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The Guardian's political editor, Heather Stewart, and deputy political editor, Jessica Elgot, are joined by commentators, experts and politicians to unpack the week's biggest stories in politics. In Politics Weekly Extra on Fridays, Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland invites guests to help analyse the latest in US politics
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As Joe Biden gears up for his trip to Glasgow for the Cop26 summit, Senator Joe Manchin continues to try to water down the reconciliation bill, which as it stands includes transformational provisions to stem the adverse affects of the climate crisis. Joan Greve and Oliver Milman look at the potential fallout for the world if Manchin gets his way. Help support our independent journalism at
Following the death of the MP for Southend West, the second killing of an MP in five years, Jessica Elgot and Dan Sabbagh look at the security measures in place for public figures and what more could be done to keep them safe. Plus, Rupa Huq MP tells Aubrey Allegretti about the value, and risks, of constituency surgeries. Help support our independent journalism at
This week Jonathan Freedland speaks to Jessica Taylor, of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter. The pair discuss what the off-year gubernatorial elections coming up in a few weeks might tell us about Democrat and Republican chances in next year’s midterm elections. Help support our independent journalism at
Heather Stewart and Gaby Hinsliff dissect a cross-party report that found the government’s response to Covid-19 contributed to ‘one of the UK’s worst ever public health failures’. Plus, as the UK and EU enter the latest negotiations over the Northern Ireland protocol, Lisa O’Carroll tells Rowena Mason why the UK could be heading for a trade war. Help support our independent journalism at
The US Senate has reached a deal to extend the debt ceiling until early December, which narrowly averted an ‘economic catastrophe’. But is this the end? Or will the crisis just re-emerge a few weeks from now? And can the Democrats finally agree on two separate major spending bills? Jonathan Freedland discusses this with Joan E Greve. Help support our independent journalism at
Rowena Mason and Heather Stewart dissect the prime minister’s speech at the Conservative party conference. Plus, Aubrey Allegretti looks at why some Tory MPs are warning the party over its plans to level up the country. Help support our independent journalism at
This week a rush of new stories and allegations came out about Donald Trump with the publication of two new books. Jonathan Freedland talks to Richard Wolffe about why it’s important to keep talking about the former president. Help support our independent journalism at
In a 90-minute speech rounding off the Labour party conference, Keir Starmer promised a ‘strong plan for government’ and attacked his counterpart in Downing Street, calling him a ‘showman’. Jessica Elgot and the lobby team in Brighton bring us the highlights and lowlights of the event. Help support our independent journalism at
This week, Joe Biden spoke to the UN General Assembly for the first time as president. After watching him oversee a disastrous exit from Afghanistan and sign up to a controversial nuclear submarine deal with the UK and Australia, Jonathan Freedland and Dr Leslie Vinjamuri discuss how the world views Biden. Help support our independent journalism at
Rowena Mason is joined by Heather Stewart in the US to discuss the prime minister’s UN speech and meeting with Joe Biden in the White House. Plus Larry Elliott and Torsten Bell discuss the politics of an energy crisis. Help support our independent journalism at
Jonathan Freedland hosted a special Guardian Live event where he spoke to the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. As the US commemorated the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks last weekend, the pair talked about her memories of the day, given she was the senator for New York at the time; how US politics has changed since then; and whether or not retaliation by American forces has made the US and the world a safer or more dangerous place. Help support our independent journalism at
There’s a new cabinet in town – or at least a different one than yesterday. Aubrey Allegretti and Rowena Mason look at the winners and losers of Boris Johnson’s reshuffle. Plus, Jessica Elgot and Rafael Behr analyse the government’s Covid winter plan. Help support our independent journalism at
On Thursday night, the US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the US Justice Department would launch a federal lawsuit against Texas over the extreme abortion law that the state introduced last week. Jonathan Freedland speaks to Moira Donegan about what all of this means for Roe v Wade. Help support our independent journalism at
Heather Stewart and Zoe Williams discuss the prime minister’s announcement of a £12bn healthcare levy to be introduced through a rise in national insurance contributions. Plus, Libby Brooks and Peter Walker look at the state of Green party politics in the UK. Help support our independent journalism at
As the last of the US troops took off from Kabul on Tuesday, Jonathan Freedland spoke to Thomas Kean. Kean co-wrote the 9/11 commission report, detailing who was to blame for the events of September 11, and making recommendations to prevent a subsequent attack. He shares his thoughts on the end of America’s longest war. Help support our independent journalism at
In the last episode of our special summer series, Jessica Elgot asks her guests: Who is the elusive David Frost? When did he become such a Eurosceptic? And how will the continuous fallout from Brexit affect his legacy?. Help support our independent journalism at
Jonathan Freedland revisits an enlightening conversation with Michael Steele, a former chair of the Republican national committee, who campaigned for a Joe Biden victory in last year’s US presidential election. Help support our independent journalism at
In the third episode of our special summer series, Rowena Mason asks her guests: who is the first minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford? Is it his politics, or his character, that drives his success? And what would he like his legacy to be?. Help support our independent journalism at
Taking a break from our summer series, Jessica Elgot and Dan Sabbagh discuss what the UK government can do after the Taliban completed their takeover of Afghanistan much more quickly than many ministers were expecting. How do they plan to help thousands of stranded Afghans looking for asylum?. Help support our independent journalism at
Analyst David Shor and Jonathan Freedland look at the data and the polls and discuss why the Democrats should be worried – and what they need to do to improve their chances of winning the next presidential election. Help support our independent journalism at
Comments (26)

Ian Comley

Good as usual but please no Owen Jones

Jun 30th

Midnight Rambler

Lil the guy can barely walk or talk

May 12th

Andrew Browne

Politics Weekly interviews a GOP grifter

May 7th

Andrew Browne

A Lincoln Project interview? Good thing you didn't send a female reporter to interview the grifter. Did you donate money to them and u are now trying to justify your stupidity

Mar 27th

Midnight Rambler

lol what bs

Mar 21st

Midnight Rambler

no just bored of middle class lefties

Mar 21st

Midnight Rambler

oh the salty tears😂

Mar 19th

Toby Latto

Great podcast. Good to hear a Republican make the case for an alternative to trumpism.

Mar 7th
Reply (1)

Patrick America

This is plain stupid Bye bye

Feb 15th

Andrew Browne

Ginna Miller helped create the divide.

Jan 25th

Alison Sneddon

Did a really just hear a human being utter the words "an idealised version of the working class version in their own heads"?!

Dec 18th

Tim O'Donoghue

Stop saying "bayzickly"

Dec 9th

David Pointer

another out and out anti Corbin diatribe rapidly loosing my patience with this podcast

Nov 29th


This Remainer show is full of crap..All they care about is a 2nd Referendum..which they will loose. Many of Labour swing targets & Marginals are in Leave areas... so if it were simple as yr making out he would have gone for new referendum from the start.

Apr 17th

Twist Olly

whens the next episode/podcast as havent hadone come up since last week?

Feb 26th

Bryan Lorigan

Just listened to this (hands free) while driving. The two correspondents contributing by phone were unintelligible. If they can't be in the studio can I suggest that you use landlines rather than mobiles.

Jan 18th

Richard H

Katy Balls is a liar

Dec 21st

Richard H

Awful episode by the guardian, why do I bother

Dec 14th
Reply (3)

David Edwards

It's time to put a stop the these Tories they are not up to the job and it is frightening making important decisions by people we didn't even vote in. May is putting fear into people. Families homeless sick disabled homeless. Enough is enough is enough for goodness sake.

Nov 30th

David Edwards

how to down load ?

Nov 18th
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