's dog, is charged with felonies in California and Massachusetts.... (3:30:08): PFA forum member and Druff get scammer Christopher Mitchell banned from Circa.... (3:52:18): Formula 1 race date approaches, all signs point to failure... and Druff has tickets to it for sale.....This is part 1 of 2, as the show was over 8 hours, and has been split. The other part will appear within a few days.... Brandon "Drexel" Gerson co-hosts.
Topic begins at (0:18:11) mark: Druff gives his thoughts on Hamas' attack on Israel.... (0:46:18): Vegas grinder Raechel Whetstone steals $7,300 from backer after tournament win, but is there more to the story?.... (1:33:59): PFA listener and poker personality Bart Hanson makes national news after his dog was killed by a scammy trainer.... (2:09:42): Nigerian scammers con Clark County School district out of $1.45 million, and then trick three women in other states into receiving the stolen funds and shipping it out of the country.... (2:45:38): YouTuber "SlotLady Sarah" makes shocking turn into Onlyfans porn career.... (3:30:41): Hustler Casino Live regulars Wesley Fei and Benjamin Lee hit by complicated scam which pitted them against one another.... (4:07:11): Jared Bleznick stalls a $100k buyin tournament final table so he can open up sports cards.... (4:18:57): Treasure Island bartender accused of stealing $8,000 from resort.... (4:26:30): Lawsuit claims roulette ball at Gold Coast Casino hit player in the eye, causing "permanent damage".... (4:34:21): Nevada Gaming rules on banned player who hit jackpot at a casino -- did he get paid?.... (4:41:09): Mike Holtz uses GTO Wizard tool to accuse player of cheating on, but then player gets cleared of wrongdoing.... (4:58:29): Update: Las Vegas police officer who robbed casinos in 2021 and 2022 sentenced to 12 years in prison.... (5:04:11): Gambler claims MGM Grand spiked his drink with ketamine, causing him to lose $3.5 million at blackjack.
This is part 1 of what was originally slated to be a long show. Part 2 will air shortly. Topic begins at (0:21:25) mark: Druff hobbled by terrible gout attack, goes through period of time where he couldn't walk.... (0:33:39): BetMGM having major issues again with account breaches, stolen money.... (1:25:16): Rob Mercer confesses to Cody Daniels about faking cancer, story makes national news.... (2:20:13): Rio Las Vegas no longer a Caesars property.
Topic begins at (0:24:00) mark: Poker Fraud Alert Radio finally on YouTube! Please like and subscribe!.... (0:27:06): MGM systems hacked, held for tens of millions in ransom, causing chaos among all Las Vegas properties.... (0:58:57): Major side effects to MGM hacking include alleged room thefts by staff, hours long lines, inability to cash out, inability to get into rooms.... (1:08:08): Druff talks about the two hacker groups claiming responsibility, Scattered Spider and ALPHV, and explains how they did it.... (1:54:31): Man arrested at casino cage after claiming he's responsible, and demanding $40,000,000 payment to restore their system.... (1:56:29): Caesars was victim of similar attack in late August, but paid ransom.... (2:07:25): Could this MGM mess have been prevented? Druff gives opinion of regarding system design and security vulnerabilities.... (2:24:19): What can customers do when caught up in something like the MGM chaos?.... (2:40:37): When is it safe to return to MGM properties? Colonel Fabersham calls to find out.... (2:54:28): Cody Daniels, last episode's guest, hospitalized and on breathing device.... (3:01:54): Ed Sheeran Vegas concert cancelled less than an hour before showtime, after stage setup disaster.... (3:19:45): Controversy takes place regarding Aaron Rodgers' early injury in NFL game, and how it relates to prop bets.... (3:37:43): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History: Owens Lake and Mono Lake make unexpected comebacks.... (4:32:43): Gay Aria employee steals over $700k through phony reservation refunds scheme, lavishes gifts upon fellow gay co-worker, and that guy reports him.... (4:52:42): Horseshoe Baltimore accused of screwing players regarding NFL touchdown promotion.... (5:05:12): Darian Casado, owner of Bluff Shove Poker, is accused of stealing player funds.... (5:17:58): DraftKings stupidly offers 9/11 bet on NY teams, social media clobbers them.... (5:30:08): Druff talks about the Poker Fraud Alert entries into the $9 million Circa Survivor NFL contest.
Topic begins at (0:10:18) mark: Rob Mercer, who called out Jami Lafay for her cancer Gofundme, appears to be a scammer himself.... (1:43:39): Interview with Cody Daniels, a disabled person who was victimized by Mercer.... (2:19:53): Nevada has changed the state law regarding casino bans -- now they only last 2 years!.... (2:36:40): Shaun Deeb got quoted $80/hour by a prospective housecleaner, and he's big mad.... (2:56:01): Should you give back an accidental call on the river if opponent has 6 high and misread his hand?.... (3:18:18): Jungleman sent someone a nude picture, and now he's being blackmailed over it.... (3:32:50): Jason Mercier says that accused high stakes scammer Sean Perry has made good on his debts, Daniel Colman disagrees.... (3:54:33): Bat out of hell: Lawsuit filed against MGM after a bat was found and killed in a New York New York room.... (4:07:59): Unheralded thunderstorm system causes massive flooding in Vegas, strands people at Burning Man.... tradershky and khalwat co-host.
This is Part 2 of the show recorded on 8/18-8/19/23. Part 1 was previously posted to the archives. Topic begins at (0:01:07) mark: Poker Twitter users starting to get paid by Elon Musk -- can Druff get the cash too?.... (0:50:59): Cosmopolitan Identity program members will get somewhat screwed by conversion into MGM Rewards on 2/1/24.... (1:45:27): High schooler asks Negreanu to stop by his home game, Daniel actually does so.... (2:17:45): Druffytime Theater: Which of these four stories from Druff's life is real?.... (3:00:51): YouTuber Mike Malone "exposes" D Lucky, with hidden video of an angry customer punching him -- but is it real?.... (3:39:08): Nightclubs at Wynn and Resorts World in feud over unruly high-roller customer.... (3:50:42): What Would Druff Do? Call fowrarding scam leads to fraudulent bank wire stolen from victim.... (4:11:20): How does Druff feel about Elon Musk's plans to remove the Twitter block feature?.... tradershky and Brandon co-host.
This is Part 1 of the show which aired on 8/18-8/19/2023. Part 2 will be posted within a few days. Topic begins at (0:29:30) mark: Druff returns from trip to Washington, Idaho, and Montana.... (0:41:30): Will San Diego and Los Angeles have their first hurricane since 1858?.... (0:56:02): Controversy on Big Bet Poker Live ensues when one player threatens to rape and kill another player's mom while he watches.... (1:45:58): Deckmaster 2 shuffle machine confirmed to be hackable to order shuffle in predetermiend fashion. What threat does this pose to players?.... (2:21:48): Ameristar Casino, city of Black Hawk, Colorado sued over illegal detention of card counter.... (2:57:37): User "Nikki" victimized by hacking of her PFA account, and some very weird spam was posted.... (3:09:53): Brandon joins show, warns Vegas "storm tunnel people" to get out.... (3:32:53): Sam Bankman-Fried's sent back to jail.
Topic begins at (0:10:33) mark: Andreas Froehli calls out cheating on Pokerbros, warns against playing there.... (0:39:56): Josh Arieh golfs with Donald Trump, Twitter controversy ensues.... (1:05:14): Pokerstars US has data breach, everyone's social security number now is in the hands of the hackers.... (1:22:25): Robber of San Jose home poker game hides in the attic, falls through ceiling.... (1:32:35): Feds said to be investigating MGM and embattled Resorts World CEO Scott Sibella.... (1:55:53): Cosmopolitan finally comes up with hard date to join MGM Rewards.... (2:06:51): Update: Formula 1 Race organizers don't yet have permits to block Vegas properties from seeing the race.... (2:23:58): Sign of the times: Scam mobile ad series discontinued not due to being fraudulent, but because it wasn't woke enough.
Topic begins at (0:21:43) mark: How did Druff do in the WSOP Main Event after a good Day 1?... (1:28:22): Druff played with Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Jason Mercier, Scott Blumstein, Patrik Antonius, Greg Mueller, and Tony Dunst at this year's Main.... (1:37:21): WSOP Main gets record 10,043 entries, did Druff's 10,021 guess win the $15k prize?.... (1:56:18): Maurice Hawkins runs very deep in WSOP Main -- did he finally pay his debts?.... (2:08:35): Main event player on Day 4 writes letter to table-mates not to bust him near bubble.... (2:18:03): Does the success and record fields of the 2023 WSOP mean a second poker boom is upon us?.... (2:33:37): WSOP gave away a 30-year Main Event buyin prize, but there was some controversy on delayed announcement.... (2:48:14): WSOP announces bracelet events in Atlantis, Bahamas in December, in order to compete with successful WPT Wynn.... (3:18:55): Ethan "Rampage" Yau reveals that Dustin Aab scammed him out of $450k earlier this year.... (4:03:05): Mike Gorodinsky gives the final update regarding his Bellagio box theft, and it's not good news.... (4:52:53): Chris Hunichen is a high stakes tournament player promoting a $15k Gofundme for his family -- what's the story?.... (5:18:33): Dude on meth breaks window at Caesars, throws furniture out the window, threatens to shoot people.... (5:28:09): Justin Taylor Lapka aka "LappyPoker" claims Kolin DeShazo scammed him regarding pieces of his WSOP action.... (5:40:06): Major hack of payment processor's bitcoin wallets possibly leaves Bovada/Ignition vulnerable.... (5:50:02): The truth about Alec Torelli becomes the truth about "Poker Dyke".... (6:23:29): Organizers of Formula 1 race threaten to block view from hotels and restaurants unless they fork over hefty fees.... (6:39:37): FTC finally taking some action against robocallers and phone scammers.
Topic begins at (0:16:44) mark: Druff plays Day 1 of Main Event, busts Erik Seidel, finishes day off with Daniel Negreanu.... (1:06:51): WSOP Main Event has record size field - will it reach 10,000 players?.... (1:25:19): 100-year-old Gene Calden is the oldest player ever in the WSOP Main Event.... (1:40:01): Cristoph Vogelsang is playing maddeningly slow... again.... (1:52:38): Martin Kabrhel angers players at $250k event televised final table, is accused of cheating by Andrew Robl and others.... (3:01:07): Terrence Chan publicly deletes PokerGo in protest for preempting triple draw coverage with holdem event.... (3:08:45): Phil Hellmuth wins 17th bracelet, but it wasn't broadcast on PokerGo, and Druff's complaint about it goes viral.... (3:34:33): Druff-suggested $1500 Big O event has over 1400 entrants in first year.... (3:44:51): Parking follies reveal flaw in Paris/Horseshoe WSOP venue.... (4:09:48): Poker HOF nominees announced -- who deserves it?.... (4:41:38): Twitter user accuses Bryn Kenney of failing to pay employees of his new 4Poker online site.... (4:51:59): Creator of failed and arrested in weird murder-for-hire plot.... (5:15:15): Security guard shot dead at LA-area underground poker game.... (5:21:22): California bill seeks to end casino-like games in non-Indian-run poker rooms
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