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Politics: Where Next?

Author: Channel 4 News

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In these tumultuous political times, does anyone know where it's all heading? Join Channel 4 News' Political Editor Gary Gibbon and guests as they thrash out the possibilities.
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This week we are looking at the negotiations for the new relationship with Europe as we now have the opening positions of both sides.   As the British document was published on Thursday, Gary Gibbon caught up with Georgina Wright of the Institute for Government and Same Lowe of the Centre for European Reform to wade through the documents and tell us what they say about the chance of a deal and the shape of a deal. Producer: Rachel Evans
This week, after decades of signing up to the EU policy of free movement of people, Boris Johnson announced Britain will halt low-paid immigration with just a few exceptions at the margins  - and he'll make high-skilled immigration a little easier if you're outside the EU.   The day after the announcement, Gary spoke to Sunder Katwala, director of the think tank British Future, which looks at migration and identity issues, and Eric Kaufmann, Professor of politics at Birkbeck College at University of London, and author of the book, 'Whiteshift'.
This week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid resigned.   A few hours after the announcement, Gary sat down with Lord Nick Macpherson, who ran the Treasury as its Permanent Secretary for 11 years under Labour, the Tories and the Coalition.   He was also joined by Torsten Bell, Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation, who was once a Treasury civil servant himself and then special adviser to Alistair Darling when he was Chancellor.   Producer: Rachel Evans
This week Gary sits down with two guests on the eve of the Irish general election.   He speaks to Denis Staunton of the Irish Times and Patrick Maguire of the New Statesman to discuss the Sinn Féin surge and what this election means for Brexit trade talks and for a united Ireland.   Producer: Rachel Evans
With Brexit happening we've spoken to its godfather - Nigel Farage - to ask about the journey that got us here.   We took him to a small viewing cinema in London to show him video clips from the news stories that marked our journey to Brexit and his role in it.
This week we are discussing what happens next on Brexit and what is in store for our new relationship with Europe.   Gary talks to Georgina Wright from The Institute for Government and Sam Lowe of the Centre for European Reform. 
As the Labour leadership contest gets motoring we look at who is likely to win it and what are the lessons of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.   Gary talks to Sienna Rodgers, editor of the Labour List and Paul Mason, left-wing commentator and author. 
The election done, what is next for the politically dispossessed?    This week Gary talks to Pat McFadden, who worked for Tony Blair in Downing street and has been MP for Wolverhampton since 2005.   He is joined by Rory Stewart who was thrown out of the Tory Party by Boris Johnson and is now running for Mayor of London as an Independent.   They discuss their reactions to election result, whether the Labour Party can recover from their defeat and what this means for the question of Scottish independence. 
Mere days away from the general election, Gary Gibbon sits down with the political editor of the Daily Mirror, Pippa Crerar, and by James Kirkup, director of the Social Market Foundation, and before that a senior journalist at The Telegraph.
This week Gary speaks to Stephen Bush, the Political Editor of the New Statesman and Tory Peer Danny Finkelstein. They talk to Gary about the party manifestos, who is ahead of the race and what comes after the election.
Veteran political analyst Professor John Curtice and Professor Matthew Goodwin of the University of Kent tell Gary Gibbon their predictions for this general election. Curtice is also a senior fellow of the UK in a Changing Europe research unit, where we sit down to record this week's podcast.
Ken Clarke and Iain Duncan Smith, two of the most senior, long standing members of the Tory Party, discuss the state of the Conservatives.  Clarke had the whip withdrawn in September after he voted against the government.    A passionate opponent of Brexit and a life-long Europhile Clarke discusses how Brexit and Europe is eating away at his party with his long-standing colleague and former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith - a vocal proponent of leaving the EU. 
A Christmas Election?

A Christmas Election?


This week we reassembled our regular duo - Labour MP Jess Phillips and the Independent MP, formerly a Conservative minister, Nick Boles.   We spoke on Thursday as cabinet members were gathering in Number 10 to discuss strategy, they hadn't yet announced their offer to Labour - agree to a new timetable for the Brexit bill but also agree to a general election on December 12th. 
This week we speak to two people who have worked closely on previous elections as we look to the general election looming in front of us.   We're joined by Patrick Heneghan, former Head of Campaigns for the Labour Party, who worked on five general elections and James Johnson, who for three years was Theresa May's polling strategist inside Number 10. 
This week we’re joined by Charles Moore, biographer of Margaret Thatcher - his third and final volume - Herself Alone -  is just published. And Professor David Edgerton from Kings college London, author of The Rise and Fall of the British Nation.
Boris Johnson has unveiled his proposal for a deal, but how has it gone down in the EU?   In conversation with Gary this week are Peter Foster, Europe Editor of the Daily Telegraph - the man who first brought you a leak of the deal - and James Kirkup, director for the Social Market Foundation, but before that writing about politics at The Telegraph.   Subscribe to Politics: Where Next? for more in-depth discussion every Friday.   Recorded: Thursday 3rd October.
While the storm rages over politicians' use of language, Gary is joined by Labour's Jess Phillips and the independent MP Nick Boles for a civilised chat about the state of the nation.
Deal or No Deal? Boris Johnson's search for a Brexit deal has intensified. Government insiders say parliament blocking the early election and passing a bill that tries to stop a no-deal Brexit has forced the government to throw itself into pursuing a last-minute compromise.   This week we talk to Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform - one of the best connected experts on all matters EU -  and to Denis Staunton, the London Editor of the Irish Times.
This week we talk to two MPs elected as Tories at the last election -Phillip Lee and Damian Green. However Phillip Lee is now a Lib Dem. Last week, he showed his displeasure with the direction of the government by crossing the floor of the house to join the Lib Dems while Boris Johnson was speaking in the Commons. Damian Green is staying put with the Conservatives but has written to the Prime Minister as the head of the centre ground 'One Nation' group of MPs - objecting to the purge of 21 Tories thrown out of the party last week for voting against a no-deal Brexit.  We met in a shut down House of Commons in Phillip Lee's parliamentary office.
What is going to happen on Monday? Will there be an election? Are we leaving the EU on the 31st? This week we talk to John McTernan - the political strategist and a downing street aide to Tony Blair -and Adrian Wooldridge, the political editor of The Economist magazine. We met just as Boris Johnson's brother Jo announced he couldn’t serve in his brother's government any more - and couldn't be a Conservative MP either.
Comments (3)

Richard Bartley

I had forgotten that it was possible to have an intelligent political debate without sound bites, point scoring and name calling. These podcasts are extremely well chaired and prepared.

Jun 14th


That's definitely been a problem with some of these episodes. Really enjoy these though.

Jan 23rd

Andrew Stewart

ok but why did you decide to record it in a lavatory?

Jan 15th
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