DiscoverPolygamer – A Podcast of Equality and Diversity in Gaming & Video Games
Polygamer – A Podcast of Equality and Diversity in Gaming & Video Games
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Polygamer – A Podcast of Equality and Diversity in Gaming & Video Games

Author: Ken Gagne of Gamebits

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Polygamer is a monthly audio podcast that encourages and celebrates equality and diversity in gaming by interviewing voices pushing for change. By speaking with traditionally marginalized voices, host Ken Gagne of Gamebits provides a platform to discuss problems and seek perspective on matters of sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, and more, within our industry, our community, and our games. Polygamer airs the second Wednesday of every month.
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Jeri Ellsworth recently launched the Kickstarter for Tilt Five, a mixed-reality headset and game board. Its proprietary approach to augmented reality allows gamers to bring Dungeons & Dragons, racing, pinball, and other games to life, using either symmetrical or asymmetrical gameplay, both locally and online. Having successfully reached its crowdfunding goal of $450,000 in just […]
Dr. Aurit Lazerus, PsyD, is gamer and board game geek with a private clinical practice in Providence, Rhode Island. She uses playfulness and creativity to help her patients feel more understood, connected, balanced, self-aware, and empowered. In this podcast, we chat about the mental health benefits of video games; what playfulness can look like, and […]
Bobbi Augustine Sand is the game designer and author of Knife Sisters, a visual novel published by Transcenders Media. In Knife Sisters, players assume the role of Leo, a non-binary twenty-something exploring BDSM relationships and the occult. Players navigate this black-and-white world by choosing who to spend time with, what kink to explore, and how […]
Alicia Caillier is a product manager at Harmonix Music Systems, developer of music-rhythm video games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Amplitude, and Frequency. Their most recent release is Dance Central for Oculus, the first virtual-reality entry in the long-running Dance Central series. For the first time, players can go online and explore a virtual […]
Athena Z Peters is the founder and co-owner of Adventure Pub, a gaming gastropub located in the suburbs of Boston in Arlington, Massachusetts. Friends, families, and strangers can order from a full food and drink menu, borrow from a library of 400 board games, card games, and role-playing games, and even reserve event space for […]
TQ is a Twitch variety streamer and Take This Ambassador. Her channel frequently hosts charity streams in support mental health, children’s hospitals, and other non-profits close to her heart. This advocacy recently extended to PAX East, where TQ appeared on the panel “Avoiding Burnout in Creative Professions“, speaking from her experience working 60+ hours a […]
The tenth annual PAX East was held last month, and I was honored to host two panels of brilliant speakers. One, “The Return of Couch Play”, can be seen and heard on the IndieSider podcast. The other was “The Art of Craft: Inspiring Game Creations”, featured on this week’s Polygamer podcast. Video games are art […]
Tifa Robles is the author of The Explorers of Azullucent, a young-adult fantasy novel currently on Kickstarter. Over 16 years in the making, this book features a trio of diverse female protagonists on an epic adventure of discovery. Tifa is no stranger to writing, being a regular contributor to the board game website Tabletop-Test. Her […]
Geneviève “Eve” Leblanc is the community manager and QA tester for Clever Endeavour Games, developer of Ultimate Chicken Horse, a multiplayer, multiplatform game. UCH’s community has grown with the game’s original Windows release in 2016, PS4 and Xbox One debut in 2017, and Nintendo Switch port in 2018. Since last year, Eve has fostered this […]
Shannon Symonds is a curator at The Museum of Play, home to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG). This institution in Rochester, New York, is home to 60,000+ artifacts of gaming history, from rare game consoles, coin-ops, and prototypes to design documents, periodicals, and transcripts. Shannon, who last month was profiled […]
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